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"Ha! Damn, but it's good to see you," the innkeeper declared, slapping his hand on the counter.

"You too, Magar," Raven said as she approached with Mindblind and Indigo following behind. "How many rooms do you have open? I'm dragging along these two and a pack of a dozen whores. Some of them will probably bunk up at Yvonne's Cradle, but they're going to need some beds."

Magar scratched his scraggly beard. "I've got seven open, but that's going to cost a fair pretty pile of coin." His expression changed into a leer, and he added, "I might give you a discount..."

Raven rolled her eyes and snorted. "Half price — when we leave. Or have you forgotten a little incident a couple of years ago?"

The innkeeper's shoulders slumped. "Kinda hoped you had."

"Not a chance."

"Fine," he replied, and then sighed. "You want me to have someone fill the tubs?"

"Yep. Know anything about Draxnians in town?"

"Besides him?" Magar said, nodding at Indigo. "Bunch on the east side. Mother-murderers, fronting with a chow hall."

Raven grinned. "Four fewer now."

"Well now, that's good news. Ain't seen but four in a fair few days, besides the women that do the cooking."

"I'm going to pay a visit after midnight," Raven said under her breath.


Mindblind groaned and settled back into the bath, a little surprised by how much he was enjoying the rare pleasure. The bath house was well-appointed, with three ceramic tubs, which each had their own pumps, and a stove for heating water only a few feet from the tubs. Unusual enough in large cities, it was a marvel to find such a place in a disreputable establishment on the seedy side of a prairie town.

Indigo had left his tub some time ago to return to the taproom. Despite expressing concern about the owner's trustworthiness and that of the rowdy clientele, he had fallen into an easy rhythm of telling stories at Raven's encouragement, and found an eager audience.

A lapping of water from beyond the wooden dividing wall revealed that Raven was still enjoying her bath. A moment later, her voice further confirmed it.

"Hey, Mindblind."


"Come here a minute."

He blew a sharp breath out his nose and said, "Hang on. Let me dry off and find my draws."

"To the hells with that. Just come here, damn it. I don't want to talk through a damn wall."

Trailing puddles from the water running down his body, Mindblind stepped out of his enclosure and to the end of the narrow hall. He'd closed the door, but Raven had left hers wide open. She lay back in the tub, her arms supporting her on either side, water lapping at the underside of her perky breasts.

When he glanced at the door, she shrugged. "You can close it if you want."

Ignoring the door, he asked, "What's up?"

"Kay said that Yani said my name — my real name."

"I had other things on my mind at the time, but yeah, I guess she did."

"Don't go yapping it around."

"Didn't plan to."

"Too damn soft for the likes of me."

Mindblind grunted and nodded his head by way of answering.

"Probably going to have to bunk up with Yani and keep an eye on her."

Wondering exactly what she was driving at, and baffled that she wasn't coming right out and saying it, as he'd come to expect from her, Mindblind leaned up against the wall. The flimsy partition supported him, but just barely. That summoned up an altogether unpleasant flashback to Delly's room, where the same thing had happened just before the chaos that had put him on this road.

"Suppose so."

Raven's shoulders slumped. "Never mind. Go ahead back to your bath."

An exasperated sigh passed his lips. "Look, what's with the games, Raven?"

The thief's expression and bearing suddenly switched back to the confident countenance with which he was familiar. "What games?"

She rolled over in the water, lifting her taut ass above the surface, and bent over to grab the edge of the tub. "Think I'm playing games with you? What are you gonna do about it?"

Blood surged into his loins at the sight of her. "Maybe go grab my draws and have a beer or two." If she could play games, so could he.


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