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She pressed herself to him, hoping her contact would calm him down.

River was worried for her friend Avril, and asked Clay what had happened to her. Clay's eyes closed, and sorrow darkened his face.

"Avril was one of the few Omegas left unrestrained. The invaders handpicked a few to serve them. I was kept in a separate building from the others and Avril risked her life to free me. She and I ..." He sighed, unable to finish.

River spoke gently. "Avril is your mate?"

Clay nodded and looked at River, his blue eyes cresting with tears, his voice dry and broken. "We knew that we were meant for each other as soon as we met, but I held back because I feared Caleb's cruelty. He had already raped and murdered the mate of one of his other Betas. I couldn't risk that happening to her. As soon as Caleb was gone, though, we were free to be together. We are mated."

River sat next to him, and offered him a glass of water, which he drank gratefully.

"We thought we had gotten away, but Gyorgy had sent five Betas after us. I tried to fend them off, but two of them grabbed Avril and dragged her away. I managed to defeat the final three, but at a cost." Clay waved the stump of his arm. "I then ran all the way here, on three legs. I'm sorry, but I didn't know where else to go."

Joe looked at the man with great sympathy, and placed a hand reassuringly on his shoulder. He could only imagine the anguish Clay was going through. His pack had been decimated and his mate stolen. River was obviously distressed at Avril's plight, and Joe found he was feeling equally protective of Clay. Even though they had met under terrible circumstances Joe knew he was a good man with a lot of promise, and to kill three other Betas was no easy feat.

Something had to be done. It was bad enough discovering the Hungarian packs had financial involvements here, but now they were trying to gain a physical foothold ... they had to be stopped.

River started to freak out, thinking that Joe was going to go off after them on his own.

"River, please calm down," Joe said as he pulled his distressed mate to him. "I want to help, but even I have to admit that I can't realistically take on a whole pack of armed and trained Betas single handed."

"I think I know someone who may be able to help," said Clay weakly.

Clay told them that he used to be part of a pack in north Vermont, but left as he couldn't find a mate. He came to Maine, and ran into Caleb, who said he would find him a mate.

"That's the only promise that fucker ever kept, and it's the only one he never intended to keep," Clay laughed dryly. With a deep sigh, he continued. "My old Alpha, he's a good man, nothing like Caleb. In fact, you remind me a lot of him, Joe. He may be able to help."

River handed Clay the phone, and pulled Joe away to give Clay a little privacy.

"Please don't do anything stupid," she whispered into his chest, as she held him tightly.

When Clay finished on the phone, he told them that his old Alpha would be there in a few hours. River fetched a blanket, and draped it over Clay, telling him to rest until their guests arrived. She pulled Joe into the kitchen and did what she always did when she was stressed. She baked.

It was late in the evening when they heard two black SUVs pull up outside. By then, River had a large pot of pasta with meatballs simmering on the stove, some fresh bread baked, and a tray of cookies cooling on the side.

She peered through her kitchen window and watched two men get out of each car. One of the men was massive. Huge bulging muscles and a confident stride signalled him as the Alpha. He had silvery-grey hair and looked to be in his late fifties, which meant he was obviously much older. He wore a black vest, his arms were covered in tattoos, and he had a thick silver handlebar moustache that made him look more suited to a motorbike than an SUV.

Joe opened the door, and for a moment the two Alphas stared at each other, both refusing to look away in a silent battle for dominance.

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