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Jack explores his sister's secrets.


Benjamin, as well as all of the other pledges, had dreaded this night for weeks, but at least their pledge period was almost over. After tonight he would be a full brother, and all would be all set. He had heard about these initiation ceremonies before, and figured it would just be some humiliating stunts he would have to perform, probably get paddled a few times and then it would be over but when he was handcuffed behind his back, NAKED, and had a hood pulled over his head, he began to get worried. When he felt himself being led outside, the gravel in the parking lot cutting his bare feet, he began to really get filled with fear. As he was shoved into the trunk of the car and driven off, fear rapidly turned to blind panic.

For what seemed like hours, but was in reality only 10 minutes, Benjamin was driven off into the night. When the car finally stopped, several unfamiliar hands grabbed him and frog marched him into an unknown building. Hooded as he was, he had no idea where he was and when he was roughly pushed onto a couch his wrists and feet were quickly bound to the sides. In this position he had no way of covering himself, or even moving very much, so whoever else was in the room was obviously seeing every inch of his naked body and there was nothing he could do about it.

He couldn't tell who else was there, but from the little sounds he could pick up (his hearing greatly enhanced by not being able to see) he knew there was at least a small crowd. Hearing footsteps leave and a door opening, his stomach fell as he also heard the car, his recent prison but now his only method of escape, peal out of the driveway. His face turned beet red with shame as he then realized that whatever else was going to happen to him that night, several strangers were going to see him naked. Sweat began pouring off of him and he started to shake and to his horror, he also began to get hard and his cock started to throb.

His ears attuned to any sound thought he heard the faint gasp of a female voice. His face turned even redder at that prospect as he realized that not only was he naked, but now it was probable that he was naked in front of a bunch of strange girls. As his mind raced to try and desperately think of a way out of this humiliating situation, the hood was violently ripped from his head. As his face was uncovered, his eyes squinted as they adjusted to the harsh light. Once they adjusted his pupils got big, VERY BIG, as he now realized exactly where he was.

He was tied naked, completely with his legs spread out lewdly and wide and now with a huge throbbing erection in the living room of the sister sorority of his frat. Quickly looking around the room he counted, and realized that every member, all 30 of them, were in the room and staring silently and intently right at him in his naked state. Well, right at his cock, which twitched again unconsciously.

"Well Benjamin, tonight is your big night!" - said Sarah, the gorgeous President of the house. "Our sorority and your fraternity are based on the ideals of service to others and generosity to our fellow man, and from the looks of that magnificent piece of meat you have between your legs, you have holding out on us and not been generous with your GIFTS."

Benjamin said nothing, but closed his eyes, somehow thinking that by blocking his sight of them, they wouldn't be able to witness his shameful nudity.

She sashayed across the floor, removing her clothes as she went as Benjamin looked on, years of frustrated lust burning in his testicles, he could not look away. His cock, now hard as nails, stood up and throbbed to greet her as she reached his chair.

Slowly and languidly she slid her bare foot up his thigh and over his aching balls as she smirked at his desperate struggle to get away.

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