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Cousins confront feelings.

Lee then decided to leave the building and wait for Artie by his car. Lee quietly walked back down the stairs and exited the building.

Artie had adjusted to Jack's big dick and he was getting into it. Artie knew once and for all that he was gay and he was already thinking about sucking Jack's big cock. Jack continued to drill Artie's ass. He loved watching Artie's buttocks jiggle each time he slammed into him and hearing the sound of their flesh slap together. Artie was groaning and moaning as Jack penetrated him and then Artie reached for his own cock. Artie jerked off as Jack fucked him and soon they were both cumming. Jack surprised Artie when he pulled out of his ass and shot his load all over Artie's ass. Artie felt the jolt of semen hit his anus and then spray his buttocks. It turned Artie on and then he felt his own release surge through his shaft and spurt all over the mat. Jack then surprised Artie again when he put his cock back in Artie's ass.

"Okay kid, now milk my cock with your ass," Jack ordered.

Artie knew what Jack meant and he squeezed his sphincter muscles milking out the remaining cum from Jack's cock. "That's a boy, get it all," Jack added.

Jack then pulled out of Artie's ass and told him to stay still. Jack took his towel from his workout bag and wiped hic cock clean. Jack then put his jock and workout shorts back on as Artie lay prone on the exercise mat. "Here kid, clean up," Jack said as he tossed Artie the towel.

Artie wiped his bottom and cock clean and then rolled over. "Get dressed kid and then you can leave."

Artie put his briefs and shorts back on and then stood up. He could still feel the pressure in his rectum and understandably constipated. Jack walked over to Artie and handed him a card. "That has my address and phone number on it. I want you to be at my place next Saturday afternoon at 1:00 PM sharp," Jack directed and then added, "No get out of here and don't break into this school again."

Artie moved quickly in spite of his sore ass and picked up the tennis bag. He ran down the stairs and out the door hoping that Lee had already left the building. Artie was relieved to see Lee already in the car. Artie got in the car and they drove away quickly.

"I told you we shouldn't have broken into the school," Artie began.

"We didn't break in the door was open and beside if we hadn't I probably would have never fucked you," Lee responded and then asked, "You liked it didn't you."

"Yes but we were lucky we didn't get caught," Artie said.

"I don't know. I saw you getting fucked by that guy and you seemed to like it. Did he have a big cock?"

"Yes he did."

"Was it bigger than mine?"

"Yes it was longer and thicker."

"Holy shit and you handled it okay. Did you like getting fucked by him too?"

"Yes, I liked it. I know now that I am gay," Artie admitted.

"You know this talk has got me horny again. I hope your parents aren't home," Lee said as he rubbed his cock.

"Why don't you stay over tonight," Artie offered as he reached across and rubbed Lee's cock through the tennis shorts.

"Hey don't do that. I need to pay attention to the road," Lee reacted even though his cock was stiff in his shorts and then mentioned, "We're almost at your house."


Much to their disappointment, Artie's parents were home but Lee accepted Artie's invitation to spend the night. The rain had passed so the two young men hung out by the swimming pool for the rest of the afternoon. A few times in the pool with their hands under water, Lee put his hands down the back on Artie's swim trunks and cupped Artie's curvy buttocks. Artie also out his hands down the front of Lee' swimsuit and played with his cock. The two of them worked themselves into a state of desire that afternoon and they couldn't wait until it was bedtime.

After dinner that evening, Artie and Lee helped clean up and then they watched TV in the family room until it was bedtime.

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