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And how I grew to love it.

Finally, she drew the clit hood back slightly, exposing more of the head, and touched it with her fingertip once more. Ellie visibly gasped at this. Sarah made notes of all her reactions to this examination.

Next she examined the folds of her inner lips, stretching them out, before finally parting them fully to reveal the entrance to her vagina, taking the opportunity to examine to state of her hymen.

'Do you use tampons?' I heard Sarah ask her.

Ellie nodded her head but then a sudden look of concern crossed her face. 'I haven't broken my hymen, have I?'

Sarah laughed. 'Ah, the myth of the intact hymen. Genteel Victorian ladies who did little more than take tea with their friends might have had intact hymens until the day they married but it's actually quite rare these days. Some girls have very flexible hymens that can stretch and close up again after a finger or a tampon has been pushed through it - even a penis sometimes - but, for a lot of girls, it only needs them to ride a bicycle or a horse and that's it. The only reason I ask about tampons is because I leave the next bit out if you've never used one - but that's simply for your comfort.'

Sarah picked up a probe - much like a tampon - attached to which was a wand, and inserted it into Ellie's vagina. The wand protruded from her body after the probe had disappeared inside. She then explained to the girl the importance of exercising her pelvic floor muscles and told her how she could use them to heighten her own and her partners' sexual pleasure. She showed Ellie how to carry out the exercises, demonstrating how the probe would both help with the exercises and ensure that she was carrying them out correctly.

Finally, Sarah told Ellie to turn over and kneel on the table with her legs apart and the cheeks of her behind spread.

'What are you going to do?' Ellie's voice was anxious.

'I'm just going to penetrate your behind to make sure everything's fine there. I'll only use one finger and I'll use lots of lube. Just relax and it'll be fine.'

Ellie protested. 'But I'm not sure I want to have anal sex.'

'That'll be your choice, of course', Sarah reminded her, 'but quite a lot of men in the community enjoy it and may ask you to accept it. It's as well to know what it's like. And you may even find you like it.'

She didn't add that in some point - after her ceremony - I would almost certainly take her anally.

Ellie turned over, but not without a degree of unease. Sarah spread lube over Ellie's rosebud before coating her forefinger with it. She gently inserted the finger up to its first knuckle, pausing there to allow Ellie to get used to the sensation and to allow her sphincter muscles time to relax before easing her finger deeper in. She worked it around inside, little by little. Ellie couldn't decide whether it was painful or pleasurable but it came as something of a relief when the finger finally withdrew.

'Good', Sarah announced. 'That's all for now. Tomorrow I'll be giving you the full beauty treatment - you'll enjoy that - but for now I'll take you to your bedroom and, once you've done your diary, you can relax until it's time for dinner. You can have a shower and then get changed into your evening clothes. You'll find them hanging in your wardrobe.'

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The three of us gathered for dinner at 7.30. Both Ellie and Sarah were wearing their evening outfits - a floor-length skirt topped by a transparent blouse which, as no bras were allowed with it, revealed their breasts. The skirts were slit up the side, allowing flashes of naked calves and thighs. The only difference between the two women was that, for now, Ellie was allowed to wear panties whereas Sarah did not.

Sarah served the meal and then joined us at the table.

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