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Ryan meets a beautiful girl at the water park.

I always thought that being poked that way would be agonising - the only time that you tried it I couldn't stand the pain before you had even really started. This didn't hurt at all - it felt a bit strange and uncomfortable to begin with but that soon wore off and I started to get real feelings of pleasure. Then Lewis started shouting, 'She's so fucking tight. Oh God, I think I've got her cherry, I have, I've got myself a fucking cherry.' As he said that, I could feel him shooting off and it was all over, just as I was starting to enjoy it."

I won't elaborate on my feelings at that moment but I am sure you can guess. Joni however was oblivious to the effect her story was having on me and blithely continued, "I had to dash to the bathroom and when I came out, Lewis got up and made as if to leave. 'Give Joni her money before you go, that will be a hundred notes.' Lewis stared and then said, 'A whole ton for a five minute shag, isn't that a bit steep? Christ, I've bought myself a whole weekend for less than that.' 'You've tasted some class merchandise and scored yourself a first - how many times can you say that. Give the lady her money." Both Jamal's face and his voice said that he didn't want to be argued with - so with rather bad grace Lewis dug in his pocket and counted out five twenties. So that's where the cash came from, Jamal didn't exactly give it to me but he made sure I got it."

"And that's the end of the story is it?" I asked, aware that my voice sounded more like a croak.

"More or less. After his brother had gone, Jamal did shag me again for a nice long time but there's nothing else significant to tell. Oh yes there is, I'm seeing Jamal again next week. Don't look like that, he only wants to talk - he said he would have spoken to me today if his brother hadn't turned up. So next week he has promised to buy me another pair of shoes and a couple of dresses that we hadn't time to get today but then we are going to have a talk about something or other. Jamal specifically said, "If your hubby worries about such things, tell him it is going to be strictly business.' So you see, you've nothing at all to worry about."

I managed to hide my feelings of disquiet and I am glad that I did because in bed later Joni was boiling hot - I had never known her quite so passionate. I matched her for fervour and I have to admit that in the heat of the moment, the knowledge that she had already been well fucked by a couple of well endowed black men was an extra turn on for me. I had to acknowledge that having her well warmed up at the start made me into a net beneficiary of the situation with the one drawback that I had consciously skipped the tongue tiring oral preliminary that I love so much. The rest of the week was filled with hot sex to because Joni was happy to keep giving me the same fashion show that Jamal and his brother had enjoyed - and using the same rules.

When Wednesday came I saw Joni off without a care, had a pleasant hour with Tom and then was playing happily with him on the floor when I suddenly got the certain conviction that my wife was engaged in sex at that very moment. By the time she got back I had worked myself up into a right state. She came through the door carrying two large carrier bags and a big smile on her face but before she could speak I asked, "Did you fuck him?"

Pretending that she hadn't heard my question, Joni said excitedly, "You won't believe what Jamal has suggested."

"Did you fuck him?" I repeated but this time far louder.

My wife stopped and looked at me with a hurt look on her face. "I did as it happens. He wanted to, I wanted to and there was that fabulous bed so I thought why not. He had also just bought me over 150 pounds worth of lovely gear and that was after negotiating a massive discount, so you can hardly say that I did it for nothing. It was only a fairly short shag anyway because he really did want to have a serious talk with me."

She had a point and this enabled me to calm down.

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