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The windows were open and an early summer breeze rustled in rustling her recently dyed shoulder length brown hair. The idea of someone peeking through the windows caused a familiar warm stirring inside her. She lingered for a moment looking out over the quiet neighborhood, hands on her hips giving anyone lucky enough a few more moments to catch a glimpse of her mostly naked body.

She was very pretty, although would often flat out refuse if someone offered up the compliment. Her negative self-image was founded in her younger days and was something she never managed to let go. It had become her armor over time and as she pulled off her panties it was all she wore.

Stretching again with her hands clasped behind her back, she thrust her naked body toward the window before turning away toward the living room feeling more alive after her brief brush with voyeurism; her body emitting the tell-tale signs of arousal that she anxiously looked forward to attending to. Falling on to the couch she draped her left leg over the arm rest propping her right foot up on the coffee table they both used as an ottoman. Spreading her legs only fueled the growing arousal she felt as her body anticipated what was to come. Her nipples were already hard and she gently played with one between a pair of pinching and pulling fingers. It had been such a long day and she craved the release she could give herself.

Adjusting her position on the couch she leaned back and brought her legs up bent at the knees gasping slightly as her lips parted, strings of beaded lubricant exposed to the empty house the heat of her arousal. She took her time knowing that without savoring the moment it would all be lost in a few quick strokes of her fingers. Quickly getting to work, Liz began kneading her breasts imagining what she might look like with her legs spread and her hands roughly massaging her breasts. She wish she could walk in on herself the thought of anyone catching her in the act fueled her own fire. Her mouth opened slightly accompanied by a small gasp as ripples of pleasure streaked through her body. It gave her an animalistic look, a look of someone on the edge of control, as if she were a slave to her own desires.

Licking her lips in anticipation, Liz slid a shaking finger down her stomach and between her legs outlining her vulva. Her warm puffy lips were already damp from the overflow of fluids that leaked from her opening. Her eyes went wide as she felt the first beads slide over her anus. Rolling her head back she pushed against her vulva with two fingers waiting for the waves of sensitivity to recede before continuing. It was time, she couldn't wait any longer. She was hungry for her fingers, for sexual release, the world around her became reduced to the need and heat radiated by her exposed vagina.

Taking a deep breath, she made contact with her clit pressing her fingers against the small button of nerves. The pleasure was so intense that it almost forced her to stop. Letting up she began to outline her clit in the smallest of circles her breathing becoming a labored pant. As she settled into a rhythm she began to widen the circles so that she passed over her vaginal opening, applying a little pressure but not enough to gain entry. It was maddening, she wanted so badly to be penetrated and ravished but she knew that self-denial would only end in greater pleasure.

She slowly extended her left leg her toes curled so that it rested on the corner of the coffee table her two fingers settling into a steady rhythm of wide circles that encompassed both her clit and her opening.

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