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The beginning.

I put the t-shirt on daddy's side of the bed and adjusted my bottom for it to catch ripples of my own "Little Niagara". I flipped the pages until I found a photo of a model with his back towards the camera and head turned to the front and I pretended he was turning around taking a second look at me as if I had just passed by him. It does not take much for me when I decide to masturbate and these items would be ample. Then I lifted my butt up, shimmied out of my panty, hooked it on my foot, flung it back towards me and placed it on daddy's pillow.

Had it been an older issue, I would have cut out the photo and would rub his face onto my pussy smearing his face with my love oil. As it was, I simply laid it between my thighs and gazed at him, his smile and blue eyes from time to time. I will not bore you with endless paragraphs of my fantasy-fuck. In fact, it only took a few moments for me to cum, hardly enough to take up room for perhaps only four or five sentences. I took my middle finger of my left hand and placed it to the roof of my pussy just behind my clit just as I had done with mama. That same finger on my right hand found my clit. So my date found both spots as I had instructed him, and an endless wave of pleasure took an immediate effect. He changed my "No, no, no's" to "Oh, oh, oh's" when I saw the surprise on his face discovering I still had a hymen ... then I lost it. That was enough to throw me over the proverbial edge. I have never seen a girl spurt, and have come to believe it really does not occur unless one pees, but I pretended to shoot him with everything my nasty pussy had. My last thought was that he mounted me, tore my hymen like it was merely a piece of paper and shot my baby tunnel with a million million million of his sperm.

We both must have fallen asleep for a few minutes. I picked my date up from between my thighs and closed the magazine. I grabbed mama's robe, then donned my own from my room, then made my way to the laundry room with daddy's t-shirt eye-balling mama as I passed. She was stirring as well.

I came back to the living room. She paused for a moment while putting on her robe, pointed to the general vicinity of my pubic pleasure palace, and raised her eyes a bit. I gave her a thumbs-up with my left, and with my right, I gave her the universal sign of taking my fingers circling them at my crotch telling her, "All taken care of with these and one of your boyfriends in your bedroom." She smiled a bit amused, as she had caught me countless times self-abusing myself as well as abusing her catalogs, then she completed her dressing.

She did not wait for me to ask and proceeded to tell me in short form what Aunt Lucia meant by a "favor". On at least two occasions while mama was nursing, Aunt Lucia had sucked mama's tits while she herself was breastfeeding. Apparently it was a spontaneous moment. The two had been chatting while mama was nursing. When she was finished nursing, milk was still seeping from mama's nipple. When she returned from putting the baby down, Aunt Lucia made a gentle move closer to her and mama simply said, "I feel like a kid again in one of our sleepovers. From maid-of-honor to a lowly milk-maid." That was all the invitation that Aunt Lucia needed and mom surrendered her mammary ducts to her best friend.

"So that's the favor!! She is going to let you suck her tits!! And I was the baby!! I get it!!" I jumped for joy. "Mama, I love your titties. They will always be my first. But, I gotta' have some milking ones again. When we going?"

"Call her back and make a rain-check for tomorrow. How long did I sleep anyway? Your father will be home soon and," pointing to the kitchen, "he may want a bite to eat" then pointing to her crotch, "before he gets a bite to eat."

I called her back and we talked for an hour.

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