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David sneaks off to hotel with woman.

Thus saving me from having to see her see me with my cum all over my stomach and giving her an excuse to have conveniently had nothing to do with it so we could both avoid the awkwardness. It was confusing as hell inside my head, but to me it worked.

My sister spent the better part of an hour in the shower. Either she was really worked up or she was having a hell of a time cleaning all of my sperm off her back. When she finally came out I was standing in front of the bedroom mirror looking over my body, admiring how I looked. My now flaccid member tucked fully into my panties.

"Morning Lexi!" Audrey said smiling leaning in to give me a kiss on the cheek. That must have been some shower. Her blonde hair was still wet and she was wearing a white thong and demi-cup bra.

"Good morning!" I replied copying her enthusiasm, glad we could easily bypass the awkwardness of this morning's earlier events.

"Is something wrong?" she asked me with concern. "Your voice sounds funny. Are you coming down with a cold? Your voice is normally a little higher and softer." she said

Catching on I adjusted my voice and cleared my throat delicately. "Sorry, I just woke up and I had something in my throat."

"Very good!" she said with a smile, infecting me with one of my own. "Remember, you are always a girl now. Don't break character for anything. If God forbid your dick flops out and starts to sing a Broadway musical, you are still a lady." Looking at me to make sure it sank in, she added "Now we have a big day today so you should take a shower." My smile slipped at that. "Don't worry, you'll be fine. We are going over thirty miles away just to be careful. This is just to help you ease into it. That and get you a haircut because God knows I can't do it," she said reaching out to run her fingers through my hair. "Besides, you look so amazing you could fool our mother."

I was still so nervous it took her smacking my ass to get me moving. Once in the bathroom I stripped out of my cute underwear with a sigh. I looked so good as a girl, but without my clothes I looked like an okay looking boy again. Every time I felt this it shocked me anew. I quickly showered and dried off just so I could get dressed again. Audrey had laid out my new underwear for me again. This pair was black ruffled booty shorts that made my ass look amazing, leaving the bottom of my cheeks exposed, and a black strapless bra. Once I had them on with my fake boobs in, I looked good.

Walking back into the room I asked. "Couldn't I have bigger boobs? Don't get me wrong, these look great," I said in my girl voice "but I could really go for something with a little more oomph. You know?"

"You can only add so much without them being obviously fake. And with your size I though an average B would work well and be easy to conceal that they weren't real." she explained.

"Oh okay." I conceded. "By the way, these ruffled panties you got me make my ass look amazing. Thank you!" I offered trying to try out my girly act a little more.

She gave me a big smile seeing me play into it. "They do don't they? I'm almost jealous." she said directing me to a seat by the mirror. "Let's do our makeup."

I knew she was testing me watching me do it myself. I thought I made a fair account of myself. Audrey did point out a few things as she made a couple touch ups, explaining to me what she was doing while I watched.

"Perfect!" she said as she finished. "Your dress is on your bed. Don't forget you have to step into it. You can't pull it over your head." She added before going back to finish up her own makeup.

"Thank you!" I cooed still acting girly.

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