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Blizzard blows, bringing with it a woman with no past.

"Tyler, I appreciate the gesture but if she is not worthy for you then I cannot accept her either. "With that he tore the paper in half and then once more, continuing until it was shredded like confetti before opening his hands over her and letting the tiny bits of paper fall around her. Tears sprang forth from her eyes as she wept, "Please, Tyler, Sir, give me one more chance," she begged, "I can do much better and fulfill all of your needs and all the equipment and toys at my shop are at your disposal." I laughed at her and turned my attention to Damon who was fully enjoying himself torturing Melissa's tender nipples and clit. "Tug them harder Damon," I yelled. "Make her feel like the little no good bitch and cunt she really is. "Berate her".

Now seeing that Julia was getting the attention she so deserved I called Jake to us. "Jake, take lil miss Annie here and place her on the cross," I was careful not to betray my thoughts as I looked towards the cross, "place her on the cross and impale her asshole on the shaft." "Then I want you to fit another long dildo into on the cross into the other slot," my voice was raspy now from all the commands and screaming I had done earlier, "and stuff it up inside her tight twat." I then gave him the order he had probably longed to hear since becoming a sub to Melissa, "Do with her what you want just make sure it is painful and you enjoy yourself."

Jake did so with lightening speed, he had Annie tied, gagged, and impaled in less than three minutes. He and Damon were proving very useful, I may have to consider using them from time to time later on when I would need help punishing the women. I took My time now, circling Rose and seeing beads of sweat on her body run down her delectable flesh. "Rose go and lay yourself on the table so that you may be bound and prepared for the next step in your punishment and training tonight." She jumped up and did so obediently placing her hands and feet through the restraints and awaiting my securing them snugly. Rose lay there and waited to be secured, showing her further willingness to be bound without really being bound while I went over to Charlie, who stood over his wife. The icy stare he was giving her damn near sent chills through my bones. Melissa had quieted down by now and was watching fearfully as Julia and Annie were being cleansed of their participation earlier tonight. I already knew she had sealed her fate in both mine and Charlie's minds and there was no escaping what was going to happen to her. I walked to the wall and plucked down a sharp knife I kept there for cutting rope when I occasionally saw fit to use it. Her eyes darted to the knife as I walked towards her and she started flailing her body as much as she could, but being hog-tied she only managed to roll around a bit. I then bent down and slipped the knife through the ropes cutting through them like butter. I grabbed her hands and forced her up in a bent over position. Awkward at best but fitting for the likes of her. Charlie reached to grab her other arm and we led her to the wooden device that would keep her bent in this fashion. I removed the open lock from the eyelet and lifted the bar as her arms and head were fit into the openings they were made for. "Please god, NO," she cried, "don't reduce me to this position you two." Whack! Charlies hand came down on her skirt covered ass and her reached beneath the skirt and ripped away the panties. I held her head down and lowered the bar securing her as I placed the padlock once more through the eyelet and locked it this time. Charlie meanwhile had lifted her skirt and was spanking her tender little ass hard, apparently it had been some time since she had been on the receiving end of a spanking. She bucked and squirmed trying to escape the blows he was landing, but with no success.

We had agreed that she would have her hot little ass reddened and then he was going to fuck her ass hard and by the end of the night all the males present were going to have a turn at her ass and mouth.

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