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Couple visits couple for next round.

"It's okay, Jeff," Kate soothed, "I'll go and check on Karen. You wait here. I'll find something warm for you. I think there's more to this than you're letting on."

My sister stood up, looking down at me. I was about to protest, to protect her but she put a finger to her lips then stretched out a foot and raised my skirt with it, looking at the tape between my legs and against my stomach. She was frowning.

"Who did this?"

"They...Mr Knee...did it. Could you...would you, please, take it off? It hurts too much to do it myself. I wouldn't ask but..." I started crying, tears streaming down my face. I closed my eyes, bowed my head, feeling pathetic and useless.

When Kate pulled the tape off my cock I screamed. She did it quickly, in one smooth action but it felt like she had pulled the whole thing off. The pain quickly turned into a dull ache but then a new, harsher pain ripped through me when she pulled the other piece of tape off. My balls were freed as the tape ripped the skin out from my body. I screamed again, this time letting out little squeaks of anguish.

"Is that better?" Kate asked.

I opened my eyes and squinted at her through the mist of my tears. She was grinning, staring at my lower body. I didn't care. I shut my eyes again and concentrated on the pain. When it finally subsided to a manageable ache I opened my eyes again. Kate was gone. I looked around the garage but she was no-where.

I painfully got to my feet, holding the car for support. I suddenly needed a piss. Looking around for something to use I spied an old beer glass. I filled it up easily, the feeling of relief, total and complete. Then I started to feel the rest of my painful body. I ached everywhere but nowhere more than my anus. I felt stretched and invaded and it burned. I dare not touch myself.

I looked out of the window at the back of the house. It was deserted. I hoped that Kate was ok. I was deciding what to do when a hand landed on my shoulder. I whipped around, ready to fight, but it was Kate. She jumped back, protecting herself with her hands.

"Hold up! It's only me."

"Sorry, Kate, a bit jumpy." I then looked at her closely. There was nothing wrong. She was perfectly all right. "What happened?"

"Nothing. Karen is a bit worried though. She said you didn't come home last night. Having found you like this, I decided it was for the best not to say anything. I told her I'd come back later. Needless to say I couldn't get you any clothes. Sorry."

"But what about -" I stammered.

"Mr Knee?" She shook her head. "No-one there but Karen, Jeff."

I stared at her in disbelief.

"I think it's about time you got that dress off, Jeff," she suddenly said, her hand held out for it. My mouth dropped open, staring at her. "Take it off, Jeff. Come on!" She demanded.

I quickly took it off, holding myself in one hand, embarrassed. Feeling stupid in nothing but a half cup bra. She laughed.

"And the bra. That looks really silly, Jeff! Do you think that's sexy?" She shook her head. I tried to undo the bra with one hand but it was impossible so I turned my back to her and unsnapped it. "Getting shy all of a sudden are you?" She slapped me on the behind, hard. "Turn around." I faced her, a hand once more holding myself from her gaze. I was looking at the floor, avoiding her eyes. She slapped me across the face. "Put your hands on your head, Jeff." I looked up at her. "If you don't do it, Jeff, I'll do a lot worse than slap your face." She then wrapped her own hand over mine and squeezed my fingers tight around my cock and balls. She had a good strong grip and soon I was squealing, trying to free myself from her. She let go and I quickly put my hands on my head. "Stand up straight. Come on, chest out, butt in!" She poked me in the stomach as I straightened up. "Now, come over to the work bench."

I followed her to the back wall of the garage where my bench sat, strewn with tools.

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