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The Trouble with the Safety Angel.

He began to cum and could actually feel her mouth sucking his cum up out of his nuts and along the long hard shaft of his cock. And then!!!!! It pumped into her mouth!!

She sucked and sucked as Bobby came and came and came. It must have been 12 or 15 shots of cum that went into her mouth but she didn't spill a drop! All of his cum went down her throat except for the last few shots which she took in her mouth!! She just continued to suck hard on his cock! She did look up at him with those baby blue eyes. Her sexy eyes were almost smiling at me as she smiled and licked the cock head around and around. She took the last of his sperm as it began to leak out of his cock head. She kissed and licked his cock for another 10 minutes or so making sure there was no more cum to be taken.

Finally Bobby pulled her up on to the bed and held her in his arms as his mouth met hers. His tongue flew into her mouth and he told her she was next! "I am going to eat your pussy and make you cry out in lust for me!", he told her as he rolled her over on to her back. She smiled up at him and said, "Oh yes Bobby I'm so wet and ready for your tongue! Eat me baby! Make me cum like I did you!"

He kissed her as he moved over her body with his own. She felt him on top of her and she moaned and rotated her hips and pelvis into him. All she was wearing was the thong. He was completely nude. She licked his neck and ear and said, "Your cum was the sweetest I have ever tasted I want us to be together now so you can eat me."

She asked him to take her thong off. When he did and saw her pussy was hairless!!! He said, "OH GOD!!! You're shave! And so beautiful and sexy!!

She took his hand and they pulled her last piece of clothing off. As her thong came off she told him again, "Remember no fucking Bobby unless I tell you too! You promised."

He said, "I won't try unless you ask me Alice I just want to please you and make you happy so much. But please ask me I want to fuck you so bad!"

She said to herself, "Then come here baby and eat my pussy first!"

As he sucked and played with her tits and kissed and licked her neck she held him. She pulled him up and as he lay on top of her body she said, "I know we both have partners but tonight it's just us. I wanted you from the first moment I saw you Bobby I know it's not right but you're lonely and I'm lonely and tonight I can't stand it any longer. I want your body all of it every single inch of it. Tonight I'm going to make love to you like you have never been made love to before. Oh god baby! My body hurts so bad for you! I have to have you!"

Bobby moaned and told her, "I have lusted for you too since the first time I saw you Alice. I have wanted your body wrapped in my body fucking me until we can't fuck any more!! But, I never felt you would go for it since we both have relationships!"

She moaned and looked down between our bodies. She said, "Look at me! Lick my pussy for me like you told me you would."

Bobby moved down between her open legs and looked at her beautiful thighs and smooth silky bald pussy. He looked back up at her and she said, "Do it Bobby! I want to show you everything! I want you to see all of me. Open my pussy and eat me!"

He saw close enough now to smell her pussy. Alice had a full fat pussy and for the first time Bobby could see it was very wet, shining up at him and shaved. He said, "Holly mother of God you shave your cunt! Oh Jesus Alice you are fucking beautiful. You're the most beautiful woman I have ever seen!"

She smiled as he lowered his mouth to her throbbing pussy! She watched as he slowly put a finger into her hole and used his other hand to stroke her pussy. He began to pump his finger in and out of her opening and he saw that it was covered with her juices. She was so wet!

"Good", he said to himself, she is really wet that will help a lot when I put my thick cock in her!"

Now his mouth went down her body and he blew warm air on her wet pussy.

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