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Shay mixes a little pleasure with business.

Her skirt was also black and knee length, with black stockings (I hoped), and high heels.

When Marilyn got in the car, I made sure that she sat in the rear passenger's seat, so I could check her out in the rear-view mirror. I wan't disappointed.

As Marilyn settled herself in the back seat, she crossed her legs, and as she did so, I caught a glimpse of stocking top and white thigh. Yes, she was wearing stockings! I don't know if she did it deliberately, but it sure gave he a rise, literally and figuratively. My mind began to race as to what the evening might bring.

Arriving at the party, I got out of the car first and walked around to open the doors for my wife and Marilyn. As Marilyn got out, her skirt rode up and I was again treated to her creamy white thighs about her black stocking tops.

The weather was balmy, and the party was inside and outside, with a DJ, food and liquor. We got drinks for the women and my one screwdriver, just to loosen myself up.

My wife knew a few of the other wives and began chatting with them. Marilyn had not met any of the wives previously, and had not seen the house we were at, so I volunteered to show her around the house and the back yard.

As I was showing Marilyn around the house, I thought I would see how things might go, so I just lightly placed my hand on her ass.

Marilyn reached her hand around. I thought that she was going to push my hand off her ass, but instead she pressed my hand harder on to her ass, and she leaned close to my ear and said, "I wore stockings and a garter belt just for you."

That almost made me cum in my pants.

We walked outside. Back towards the end of the pool, there were two small cabanas. I led Marilyn behind the cabanas.

She asked me what was back here, at which time I turned her to me, put my arms around her and pressed my lips against hers. I wasn't sure what her response would be, but when her mouth opened and her tongue began dancing with mine, I knew she was as ready as I was.

I put my hands down to her ass and could feel her garter straps and her luscious ass. I squeezed her ass and pulled her toward me, knowing she would feel how turned on I was, my cock now firmly pressing between her legs.

I began pulling up her skirt, until I felt her bare thighs and ass in my hands. As my hands slid across her silky stocking tops on to Marilyn's thighs, Marilyn's hands were busy trying to pull down my zipper.

I pushed her up against the back of the cabana, my hands now moving to her blouse, to get my hands and mouth around her tits and nipples. I opened her blouse, lifted her tits out of the bra, taking her rock hard nipples in my mouth, sucking greedily on them.

Marilyn began to moan softly, and I dropped down and pushed my head between her legs, sucking on her soaking wet panties.

She wrapped her legs around my head, while I pushed her panties to the side with my tongue and began sucking on her moist pussy. Marilyn came almost immediately, she was so turned on, and I swallowed all her cum.

Marilyn looked down at me, smiled, and said, "One good turn deserves another."

I stood up and Marilyn knelt down in front of me, took my throbbing cock in her mouth.

Looking down at her sucking my cock, with her tits sitting there on top of her bra, nipples sticking out, was so erotic, I came right in her mouth. Like me, she swallowed every drop, not wanting to leave any evidence.

We re-arranged ourselves, got our clothes back in order, and re-entered the rest of the party.

As the evening wore on, whenever the opportunity presented itself, I would cop a feel of Marilyn's ass or breasts, making sure that no one else could notice, and Marilyn, in turn, would give my cock a squeeze. It was heaven. A couple of times I was even able to run my hand up her skirt, rubbing her naked thigh above her stocking tops and press in on her still wet pussy.

At last the party began to break up.

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