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Things heat up between Max and Jenna.

Dan had numerous chances to repeat his performance with Karen on other, unsuspecting victims. The two weeks before the high-school prom season had Dan looking so ragged his supervisor suggested he take a vacation. Dan did need a vacation, but not because of his work. He felt like he had banged half the graduating class of the local high school- and most of them in their prom dresses. Dan had bagged so much teen-aged pussy that he thought his hair was going to go gray. In fact, Dan didn't even have time for the more humiliating things he had thought up- usually just letting the girls go with a strip tease, blowjob and maybe a finger in the pussy or two.

Dan also learned to patrol the hosiery department, as stockings and pantyhose were always popular with shopliftters. Dan was a leg man, and usually let the girls go if they modeled what they were trying to steal, and only what they were trying to steal, from him. Dan had a real thing about foot jobs from women just wearing a pair of black stockings.

Unfortunately, success has its price. The low theft rates of the areas Dan patrolled were noticed by management. Dan came into work one Monday morning and was told to report to Mr. Fielder's office, the store general manager. Dan figured the gig was up. Two days ago, Dan had caught 18 year-old twin girls trying to shoplift two pairs of Keds. The videotape he had of the girls doing naked calisthenics caused him to blow his load in less than 30 seconds every time. A 36C girl just shouldn't do jumping jacks... and high kicks were just something that had to be seen to be believed. Still grinning, Dan walked into Fielder's office.

Dan didn't get fired. Worse. He was now head of the Loss Prevention Department, meaning that 5 people that were more fucked up than he was now worked for him. It meant more money, but it also meant no more working by himself and taking suspects to the security room. "Oh well," though Dan. "Better I stop before I get caught."

Chapter 5

It was Memorial Day weekend, and as supervisor, Dan had to juggle all the shifts of people who wanted time off. The net result was than Saturday afternoon found Dan working by himself because the guard who was supposed to work called in with the flu. Budweiser Flu, Dan was sure.

Dan was wondering through the store, and without even thinking, walked past the bridal salon. There were three girls in the salon, no doubt trying on every gown in the store- and they would probably end up buying one from K-Mart anyway. Dan took a look anyway. The bride could only be described as cute. She was about 5'3, short blond hair, petite, with small tits and a cute little ass. Her small face and features made her look very young, and she had a smile that lit up the room. She looked a little like Heather Locklear, only with smaller features and softer curves.

The other two girls had to be bridesmaids. One was a taller version of the bride, and had to be her sister. They were close to being twins, although the taller one had longer hair and a more lavish look rather than the cuteness of her sister. The third girl was a redhead, and while Dan could not see too much of her without being obvious, he did notice a set of legs and high-heeled sandals that caught his eye.

The odds of someone swiping a wedding dress were pretty small, so Dan kept on walking. He managed to catch a 17yr old boy trying to swipe a brandy snifter- Dan was so amazed that a kid wanted crystal glassware that he just let him go. The welfare mom trying to swipe kid's underwear was just too pathetic, and Dan turned the corner and walked in the other direction. Why a welfare Mom couldn't do her shoplifting at K-Mart always puzzled him, but he had long since given up trying to understand the local criminal mind. At times like this, Dan almost thought of himself as the guy at the casino that handed out perks- instead of free rooms to high rollers, Dan gave out fruit-of-the-looms to single moms. What the fuck was the difference anyway.

Dan w

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