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A stranger comes to you each night, she will be yours . . .

The only interior decoration that really appealed to me was the young man sleeping naked on the day bed. I had been encouraged to wander down this way by the real estate agent, Rosemary, who had implied I might find something here to help encourage me to buy the house.

If the dark haired young man was meant to induce me, well he was certainly appealing to me in the right way now. And he was definitely causing a reaction.

His back was towards me and his firm rounded butt, and full muscular thighs, were right there in front of me as I stepped up to the bed.

I bent and kissed each firm round cheek and ran my tongue over them, he tasted fresh, just a hint of salt on a warm day.

I ran a hand up over his thigh and along his side to the hidden head, nestled in a pillow cradled in his arms up in the far corner, where the day bed's side and back met. I ran my hand back down to the glossy hair on the back of his thighs and then slipped my fingers between his thighs.

He moved languidly and made little muttering noises as if he was deeply asleep. I slipped my fingers out and was excited by his game. I bent and nibbled and licked his butt cheeks again. Then I continued on, up his muscular back as he moaned, and moved slightly, as if to escape me.

He was a very good actor I decided. I was leaning over him now and ran my free hand over his hip and down into the hidden mass of his pubic hair, feeling his thick but still soft cock, and his balls hanging loosely across his lower thigh.. The pubic hair was thick, and his cock was already filling out under my exploring hand. Reasonable, I thought, as he moaned in his pretend sleep. I continued to stroke his dick playing with his cap and the slit, just enjoying the feeling of him stiffening. I was sitting on the edge of the bed now, and my other hand couldn't help moving between his cheeks. I stroked a finger across his hidden entrance. He twitched and seemed to jerk, as if waking suddenly, and then he was pulling his legs away and throwing an arm wildly back at me.

"Hey," he cried, "Who are you?" as he crawled away, across the bed.

I grabbed at his hips and pulled him back to me, as he pretended to escape. Now I knelt on the bed straddling his upper thighs, just below his butt, and gripped him tight between my knees. One hand planted itself in between his shoulder blades and I leant half my weight there, pinning him down. He stopped struggling as I licked two fingers, and he began moaning as I played them over his hole and pressed into it.

"Who are you?" he suddenly asked again.

"You're a god actor," I said and leant into him. "Give me a kiss."

The first part of one finger took the first small step to the coming fuck, by passing through his puckered rim. And he turned his face to the side and let his lips meet mine. When our lips finally parted that finger, and the other, were both buried inside him, to the limit. He had gasped and tried to twist away at first as I moved them in and twisted them inside him, but I had held him fast. Now he was moaning in pleasure. Begging for more.

I let him lift his arse then, and he pushed it back to me and spread his thighs further apart. I removed my fingers and kneeling on the bed between his spread thighs bent my head to lick him, as one hand went under and found his flapping, dripping rod and stroked that. I was using the pre cum to lubricate the helmet with my thumb, while my other hand tugged and rolled his balls. He came in shuddering bursts, spilling his cream out in long arcs over the cream covered bed.

I returned my fingers to his passage. He moaned and I soon had worked in two from each hand, set at each side, pulling and spreading him so my tongue flicked in and out of the open entrance.

He hissed, "Yes. Oh yes," and arched back to me.

He reached back between his legs for my hard cock.

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