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Dr. Burnside participates in hazing Pledge Lisa.

"If..if it's OK with you, Rob..."

"He has no choice, darling, he does what I tell him to do," Lila said with a giggle. "Truth is, I like it rough, I mean I like GIVING it rough, and most of the time when I want oral sex, I MAKE him give it to me, though he doesn't put up much of a fuss! So get down and dirty, girlfriend, and use my man!"

"Now, girls, really, I don't think..." I said as they stood up before me.

"You heard her," Sandy growled, caught up in the dominant moment, grabbing me by the hair and pulling me off my stool to drag me to the living room. "It's MY present, so get busy getting me off!"

Lila laughed as Sandy sat on the couch, spread her meaty, tanned legs and forced me to my knees before her. She none-too-gently encircled my face in her hot, hard thighs and locked her ankles, pulling my face into her moist pussy enclosed in a white panty, little tufts of hair exploding out the sides.

"Smell that pussy, stud," she hissed, throbbing her thighs on me, making me moan in pain. "Hope you don't mind the aroma!"

"He LOVES the aroma!" Lila laughed, sitting down next to Sandy and watching with wide-eyed astonishment as her best friend's thighs chewed at my face and she ground her sweaty pussy into it. "I love your style, girl, give him your scent first!!!"

"Mmmm, and grinding is SO fucking hot!" Sandy hissed, cupping my head in her strong hands and punishing my face with her smelly pussy through her panties. "I think...I'm gonna cum...just ...doing...THIS!!!"

"YOU GO GIRL!" Lila laughed.

And Sandy came, just like that, for the first time, with a man anyway, in 10 or more years, pushing her quim into my mouth and nose and just about crushing it flat. I didn't have to do anything but kneel there with her thighs compressing my skull and her cunt busting into my lips and mouth until she came harder and harder before finally quieting down and easing the squeeze, letting me breathe.

"Pretty good for the first one, hon," Lila sighed. "Now, get those panties out of the way and let him REALLY go to work on ya!"

She didn't have to be told twice, quickly peeling off her panties and mischievously rubbing the smelly, wet crotch of them into my face, making me moan, the smell was exquisite, ripe and raw but heady and compelling. I looked into the matted, sweaty gray-blonde hair of her pussy and the puffy lips within, her little clit poking through the fur. She pointed and smiled.

"Get busy, boy," she snarled. "Make me cum!"

I looked at Lila, who sighed, grabbed my head and forced it to Sandy's hairy snatch. Sandy moaned loudly and encircled my head with those strong thighs again, holding me there, and my face invaded the wet patch and feasted on the lips inside.

She tasted and smelled great, and I lapped my tongue long and slow up the length of her wet cunt, parting the hair, feeling the oily lips around me. She screamed with pleasure as I ate her, thighs tight on my ears as I now ground my nose into her clit and stabbed into her hole rapidly and repeatedly with my tongue.

"FUCK!" she screamed, holding my head with one hand and running the other under her t-shirt to twist her big brown nipples. "His tongue, it's SO FUCKING LONG!!! That's right, tongue fuck me, stud, tongue fuck me!!!"

I did, over and over, Sandy's thighs gripping me madly, her hips hunching up and down and back and forth until she exploded into my face, flooding my mouth with her copious woman cream, nearly drowning me in her fluid. Lila never came this hard or wet when I ate her, but then again, this was a woman who hadn't been eaten in a decade, and she came furiously, just about busting my neck in the firm clench of her GILF thighs, until her orgasm abated and she let me go to sit back, panting, my face smeared with her goo.

"Fuck, Lila, fuck!" she hissed, pulling off her shirt and sitting bare-chested, her small but perky and slightly sagging tits all white and creamy on her tanned torso. "Goddam, this is the best gift ever!"

I smiled, and went to get the girls more wine, giving Sandy a l

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