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I locked her outside, naked.

I felt her move her hand. She was touching her own neck, feeling how far I had penetrated.

"Tina, that is a fantastic feeling. I cannot take much of that. It is intense and tight."

She lifted off me to breathe. Smiled, pleased with her success. Ever so slowly, she slid her throat over my cock again, sensing her power and how she was pleasing me.

I was struggling for control. I held her head gently to still her movements. Her throat was like a tight, well oiled fist twisting around my helmet.

"If I cum, you will not taste me. I will shoot directly down your throat and into your belly. Please, stop. I do not want to cum yet."

Tina moaned and held my shaft tight in her hands as it emerged from her throat, stringing with saliva and precum. Her control of me had given her confidence.

"Watch me. I want to be naked for you. I want to do what you told me. I want to feed you my juices."

She stripped watching the lust in my eyes grow. She teased me with her breasts. They were beautiful perfectly round small C-cups. The rigid nipples asked me to suck them but she pulled away before I could grab her or get my mouth on her. Her moves were not those of a practiced graceful pole dancer but they were of a desirable woman who would soon give herself to me. There could be no more beauty than that.

Her skirt disappeared and her light blue panties looked new. The crotch was wet.

"Did you buy those to wear for me tonight?"

"Yes, they are for you."

"Take them off and give them to me."

I took my treasure from her fingers and brought them to my nose and inhaled. Her eyes did not blink. I licked at the gusset and moaned. "Tina, bring me the real thing. Straddle my head and let me lick her."

She faced the headboard, hesitated but then stepped across my face and lowered her neatly trimmed, wet, swollen lips to me. Her thin ass cheeks were spread wide and I could not resist licking her tight pucker when I saw it. She froze only a moment. Opened for my wiggling tongue and then continued down. I kept my left hand over my head and my right along my body. I spread her pussy, exposing her hard clit with the fingers on my left hand. As she lowered herself, I slipped my right index finger into her to press on her g-spot. She gasped and I began to lick, kiss and suck at her protective lips. She was thrusting and groaning before I ever licked her clit. I just used my finger inside her and waited. A small climax rewarded my taste buds with a little trickle of the nectar that would soon flow more freely from her. I drank what she offered and started to gently suck her pearl. Her thrusts were long and hard. It took me a few tries not to be pushed away and lose contact with what I wanted. Her weight shifted and I looked up.

She had leaned forward and grabbed the headboard for leverage to grind her cunt into my face . Except for a stray moan or two she had been quiet. In a near whisper she said, "Yes, suck me."

I pulled my face away from her for just a moment. "That's it, Tina. Tell me what you want. Tell me loud and naughty. Let the neighbors hear."

"Suck me. NO, harder. Suck my clit harder."

I licked and sucked but waited for more instructions. I knew this was not all she wanted.

It did not take long for prim and proper, Tina, to show her colors. "Another finger. Fuck me. Harder, you son of a bitch. Fuck me, suck me, make me cum." Within a minute she screamed like a cowboy, "Yieeeeeee!!!!" and flooded my face, my mouth, my hair and the pillow under my head. I drank what I could but it was spraying all about.

She slowed her movements. I think because she thought it was the right thing to do. She had so much more to experience.

"Slide down and put me inside of you."

"It won't fit."

"Shut-up and do what you are told.

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