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Never Trust a Salesperson

In that moment, I knew that I loved him. I loved him so desperately but in the same moment, he scared me like no other man ever had. I was so afraid that at any moment he would simply vanish, taking my happiness with him. I could feel my fingers tighten on the back of his shirt, pressing him closer. The husky burst of his laughter brought a blush to my cheeks and as if he could read my mind, he pulled back from me. I whimpered, reaching for him as the fear grasped hold of my heart. "Don't leave me ..."

His smile appeared again as he slowly peeled off his shirt, exposing his chest to my gaze and I felt myself visibly relax as I reclined beneath him in the grass. I could feel the sting of unshed tears kiss my eyes again out of relief and he leaned down, kissing one that clung to my lashes away. I nearly cried out in the joy of it. I loved him.

He helped me rise up some beneath him and with a tenderness that I never expected of him, removed the rest of my tunic as his eyes blazed with a desire that I had longed to see in his eyes for as long as I can remember. Through my tears, we embraced again ... our tongues mating as I longed for his entire body to do with mine. I clung to him like a drowning man to a scrap of wood floating amid the stormy waves and he held me almost protectively against his chest. I could feel my breasts crushed against an unmoving wall of strength in his arms but even so, my nipples ached for his intimate caress.

We were naked, lying entwined in each other's arms before I had really realized it and my foot traveled up his muscled thigh. Just in the simple movement, I had opened my innermost being to him and I could hear his intake of breath as his hand swept up my thigh in a slow caress, causing me to shiver in anticipation. As he touched me, I couldn't help but moan low. I needed him more than ever. Again I saw his smile before his head dipped down to my heaving chest.

I cried out in helpless wonder as his mouth claimed a hard peak. On its own accord, one hand pressed him closer as his lips lay claim to the aching nipple, drawing it deep into his warm mouth. I trembled beneath him as his hand slipped between my thighs. I hadn't realized just how wet I was until he touched me and I felt his grin against my breast. In that moment, I almost became desperate for him and arched up. He took the invitation eagerly and slipped probing fingers into my warm depths. Between the stroking of his fingers and the deep draws he took from my breast, I could feel him pushing me higher to that cliff that beckoned me to jump head-first over its edge.

Just as I arched up, trembling, crying out as my impending release started to wash over me, he withdrew his fingers and nibbled his way up my neck to whisper in my ear ... "Not yet, baby." I wanted to scream out in frustration as I whimpered helplessly in protest. Again, his smile appeared as one hand reached beneath the curve of my ass and suddenly, he jerked me hard against him. I cried out in wonder as I felt the hard length of him pressed against my belly. I could feel its wet tip kiss my heated flesh in a teasing caress and my leg instinctively wrapped around his hips.

Again, he took my silent invitation without a moment's notice and leaned back enough to position himself at my wet entrance before driving it in. As a cry of relief sprang from my lips, my hips thrust up until he was buried completely within. I had never felt so full ... so complete as I did with him inside of me. And then, as his lips crushed mine beneath his in a searing kiss, he found his rhythm ... driving in and out, rushing me headlong to that deep abyss that screamed my name as I came.

He captured my cry in the recesses of his mouth as he continued to thrust into my willing flesh.

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