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....She was interrupted by her reverie by the nurse manager calling her name.

"Nurse Taylor. Daydreaming again?" She blushed at the comment as the other nurses snickered. She lowered her eyes, staring at the floor as the report was finally finished. Everyone got up to leave and she sat there for a moment. The nurse manager returned with a grim look on her face. "It appears you will be doing the night shift alone tonight. Your fellow nurse has called in sick."

"Oh great," Sarah sighed. "More work for me tonight."

She gathered her stuff and headed to the medicine cart to prepare to give out the medications. The last person on her list of patients was Mr. Matthews. "Well, that works out fine," she thought as she went around the ward, dispensing it. When she reached Mr. Matthews private room, she checked her watch and it was time for break. "Hmm, everything seems to be working out perfectly for me."

She gently pushed the door open and it appeared that Mr. Matthews was asleep. She put the medication on his side table. She walked over to the front of his bed. He looked peaceful lying there. She lifted up his sheet to make him more comfortable but instead she peered underneath and saw was nude. A smirk appeared on her lips as she pulled it back down and went to lock his room door.

Unknown to her, Mr. Matthews was aware of everything she was doing. He was finding it hard not to say anything as he felt her push the sheet aside and spread his long legs apart. She settled between them and lied down flat on her stomach, her fingers making contact with his cock.

"I wonder what I should do first," she said teasingly, as she began to fist his cock gently, her fingers playing with the head. "Maybe...." as her voice trailed off, her wet tongue made contact with his slit and she heard a hiss up from above. "Aww, you're awake now!" she whispered as her tongue lingered her on his slit longer this time as she stroked him.

"More please!" he begged through gritted teeth. "God, she's good," he thought as she continued to make his cock arise to the occasion. Her hands went to his balls, tugging them as her mouth swallowed his shaft. "Mmm," as her lips stretched around his thick shaft, sucking profusely up and down as he moaned, now sitting up to watch her intently through partially closed eyes.

His fingers grasped her head as he demanded, "Knee on the ground." She did as she was told, as he positioned himself at the end of the bed, face fucking her now almost to the point of gagging around his thick prick, holding her head firmly as she took him down her throat.

"Oh God," he groaned. "Sarah, you're doing well."

He face fucked her more roughly.

"I don't want to cum in your mouth; that we can do another time."

He removed her mouth from his dick as his fingers began to caress her breasts through her shirt. She pushed her boobs more into his hands as he slid her shirt off her shoulders, leaving her in her lacy bra.

"What size are your breasts?" his voice ragged.

"38 DD," she answered.

"Mmm. They're beautiful just like the woman they're attached to."

He leaned downwards to capture her mouth in a kiss, as he slid the straps of her bra down her shoulders.

"Sit in the chair, Sarah." He said sternly.

She got up and walked towards the chair, his eyes gazing at her ass, making him harder.

He limped over to her, bending down on one leg as his large hands pulled down her pants. He pushed his head into her crotch, savouring the scent of her arousal. He moved in closer and licked her through her panties. "Mr. Matthews," she groaned. "Call me Sean," as he continued his assault on her sex, ripping the fabric aside to taste her wet lips. She grasped the chair tightly as he licked her lips, his fingertips spreading them apart to look at her pinkness.

His tongue delved inside her, softly at first as he played with her swollen clit.

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