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lly, she snatched it up and answered, "What!"

"Wow! Is this a bad time?" It was Leila.

"No, I'm sorry mom! I thought you were somebody else." Kelli felt an insane urge to laugh.

"So then, you thought it was Alex?" Leila was prying a little bit.

"No, we're great! I just thought it was a telemarketer, they've been calling a lot lately."

"Really? Well, I was just calling to see how things were going, are you home?"

"Yes, but just for a little bit."

"So, that means things are going well? Have you made your final decision?" Leila asked.

"Not yet, but I'm close."

"Hmm...what's wrong?"

"Nothing I can't handle, Mom.

"Well, alright. Will you call me when you decide?"

"Sure Mom, I'll call you in a couple of days."

"Okay, love you!"

"Love you, too. Bye!"

Kelli did not want to have this conversation until her issues were resolved. She sighed, glad to have temporarily dodged that bullet. Alex would be here to pick her up in about half an hour. How was he going to react?

Not well, not well at all. Actually, Kelli had never seen him so angry. He had pulled up and she had been waiting with her bags. He helped load her into his truck. She had been quiet on the drive back to his place and when they had brought her things in Alex had finally demanded answers.

"Alright, I've given you time. Now tell me what's going on because I know there's something you're not telling me, Kelli." Alex's tone brooked no argument.

"Well, I didn't want to upset you, but I think it's getting worse."

"What is?"

Kelli proceeded to tell him about the emails and the phone calls. She left out nothing. Alex listened and as she went on she could see his brow furrow and his fists clench. When she had finished he nodded and walked away to the window for a moment.

"And you didn't tell me immediately because...?"

"I didn't want to upset you and I thought it would stop or that I could handle it on my own." It sounded foolish as she said it.

"I see. So, either you trust me with everything or you trust me with nothing. Which one is it?" Alex's voice was cold.

"I'm sorry, Master. I trust you with everything which is why I'm telling you now. I'm in over my head and I don't want to try and deal with this on my own."

"Well at least there is that. Show me everything."

Kelli handed him her phone and got out her computer. She logged on and showed him the emails. He read everything.

"Dammit! I want to know who's behind this and I will find out! Meanwhile, you stick close to me and you tell me about anything unusual, even if you think it's nothing. Do you understand me?"

"Yes Master." Kelli hung her head.

"Aw Kel, I'm concerned for your safety. I know a lot of people and I'm not sure who's behind this. I need to know that you can follow my instructions and that you will be as safe as possible, ok?"

"Yes Master" Kelli felt a little better.

"Alright, whoever this person is, they need to know that they aren't scaring you, so we're going to a club tonight. We will do more than just watch this time, we will participate. Are you ready for this?'

Kelli swallowed, "Yes Master, I'm ready."

"Good. Go unpack, I need to make a few calls."


That evening they went to the Marquis, an upscale bdsm club that Alex was well known at. Kelli stayed close beside him as they walked through the tables. Alex stopped here and there to speak to various acquaintances. Finally they found a table of their own. Kelli looked around at the different stations and wondered which one Alex would take her to. He wasn't in any hurry. He ordered his usual and Kelli asked if she could have one too, to help calm her nerves. Alex laughed and acquiesced. As they sat sipping their drinks Alex began telling her about the different people in the club. They were sharing a laugh when woman's voice interrupted them.

"Alex, darling, so good to see you!" The voice practically purred.

They looked up and Kelli recognized Mistress Linda from Martha's party. Alex smiled up at the blonde woman. She put her hand possessively on his shoulder.

"Where have you been keeping yourself? You've been

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