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It only served to fan the vouyeristic fire that was burning deep within my panties.

Finally the service was over and I headed over to meet up with the kids. When I got there, Rob emerged from the bedroom in a short muscle shirt and skin-tight work-out pants. He said Sharon had been at her mother's house for the weekend, and would be a couple of hours late.

I started to go home, but he said to hang out there and wait, no sense making another trip. His deep voice made my heart skip, he was so insistent that I stay. My fantasy began to take shape again, there we were, the perfect little married couple, home alone on Sunday afternoon.

We sat together on the couch and flipped some channels till we finally decided on a movie. That was when it happened. I noticed Rob looking at my legs. Not glaring or gawking... just looking, with admiration, as if he felt they were sexy and was paying me a compliment of sorts. I decided to have a little fun, so I slowly shifted my position to give him a better view.

That was when we crossed the line, because the moment he saw the top of the thigh highs... he was done for. It was as if someone had attached a helium tank to the crotch of his shorts and inflated them to full pressure! I hadn't seen a bulge that size in my life, not even in my erotic dreams! It was so huge my jaw instinctively dropped and I stared shamelessly at his groin.

"Rob, are you OK?" I asked.

I know... pretty stupid, but I was only 18 and it was all I could think to say. He said he was fine and tried to ignore it, but I just kept staring, all the while sliding closer to him on the sofa. With each move my dress inched further toward my waist and within seconds, without realizing it, my undergarments were completey exposed from the waist down.

As you might have guessed, this didn't help Rob at all. I could now see his rock-hard cock pulsing with his own racing heart beat, throbbing to beat the band in those tight little shorts. He tried hard not to seem flustered, but the closer I got the heavier he began to breathe.

Now I knew I was in charge. I had him! He was within my grasp, this sexy god of a man I had only dreamed of holding. I slid against him, our hips touching, and tossed one silky, creamy leg across his. The touch of my satiny hose against his muscular thigh caused him to moan and he finally gave in to his urge.

At last he reached for my leg, running his hand along the smooth nylon, probing the lacy top first one thigh high, then the other. My hands were up his shirt feeling his hard nipples, working their way down toward my dream dick.

We went for it at exactly the same moment. His fingers grabbed my soaking wet panties at the same time I forced my hand into his pants, freeing his begging member from it's cruel entrapment. Stroking gently at first I gradually picked up the pace as he pushed my panties aside and probed my swollen lips.

My head fell imediately into his lap, and I gave a few quick licks across his bulging cock before burying it deep in my throat. His moans grew louder and made me ache to feel him inside me, but not yet. I sucked and licked like a wild animal, lightly teasing his balls with my hooker-red nails, much to his delight.

I knew he was about to explode so I pulled away and stood before him, teasing him further as I stripped like a cheap whore. Everything came off... everything except the thigh highs and the heels. I could tell he wanted it that way. He hadn't been able to take his eyes, or his hands off my firm, seductive legs from the moment he'd seen them. It was his reward for being such a good boy and pushing his cock in my mouth.

I spun around several times to give him the full view, then backed into him to tempt his throbbing muscle with my firm, tight ass. He began jacking himself off, more out of reflex than anything else, but I pulled his hand away and slowly dropped onto his lap.

Two seconds later he was wildly tearing into the lace of my thong with bo

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