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A sensual sauna encounter.

..He apologized for his brutality and cried more...I cried too and I rose reaching out for his face. With no hesitation, I pulled his face into my breasts and cuddled him Scott!"

I was speechless again and could only shake my head side to side in wonder of it all. Finally, I asked the obvious.

"Did you go to bed with him that night?"

"No...But two nights later I made the biggest mistake of my life. I walked into his room, dressed in a small nitie, with no panties and gave him a blow job. When he hardened, I got on top and eased him into my pussy...God help me Scott it felt wonderful. He was shocked, but he never said a word. He came hard, just before I did...We still hadn't spoken, other than the words of relief when we came...When he stopped cumming, I lifted off of him and went back to my room. And that started it all." She said, answering my question.

I choked on my wine, sitting upright quickly, my eyes wide with amazement, saying,

"For the love of Christ - Jody...Why?"

I received a shrug for an answer and she went on, determined to get through this part. "After that, it was daily thing, or so it seemed. Mornings, but mostly nights, after I got home. But, for sure, whenever he felt horny or the urge...I was his personal sex toy. He'd be waiting, his stiff cock standing up when I walked through the door, waiting for me to lift my skirt and sit on him...If I was washing dishes, he'd come up behind me, slide my pants down and put his cock me, until he was done...He never really cared if I came, for the most part, he just wanted relief. He acted out every fantasy he had and used me to do it. After a while I got numb...Much later, I started to enjoy the feeling and size of him and I came hard, despite him, increasing his pleasure. Towards the end, I would actually be wet, walking into the house...Anticipating his hard cock, and eager to jump on it." She explained in a mono-toned voice.

"No shit!" I exclaimed and then quickly asked, "Fantasies?"

Yes...Like having me dress up differently, you know, little girl, cheerleader...Hooker, you name it. He liked the naughty girl needs a spanking thing and if I yelled too loud he'd have me sit on his cock and squeeze my tits until he came." She explained.

"Ah...Any anal sex?" I asked, gingerly and watched as Jody lowered her head and paused a long while, before finally nodding her head up and down.

"Oh God Scott I wasn't going to tell you...But, yes it started with an enema, acting out a doctor fantasy...It hurt like hell, but then he started to bring home vibrators. He'd oil up the vibrator, then have me bend over and stick his oiled finger into me, when he felt I was ready he'd push the vibrator in and out, playing with my clit, until I came. Like everything else, I started to enjoy it after a while. God Scott, I recall cumming so damn hard...Like I couldn't stop, it was scary. The ultimate was when he pushed the vibrator in...Burying it deep in my ass and left it there, while he stood in front me, oiling his cock...A big grin on lips. He laid me back and pushed his dick in my pussy...Oh Christ, I thought I would pass out...I screamed like a banshee, but I came Scott...Oh man, I came so fucking hard and he did too...It turned into our special pleasure and I begged him several times to do both holes."

I sat frozen, listening, the wine glass to my lips, but not drinking and my cock rising, like a periscope, out of the tub bubbles. I finally snapped out of the state I was in and lifted my legs, putting them on either side Jody and slid towards her, wrapping my arms around her luscious body. She accepted the gesture and snuggled in, resting her head on my shoulder.

"I'm damn spoiled you know.

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