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Bobby attends a school dance.

"That's good, little whore. Just like that. Your mouth feels so good!"

A small shiver ran through his body, and his cock stiffened in her mouth. She whimpered, knowing that the inevitable was fast approaching, and tears flowed down her cheeks. He slowed his pace, prolonging it, keeping himself from coming. Anticipation wound tight in her; his holding off only made the dread worse, and she wept harder.

He slowed the rhythm still more. Hot tears streamed over her cheeks as she gagged and choked. A part of her wanted badly for him to come, to put an end to the relentless fucking of her mouth. She felt used, objectified, like a possession instead of a person; and even as she choked and sobbed, her pussy twitched and dripped warm wetness down her thigh.

He moaned and pulled hard on the straps. His rigid cock plunged down her throat, silencing her startled cry. He eased up, and she tried to scramble away, just as he unleashed a gush of thick warm come into her mouth. He pulled her head down and released her in time with his spurts, each one spraying into her mouth just as she pulled away, his come forced to the back of her throat as he yanked her forward. She struggled not to swallow, but the ring in her mouth prevented her from spitting it out easily.

Finally, when he was done, he dropped the leashes connected to the harness. She scrambled backward and coughed. A thick wad of white come poured out of her mouth and landed wetly between her breasts. Her throat worked, and more come spilled over her chin and ran down her neck. Creamy goo flowed over her breasts and dripped from her nipples.

"That felt very good," he smiled. "I love using your mouth. I think that's my favorite part of the training so far. But we still aren't finished with this session, are we?" He reached to the case and drew out a blunt metal probe, larger than the one he had made her take the night before. "We still need to work on training that lovely ass of yours."

She moved to rise. Instantly, he was kneeling beside her, forcing her down on her back. He grabbed her arm roughly and held her down on the floor. "Oh, no, you don't."

She fought fiercely, but he had the advantage of leverage, strength, and size. He leaned over her and pinned her down firmly with one hand. "Hold still, little whore!" With the other, he brought the long metal probe up between her breasts, scooping up a glop of come. He raised it, then shoved the end of the probe into her mouth.

She screamed and twisted away from him. He grabbed her tightly by the hair. "Behave! Suck on the probe. Get it all nice and wet. You don't want me to shove it up your ass dry, do you?"

She stopped fighting, defeated. He raised the probe to her lips again. "That's better. Now, all nice and wet."

Hesitantly, she ran her tongue around the end of the instrument. Come dripped from it and trickled down her throat. She tried to ignore the taste, tried not to think about what it was. He fed it deeper into her mouth, and she swirled her tongue around it, wetting it thoroughly. Wet slurping noises filled the room, causing her to flush with embarrassment.

"There you go. That should do it." He pulled the metal rod from her mouth, and scooped up another wad of come from her breast. "Looks all nice and slippery to me. Now spread your legs!"

She tried to speak; the ring in her mouth made her words indistinct, even to her. He ignored her and pushed her knees up to her chest. The gooey, slippery end of the probe touched the entrance to her anus, and she shuddered.

"Relax," he said calmly. "Take a deep breath."

She closed her eyes and forced herself to stillness. Pressure at her rear opening, increasing steadily. She inhaled deeply, and held her breath for what she knew was coming.

More pressure, irresistible, and suddenly her body yielded.

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