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Chapter 10: almost dinnertime.

Spider-Man is really Spider Boy! Peter Parker, the nosey photographer!"

Aiden, the diligent director, instructed his actors to "Wake him up now, and gag him" as he rolled the video camera.

"Let's wake our little Peter up," Nicholas ordered with authority playing up his evil Green Goblin character. Matthew and Ethan went to it. Matthew grabbed Jake's lock of black hair and pulled his head back while Ethan slapped his face around. "Wakey wakey Spidey boy!"

Jake, in character, slowly came to, disoriented, then tried to speak. His captors were ready to shut him up.

"Gag him!" evil Green Goblin Nicholas ordered throwing them the first thing he laid his eyes on from the concrete floor. It was a pair of black neoprene weight lifting gloves.

Ethan shoved the used gloves in to Jake's mouth while Matthew held his head still.

After some debate on what to use to secure the gag, Aiden recommended they look in the pile inside the bin where they found the rope. Nicholas found a long, wide blue soccer sock.

They tied the thick blue soccer sock around Jake's mouth and double knotted it behind his head.

Jake, dressed up in Spider-Man tights, was quite a sight, tied spread eagle and gagged with a bright blue soccer sock. He was a humiliated superhero unable to move or speak.

"Dude! He looks great like this, ha hah," Aiden laughed shooting his video. "We need some closeups!"

Aiden went about getting better shots of his best friend. He wanted another gagging closeup. They took off the sock and had him spit out the gloves. As he positioned the camera closer, he asked his buddy jokingly, "How do those gloves taste, by the way, bro?"

"They could be worse," Jake smiled with relief. "Not too bad."

With that, Matthew said, "Oh that won't do. 'Spider-Boy' needs to be hurtin'" as he rubbed the stretchy gloves underneath his armpits. His brother Ethan followed suit and rubbed the gloves under his armpits too.

"Nice! Camera rolling, gag him quick ha hah!" Aiden laughed.

"Wait Wai...Mphhh!" Jake protested as the soft cushiony gloves, now coated with his friends' stinky armpit odor, were shoved back in his mouth while the camera caught it all up close.

They retied the soccer sock around his face. "Poor Jake just got owned," Matthew said under his breath.

This time, too, Jake was giving even better humiliating facial reactions no doubt because of the smelly wad of neoprene gloves in his mouth.

They shot more cutaways of young Jake tied up and struggling as the captured Spider-Man, getting close-ups of his bound wrists and bound ankles. Jake, getting sweatier, gave a good show too for the camera.

Jake was enjoying all the fuss and detail they spent in getting shots of him tied up. It felt good being helpless like that too, enjoying the tightness of the ropes around his extremities that prevented him from escape.

Aiden moved the camera and tripod back for a wide shot and told the fellas to "go at it" and torture Spider-Man. Put him through the ringer.

Nicholas was ready with ideas. He ordered his villainous subordinates to start tickling Jake and to break him by all means possible.

Ethan and Matthew began their assault on Jake by attacking his rib cage, his armpits, his torso, etc. with whirlwind of tickles using the tips of their fingers. Jake immediately broke out in to laughter, mostly muffled though by his gag.

Nicholas stood face to face with Jake and instigated his own torment on their bound victim. He playfully gut punched him and chest punched him. But, slyly, worked in a few nipple pinches, squeezing his fingertips through Jake's sheer, lycra costume in the middle of this pecs. This caused Jake to whence with discomfort followed by a quick, interesting set of glances between him and Nicholas.

After a minute or two, the teenage boys shooting their silly little movie realized they didn't have a motivation for this scene. Nicholas suggested the notion that Spider-Man, aka Peter Parker, was their leverage to rob the city blind. They would demand money for his safe release.

Going with the idea, Aiden continued sh

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