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A night of reckoning.

..I don't wanna be spanked! It wasn't my fault, he came when you left and pushed me against the wall."

"Oh, so you mean it was against your will?"

Her eyes widened at the thought that she might have found a loophole "YES! Exactly!"

"And I bet you came against your will too?"

Something in his voice told her that there was no use and the thought of being spanked actually made her wet, yet again.

Steve lifted up Jamie's skirt, exposing her bare ass and pussy, her g-string was almost invisible, tucked between her beautiful round ass cheeks. He pulled on the string like a slingshot and it hit her ass cheek. He didn't bother to remove her panties.

"Look at you! How many times did you cum for him Jamie?"

Before she had a chance to answer, his hand came down harshly on one of her ass cheek marking it with a red print. She flinched, but didn't make a sound other than a soft moan.

"Jamie I will make you a deal. I will only spank you ten times, but I want you to count each one or it won't count".

"NO!" she screeched defiantly, but not convincingly.

He slapped her other cheek again

"Count for me Jamie or I will spank you all night."

She cried and begged him to stop to no avail.

"I said count!"

"ONE!" she sobbed as his hand hit her cheek again.

"You are such a naughty girl Jamie!"

> SMACK <.


"Letting strange men stick their fingers inside your cunt!"



He realized he was probably hitting her too hard and she would be unable to sit the next day, and he wasn't even half way through. His next blow was a little gentler.

"You're a nasty little slut Jamie!"

> SMACK <.

"Four! Please Steve no more!"

Although Steve was incredibly aroused at the sight of her lying there helpless on his lap, he didn't want to hurt her; she meant everything to him and he wanted her to enjoy this every bit as much as he did. She could feel his erection on her leg and she was pleased even as she sobbed, she knew how to play the game well.

He lowered his hand to her now pink flesh and rubbed her ass to soothe it.

"This whole time I've been spanking your behind but it's not your behind that's been bad, is it?"

She turned to look at him terrified.

He slipped his hand to her wet open pussy. He rubbed it a little, feeling the completely soaked panties.

"It's your cunt that's been bad" He tapped her cunt gently at first "It's this nasty little cunt that deserve a spanking!"

Jamie was incredibly turned on as she thought back on the night's events; sucking Steve, being fingered by the Phantom, and now this. He parted her legs with his hand and she resisted, pushing them together.

"Leave them open Jamie, we're not finished yet!"

"Steve no! Please stop it!"

His hand came crashing down and he slapped her cunt a few more times and his hand was wet from her juices.

"You little slut...first you suck me, then you get fingered by a stranger and now you're wet again from your cunt being spanked!"

He slapped her cunt again and she wiggled on his lap. He roughly slipped under her panties and easily slid a finger inside her wet open pussy.

"You're like a little whore Jamie, always in need of attention. Letting strange men finger fuck this pussy...tell me, is this what he did?"

His finger pumped in and out of her pussy. You could hear the wet sounds coming from his finger sliding in and out of her cunt.

"Steve please..." She cried. She was confused, in a daze, she was so turned on and yet ashamed that she had actually let another man touch her pussy and enjoyed it.

"Well... is it??" His finger slid harder and faster inside her.

"Yes! Yes! That's what he did."

"And you enjoyed it didn't you my little whore?"

He was really fucking her roughly now, almost unable to control himself. She looked so innocent and yet so wanton spread across his lap riding his fingers.

"You liked having his fingers slide in and out of your pussy Jamie?"

Jamie only moaned in response.

"This pussy is gonna get a gold old fashioned fucking, just what it deserves!"

Jamie's sobs stopped; finally she woul

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