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Reina realises that she can't always have her own way.

Many of the girls were jealous of her throughout high school, but she had a few good friends, mostly the girls on her drill team, and she simply didn't care about the rest of them. She had just graduated High School and was happy to be moving on.

As they began talking about sex, she told him that one of her girlfriends had lost her virginity a short while ago. She didn't like it though, because it hurt too much. She told him that her first time wouldn't hurt her though, she had broken her hymen last year. She had been fucking herself with her hairbrush.

"It hurt a lot Daddy, she said, but Mom helped me clean up and told me she was glad that I had done it."

"How long have you masturbated hun?" he asked.

"Since I was 14" she told him. "And... I like to think of you while I masturbate Daddy." she said.

"Tell me what you think about" he said, his cock getting hard again.

She looked at her father and said: "I think about being your wife, so that you would fuck me every night and use me whenever you felt like getting off. I also think about your powerful cum and how good it tastes"

Then with a serious look on her face she said "I want you to be my first Daddy, I want to be your little slut."

Michael stared at his daughter, her hidden desires turning him on, his cock getting harder with every word. "Thank you for sharing that baby" he simply said.

"You're welcome Daddy!" she smiled brightly. They got up and hugged each other. He leaned down and kissed his daughter hard on the lips, his hands moving to her ass cheeks, massaging them as his tongue explored her mouth. She kissed him back with vigor, massaging his cock between them with both of her little hands. She couldn't help herself. Now that it was ok for them to touch each other, all she wanted to do was play with his massive member.

They kissed like this for a few minutes then Michael broke it off. "I have an idea baby" he said.

Amber continued to massage his fuck stick as she said "what is it Daddy?"

"I think it's time I teach you a few more things about sex. Come sit down on the couch." he said.

"Oh yes please, thank you!" said Amber, giving his cock a few more jerks before bouncing to the couch and sitting down.

He walked to the couch and stood above his sexy teenage daughter and said: "Our first lesson will be oral sex. I want you to open your legs wide hun, and scoot your pretty ass down."

As she complied he knelt in front of his daughter and stared at her cunt, small, wet, and glistening. Bending over he gently gave his baby girl her first kiss on her cunt.

Amber looked down at her father's handsome face kissing her young cunny. It felt good! Her heart began to pound and she moaned "yes daddy, kiss my cunt!"

Michael began tonguing his daughters sex. He tasted her for the first time. She was tangy and sweet. He liked her taste very much and began licking the length of her entire pussy, over and over. After licking her for a while he stuck his tongue in his daughters tight fuck hole as far as it would go. His daughter's hips bucked up off the couch and he gently pushed her back down so he could continue his tongue fuck.

Amber loved her Daddies skillful tongue on her twat. She closed her eyes and began to massage her breasts while he tongue-fucked her, taking in the sensation. She was feeling good! her pussy was hot and leaking, her nipples were hard and felt good too. Her hips began to buck off the couch on their own. Her Daddy held them down though and kept up his relentless assault.

Michael was now massaging his daughters small clitty with his tongue, while holding his daughter on the couch with one hand, he took his other and slid it up and down her pussy, getting his fingers nice and wet. He took his middle finger and began to fuck her with it, sliding his digit in and out of her tight wet channel.

Amber was now constantly moaning, her sex being assaulted fiercely by her father's tongue and finger.

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