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ou think I should call you?"

She thinks to herself trying to run different names through her mind. She surprised herself to be considering a different name for herself. She loves her name and never wants it to change but the thought of him calling her by a different name stirs the wetness inside her even more. She clears her throat and makes her suggestion "How about star, Master?"

"Hmmm star" he ponders it out loud to see how it rolls off his tongue. "I like it. Stars are so big and seen from a great distance and viewed by everyone but yet very insignificant." He starts walking towards her "please stand, star." Even with him saying please she knew by the forceful way he said it that it was no request.

She quickly stood and place her hands behind her back with one hand grabbing the wrist of the other arm. Her Master stops as she does this and looks her up and down. "I like how you look standing like that. You look very submissive and it pushes your chest out slightly."

He ponders to himself for a moment. "For now on when you are in my presence I want you to stand like this. It will not matter if we are alone of in company. The only time you will not have to is if something in your arms hinder you such as books or papers. In that case you are to put your free arm behind your back. Understood?"

"Yes, Master" She holds the position waiting for him to make his next move. He continues to walk slowly towards her.

"star I now want you to go around to the front of your desk and bend over with your hands on the desk and your feet shoulder width apart." Leaving her arms behind her back, she walks around to the front of her desk and leans her body over placing her hands on her desk but clearly trying to not bend at the waist as much as possible. She then adjusts herself so that her feet are lined up with her shoulders and waits. He walks behind her and she moves her head to watch him.

Keep your head straight and do not watch me. She turns her head back to look at her desk and waits. She can hear him rustling with something behind her. There is a small sound of metal on metal. Next thing she knew there was a slap of leather on cloth and a searing pain across her ass. She cries out in pain trying not to scream from the pain. Just as she was trying to catch her breath she feels his hand lifting her skirt to look at her slightly reddened ass.

"star I would like you to stand and remove your skirt. This will be your first punishment. You are receiving this for two things. First when I tell you to get into a position you may not watch me you just stand and wait. The second reason is for not fully following instructions."

She stands up straight and removes her skirt and waits for further instructions. He feels his hand force her forward. She quickly puts her hands back on the desk to stop her face from smashing into it. He then moves her hands to her hips pulling them to himself making her ass stick out and her back arch.

"This is the position I ordered you into. Not that sloppy one you tried to give me." She hears him take a few steps back and to the side before there is a slap of the belt on her bare ass. She tightens her grip on the desk and clich__s her teeth as she feel the third and fourth strike on her ass.

"Have you learned your lesson star?" He says in a mocking tone and waits for her to respond. When she does not answer he smacks her ass with the belt again. "I asked you a question slave. I expect an answer."

"Yes, Master. I have learned my lesson. I am sorry for not listening earlier." Tears start to leak from her eyes but even during her punishment there was a flash of hotness between her legs as her pussy gets wetter.

"Lets find out how much my slave is enjoying herself now." His hand goes directly between her legs and he slides two finger inside of her dripping pussy. "Very nice my slave." He rubs the side of his hand along her legs to see how far down her wetness has seeped. "Has my slave been waiting for me?"

"Yes, Master.

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