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The female persona visits the decadent Roman Empire.

As he took a beer from me with a smile, he rested on his side, and somewhat provocatively ran his forefinger up and down Terry's spine, from neck to buttcrack. Terry squimed a little - not in displeasure.

That was the moment when my jealousy of Diego began. More than a little miffed at being ignored while they continued their sensual interlude, I began to begrudge Terry for being naked in the presence of another man. He'd never done so for me. As if on cue, Diego said:

"Sorry about your bikini. I couldn't help myself," making a little toasting gesture with his beer.

Terry smiled back at him for a long moment and said, "Something tells me that's not the first time you stripped a man naked." He wiggled a little on his towel, his bare bottom shifting fetchingly.

Taking a slug of beer, I began, painfully, to feel like a third wheel. I was also stung by realization something was growing between the two of them. Lust if not affection - surely lust on Diego's part. I didn't know him that well, but he seemed to consider himself a gay swain, God's unique gift to shattering orgasm. In his nakedness, Diego's huge dick seemed to confirm at least some braggadocio; as he stared at Terry, the penis bobbed to full erection.

"I threw his underwear across the deck," he said to me, with a triumphant smile. He reached down and rubbed Terry's bottom an instant. Terry wiggled a little more. "I'll get it for you," Diego said, starting to get to his feet.

"Leave it," Terry said, and rolled on his side to look at Diego. His back was to me, and I knew Diego now could see all of Terry's succulent nakedness. They paused there a moment, regarding each other as I drifted deeper into bitter shadow.

Terry reached over and retrieved something from his gym bag, and as he slipped it on, we saw it was the tiniest string-bikini briefs he'd yet worn. He was all but naked, yet wouldn't go completely bare for long. In that moment, I found that detail strangely encouraging.

He began rubbing Diego's back in his efficient, expert nurse's way. Diego would occasionally let out a little moan of pleasure himself, as I often did under Terry's caress.

Terry ended up where he was earlier with me, straddling his Diego's head and pressing his palm deep in his shoulders. Diego's chin wrested on his entwined fingers, watching without sunglass-camouflage Terry's abdomen ripple in front of him. His gaze seemed to burn a hole right through Terry, and I knew both of them could feel it.

Finally, Terry asked in affectionate, mock-admonishment, "What are you doing?"

"I'm contemplating your navel."

"What do you see in there?" Terry whispered, with teasing flavor, still rubbing Diego's shoulders.

"Unexplored territory," replied Diego.

With that, Diego reached out a fingertip and ran it around the rim of Terry's navel, just outside the recess. Terry was very still, watching Diego's finger trace its path. He didn't pull away. In a voice very low, maybe imploring, he said, "It's... sensitive... "

"Big ones usually are," Diego answered. "A ripe strawberry could fit in there. And chocolate sauce?"

As way of reply, Terry tried to chuckle.

"It's very sexy," Diego said quietly. There was that word again.

"Thank you," Terry said, staring at him. His smile was long gone, and there was flush in his cheeks.

Diego had been studying the circuit of his fingertip on Terry's belly. Now he looked up at Terry for a long moment, also unsmiling, before turning his attention again to his vulnerable target. The game was becoming serious.

Leaning forward, he kissed the middle of Terry's abdomen; it was just a peck and then Diego pulled away. He again looked up at Terry, who was breathing deeply now. As Terry watched motionless, Diego kissed the spot again, longer this time, caressing it in silent smacks of his lips growing wider to moistly swab the smooth skin.

He pulled back again, examining the wet circle he'd left on the trembling belly, a few inches below Terry's navel.

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