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Does a man make his own luck in life?

She looked down at her generous hips and reconsidered; Fuck it, she'd earned a little bit of pleasure after the day she'd had.

Back in the bathroom, she sank down into the water, feeling it flow warmly across her skin, caressing her in unseen places. She scooped out a huge mound and practically inhaled it, relishing the first creamy sweet bite.

The combination of fragrant bath oils and sweet ice cream had an oddly erotic effect on her. She closed her eyes, a satisfied smile spreading across her lips, and settled deeper into the tub, the discordant falsetto of "Staying Alive" carrying her to a happier place. Her muscles began slowly unknotting and she the carton slipped from her grasp, falling to the tiled floor with a mushy splat.

She jolted upright, her first thought that Sara was going to have a cow about the mess. Then she remembered that Sara wouldn't be home tonight and she fell back, dejected. Naturally, the more she tried to push Sara and her disappointment out of her mind, the more she thought about her.

Just saying her name out loud made Tessa happy. They had known each other for five years, but had only been lovers for the last two. Sara was the taller and the thinner of the two, with strawberry blonde hair and hazel eyes. She had a sprinkling of freckles across the bridge of her nose, but the rest of her skin was creamy white.

Thinking about Sara made Tessa's body start tingling. She cupped her breasts, squeezing them and pulling on her nipples, twisting and making them hard. Reaching under the water she flicked her finger against her clit and shuddered. The pressure was becoming unbearable and Tessa soon gave in to the demands of her body. Slowly she rubbed her throbbing clit, before shoving two fingers inside her steaming pussy.

Oblivious to anything other than the sensations flooding through her body, she never heard Sara lean against the door jamb. She stripped silently and slipped a finger between her legs, fighting the urge to interrupt before Tessa reached the climax that Sara sensed was near.

Placing her feet on either side of the tub, Tessa let out a little squeal as her fingers curled repeatedly against her g-spot, drilling deeper. With her free hand she pinched and pulled her nipples, wishing it was Sara's teeth instead.

She was almost there, the orgasm just beginning to cloud her brain, when a sixth sense alerted her to another presence. Jerking upright and snatching her fingers out, she wailed with fear and frustration, trying to focus on the intruder.

Shock spread through her as she realized it was Sara. Wordlessly, Sara hurried over and dropped to her knees, easing Tessa back down in the tub. She jammed one hand between Tessa's legs, working two fingers inside and started roughly finger fucking her. To help matters along, she pressed her thumb against Tessa's swollen clit, driving her right over the edge. Tessa's eyes rolled back in her head as her body thrashed around and she screamed aloud, her body exploding in successive waves of sensation.

When the intensity subsided, she opened her eyes and launched herself at her lover, laughing. She caught Sara in a rolling tackle, ignoring the water splashing and the coolness of the floor on her warm skin, kissing her lover full on the lips.

"God, I missed you so much, Sara," Tessa moaned, her hands frantically roaming all over Sara's body.

All the pent up frustration of the day, combined with the glorious afterglow of her orgasm and the joy of Sara arriving home unexpectedly pushed her previous state of arousal to fever pitch. Grinding her body against Sara's, fisting her hands in her hair and thrusting her tongue in and out of her mouth, she wasn't even aware of the little mewling sounds she was making.

Sara grabbed Tessa's bare ass, squeezing it almost painfully as they writhed together on the floor; it almost looked like some epic battle, a life and death struggle.

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