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Jennifer was curious about anal sex and Angelica was only too happy to introduce her to her trusty strap-on dildo.

Soon Angelica was sliding the dildo into Jennifer's well-lubricated asshole. The athletic Black female teacher squealed in delight mixed with pain as the dominant Irishwoman fucked her in the ass with the strap-on dildo. Nothing Angelica loved more than to fuck a sexy Black woman in the ass. She simply loved the way Black women's naturally big and round butts jiggled during intense anal sex. Oh, yeah. The bisexual Irishwoman was slowly becoming addicted to that sort of thing. She filled Jennifer's asshole with the dildo, and fingered the Black woman's pussy at the same time. Soon, a very orgasmic Jennifer Brown's intense screams filled the room. Afterwards, Angelica made Jennifer clean the dildo with her tongue before they parted ways.

Yeah, Angelica O'Neill was having all kinds of fun with the lovely Black women of the city of Boston, Massachusetts. The oldest Black woman she hooked up with was sixty-year-old Bianca Agenor. A proud African-American matriarch and a veteran of the Boston Public Schools Systems. Bianca Agenor, grandmother to Julius and Cade Agenor, mother to twenty-year-old James Agenor. For some reason, Angelica attracted a lot of Black female teachers. And she was okay with that. The horny queer Irishwoman didn't mind teaching these big-booty Black teachers a thing or two. And she was more than happy to make Bianca Agenor's twisted sexual fantasies come true.

The sixty-year-old Black woman had seen much history in her six decades of living in the city of Boston. Unbeknownst to her family is the fact that she was into women. Most specifically, she was into dominant White women. She wanted to role play Mistress and Slave in the historical sense. Bianca being an old Black woman and the reluctance of White lesbians to role play taboo stuff made her quite frustrated. Well, Angelica had no qualms about dominating the older Black woman. And so she did. She summoned Bianca Agenor to her house for an afternoon of fun and immediately got into character.

In her best Southern accent, Angelica O'Neill berated Bianca Agenor, calling her a slave, a useless ghetto slut and a miserable Black whore. For emphasis, she made Bianca walk around the house naked while doing menial chores and smacked her face when she didn't do them right. Bianca was stunned and thrilled at the same time. Angelica was having the time of her life. She tied Bianca up and whipped her. She also bent the old Black woman over her knee and paddled her big round ass with a thick wooden paddle. Bianca's screams were music to her ears. Angelica had explored a tough sub category of BDSM called Race Play in the past. It made many people uncomfortable. Not her. She was perfectly okay with it. Finding an older Black woman who was also into it thrilled her. This was a lot of fun.

After whipping Bianca, berating her and making her do menial work, Mistress Angelica whipped out her strap-on dildo. Without further ado she put Bianca Agenor on all fours and thoroughly spanked her big brown butt. Then she spread the old Black woman's ass cheeks wide open and pressed the dildo against her asshole. With a swift thrust she penetrated Bianca's ass. Bianca gritted her teeth as Mistress Angelica began fucking her ass with the strap-on dildo. The old Black woman took the rough butt fucking without screaming. Mistress Angelica wanted to hear her scream. So she slammed the dildo up Bianca's asshole with all of her might. At long last the old Black woman screamed. Mistress Angelica crowed victoriously and began slamming the dildo hard into Bianca's asshole. The bossy Irishwoman loved the screams emanating from Black women while she fucked them with her strap-on dildos.

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