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The first guy in line was Brad, a guy I'd never done before. He was unzipping his fly and digging out his cock for me. When he got is soft dick out, I saw that this was going to be another first for me: he was uncut. His foreskin completely hid the helmet of his cock and it narrowed down to a point at the end with just a small hole in it. Brad pulled the foreskin back and showed me the shiny head, then he let his cock head slide back into the foreskin. As he pressed his still limp cock against my lips, it felt really odd. I'd had a fair number of dicks in my mouth--hard ones and soft ones--but the flap of soft skin covering the head of his shaft felt really weird in my mouth. The feeling wasn't strange for long, though. As Brad hardened, his cock felt much like the others I'd sucked off over these last months. It was kind of narrow and very smooth, but long enough to be impressive anyway.

As he thrust in and out of my mouth, some of the other guys cheered him on. "Go deep!" someone yelled. And Brad did. As his cock pressed its way into my throat, I felt my own cock rise. Worse yet, I got so hard that people could see my trousers tenting up. "He's getting off on this!" one person said. "Natural born cocksucker," someone else added.

I heard Tim explaining to those who didn't already know that I always get hard when I suck a hard cock and sometimes I even shoot off without any direct stimulation. Tim went on, "and, you should see him shoot his load when he gets fucked in the ass."

Okay. I knew where this was going and it wasn't going to end with me just sucking a lot of guys off. I was going to be the fuck-n-suck pig for the entire department this afternoon.

Tim was enjoying his revenge on me for my insubordination. And he wasn't going to miss any opportunity to humiliate me. He pulled me away from Brad's cock, something both of us regretted and for the same reason: he was just about to cum in my mouth. Brad regretted the intrusion because it left him hanging and I regretted it because it meant that when I was again pushed down on my knees to service him, I'd have to spend some time just getting him back to where I had him now. But Tim's little scenarios would be played out. He would see to that.

"Pull your pants down," Tim ordered me. I could see everyone looking at me expectantly and I hesitated. I felt Tim reaching around to unbuckle my belt; I decided that whatever was going to happen, it wasn't going to be him undressing me like I was his plaything to share. I pushed his hands away and began unbuckling my belt.

I couldn't look anyone in the eye; it was a weird experience. I knew all of these guys pretty well--some of them intimately, so to speak--but I didn't recognize them. I just saw a crowd of people, all expecting me to humiliate myself for their pleasure. All but one. Tyrone was standing very much away from the crowd. He was watching me and the others, but not joining in with comments. He was just observing. I paused, trying to think about what I was doing and what Tyrone was thinking about it. Tim's hand reaching around me again, jolted me back into action. I swatted away his hand and finished unbuckling my belt, unbuttoning and unzipping my pants and pushing them all down to my ankles.

Fortunately, my cock wasn't hard anymore. But I wasn't spared that humiliation for long. Tim pushed me down again, Brad didn't waste a second in getting his softening cock into the warm haven of my mouth. And I was soon taking him deep again.

When his dick pressed into my throat, I just couldn't prevent my cock from rising. Thinking about baseball or the multiplication tables was useless. It was like there was a button in the back of my throat and when some guy's cock hit it, my dick went up.

So, now everyone could see my hard dick bobbing up and down between my thighs as my mouth bobbed on and off Brad's cock.

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