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Just before he finished, he pulled his dick out a little, and shot three final streams into her mouth, making sure she tasted the sperm she was swallowing. He then completely removed himself from her, before lowering the camera to record her swallowing the last drops, to which she duly obliged.

Once Tom had moved back slightly, Jordan pulled out of her ass, laid on the floor, and instructed her to start riding him reverse cowgirl style. Without hesitation, Hayley straddled him as instructed, and again impaled her asshole on his cock, giving both Dan and Tom's camera phone a perfect view of the action. As she bounced on his member, Jordan reached up and began playing with her small breasts, squeezing the cups, before gently pinching and tugging on her hyper sensitive nipples. She could feel a yet another orgasm rising, and began riding the cock inside her for all she could. Unfortunately, the extra intensity pushed Jordan over the edge, and she felt his cock tense before erupting in her anal cavity, spewing his hot spunk deep inside her as she desperately attempted to reach her next climax. Her hand reached between her legs and began furiously strumming at her button, ensuring the orgasm hit while the cock was still spilling its jizz in her ass, turning her legs into jelly and causing her to collapse onto the body beneath her. This resulted in the softening cock slipping out from her ass, followed by a torrent of the cum that had not long ago been deposited escaping from her sphincter and dribbling onto Jordan's pubic mound.

As Hayley rolled off Jordan and sat on the floor under the shower, the two lads watched as Dan walked over to her whilst continuing to stroke himself, positioned his cock directly in front of her face, and proceeded to blow his load as she smiled and opened her mouth to take what she could. Once the initial jets had finished, she took her boyfriend into her mouth, and made sure she sucked and swallowed every last dribble from him until his erection began to subside.

"Well guys, that was incredible, thank you, but I really do need to have a shower!" Hayley said as she began to stand up. "You don't have to leave if you still fancy going for a few drinks with us, but if you want to do your own thing, that's cool too".

The two guys looked at each other, and agreed they were both still up for going drinking with the couple, so grabbed a towel each and started drying themselves off as she started to wash herself, not caring that there was currently three men watching her do so as her exhibitionist urges were now increasing at a massive rate.

"I got a question for you" said Tom. "What's with the landing strip? Pussy in general looks so much better when it's completely shaved, so I bet yours would look incredible if you got rid of the pubes."

"I like it" she replied. "It makes me feel sexy when I see it, and since just about every pussy you see is bald, it's an intimate little secret between me and Dan, something that only we know about" she continued.

"It would be easier to just shave it all off, I know, and sometimes I do think about doing that, but I know he loves it so I don't mind taking a few extra minutes for him." She said as she looked at her boyfriend.

"Babe, I don't mind at all" he responded. "If you want to shave it off for a change, I'm more than ok with that."

"There you go" said Tom, "I think you should do it. What do you think Jord?"

"Well, every girl I've ever slept with before has been smooth, and I prefer it, so I'd vote to shave it off as well." His friend replied.

Starting to laugh, Hayley looked at the three men watching her, before saying sarcastically that she loved how two men she's not long met are deciding what she should do with her pubic hair!

"Fine, pass me the shaving gel off the sink" she said as she turned to pick up her razor, and went about removing it.

Once she had finished in the shower, Hayley wrapped a towel around herself and went out into the bedroom to get ready.

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