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Would anyone notice if that happened? If the entire school was distributing copies marked with the dripping fingerprints of one of their youngest teachers?

The box of tissues was empty. She stared at it, considering wiping her fingers inside before throwing it away, but fearing that someone would know, when two tissues appeared in front of her, offered by a petite hand.

Melissa jumped, her cheeks blazing. She had thought she was alone in the copy room. The last thing she wanted to do was acknowledge the other person, but it would look worse if she didn't.

"Thank you," she said, accepting the tissues and wiping her fingers without turning. She couldn't think of a passable lie quick enough to explain what she had been doing. "I'm so embarrassed, but--"

"Don't be embarrassed," a soft voice interrupted. "One time, I threw mine away in the girl's locker room because it was easier not to wear them."

Melissa knew immediately who it was: Kate, the new Spanish teacher. The citrus scent of perfume surrounded her, as sensual as the other woman's breath on the nape of her neck.

Melissa flushed hotter, feeling guilty and excited at the same time. A few months ago at a staff meeting, she'd been so bored that she had snapped pictures of the people on her cell phone who she'd be willing to have sex with. Only two teachers had made the list--the new journalism teacher, a tall and broad shouldered, muscular man with an easy smile and the math teacher who had that distinguished, Sean Connery charisma that still made him attractive despite the fact that he was older than her father. On a whim, she'd also snapped a picture of Kate, admiring her perky curves, her blonde curls, her easy smile and the glint in her blue eyes, as if she had a secret she'd never tell another living soul.

The other pictures she had long since deleted, but Kate's she'd kept for some reason. As motivation to go to the gym more often, Melissa had told herself. But now, with Kate standing behind her so close that her nipples pricked Melissa's back, she had to be honest with herself--she kept the picture because she was attracted to Kate, plain and simple.

Perhaps Kate was only trying to help. But if she didn't feel some of the same desire, wouldn't she have stepped away by now?

Melissa looked up and saw six people in the office outside the copy room door--their principal, Steve, included. Her skin flushed, and her panties were damp again, but this time she couldn't blame her boyfriend.

This was madness, Melissa thought. If one person turned to look... She could see the headlines now: Lesbian Teachers Fired for Copulating in Copy Room.

But nobody was looking. As the copy machine continued to hum and spit out duplicates, she shifted back against Kate's soft body. Kate leaned into Melissa, one hand resting against her thigh, her lips bent to her ear.

"The smile was for you," she whispered.

The words sent a shudder through her and gave her the courage to cover Kate's hand with her own and guide it up her leg, under her skirt. Kate's fingertips brushed underneath the elastic edge of her panties as her tongue traced Melissa's ear.

"How did you know about the picture?" Melissa breathed, turning to face her.

The back of her neck still prickled with the fear that someone might see them, but standing breast to breast, looking into Kate's heated blue eyes and heart-shaped face, the danger seemed distant and unimportant.

"Watching you is the only way I can stay awake during those meetings," she answered.

Melissa smiled, leaned forward and kissed the other woman. Kate's lips were soft and demanding and tasted like strawberries. The tip of her tongue darted into Melissa's mouth. Tingling, burning, a shock of desire rolled through her and she pulled away with a gasp.

Kate giggled at her reaction and brushed Melissa's hair back from her face, cradling her cheek. "You've never done this before, have you?"

"What?" Melissa's whispered, trying to catch her breath.

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