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His secretary's sister joins the lactation league.

Then again if he got cornered again by Master Jake he would have to have some morsel to feed him, just to throw him off.

A few moments after Rasmir left Trully appeared, "you and your Jinns are keeping me very busy Master Jake. I am here to check on Sheeka, she should be well enough not to have to stay a bed." Here Trully looked at Jake through hooded eyes, "that is unless you and her have urgent business in it." Here Trully giggled at the startled look on Jake's face.

"How can you think that, Trully? She is injured I could never put her in peril by doing that!" Jake told her with an almost pained look on his face.

Laughing Trully tried to concentrate on her patient; she had to check on the young Jinn. It wouldn't do to throw Master Jake into bed and be there for a few hours now would it? "She should be clear today, especially with the extra healing that you wished for her. Tell me Master Jake, are you going to remove it or keep it as it is?"

"I hadn't really thought about it, with the amount of danger still out there I might keep it as it is for now." Jake replied.

Trully only nodded then spoke, "I just thought you ought to know Master Jake that as long as you have this on her that there may be repercussions."

"Repercussions? Such as," Jake asked.

"That's the problem; it is different with each case. I had one Jinn actually grew an extra set of arms, another became twice as sensitive to her master she could experience fulfillment just from looking at her master's naked body. As strong as Sheeka is I'm not sure, as I said I thought that I would warn you." Trully told Jake glad that her concentration was as strong as it was, though afterward she might not mind pounding

Jake for a while.

True the Doctor was extremely satisfying but Jake's pull was incredible.

Jake watched as Trully walked away not realizing just how horny she'd made him. Shaking his head he went to his work table he needed to work on the prison more before he presented it to the council. Looking over the prison plans he decided that there was only a single safe guard he needed to add. The other building he saw that he indeed needed to add more. As it was now almost anyone could be trapped within its confines. A few hours later Jake was satisfied, the mobile prison as he called the tent shaped box was more complex.

Yawning Jake thought he might actually be ready to present it to the council as a true solution for the problem of all the bad Jinns out there. It had been explained not long ago that though a great many had been destroyed there were still a great many out there that had recently joined the ranks of those that wished to create chaos. Smirking Jake remembered several of the bad ones he'd seen. They had cursed him saying that all Jinns were slaves for mankind to use. Shaking his head he couldn't believe that every master that every Jinn had, had were ALL that bad.

Putting the plans in a safer place, Jake didn't want them destroyed or stolen; he felt they could be turned on the good Jinns if the plans were intended that way. Unfortunately 'til it was actually created and set there was no way to say it was bad or good. Stretching as he got up he saw that the sun wasn't up yet; good still time to get a few hours of sleep. Smiling as he looked at the huge bed he thought well I might get to sleep, depends on whether or not his Jinns woke up when he got back into bed.

Akeesha had gone outside again; she could see that the doctor was examining her sister again good. The bad thing was that even with the bond severed she could still feel her sister. As soon as the bond was restored she'd feel her sister more, true but she'd also have a bit more resistance, she hoped.

Trully was amazed that that Sheeka's wounds had all but disappeared nothing but light bruising at that was left. "From what I can see you are completely healed except for the bruises." Trully told her.

"So I am cleared for normal activity?" Sheeka asked a look in her eyes that Trully herself knew only too well.

"As far as I can t

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