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She's enslaved to stepfather, brothers.

She laughed at this hate because she actually couldn't see any thing at all. Well, except for the slight change in light and dark that she took to mean day and night. She hated that she didn't ever know what time it was and hated that, even though the daily applied medicines were helping, she was actually beginning to not care.

She hated how she was beginning to hate how long it took this man who face she'd never seen to arrive every morning. She hated that she had begun to look forward to his arrival.

She hated how hearing him move towards the door to where she currently was made the hair stand up on the back of her neck and hated even more how the creak as the door opened made her visibly wet. She hated how he'd just move silently around the room not speaking allowing something (a finger...or something else?) to brush against her exposed skin teasing her with what she knew was coming. She hated how his hands were just the right balance of scratchy and softness as if he'd lotioned them after working construction all day. She hated that this perfect stranger knew exactly where to grab her hipbone as he positioned himself to enter her. She hated how large he was and how he filled her to the brink of near pain with every thrust. She hated how he would slowly pull almost all the way out and then slam back in full hilt against her. She hated how he purposefully went just slow enough to make her orgasm build and build and build.

She hated that she enjoyed it so much. She hated that just as she was about to finally cum, he'd pull out completely leaving her on the brink and gasping. She hated how much it 'almost' hurt when he'd then force himself into her anus. She hated that, no matter how hard she tried to tense up so that when he entered her it would actually hurt, her body was so turned on that it instinctively relaxed and eagerly accepted him. She hated how viciously he'd pound her this way. And she hated how hard this would make her cum every single time. She hated hearing herself screaming, pleading for more as her juices flowed in a steady stream down her legs as he ruthlessly slammed the full weight of his body into her (prior to this new situation, virginal) back door. She hated that he knew pulling her hair was the cherry on top that would push her over another edge and make her cum yet again. She hated feeling him shoot off inside her. And she hated knowing that she hated it because it meant that he was done railing her.

She hated that she more and more anticipated what was coming next. She hated that she had begun to long for this too. She hated how he would knot the hair atop her head until she'd open her mouth to scream. She hated that instead of a scream, a lustful moan would be the actual resulting utterance. She hated how roughly he'd shove his still throbbing erection into her throat. She hated that, at some point, licking everything off of a stranger's dick that had just cum in her anus and been in her dripping box just before that was now her favorite treat. A treat that she'd, with out regret or skipping a breath, choose above all the Ben & Jerry's and Godiva in the world. She hated how she'd almost cum again from this all. She hated that she'd have to wait until the next morning to resolve that particular itch. She hated hearing the promise from him every day that as soon as she could see her way out that she was free to go. She hated that, the way things were going; she might contemplate faking blindness when she could finally see again.

She hated how quickly she had offered up to 'do anything' not to be left blinded at the site of the wreckage and how easily she had accepted these resulting conditions. She hated thinking poorly of someone who'd allow this to happen to them knowing full well that she was in denial of how ok she was with it having had happened to her.

She waited there full of hate clenching her eyes tight with it.

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