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Task Number Three.

In his island, a man could compliment a woman and it was no big deal. In Canada, everything was harassment or discrimination or sexism or whatever. Canadians were a confusing bunch. So, um, what's a brother to do?

Two decades of atavistic chivalry triumphed over Canadian political correctness, and Mark Martinique approached the crying gal. Upon getting closer, he cleared his throat. Gently, he asked her if everything was alright. The young woman looked at him, and he was stunned by how beautiful she was. Her skin was the colour of burnished bronze, her Black hair was both shiny and curly. And she had the most amazing almond-shaped golden brown eyes. She seemed puzzled by his presence. Mark cleared his throat again, and asked him if everything was okay. She scoffed, shook her head and told him things were not alright. In a sad, angry tone, she told him that her uncle Leonidas was in the hospital because he was attacked by radical Muslims in Cairo. Upon hearing that, Mark hesitated. The young lady's bold statement hadn't gone unnoticed. Two hijab-wearing dark-skinned girls eyed her coldly, as did an Arab guy wearing a funny little hat. Mark sat next to the gal, and asked her if there was anything he could do. The young woman shook her head, then rubbed her eyes. She looked at him with sadness and told him there was absolutely nothing he could do. Then she got up and left.

Mark Martinique watched her go, feeling helpless. Wow. That went well. When he got home that night, he went on his laptop and hit Google and Yahoo for news about Egypt. There was a lot of stuff about the unrest in the Middle East, and clashes between Arab Christians and Arab Muslims in Egypt and elsewhere. When he searched for Leonidas, surprisingly he found some news. Leonidas Funsani Wahid, member of the Canadian Egyptian Association of Ontario, and a Bishop with the Coptic Christian Church of Canada. Google images came up with the pictures of a tall, bronze-skinned man in priestly robes. Wiki had more about him. Apparently, he was born in the City of Fayyum, Egypt, on the fifth day of February 1960. Mark smiled at that. He was born February the seventh. Apparently, Leonidas was a fellow Aquarian. Cool. Pictures of Bishop Leonidas Wahid, with the Coptic Pope, Shenouda III. Pictures of Bishop Leonidas speaking to Jesuit students at Boston College in Boston, Massachusetts. Books on Coptic Christian life authored by the good Bishop on and its affiliates. Clearly, the young lady from the mall was related to an important man.

Mark mused over that, and did some research on Coptic Christians.

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