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Housewife spies on her new neighbors & is reprogrammed.

.. dissolved. Anari felt all her worries and fears slip away as a pleasant fog came over her. Her body felt like it was gently caressed by a thousand feathers and a smile appeared on her face when she saw the smiling man in front of her. 'He looks good and isn't he kind to make feel this nice,' Anari observed as her nipples started to firm up.

But when his finger left the collar those feelings drained away in a moment leaving her empty. She recovered quickly though and gave the man an accusing glare. He acted as if she didn't. "And you will get that feeling no matter who strokes the collar, even if you do it yourself. My gift to you, to make your stay here more bearable."

She kept glaring a little longer but then relented. "What's your name? Because I can't call you guy and I refuse to call you master."

"According to the notes lifted from my shuttle my name was Pete Draeck. You can call me Pete if you like. And now I will let Scorpia take you to your cell. We will have dinner in a few hours, someone will come and pick you up for that then." This time Anari didn't try to go for her weapon but simply stood up and let Scorpia escort her away.


Anari was reclining on her bed, staring at the ceiling. Her posture was relaxed but inside her head she was racing through all the aspects of her situation like a rat desperate to escape the maze. Scorpia had taken away her controller but had left her with her force baton. It had made Anari suspicious but she had tried to draw the weapon anyway once the colonel had left her alone.

Her fingers had just touched the rod when a spike of pleasure drove her to her knees. The same thing had happened again and again whenever she tried to even touch it until she had given up. But a part of her wanted to touch the baton, not so that she could use it to escape, but to elicit another reaction from the collar. That was more than enough to keep her hand away.

And it was the collar that kept her confined at the moment. She shivered as she remembered her exploration of the smooth ring of silvery metal. Anari had hoped to find a seam or a lock, something that could be used to open the thing. But when she had begun to trace her fingers over the warm metal her thoughts had dissolved into that pleasant fog. Her hips had begun to undulate some time later, her earlier intent to find a way to get rid of the collar forgotten as her mind drifted away on a fluffy cloud.

She had only snapped out of it when her hands had drifted down to squeeze her breasts. Yes, she hated the collar. And a small part of her already loved what it could do to her.

Finally, someone came to get her. It was Yanara, decked out in a shirt that seemed to be painted on and a skirt that barely covered her shaven mound. Anari got an eyeful every time the woman took a step. When she arrived at the dining area she got a few surprises. That Mercada and Scorpia were dressed like they had been when they came out of the stasis-tubes shouldn't have been a real surprise but for Anari it was. Like Scorpia Diana was dressed in her skinsuit although the top part was unsealed. But Mei-Li was naked and sitting in Draeck's lap, her head resting on his chest with a contended look.

Draeck himself was sitting at the head of the table and Anari took a seat on the opposite end while the rest sat at either side of the table. The food itself was what you could expect on a spaceship, especially one that had been adrift for thirty years. Eatable substances that had been freeze-dried and then reconstituted. The taste was bland and you couldn't really tell what you were eating until you actually took a bite.

"It's not very good, I know," Draeck told her. "And we won't be eating anything else for awhile either. But it keeps you healthy."

Anari just shrugged and watched as he

fed Mei-Li.

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