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Contented family man risks everything on a vision.

I could not help but watch her as she moved around or bent over to place the beer on the table. Frank seemed to take a great deal of pleasure in my uneasiness as I became excited seeing his scantly clad wife each time she was close.

After a couple of more beers I told him I had to get going. He asked if it would be all right if his wife called me while he was out of town in case she needed help. I said of course she can. As I got up to leave he called to his wife and announced I was going. She came back in the room and stepped right up to me and kissed me on the cheek. As she pressed her breast to my chest she said how nice it was for me to come to their place and help them out.

On the drive home all I could think about was the wonderful sight I had seen. As distracted as I was, it's a good thing I did live too far away. As the day went by the sight of her wonderful body slowly faded from my mind ... good thing since every time I envisioned her I would get a hard on, and I had work to do.

After our first meeting Frank would call every few days and ask a question or two about fixing something. We would talk, and I would ask how they were doing. Soon Frank was getting very frank about their marriage. Some of the conversations turned out to be very stimulating and informative. I learned from him that the wife likes to give and receive oral, and I jokingly told him she could work on my pipes anytime. On a few occasions I was invited over to help with a project. Sharon would always answer the door and would never miss a chance to rub her titties against my arm or back and even my chest when she would kiss me ... even in front of Frank. Naturally I enjoyed the game and would grab her ass every chance I got just to feel how nice it was.

Then one day I was relaxing in my chair winding down from a hard day's work and the phone rang. This time it was Sharon, and I immediately got excited as soon as I heard her voice. She said she was having trouble with a door and was wondering if I could come over and look at it since her husband is out of town for a couple of days on business. I said I could come over first thing in the morning about seven if she was up. She said she was up early every morning and seven would be fine.

I arrived promptly at seven and knocked on the door. As she opened the door wearing a full-length robe she greeted me with a smile and a hug ... what a great way to start a day. I told her how happy I was she called and would enjoy helping her with her problem. She took hold of my hand and led me to the door that needed attention. I looked it over and noticed a couple of screws had been loosened causing it to stick. I asked her for a screwdriver, tighten them up, and it was fixed. I glanced over to her and noticed a little mischievous grin. She asked if I would like a cup of coffee and I said sure and followed her to the kitchen. As we sat at the kitchen counter sipping the coffee she said her husband had told her how attractive I found her.

Then she asked, "Did you really did like it when I flashed my boobies and pussy?"

Somewhat embarrassed I replied, "The quick peak I had was enough to get me excited for several days."

Sharon chuckled a little and a bright smile appeared on her face. She got up off of the stool and took a step backwards. She then grabbed the robe tie and pulled it apart and the robe separated in front. She pulled the robe off of her shoulders and let it drop to the floor showing me her totally naked and beautiful body. When she dropped her robe and exposed her naked body to me I see a perfect woman ... not skinny and not fat.

"Is this good enough for payment?"

"Oh my, good enough for payment, tip supplies and change," I stammered.

Her rounded full figure was enhanced by her above average breasts and the soft pubic hair covering her pussy I had all I could do trying to contain myself. That all changed when she reached down and took my hands and lifted them up to her breasts.

"You've felt my breasts brushing

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