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Jane and Charlie take the next step.

" Came the sharp reply.

"She's probably returned home by now." I offered in the way of an explanation for her absence.

"Without you?"

"We came to the mall in separate cars."
"Rather convenient." He commented, the double meaning clear to me.

He continued to write information down, taking the tag information and descriptions for the items in the bag Christa had me carry.

"Now let's talk about your purchases. Rather nice. Did they fit well?"

"They fit fine thank you." I responded, knowing what he was getting at.

"You entered the fitting room to try them on and spent twelve minutes inside. What were you doing in there?"

"Considering it was a fitting room, I would have to say that I was trying on the items I eventually purchased." I responded.

"For twelve minutes? That seems like a long time to just try on two items."

I held up my hands, not knowing how long should it have taken.

"Let's cut right to it because my shift is coming to an end and I want to get out of here on time."

"Couldn't agree with you more."

"Good. We had a woman come into our office here and said that a woman was acting suspiciously in the fitting room you were using. She gave us a description and it matched your appearance. We reviewed the tapes and she confirmed that you were the person in question."

"You have cameras in the women's fitting room?" I asked in disbelief, pissed off for the invasion of privacy but knew that the video would show I didn't do anything wrong and that Christa and Julie were with me as I mentioned earlier.

"Good!" I said, cutting him off. "The tapes will clearly show I did nothing wrong and we can get this over with."

"I do have to mention that the cameras are not IN the fitting room, but merely pick up people as they enter and exit.

"Fine. Then I can prove that my friend Christa was with me."

"Really? The tape shows you entering and exiting by yourself." He replied.

Damn it. It would because I had.

"She was doing some shopping of her own and came in after me."

"True. The tape did show several people coming and going while you were in there, including the woman who filed the complaint."

"This is crazy!" I replied beginning to feel really anxious the way things were going.

Two people stepped up to the door while he continued making notes. My heart skipped a beat when I noted they were real police officers and not merely mall security. He looked up and waved them into the room. He then gave one of them a report, letting the man read through it.

"What do you want us to do?" he asked finally.

"We have three items valued at $140 dollars and a complaint that he was in the women's fitting room causing a disturbance."

The gig was up. He clearly knew I wasn't a woman and I finally understood what was happening.

"Look." I said standing. "Officers. You read what he wrote. I don't know what it says but the items he's referring to were purchased by my wife who was in the mall with me today. I can give you her phone number and you can verify the purchases. As for the fitting room, my wife was in there with me most of the time and I don't know what this other woman could be complaining about. I was only trying on clothes."

I dropped the pretense that Christa was just a friend figuring it was useless to keep up the act any longer. Thoughts of my being cuffed and led downtown and placed in a holding cell while dressed as Stacy began to flash through my mind, the ultimate indignity for a transgendered person.

Apparently from the reaction on their face they hadn't realized I was really a man at that point but it didn't seem to faze them. I'm sure they ran into all kinds of things while on duty.

"You have the statement from the other woman?" the officer asked.

The mall security guard pulled it off the clipboard and handed it to the officer who scanned the single page. When he was done he handed it back and turned towards me.

"She stated that you were in the dressing room and it was obvious to her that were in fact a man dressed as a woman.

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