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Adrian takes part in a threesome with two women.

There were others as wild as him, wild nymphs of the wine grapes, the maenads, handmaidens of Ishtar. Dark-haired nymphs with grapes in their hair and vines twined about their forms, they ran with him, cavorting, and their pussy juice was wine. He fucked maenads by the dozens; though he would only fuck a virgin, there were always more maenads, drawn by his fey wildness.

Many times when Alexander fucked a virgin, the maenads would be grinding on him, slicking his entire body with pussy wine, crying out rapturously in time with Alexander's lusty growling and his virgin's ecstatic screams.

One evening in which the moon and stars twinkled brightly overhead, Alexander ran through the forest as was his wont, having outdistanced the maenads as he sometimes did... when a familiar scent wafted into his nostrils. Sweet, spicy, innocent, impish. He slowed, then halted, sniffing.


His glowing cat's-eyes fixed on one whom he had desired to see again for over a century. Boobs like oranges, small round ass, wide luminous eyes, brilliantly crimson waves falling down her back and about her shoulders.

A slight moan escaped his lips as she smiled radiantly at him, recognizing him despite his now-fey nature. She came towards his and stroked the miniature blue pelts upon his chest and above his dick with a delicate cream-skinned hand. Tamed by her very presence, he stood very still, save for his quickening breathing, his thickening cock.

"It is you!" she cried joyously. "I've missed you so much. All this time I've waited to tickle you, just like you tickled me." A crooked quirk tucked at her lips. "I've practiced on my big sister's pussy."

A throat that had uttered no word in a hundred years uttered her name. "Cinnamon..."

She stood up on tiptoes to press her lips lightly against his, hesitantly, shyly, just relishing the feeling as they shared moisture. He delicately ran a finger along her glistening crack. Then she pushed Alexander gently down onto the tall velvety grass, before joining him.

She sat on his face, reuniting him with the tender sweet paradise he'd missed so. She shivered as his lips kissed her womanhood, and giggled, before leaning down to press a kiss to the top of his swollen cock.

Alexander groaned. In the moonlight he saw that her pussy - formerly bald and hairless - had some wisps of hair as scarlet as her mane, where he had licked more than a century past. He ran his tongue up her slit in a long, slow motion, as her small mouth fit itself over the dark purple head of his manhood. Spice tingled on his mouth and his dick, where either of her lips touched him.

He clasped Cinnamon's perfect bottom with his hands as he slithered his tongue between her pussy lips. She groaned as she began sucking the head of his cock, and faintly cinnamon moisture rewarded his tongue even as his precum dribbled into her mouth.

She took more of his turgid dick into her mouth, till his throbbing glans touched the back of her throat and her boobs pressed into his belly. He purred with savage delight into her pussy, and the sudden vibration stimulated her so much she creamed upon his face, her cry of ecstasy muffled by his cock.

Moaning, she began sucking vigorously upon his dick as he lapped up her juices. His dick began to pulse violently within her mouth as she fondled his globular balls, and he could not stop moaning into her cunt even as he sucked her wet pink nubbin, peeking shyly out of her slit.

Her nimble tongue licked the underside of his shaft even while it was enclosed within her tingling cinnamon mouth, and at last it was too much for him. Her first innocent climaxes, her delicate mouth, her lithe body, her sweet scent...

He blew a massive load into her throat, which she swallowed eagerly. When his cumming at last slowed, she withdrew her mouth, licking her lips and cleaning his slick shaft with her tongue.

Cinnamon giggled again, sighing with rapture, and lay beside him, snuggling into his arms, her tits pressing into his side as she nuzzled his neck.

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