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A first meeting, a last chance to stop.

My hands are at the top button of your shirt, working their way down, pushing your shirt open as they go; my lips following close behind them. I drop to my knees, pushing your legs open and sliding between them as I continue kissing and nibbling to your waistband. Pausing, I look up at you mischievously, glancing at the bulge in your pants before returning my eyes to yours.

"What have we here?"

My hands move to the button of your jeans as I lean in and kiss you deeply, tongue stroking yours as I lower your zipper. I'm eager to release you, to explore you, to hear the wonderful sounds that you make as I pleasure you, and I lower my head and nip your belly playfully in my impatience. I want free access to you, so I sit back on my heels and pull the waist of your jeans and boxers down, grinning as I struggle with them. Taking pity on me, you lift your hips and I pull them down and off, discarding them on the floor.

"Mmm, much better..."

My eyes are fixed on your semi-erect staff, and I lick my lips slowly as I lean in to kiss and nibble the top of your thigh, gradually moving nearer, my hair brushing against you. My hands are resting on the outsides of your thighs, and as you move your hands from the armrests of your chair toward my head, I reach up and press them back down. I'm in the mood to take my time and pleasure you, so I want you to sit back and enjoy. As my ministrations bring me to your now full erection, I lower my head, circling underneath, rubbing my nose across your scrotum. Extending my tongue, I stroke it over first one testicle then the other, hands alongside your hips as I burrow into you. Gently, I take first one testicle then the other into my mouth, sucking and caressing each one with my flattened tongue. I know how you love having your balls worshipped, and I endeavor to do so fully. Once I'm satisfied that I've completed my task, I pause to smile up at you, enjoying the fact that you're watching my every move, having apparently forgotten whatever it was that you were doing.

There is something mesmerizing about being in this position, kneeling before you of my own accord, fully concentrating on bringing you pleasure, and I find myself lost in my task. Wrapping one hand around your shaft, the other cupping and kneading your balls, I press my stiffened tongue to the underside of the base of your cock, holding it this way and that as I lick it thoroughly, meticulously careful not to miss a single spot as I moisten it with my saliva. Movements slow and reverent, I flatten my tongue and bathe the shaft again before moving to the head. By this point my breathing has quickened, my body strongly reacting to my service to you, but I refuse to accelerate my pace to accommodate myself; this is about you, and I know that I want to pleasure you fully before my orgasm enters the picture.

Licking my lips as I look into your eyes, one hand wrapped around your shaft, I lean forward and swirl my tongue over your swollen head, curling my tongue beneath the ridge then working my way to the slit. Teasing it with the tip of my tongue, my lips roll over my teeth before closing over the head and sinking gradually to engulf as much as I can comfortably take. I love the sensation of being filled with you, and the thought of the ease with which you could gag me sends a shudder of anticipation through me. If I complete my task properly, you'll lose your grasp on your iron control and do just that, maybe even fisting your hands in my hair as you do so, and the thought of that happening urges me on as I become more insistent, tongue laving you as I tighten my lips and apply suction before pulling my head back until just the head remains in the warm wet cavern of my mouth. By this point I'm sucking strongly and there's an audible slurp as I release the suction and swirl my tongue over the head again.


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