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Consequences of trying to cheat on chastity.

When I asked what it was for, she said nothing, slid back the door and entered the shower -- still pulling me after her.

She asked if I'd be more comfortable leaving my shorts out of the shower. I quickly removed them and tossed them on the floor outside. There was a small plastic chair sitting back in the unused corner of the stall. As the cool shower water cascaded over her beautiful body, she put her head back and then raised her hands and ran them slowly over her body, wetting it thoroughly. I was in awe as her hands slowly caressed and cupped water over her pubic area. She smiled and studied my body. She was undressing a nude man with her eyes.

Finally, she explained that she'd shaven her legs this morning but skipped her private parts, because she hadn't expected to need them shaven. However after feeling my face, she'd had the Idea that I might enjoy everything more if there was no stubble in the way. I looked down and commented that I saw no stubble. She took two of my fingers and pulled them across the area and I could feel the faint roughness of newly grown hair. I asked if she intended me to shave her, and added that I'd never shaved a lady before.

She smiled and said that she trusted me explicitly and that she'd always had a fantasy where a nude man shaved her privately. She'd decided tonight that I was that man. I was speechless for the moment, and she asked if I would be unhappy doing it. I somehow managed to mumble no and that I really would like such an opportunity.

She simply said 'good!' and raised one foot to rest on the stall chair. I slowly sank to my knees and then to the floor of the shower holding the razor, and wearing only a stupid smile. She spread her thighs more and I could distinguish the pale pink outline of the lips of her pussy. I had to gasp for air before she asked if I was okay. I told her tentatively that I was okay and trying to decide where to start. She was smiling, and I think she enjoyed my discomfort.

Slowly, I reached up with the razor and tried to stroke the area at the sides of the entrance to her enchanted land. It didn't work too well, and she suggested that I treat it just as I would my own neck while shaving. This was not my neck, but I managed to reach with my other hand and kind of use one finger just inside and one outside to stretch the skin so that I could begin to shave it. I asked if she wanted me to lather it and she replied that the warm water was enough. I was so nervous and careful -- I didn't want to cut or scrape that preciousness.

As I switched hands to the other lip she shuddered and I heard a minor moan. I was encouraged and more emboldened to realize that she was enjoying it, too. I slowly shaved all that I could reach and started to crawl under her when she turned and bent over giving me perfect access and a perfect view of her ass and the rear of her pussy lips. I moved closer and shaved them, too. As I was inspecting them, I had the sudden urge to kiss them -- so I did. She was looking back between her legs and asked what I was doing -- I told her that I was only checking with my lips to see if all the stubble was gone from her lips.

She smiled and asked if it was. I told her that I'd better check again, and this time I did it with my tongue. This time her moan was loud with ecstasy. She was so soft and sweet and fun -- I wanted to do this all night. But after a few spasms of her entire body, she stood slowly, pulling away from me and turned around. She was breathing hard, but managed to catch her breath and take the razor from my hand. She told me to stand up as she sat on the shower chair. I stood and she said that she was going to shave me. I told her that I didn't shave there and I was afraid I'd be laughed at if anyone ever found out.

This time she smiled again and told me not to worry, because they wouldn't be able to tell.

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