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Aida's fate is sealed.

We had established such a close and open relationship that I knew I had to tell her.

Finally, she emerged from the bathroom, wrapped in a towel covering from her neck to mid thigh.

"That felt good," she said as she lay down on her back on top of the sheet, "I have to dry off."

I rolled on my side and started caressing her damp thighs. She looked, smelled, and felt so good.

"You've just shaved, I remarked, feeling her smooth skin.

"Just for you," she replied.

Trying not to stutter, I blurted out, "You remember when we talked about me eventually having sexual encounters with other women? Well, I had...." before being interrupted.

"No! You didn't, already? Don't tell me. Let me guess. It's Wendy, the secretary at your construction site," she said excitedly, "I could tell from the way she was looking at you."

"No, when Jean came by today," I said before being interrupted again.

"JEAN! Really!" my aunt exclaimed, "I should have guessed. You sure picked a nice one."

"Are you upset?" I inquired.

"Oh, heavens no," she replied. "Tell me what happened," she asked eagerly.

"I was taking a nap when she came by. Since she had awoken me, she offered to give me a massage. I thought it was just going to a massage until the end when she played with my penis and I came," I said quickly and concisely.

"Wait a minute! You're not getting off that easy. Tell me the whole story, every minute detail. Don't leave anything out," she demanded, taking my hand and pressing it onto her smooth mons.

Moving my hand down to cover Betty's vulva, my middle finger on the outside of the crease where her full puffy lips met, my fingers began lightly caressing the soft skin of her outer private parts, I began the story, "I was laying on the couch with my shirt partially unbuttoned, my belt undone, and pants unsnapped and unzipped. She offered to give me a massage and I accepted. She said that she would have me back to sleep in no time, as her fingers started lightly kneading my left arm. Never pressing or squeezing hard, she methodically massaged my arms, hands, feet, calves, the lower half of my thighs, and finally my forehead and face.

"Right when I thought she was finished, she unbuttoned the remaining buttons on my shirt and opened it up, pressing her hands on my hairy chest. Starting at my neck her palms and fingertips slid down my chest and stomach to near my waist, then back up my sides to my neck. After several minutes of that gentle, repetitive motion, I was almost asleep.

I continued to caress Betty's mons and lips, moving my middle finger up and down her crease, stopping at times at the keyhole below her mons. The crease was getting slippery.

"However the last time she didn't stop at my waist but continued down onto my underpants. Only the thin soft cotton fabric separated her hands from my skin. I felt like I was going to cum the moment her hand brushed over my genitals," I continued before being interrupted.

"Stop teasing me, Betty begged, as she pressed my middle finger into her crease.

My finger felt Betty's heat and wetness, probing to find her tiny inner lips, purposely avoiding her clit.

I continued, "Her hands returned to my stomach. I felt her right hand slip under the waistband, through my thick pubic hair and onto my neatly trimmed scrotum, cupping and squeezing my testicles. The tips of her fingers moved to the base of my small, limp penis, slowly moving on the underside towards the tip.

"When the tip of her index finger slipped into the deep slit on the underside of my glans, Jean said, "Oh!" in surprise.

"She pulled down my underpants down so she could see what she was touching.

Betty visualized her good friend about to examine my small, unusual penis.

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