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Submissive co-ed must endure her extra assignments.

I didn't have much makeup on. He doesn't like a lot. He says that a woman is beautiful as she is, make up should enhance that beauty not hide it. Then I got out of the car. I stood there, nervously, for a minute before taking a deep breath and starting for the restaurant entrance.

I looked around the dining room when I went in, but didn't see him. So I asked the hostess and she led me to his table. I was glad she didn't look at my knees, they were shaking, I was so nervous. When I got to his table, he stood and kissed my hand. As he did that, I felt a shiver run up my spine. I looked at him there in front of me, so confident and sure, while I was so nervous. He looked just like his picture, the picture I had stared at for hours while masturbating, but even better because I could see the calmness and warmth in his eyes. He pulled out my chair for me, me, a woman would be his sub. He pulled out my chair! I sat and all of a sudden, words were coming out of my mouth. I knew it was just habit to talk like this, it was how I started all my sales calls, but I couldn't stop. Throughout my babbling, he just sat there and smiled, nodding at appropriate times. Finally, I ran out of steam and stopped. I was embarrassed but he just said how much he liked hearing me talk and loved the way my face looked as I laughed. I felt so much better, I had not displeased him.

He started to ask me some questions about where I had gone camping, something we had talked about a little before. It was so nice to be able to talk about something safe. Well, I don't know what all we talked about that evening; I just wished it would never end. I do know we talked about submission and what I wanted. He told me about his values, his sense of responsibility, and how he viewed a D/s relationship. I had heard some it before, but it was so nice to hear it while looking into his eyes. I could tell he felt strongly about these things and I felt so much better. He would take care of me, he would value me. From that moment, I knew I wanted to be his.

Unfortunately, the evening came to an end. The waiter arrived to tell him the restaurant was closing. I couldn't believe it, where had the time gone? He paid the check. It was funny; I didn't even offer to pay my part like I would any other time. It just felt right for him to take care of it and of me. He stood and pulled out my chair for me to rise. As we started walking out of the restaurant, he took my hand in his. It felt so very good. Then he walked me to my car. I felt so safe and protected with him. I unlocked my car door and, as I stood up, I felt his hands turn me around. Then, he kissed me. I almost melted right then. If he had told me to kneel in front of him right then, I would have. I would have given him a blowjob right there in the parking lot if he had told me to. I was his.

He told me he would call me later to be sure I got home all right. He cared! I knew he was starting to take responsibility for me; he was taking the first step to being my owner. It felt so good and so right. Then I called him "Sire" for the first time in His presence. I got into my car and He shut the door. As I drove away, I could see Him watching my car, being sure I was all right. I felt so complete, I was sure this was the Man I would gladly submit to. I hoped I would be His forever. I knew I would serve Him and do anything to please Him. Please God, let Him want me and take me for His own.

Training: His View

I watched her walk away, sobbing quietly.

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