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The story of my transformation with my wife.

I thought I might up the ante and smiled at him, "Let me suck it a little." And that's when all pretense of trying to fight back disappeared. He just silently nodded. A boy being offered a blowjob almost never refuses.

I sank to my knees. He watched me with these wide, deer-in-the-headlights eyes as I opened my mouth and brought the head to my lips slowly. I would have loved to put on a show, but we were in the library. I wrapped my lips around it, thicker than Devon, I noted as I pushed my head forward. My lips were stretched obscenely. I stared up at this boy, my eyes heavy with lust. I nearly gagged, not realizing how deep I had been bobbing my head. This kid was longer than anyone I had had in my mouth. I had no reference for how much I could fit in my throat. I pulled back, panting slightly, trying to keep quiet.

Wilson was trembling already, his legs shaking, making his gorgeous cock bob and twitch all on its own. He was like a newborn deer. Second deer metaphor for him. My spit dripped from it and I giggled and stroked it with one hand. "Having fun?" I asked. His eyes were glazed over in a stupor; maybe he thought this was a dream. Only it wasn't and I wanted more than just a taste.

I stood and pulled my skirt up over my ass cheeks. I glanced down the aisle to the opening; nobody was there. He stared at me. The poor baby, he didn't know what to do. I pouted and spread my ass, glancing over at him now. "Come on...put it in." I smiled, slyly. The realization of what I just offered him spread across his face and I swear his cock pulsed and grew larger. He pulled my thong to the side and lined his cock up. He was going to do it without any convincing, thank God.

I felt the head against my pussy lips. Wetness came with it, from my spit, his precum, or my own juices, I couldn't tell. I made a squeak as he tried to thrust upwards all at once, missing my hole and almost pushing into my ass. I gasped, a little too loudly, and reached back. I held the head, the big, bulbous head in my hand and guided it back to my pussy. I kept my grip tight and sat down on it. I let out a noise between a sigh and scream that he muffled with his hand. I let him mute me as I felt his hips take over. He pushed deep inside me. I moaned deep into his hand.

There we stood, my skirt pushed up to reveal my whole ass and Wilson with his pants at his knees, half his cock in me as I held onto the bookshelf. He's pushing into me over and over again; the stretch to my pussy is incredible. I would be panting like a dog if he wasn't covering my mouth. He wasn't the most graceful fuck, but he didn't need to be. He was hitting places my vibrator wouldn't.

His thrusts quickened and I realized that as a virgin he wasn't going to last long. Well I was going to give him the best first fuck he could get. I pushed back against his thrusts; me squeaking loudly into his hand and him grunting and gasping for air. My eyes rolled in my head; he was reaching my cervix with each push in. I felt him throb, expanding to fill me with spunk. He let out a louder gasp and-


Wilson ripped himself out of me. Mrs. Krapple stood at the end of aisle. I hung onto the bookshelf, my knees caving from him yanking all eleven inches of dick out of me so suddenly. Wilson stood, shaking.

I expected more screeching, but when I turned to look at Krapple, her normally sour face was now ecstatic shock. Her eyes fixed on Wilson's huge dick. Poor guy hadn't even busted his nut. He was trying his best to hide it, failing miserably. He couldn't even get it back inside his pants. She walked over to us, me on my knees now and Wilson just with his eyes closed, I'm assuming trying to convince himself this was a dream.

"So, Mr.

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