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Some wine, some pot, and this threesome gets stinking nasty.

"Still got one more to give me whore and then it'll be the end of season bash!"

That was Holly's night over. She made a tearful exit from the bathrooms and quickly conveyed to her lover, Fern, that Price had taken his second payment and the two of them made hasty exits from the evening and returned to their love nest where Holly relived her ordeal and Fern ended up eating her out to 'make her forget about it'. The fact Holly was already pretty wet when she got down there did not prevent Fern from licking her to an orgasm.


The holidays and the term that followed passed quickly. The team's results varied but they were still in the hunt for the championship right the way up to the last match against the league leaders . If St. Cameron's could win they would leap to first place on the last day of the season, any other result would see them finish either second or third, either way Price would lose and Holly would gain her revenge. Price had dedicated his work to the team and his coaching and had barely seen Holly since their Christmas gobble but on the eve of the last, important match he sneaked into her room just after her last class of the day had ended. She didn't even need to ask what he was there for. She was pretty much already slipping to her knees when he stopped her.

"Not now, though it's nice to see you so keen Miss Will. No I thought we could finish things off where it'll all be decided tomorrow, on the football pitch. So I'll see you on the playing fields about 10 o'clock tonight. Unless you want to do it earlier in daylight? Ha! Thought you wouldn't be there bitch and then we'll see who wins this bet of yours."

Holly agreed. She had been on tenterhooks for weeks now, wondering when the bastard would ask for his last payment. Although she was not ecstatic of meeting him at night on the playing fields she did have to admit it was better than in her classroom or in some other public place where they may be discovered. Fern wanted her to turn him down at first but knew Holly had agreed to it and was not the type that baulked at her debts. She then wanted to accompany Holly but Holly dissuaded her of that too, insisting she didn't want her to see this, knowing that Fern was already worried about what they had to do if they lost and knowing that Price would make great play of that if Fern did come. And anyway it was unnecessary anyway as after the team failed the next day they wouldn't have to worry about the old pervert any more.

So on a mild and humid night Holly made her way to the school playing fields and headed out to the football pitches where she found Mr. Price waiting on her. The nets were already up in the goals for the next day's game and he pointed over towards one of the goals and directed her to it. He pushed her into the net and barked.

"Take your natural position bitch. On your knees and ready to suck!"

Holly grimaced at his words but was long past the point where she argued them. Envisaging him on his knees tomorrow and her sporting her big strap on was enough to get her through this ordeal so she thought of that and dropped to her knees on the damp, soft grass and mug in the goal mouth. He was stood on the other side of the net and pulled down his tracksuit bottoms to release his cock and reached through the net to pull Holly's face into it and jammed his dick into her mouth like that with the net pressed into her face between them. Holly just knelt there and took it, wanting this over with as soon as possible. Price, meantime, was intent on making it last as long as he could and was going deliberately slow in and out of her lips and taunting her as he did.

"I bet this brings luck to these goals for tomorrow eh? Can't wait to see footballs nestle in the net rather than just my balls! And oh boy wait until after, you're going to look good with that tattoo you know and wait until you see the whore I've got lined up to perform with you and Miss Cotton."

Holly tried to block his voice out, concentrate on making

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