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And of course the club was located on the alley side of the building and had just one dark black door with no sign. But once I walked in the lobby was the same as the others except for the staircase on the left.

I told the bouncer guard I was an old friend of Don's. He only asked me my name and then he took out his cell phone and pressed a button.

When the guard put the cell phone to his ear it accented how big he was. He looked like a defensive end ten years after he had stopped playing or a boxer.

"Michael Nelson for Mr. Packard," he said into the phone and then clicked it closed.

About a minute or a beautiful woman in a full length skin tight and slit on the side dress walked model like in her heels down the stairs and the guard moved to the side as she motioned for me to follow her. By the time I had gotten to the top of the steps she was down a hallway holding a door open and signaling me to enter. Her eyes were the same color as mine I noticed as I reached her. They were striking steel green. Not many people had eyes like that. You'd see movie stars with steel blue but steel green was rare.

She motioned me to walk through the doorway and I thought she would follow but instead she closed the door and I heard the magnetic lock behind me. The hallway was fairly wide with black walls and black carpet. On the walls were framed photographs with each piece of art lit by a single light forming a perfect rectangle or square depending on the dimension of the photograph. No light shone on the wall behind. It was quite dramatic. As I walked down the hall I noticed one photograph and recognized it as a famous piece by Ansel Adams. It was then I knew this was an important collection and Don was probably very rich.

At the end of the hall was a small living room waiting area. It was so odd here we were in the winter in Vegas with the temperature in the 50's and yet he had a gas fireplace pushing out heat and the air conditioner push cold from above. The room was elegantly furnishing with a single painting above the fireplace. I had been to the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington just five years before and this painting seemed to resemble a de Kooning.

I sat down on the leather sofa and waited. I was still carrying the newspaper with me and instead of looking at the magazines on the coffee table I fidgeted through the cheap paper in my hands.

"Hi Mike," I heard Don say before I realized a door had opened silently and he had walked into the room.

"Hey Don," I replied. I was wearing cheap clothes compared to the beautiful suit he was sporting with a crisp white shirt and a beautiful tie.

Don sat down on the chair facing the sofa and asked me how I was and some other small talk then he smiled and asked, "What brings you here?"

I told him my whole story and how broke I was and I needed a job. I told him about my rent.

"Well, I have one opening that may be perfect for you but I'm just on my way home so why don't you come with me and we'll talk there," he said.

A few minutes later we were cruising in his yellow Lamborghini headed to his home, which ended up being about 20 miles from his club. It was a gated driveway and the house sat in the foothills.

We drove around the circle to the front door and went inside his magnificent modern home.

"Wow Don you sure have succeeded," I said.

He smiled and walked me around through the halls and rooms until we came to a small room at the end of what appeared to be a service hall.

Chapter 4

The Deal

"This what I have to offer you Michelle," Don said, "I need to do light house cleaning when the staff is gone and more importantly someone to give me a good blowjob when I want one.

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