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I'm good as long as you and Johnny can just watch and not try to partake. Can you just watch, Nick?"

Nick smiled, "Yeah, I can just watch, it'll be hard though."

I turned and started walking back, "Yeah, that's what concerns me; when it's hard."

We walked back to the bridge and the four of us set off into the woods. It was a beautiful day, quite warm actually but it was cool in the shade of the overhead canopy. There were several hikers on the trails but it wasn't long until encounters with them became further and further apart.

There were still huge rocks, outcrops all over. I'm not sure how they got there but it almost looks as if they were pushed to this spot by a glacier and that St. James is actually a terminal moraine. Their presence, scattered about on the surface as they were, must have had something to do with the old quarry. Some looked as if they were immense pieces of slate or flagstones. A few of them were titled at angles; some angles less steep than others, and you could climb their smooth surfaces to the top of them. The other side would be a sheer drop of anywhere from ten to thirty feet. That's what I was looking for, a big slab of slate tilted at a nice angle. Brad and I had been here before, you could have some fun on one of those.

The places I had been before were behind us now. We had to keep going deeper into the woods due to the number of people out here today. Eventually we walked fifteen or so minutes without hearing any evidence of anyone else tramping around. We started seriously looking for that perfect spot.

Johnny scampered up one of the rock walls that were so common in the area and came upon an upper trail. He called down that he had found something promising and we decided to go up the wall to join him. Nick climbed up with the cooler, followed by me and then Brad.

Once we reached the top and turned around you could see the whole stream valley. We were too far to actually see the buildings in the village, but what we could see was beautiful. Every once in awhile we could see hikers on the trails far below and after watching for several minutes it didn't seem anyone was near us or heading in our direction.

St. James is the type of place that just as soon as you have the thought that maybe you're somewhere no one has ever been before you come across a tree that has names, dates and 'Billy loves Mary' carved into it. That's exactly how I felt as we followed the path away from the edge and suddenly it opened up into a small glen.

It was beautiful; a small, circular grassy spot right at the end of the trail. There were signs others had been there, not trash or anything like that, but there were carvings in some of the trees and several large rocks around the edge that had names painted on them. It was idyllic.

"Wow, said Brad, "this is perfect. It's beautiful in here!"

"It sure is," I agreed.

We quickly popped some beers and began making the sort of small talk you make when everyone is nervous about what may happen next. I motioned for Brad to go sit on the ground in front of a large slab of slate that was tilting up at about a forty-five degree angle. When he got comfortable I sat down between his legs. Nick brought the cooler over and sat down on our left and Johnny sat to our right.

"You two going to sit right on top of us," laughed Brad.

"We want to be able to see," said Johnny.

I laughed and said, "Just what are you expecting?"

Nick came back with, "I'm not sure what going to happen, but I know I want a real good view of whatever it is!"

Brad started kissing me on my right ear, lightly running his tongue under the outside of my ear and nibbling on my lobe. He knows I love this and find it a huge turn-on and I started to giggle.

"She really likes that, doesn't she Brad?" Johnny's voice sounded strained to me already.

"If he's like this now he's going to go nuts later," I thought to myself.

"I do like it Johnny, don't you?" I turned and was looking at Johnny.

He blushed and said, "I guess I would."

"You guess you would?" I turned to Nick, "What abo

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