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"Now We can Really Fuck".

Kim was very excited to share all the lesbian sex positions that she performs every night with Sam. She was also excited to have her sisters, Jane and Jill, involved to play with Tanya. "You guys I never thought that sex could feel so orgasmic, all the time." Kim told her sisters. Tanya was all ears as well, she was always looking for ways to enhance sexual pleasures. Jane scrambled through her sex toys, looking for the pulsating Virginia to use while she listened to Kim.

"Ok I'm ready now. Please continue Kim." Jane said.

"Well there is the ultimate 69er, the Rocket, definitely gravity, ripples, the works, the back door, pleasure machine, thrill seeker and the spoon, just to name a few. We are still experimenting and there are heaps that we haven't even tried yet.

"Are you concentrating Jane?" Kim asked.

"Of course I am." Jane snapped.

"We will be sure to try them all, while you are here to watch and guide us." Tanya replied.

Meanwhile Sam rushed through Jane's sex toy collection. Her toy collection was growing all the time and it was always an eye opening experience.

"I have got to get me some of these masturbation machines."

Sammantha had cum everywhere while rubbing the clit optimizer over her swollen cunt.

"Keep cleaning me up as I experiment with Jane's sex toys please Kimy." Sam pleaded.

The clit beads used in combination with the remote control vibrating tits, which Jane controlled while Kim sucked up the cum running down Sam's legs really did set off Samantha's orgasms.

So what is all the fuss about? Tanya thought to herself and rushed through the collection of sex toys, to find out for herself. Tanya's eyes lite up.

"Boy Jake really needs to lift up his game." Tanya cried out with excitement.

Along with Tanya's fetish of food sex, hopefully that would mean sexual excitement and sexually enhancing for all of us.

Tanya was going totally nuts with this new found pleasure she had just discovered, even though Jane was always using the sex toys while Tanya watched.

Tanya thought of the sex toys as more lovers! I'm going to keep Jake waiting Tanya thought to herself. As much as I want to try these lesbian sex positions of Kim's, watching incest sex between her lesbian bitch Jane and her converted little sister Jill was really going to get her sexual juices flowing, especially while she had her hubby masturbating in the same room. Let Jake's sexual tension build up, watching him stroking his large mammoth cock and then sucking his pre-cum off her fingers. Making Jake earn the pleasure of being inside my treasure chest is going to drive me wild Tanya thought to herself!

As Samantha continues to discover Jane's sex toys she yells out all of her favorite masturbation techniques. I slide my fingers in and out of my pussy, adding fingers while I finger myself faster and faster, using my electric toothbrush with the head off it ( in my mouth and all over my naked body until it enters my pussy.) I am pleasuring myself while Kim sucks on my tits, watching myself masturbating in the mirror the shower rose, fingering myself with a full bladder until I wee, talking dirty with Kim while I finger myself and off cause my massage cushion.

With all this sexual tension building up in the room Tanya was craving strap-on perfection and ordered. Tanya needed both of the strap-ons inside her at the same time.

"Jane I need you to strap-on my pussy and Jill I need you to strap-on my ass" Tanya pleaded.

As Tanya attached the strap-ons to both Jane and Jill, Samantha and Kim decided that it would be the perfect time to show the girls some of the sexual positions that they love so much.

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