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Our three lovers celebrate life & love on a mysterious moon.

To my surprise Katie came back and handed me another one.

"Trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me?" I teased. She blushed "I'm not one for taking advantage of a handsome young man." She sat beside me and we chatted as I finished my beer and walked over to toss it in the trash. Out of nowhere Eric, the guy who had confronted Rob earlier, handed me a mason jar.

"Wanna sip?" Eric asked.

"Don't drink that Bobby." I heard as I saw Rob sipping on a beer. I didn't like him calling me out for drinking when he was. I looked at the jar and as I moved it was hit by a strong smell that made me wince. I put the jar to my lips and took three large gulps before almost choking and handing the foul liquid back to its' owner. Eric laughed as he took a small swig before passing it on.

"That was fucking moonshine Bobby, you don't chug it." I hadn't seen Rob upset, but he clearly was as he headed over to me.

"You should have warned him." He said glaring at Eric who handed me the jar. "That's really strong Bobby, you feeling alright?"

I shrugged, not daring to open my mouth for fear that my rebelling stomach would escape the confines of my body. "Come on, sit over here," he said. I did as directed and he went over to the cooler and came back with a green can. "Take a sip of this; it'll help settle your stomach." He opened the can of ginger ale and I took a cautious sip. It did help and I relaxed a little. Taking small sips and deep breaths I calmed down.

"Thanks Rob. I think I'm alright. Sorry about that, I could tell from the smell it was probably a bad idea, but I didn't like you not wanting me to drink while you had a drink of your own."

Rob shook his head, "Bobby I don't care if you drink, I just don't want you to get drunk, or worse sick. I can see why you would think that because I didn't have time to explain before you drank half the jar."

I nodded admitting he was right before I got up to grab a beer to sip on. I felt a little wobbly on my feet. Rob reached up to stabilize me as I headed towards the cooler. I grabbed a beer and really felt the effects after I leaned down and stood back up. I stumbled back over to Rob who took the beer out of my hands and eased me back beside him.

"Don't get mad Bobby, but I think you've had enough." Before I had a chance to argue I turned around and my rebelling stomach finally won and I hurled in the sand behind me. Luckily at that moment the fireworks had started, drawing everyone's attention into the night sky. The colors looked pretty reflecting on the sand, but the booming sound combined with my wrenching stomach made me miserable. Rob sat close by, bravely rubbing my back. I sat up and he helped me stand. "Let's get you home babe." He whispered in my ear as he wrapped my arm around his neck and his behind me, and guided me towards the road. We walked through the alleys trying not to draw attention to ourselves as I stopped and heaved again in a bush. Rob was patient and my mind was fuzzy. The fireworks had subsided by the time we got home as my ears were no longer being assaulted with loud booms. I barely remember seeing my parents sitting on the porch, but Rob was talking to them, apparently explaining my behavior as I fought to stay conscious. My dad was carrying something upstairs in front of me as Rob slowly got me to my room. Dad left something on the floor before he exited and my mom quickly replaced him carrying a glass of water and what looked like sheets. She closed the door behind her and I remember being placed on the bed before passing out.

I woke up with a throbbing head and tripped over something on my floor before making it to the toilet throwing up whatever remained inside. I washed up in the bathroom and slowly walked to my room. There was an air mattress blown up in the floor that had sheets on it, 'weird' I thought. I was startled when i saw Rob sitting up in my bed shirtless. I looked at him confused and realized I was just wearing my underwear and socks. I closed the door behind me and grabbed the glass of water.

"Just take a cou

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