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A high-flying, glorious group encounter.


She told me that Julie had said she saw me at the reunion and that I said I didn't care much for her career choice. It was funny when Becky told me she didn't much care for it either. She asked me about my life and seemed truly interested in it. I gave her a short synopsis of my life and time overseas. I did tell her I was married once overseas but it didn't work out.

I explained that I was in the process of a career change, that I only had a few months left in the service and was probably going to retire and move back to the hometown to open up a small electronics business. She seemed genuinely happy for me. She even told me she would contact her brother Bill and see if he had any good locations for my business at a reasonable rate for rent.

I asked her about her life and she told me how she always wanted to be a vet. She had this dire need to help animals. I told her I remembered how she would always bring home strays and her mom would get mad at her. She laughed and of course, it made me laugh, just thinking about it.

She told me she was divorced also and had a son Jimmy who was eight years old. I told her I was sorry about her divorce and she told me they just weren't compatible. He wanted the big city life and she was a country girl.

Talking to her was so enjoyable. She seemed so happy and easy to talk with. It was funny that she asked about my parents. Apparently, mom took our dog Gruffy to Becky for his shots. We must have talked for a couple of hours not even realizing it.

She seemed so different from Julie. She was as beautiful but not the glamour sort of way. She was more of the woman who had all this natural beauty. They were both intelligent and knew what they wanted out of life. I found myself talking to Becky and doing all these comparisons. In almost all the cases, Becky won.

"What are you thinking about?" smiled Becky.

"You and something your sister told me last week," I replied.

"You're kidding? Julie actually talked about me instead of herself," laughed Becky.

"Well, I asked about you and she did tell me about you being a vet."

"You're not smiling about me being a vet. What else did she say?" smiled Becky.

"Okay, since you're asking. She told me that you had a crush on me when you were younger. I was just thinking about it while you were talking."

"Oh, God! She didn't? I'm so embarrassed," said Becky.

"I'm, sorry, I shouldn't have mentioned it. Hell, I don't even know if it was true. I apologize."

"It's my fault for asking," said Becky. "It was true, so you know. I always felt that Julie made a big mistake losing you. If I would have only been a few years older."

"Back then four years younger in age made a big difference. It doesn't today you know," I said to Becky.

"What are you getting at, Jeff? You know I'm not my sister and I'm nothing like her."

"I know. That's why I would like to know if you would like to go out with me next Saturday."

"Jeff, are you sure about this?"

"Very sure. All I need is a yes and an address where to pick you up," I said.

She smiled and took out one of her business cards and put her address and home phone number on the back and handed it to me.

"Okay, Jeff, we'll give it a try but no promises. Where would you like to go?"

"Out for something to eat and maybe a movie, but not one of your sister's. I'll tell you what, you pick the place."

I walked her out to her car and gave her a light peck on the cheek. She still looked at me questionably.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" she asked one more time.

"I'm positive. See you Saturday," I said.

I went into the airport to finish my assignment. I really felt good; probably better than I had felt in a long time.

Chapter 2

I went home on Friday night to see my parents. My mom asked me why I seemed so happy. I told her I had a date with a friend from my childhood.

"Do I know her?" asked my inquisitive mother.

"As a matter of fact you do. She's Gruffy's vet."

"You mean Becky? Isn't that Juliette's younger sister?" asked mom.

"As a matter of fact it is.

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