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The Diplomat's Ball was supposed to be about cooperation.

There was enough business to keep them living well and Jules did carpentry work occasionally mainly because he loved it.

After dinner, we helped to cleanup (despite Amanda's protests) and then the four of us retired to their back deck overlooking the ocean while we sipped on after dinner drinks. After a couple of hours of getting to know all about each other, the sun set into the west and the air became chilly. Jules had earlier excused himself and returned to advise that our bed was turned down and a fire was warming the room.

Thanking them - we each received a warm hug from our hosts with thanks for joining them - then you and I walked hand in had through the house and up the spiral staircase to our suite. When we entered you saw the unopened box on the chest at the foot of the bed and wondered aloud "What is this, my darling? Have you been naughty again?"

You tore off the wrapping paper and, seeing Sally's label, squealed with delight as you suspected what treasure might be waiting inside.

As you pulled out the first item, you smiled seductively as you held up the floor length ultra sheer silk gown that would sweep from your neck to your feet revealing all. Next came the same white bustier and sheer panties with white hose, garters and spiked sandals you had worn that late night shopping spree at Sally's. Oh the memories that brought back. Finally, in the bottom of the box was a long box with Sally's logo on top which you opened slowly to reveal three vibrators - a 'rabbit, a slim anal probe in stainless steel and a 7" realistic vibrator in soft latex with a strap on accessory should you chose to make love to me.

You ran to me and fell into my arms, raining kisses over my face, neck and lips as you thanked me over and over. I was thanking you for coming with me to this romantic spot and I told you how much I loved you and wanted you.

We decided to start with a Jacuzzi bath and I went into the bathroom suite to fill the tub; there was an assortment of exotic oils and bath bubbles on the shelf and I decided that for tonight it would be the oils. As the tub filled to the brim, I stripped off my clothes and hung them on the racks provided.

I walked back through the French doors leading to the bedroom and stopped in my tracks. Your back was to me as your stepped out of that sexy sundress and laid it over a chair back. Clad only in those delightful French cut panties, you were staring into the mirror on the wall and stroking your soft breasts and rolling your nipples in your fingers. Your eyes closed as you moaned softly in self-pleasure. I walked quietly up behind you, my cock very quickly rising to full mast, and wrapped my arms around you to cup your hands in mine while I nuzzled the back of your neck. "Your bath awaits, my lady," I whispered into your shell like ear and you turned into my arms as we kissed fervently.

I pushed your panties over your slim hips and they pooled around your feet. Leading you by the hand - your hand was lightly holding my rampant cock - we entered the bathroom and, while you climbed into the scented water and settled back into the jet's bubbles, I turned off the lights after lighting the half dozen vanilla scented candle towers surrounding the tub. I then climbed in as you slid forward to allow me to sit behind you so you could lean back against my chest. You pulled my legs around your waist and I felt my cock slip between the cheeks of your saucy ass when you slid backwards, giggling at the feel of it touching your pussy from behind.

As we lay there, relaxing and with me slowly massaging your breasts and nipples, you turned your head to allow me to kiss you as my tongue entered your warm mouth.

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