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More of the story of his niece, his lady friend & him.

She clenched her tawny old thighs together and ground out an orgasm just watching, and pushing his head down further, stretching his dick higher until now his lips suctioned at the tip.

"Damn, you are limber," she sighed, jerking his cock harder now, hearing him moan as she did, his sucking frantic, his lips securely attached to his own dick. "Cum for me, Billy boy, cum for Mrs. Shaw's old hand jerking that big, bad cock of yours! I'm making you cummmmmmmmmmmmm Billy, jerking your huge dick and you are gonna eat your cum, so cum NOW!!!"

She jerked him harder, now clamping her thighs around his thigh, pushing her cunt into his leg and cumming on it as he moaned and erupted, a huge load filling his mouth as Annabelle jerked his meat into it, stroking firmly and long, draining every ounce of jism from his nuts before letting go of his dick and his head. He stood up, his face a mask of disgust and fear, cheeks bulging with his seed, a drip of white in the corners of his mouth.

"Oh, you don't like it do you!" she laughed, standing before him, scissoring his still-stiff dick in her thighs and tilting his chin up with her fingers. "You probably just lick yourself enough to cum and then get out of the way, huh?"

He nodded furiously, eyes clamped shut. She giggled -- and pulled his face to hers, attaching her lips to his and forcing her tongue into his mouth, opening it and sucking out his cum. His eyes shot open wide, staring into hers as she slurped the entire load into her mouth and pulled back.

"Now your turn," she said, careful not to lose any of his massive load and pulled his face to hers, catching him by surprise and jettisoning his cream back into his mouth, sucking it out again and shooting it back, Billy so stunned he was unable to resist as the snowball of his spunk continued to shoot between their mouths.

She looked at him, eyes locked onto his, knowing the effect it was having on him, his resistance lessening, his muscles relaxing, his tension abating as she kissed him wetly and deeply, the cum swallowed by both of them and Annabelle now just making out with him like a wanton teenage girl, sucking his cummy tongue and making him suck hers.

She clamped her thighs tightly on his cock, keeping it stiff and then reaching between them to fist it, fitting the head into her hairy cunt as they stood, pulling aside her bikini bottom. His eyes never left hers as she leaned up on her toes to take half his cock, sheathing it in her velvety, hot pussy, lifting up and down on her toes, fucking him slowly, feeling his cock head swell inside her old womb.

She suckled his tongue more eagerly now, sucking on it like a long, wet cock, her eyes flashing wide, his wider, staring into hers as he felt his nuts throb and tremble, Annabelle raising rapidly now, up and down on her toes, her calves bunched with muscle, aching from the exertion. She pulled his young hands to cup her old ass and his fingers kneaded the meaty, wrinkled flesh of it, pulling her onto his throbbing prick.

"Cum for me again, Billy, give me your hot cum in my old nasty cunt!" she hissed, pulling her mouth from his to whisper into his ear, licking it, smelling the bleachy smell of his cum. "You want to cum in my pussy, Billy? You want to fill me with your hot, thick, tasty cum?"

"Oh GOD YES MRS. SHAW!!" he screamed, biting and licking and chewing at the thick folds of her wrinkled, 62-year-old neck, something he thought disgusting before, the waddle of old women's necks, now something he couldn't get enough of as he cupped her madly flexing ass and plunged his cock up inside her hairy pussy. "YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!"

"Cum for me Billy, my bitch, my Billy bitch," she cooed, licking his ear. "Give me all that big...thick...load....and then Mrs. Shaw is gonna sit on your face and make you EAT your own cum again!!!!"

Billy's mind was a whirl, unsure of whether he wanted that or not but he was too far gone to stop, his balls were about to explode and the vision of her wrinkled haunches hovering over his face, her cunt dripping cum into h

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