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Julioe has a strange dream... or is it a dream?

You might be surprised by all of this. Truly, don't be. Seriously. People are rarely what they appear to be. I've met wealthy female executives who enjoy being dominated by both men and women. And I've met waiters and male nurses who are actually the most dominant of men in the bedroom. Guys who get bossed around all day are bossier in bed. And women in power positions love to get dominated. Lots of queer White women get off on being sexually dominated by women of color. Just call it an interracial power exchange, queer style. Whatever. People have all kinds of sexual needs, fantasies and kinks. What they're into will almost always surprise you if you're Vanilla. A seasoned BDSM Practitioner like myself has learned to expect the unexpected.

Yeah, I have lots of fun these days. Both in my personal life and my professional life. A lot of people think the life of a housewife is boring. Well, I am not your ordinary housewife. I hold a bachelor's degree in business from the University of Ottawa. And I'm going back to school to earn my MBA in a few months. My husband Mario is a Constable with the Toronto Police Service. We met while I was visiting my older brother James Blanco at York University.

Mario and I are birds of a feather. He's Bisexual, like me. Since we live in a prejudiced world where queer women are thought of as hot but Gay and Bisexual men are loathed, Mario keeps his Bisexuality to himself. I'm more than okay with him being Bisexual. I encouraged him to experiment, albeit safely ( condoms, always) and discreetly. He's had a few male encounters with my consent since we got married, and we're both happy with this arrangement.

Life is fun when you know who you are and what you want. My sweet Mario wasn't into BDSM when we met but I've since introduced him to the wonders of BDSM. Make that Black on Black BDSM. Our way is more fun and more intense. I opened up a whole new world for him. And now he can't get enough. That's why he came to me this fine Saturday night hoping I was in the mood for some fun. Truth be told, I wasn't in the mood for any BDSM. However, I just can't resist a sexy Black man who begs.

Mario knew exactly how to push my buttons and before I knew it, I was taking my tools out of my erotica drawer for some wicked evening delights. Once we got going, I found myself really thankful that he wanted to play. I was a bit horny and this is exactly what I needed, whether I realized it or not. Earlier, Mario had fucked me so thoroughly he left me sore. Well, make that pleasurably sore. Oh, yeah.

My man knew how to lay pipe. He came to me while I was in the bathroom. Without a word being spoken, he unzipped his pants, freeing his nine-inch, uncircumcised dick. My dick. I licked my lips and grabbed his cock. Then I began sucking him off. I fondled his hairy balls while sucking him off. I sucked Mario until he came, then I drank his cum. I love the taste of his cum. Tastier, saltier and stronger than other men I had been with.

Once I sucked the last drop of his cum, a very horny Mario took me roughly. He just propped me against the wall and slammed his dick into my pussy. He fucked me like he was paying for it, suckling at my tits and even biting me while thrusting into me with all of his might. I wrapped my legs around him, welcoming him inside of me. I love rough sex. The nonstop action continued with him bending me over the kitchen counter and using olive oil on my ass.

Mario likes the rough stuff. He spanked my butt and even smeared some oil between my cheeks. I grinned, knowing what he wanted. I spread my ass cheeks for him. Mario rubbed his cock against my backdoor, then pushed it inside. And just like that, he began fucking me in the ass. I took a deep breath as he worked his cock into my ass. I like anal sex, both giving and receiving. However, it's got to be done right. Mario's got a big dick and when it's in my ass, he's got to follow my directions. Otherwise we're going to have problems.

Mario and I established a nice, easy rhythm as he fucked my ass.

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