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Body art and broken hearts.

Ryan's fingers moved Samantha's short brown hair aside, as his lips gently nuzzled her neck and ear. Ryan's tongue traced the outline of her ear, and then moved to the inside. Ryan heard a soft moan issue from Samantha's mouth, and he felt her breathing quicken. He turned her head and gave her other ear equal attention, causing another soft moan to escape from Samantha's lips. He kept alternating from one side of her neck to the other. Gradually his lips worked their way to Samantha's waiting mouth. He kissed her deeply, and slowly slipped his tongue inside her mouth.
Samantha moaned a little louder as their tongues dueled with each other. Minutes passed by as they continued the hot passionate kissing. Samantha would break the kiss every so often and flick her tongue into Ryan's ear, driving him wild. Finally Samantha pushed him away and said, "I'm very attracted to you Ryan, but we can't do this! You're a happily married man, and I love Scott! We have to stop now!"

Ryan's lust fueled by months of unquenched desire, and Samantha's teasing earlier, was boiling out of control. He kissed her passionately again, ignoring her initial plea to stop. Once again their hungry mouths connected, temporarily distracting Samantha. Ryan reached down and easily untied the belt holding Samantha's dress together at the waist, and deftly slipped his hand inside. His hand quickly found one of her large lace covered breasts. He cupped it with his strong hand and gently squeezed, causing another soft moan issued from Samantha's mouth.

The palm of Ryan's hand moved in slow lazy circles around her stiff nipple causing another sultry moan from Samantha. Ryan's hand moved to her other breast and repeated the sensual massage. Back and forth his hand alternated between the two breasts, making sure that he gave them equal attention.

The flames of passion lapped at Samantha's body. She felt like she was on fire. Her body wanted to let the flames engulf her, but Samantha's brain told her to stop before it was too late. She grabbed Ryan's hand and tried to remove from her left breast, "Please Ryan! We can't do this! It's so wrong!"

Ryan knew that Samantha was right. What they were doing was very wrong. "You're right Samantha! I know we need to stop soon, but please let me see those beautiful tits, then we'll stop." Without waiting for Samantha approval Ryan's hand deftly unhooked the front closure of her lacy blue bra allowing her awesome tits to spill from their enclosure. Ryan quickly cupped her left tit in his hand, and lowered his mouth attacking the rigid brown nipple.

Samantha's large pointy nipples were extremely sensitive. Ryan's mouth and tongue greedily sucking on her tits was rapidly breaking down what little resistance she had remaining. Samantha's hand was still on top of Ryan's, but instead of trying to pull his hand away she quickly guided it to her right tit, which also screamed for attention.

Ryan sensed that he precious little time before Samantha would mount one last desperate attempt to stop them from plunging over the precipice of no return. His other hand had been tracing slow lazy circles up Samantha's stocking covered leg. When he reached the lacy top his hand quickly continued across the creamy white flesh until he reached the junction of her desire, which was barely covered by the lacy blue thong. Ryan's fingertips traced along the side of the dew soaked thong, teasing her wet quivering lips. Slowly his fingers slipped under the thin covering, gently brushed against her bare pussy lips, and followed her crease until they reached her opening.

Samantha cried out, "Oh Ryan, that feels so fucking good, but we must stop! Please stop!" Samantha used both hands and desperately tried to pull Ryan's hand away from her pleasure zone, but he resisted and his strength was more than she could overcome.

Ryan's ability to reason logically was completely overwhelmed by the pure animal lust boiling in his loins.

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