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A song brings back memories of my life.

"You'll obey everything they tell you to do until they decide to stop. If you can do that then I'll take you back and I won't pass these on (showing the photos to her again). It's your choice honey. What's it gonna be?"

She pleaded for a minute but soon realised I was deadly serious and with a glint in her eye she said "OK" and got out of the car. I knew that glint, maybe she was repulsed by what I was blackmailing her to do but she was also turned on by it as well. I knew she would be, I was beginning to realise Anna was not just a nymphomaniac but a pervert as well.

She was wearing a smart cream, business suit, with a matching skirt that stopped just above her stocking clad legs. Her high heels clicked on the deserted pavement as she exited the car and paced alongside the car, obviously working up the courage to begin stripping. The tramps had noticed her getting out of the car and were watching her with interest. She looked at me again but got merely a nod to get on with it in return, to which she responded by shrugging off her jacket. She handed it to me and next to come off was her skirt and heels , leaving her standing there in just her blouse, stockings and underwear. She hesitated again then began to unbutton the blouse. By now the tramps were more than interested in what was going on and were craning for a better view and hollering out encouragement. Then Anna peeled off her blouse and flung it through the car window and I saw that she hadn't been wearing a bra or panties for her rendezvous with her brother-in-law and she stood there, looking slightly embarrassed at this revelation as I and the tramps scrutinised her. What a slut my wife was!

"And the stockings Anna, let them see the lot" I instructed, and she peeled them off as well.

"Isn't there any other way?" she pleaded with me.


With that she turned and I had a perfect view of her peach of an ass heading over toward the vagrants as they yelled to her, her blonde hair coming down her back.

"Yeah missy, shake those titties" shouted one of the tramps while another wolf-whistled at her.

She walked up to them and I clearly heard her address all of the men as they lay in their squalor and filth.

"Erm.. Hi, I am Anna and I will do whatever you want me to do" after saying this she stood before them naked as the day she was born waiting for a reaction.

There was a silence for a second that was broken when the oldest, fattest and roughest of the vagrants shouted gruffly "Well hell bitch, you better get down here and suck my cock, it ain't seen nothing like you for a long while."

Anna looked at the tramp in disgust then made one last look towards me in the car, I merely smiled back at her and watched as she wetted her lips and sunk to her knees before him. He was a big man, surprisingly overweight for a vagrant, he wore old and ripped grey trousers and a faded brown overcoat and had a bushy beard which sometimes parted to reveal a mouth missing many of its teeth. It was open and smiling now as my beautiful wife crawled up to him barely able to bring herself to look at him. He was half lying/half sitting on a pile of boxes and made himself busy in untying the string that seemingly held his trousers up. The other tramps looked on amazed and were no doubt kicking themselves they hadn't spoken up first but this guy seemed to be the unofficial leader of them, besides, I thought, you'll all get your fill of the cheating bitch.

After some fumbling the string came loose in his hands and he pushed them down and a semi-erect cock jumped up. It looked, from where I sat twenty feet away to be pretty sizeable. It also looked to be extremely hairy and dirty and I guessed from the way Anna recoiled with a look of revulsion on her face it smelled pretty bad. 'Good' I thought, eager to see if Anna was as sorry and kinky as I thought she was.

"Come on missy, suck it, get it nice and hard for me sticking it in your cunt" he had a harsh demanding voice that I knew would annoy Anna and enjoyed watching her kneel there, ready to take the plunge.

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