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"OK then, Mr. Clever. You won't mind me stealing your idea!"

"Not at all," I said. "But in case you've forgotten you're running the entire admin section now. Even if all of your employees only deserve blowjobs, it would take you all week to get around the department - and that's just the guys. You have about a 50/50 split of male and female employees, don't you?" She nodded. "There you go then. Incentive-fucking your staff would be a full-time job."

Julia smiled her most evil smile. "It would, wouldn't it?" she said sweetly.

She tapped a few keys on the laptop nestled next to her on the couch. The TV now flicked to an angle down from the ceiling of a small space lined with shelves of pens, post-its, rulers and other assorted office supplies. "A stationary cupboard?" I asked. "Not very original."

She shushed me and gestured at the screen, where two people had just entered the room. I recognised Julia's secretary, Libby, and her young P.A. Will. The slight, mousy-blonde girl looked nervous. "I know The Old Bitch is going to give me the sack," Libby was saying, Julia bristling at the insult. "It's not fair! SHE was the one who was f... you-know-whatting in the office, and now she gets Mr. Corman's job! His wife goes to our church, and she looked terrible last Sunday. I don't know what The Bitch did to him, but SHE should be the one losing her job, not me!"

Will was the picture of innocence, despite knowing full well what Julia had done to Corman. "Relax," he said in a soothing tone. "I get on OK with Miss Brighton. I'm sure I can smooth things over."

Libby sniffed back a tear. "I hope so. If I lose my job I won't be able to pay rent on my flat."

"Well, nobody wants that, right?" Will was laying it on thick. "I help you out, and... you help me out."

"Wh-what do you mean?" asked Libby apprehensively.

Will grinned. "Things are getting interesting around here, Lib. With Ms. Brighton in charge everyone's shagging like rabbits."

"I know, the other day I was in the ladies' and there was somebody in the next cubicle, and they were, you know, doing it. It's disgusti... wait! You can't possibly mean..."

"It's not going to be easy to convince Ms Brighton not to fire you, Lib. So I save your job, you keep your flat and in return, I fuck your brains out."

"NO! I can't! Will, please don't make me do that!"

"No? OK, well, I'm kinda busy so I'll see you later..." he turned to leave.

"Hang on!" wailed Libby. "You wouldn't... if I say yes you have to promise you won't tell anyone, OK? And it would just be this once?"

Will appeared to consider this. "All right," he said eventually. "One fuck for one job. But you have to be naked, and you'd better at least pretend you're enjoying it!"

Slowly Libby removed her clothing - shapeless jeans and a sweatshirt covering ugly grey cotton underwear - to reveal a petite, slim figure. She was reasonably cute, and could have been downright sexy except for her bushy, unkempt thatch of pubic hair and breasts that were little more than stubby nipples atop limp bags of skin. Still, Will didn't seem to mind as he stepped out of his jeans to reveal a large erection. We watched as he pushed Libby onto the cold tile floor and positioned himself between her legs. She made some attempt to sound excited as he lowered his cock into her bedraggled pussy, but her moans were patently artificial.
"Hmm, did you put Will up to this?" I asked. Julia Nodded. "I'm not sure she's really website material," I observed.

"Never mind the website," replied Julia. "You're right about fucking everyone in admin being a full-time job. Meet the successful applicant!"

"Really?" I asked. "You're going to blackmail her with this?"

"Definitely! According to the girls at the office her mum and dad are in the same church as Corman's psycho wife, so I think she'd do anything to stop the congregation from seeing her getting fucked in a supply cupboard, don't you?"

"Hmm, she needs a little grooming though. She's supposed to be an incentive, after all. A decent bikini wax, for a start."

Julia snorted.

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