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A woman and her boyfriend have a romantic weekend.

I moaned at the feel of her body pressed against mine as I wrapped my hand around Greg's hard cock. He moved to the chair in the corner as Sarah and I lay down on the bed together.

We kept kissing, our tongues meeting as we ran hands down each other's bodies. Her hands caressing my breasts as I moan softly. I see that Greg is excited and watch him as she leans to take my hard nipple in her mouth. My back arches as I bite my lip, my eyes on Greg's, so turned on by them both. She teases my nipple, biting and sucking as she uses her fingers to pinch the other. I bite my lip as I watch Greg's movements, his hand wrapped around his cock, working himself hard as he looks at me. She kisses her way down my body as my skin dampens, I feel myself tense in anticipation as her mouth finds me. Her tongue running up the slit of me as I suck in a breath sharply.

I feel her lick up and down my slit, my swollen lips quivering as her tongue teases. Knowing how wet I am as she runs her tongue inside of me, lapping up the wetness. Her tongue finds my hard little clit and I cry out as she nibbles and sucks it into her mouth. As she teases my clit I feel her sliding two fingers into my tight hole, my wetness allowing her to stretch me as she moves in me, finding my g-spot and relentlessly rubbing and pressing it as she works my clit harder. I start to shake and moan as a massive orgasm rips through my body, flooding me as I feel my juices running down me, onto Sarah's face as she continues torturing me. I see Greg start to jerk harder watching us, wanting him to enjoy what was happening to me.

My shakes died down as Sarah takes out her fingers and licks me up and down slowly, licking the juices from me as I shiver. She kisses her way softly up my body, rolling my rock hard nipples between her fingers. As she kisses my neck, reaching to the bedside drawer and taking out a huge strap on. My eyes widen as I look at Greg, he's watching her with pure lust in his eyes as she straps it on and pulls me to the edge of the bed. Slowly she slides the dildo into my tight, tight pussy, pushing all the way into me as I cry out.

Greg moves over to the bed and kisses me as Sarah starts to slowly fuck me. Whispering how much he loves me as he watches me being fucked. If I'm honest with myself this is no longer about pleasing him. I reach up and pinch a nipple, rolling it between my fingers as I thrust my hips up, meeting her with every penetration. My moans getting louder as I found myself cumming again, amazed at how powerful it was.

As I lay back, limp and exhausted, Greg grabbed Sarah and kissed her, his cock pressing against her as I watched. His fantasy of watching being overtaken by the need to be a part of it. She pushes him away and lies back on the bed. I tell Greg to go and sit down as I lean over and kiss her softly. My hands exploring her body, touching the places I like to be touched, hearing her breath heavy as her skin dampened. I stroked a hand up her thigh, slowly moving over her mound and back down again, her moan telling me she was enjoying. I had never touched a woman this way before and was a little hesitant, but she begged me to go on.

I started to kiss my way down, stopping at her breasts to softly suck a nipple into my mouth, my tongue flicking it as I pinched her other.

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