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Matt's secrets are revealed.

I weakly wandered up to the Legal Department. I am sure I looked like I felt: drained and disheveled. The receptionist saw me and snickered. She knew what my appearance meant.

"They got you good downstairs, I see."

I nodded.

"Wish I had been there. But, I am sure someone took some video. We gals love to share our fun. I look forward to watching it."

I went into my office and plopped into the chair behind my desk.

I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I knew I was being shaken awake. Trudy was standing next to me.

Still fuzzy in the head, I wasn't sure whether I was dreaming. If I was, It was a good dream. There was Trudy, so beautiful. So sexy. Long, slender legs,bountiful auburn hair, bright green eyes, firm tits, all bundled into a low cut pink blouse and white miniskirt.


"Are you with me?" she asked, impatiently. "We really don't have time for you to sleep."

I straightened and shook my head to clear it. " Sorry. Tiring morning...".

She looked at me knowingly. "Well, that is part of the deal here. It isn't easy, in some ways, but you need to manage. It is part of the reason for your nice salary. "

"Yes. You are right. Which case should I work on today?"

"Yes, well, there is an important one..." she turned. With her back to me said, "You know, about yesterday....

Yesterday was one of the highlights of my life. Trudy and Kate both naked, eating each other, sucking each other's tits...

"Well, " she said, turning to face me. "It would not be helpful to me for others to feel like I am only into women. In fact, I really do love men, love sex with men. I, uh, just like a change sometimes...".

Man oh man did she look hot when she was feeling vulnerable. Her eyes had softened to almost pleading. I held up my hand. "Trudy-don't worry. I won't say a word."

She studied me. Then she shook her head. "Ok. Now, let's get to work!"

We went into her office. She brought out a huge file. She wanted my help in sifting through it. Focusing wasn't easy, with all the images of her nude body dancing in my head and my unrequited desire to join with her fully. But I managed, contenting myself with enjoying the smell of the perfume she was wearing. I knew I would be smelling it in my sleep.

It was near the end of the work day by the time we finished reviewing the file. As she put the file away, I felt a hole opening in my gut. I didn't want to leave her.

"So, what now, boss?"

She ran her hand through her silky hair. I wanted to be that hand.

"I have to prep for a client meeting tomorrow. I guess you can start on another file."

There was a knock on her door. She opened it and in stepped a short, brunette woman. She talked to Trudy, but never looked at her. It was on my body that the woman's gaze fixed.

"I saw the video of this morning's 'performance' by your assistant and I was impressed. I would like to borrow him for a while." She clearly wasn't actually asking.

I looked to Trudy and I thought I saw a flicker of something like reluctance. Maybe sadness?

"Of course, Meg," Trudy said. Her voice was flat. "He is employed to serve." She pulled out a file and feigned interest in it.

"Follow me!" Meg said. I glanced one more time at Trudy. Her focus was down at the papers. I got up and trudged behind Meg.

The moment we were in the hallway outside of the door of the Legal Department Meg stopped me.

" I don't know why she allows you to wear clothes. All the men I manage must always be naked. Makes it easier for me to ogle them or grab them when I feel like it. Also, it helps to remind them of the primary truth at this company-that women are in total control.

"So, strip. Now."

In the middle of the hallway I began to undress. Two other women happened by. They stopped to watch. The three women chatted away while I removed everything.

"Leave it all there on the floor," Meg said. "I will have housekeeping collect them. I don't want a stitch of clothing to hide any woman's view of you."

The two other women unabashe

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