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What makes a man a Master?

After that, they are lost to me."

Tammi fought her reaction to hearing this but could not stop the tears that flowed freely from her eyes. She already felt the strong urges within her lower abdomen and pussy making her yearn for them to hurry up and begin fucking her.

Rick sat in a large easy chair and directed Jimmy, Billy, and Sam to sit on the large comfortable couch and told Tammi to get out of bed, get down on all fours, and crawl to them. She was further directed to, without the aid of her hands, suck them off one at a time and swallow every drop of their semen.

Jimmy's dick was the first one she came to. She inspected it like a cat would inspect a mouse it has cornered and was anticipating eating. It was around seven inches long and fairly wide though not as wide as Ken's or Jack's. It had a lovely mushroom shaped crown with a prominent piss slit from which a small amount of pre-cum had begun to seep. She licked that up just for the taste of it and then opened her lips wide and slid her mouth over the cock.

She stopped her lips at the rim of the crown and began to suck gently as her tongue explored the entire surface of the crown before she dipped it into the piss slit with the tip of her tongue tasting more pre-cum. She slowly slid her lips down the shaft using her tongue in a tactile examination of every square centimeter of the wonderful dick she was enjoying. She was intrigued in the many slight valleys where the skin folded when the cock was not aroused. She continually returned her tongue to examine the hugely distended vein through which the semen would soon shoot on its way to her belly.

Finally, her nose came against his black curly hair and his abdomen and her chin felt the silky soft skin of his ball sack. Her tongue snaked out of her mouth between her lower lip and his cock to delve a short distance into that ball sack and feel the two eggs it held. She had practiced this action with her husband hundreds of times for his enjoyment. His favorite method of getting his rocks off was shooting into her sexy well-practiced mouth and she had, over the years, developed a great love of giving head to him.

She pulled her tongue back into her mouth and began the equally slow journey up the dick to the crown again. Jimmy's control broke as her lips reached the rim of his crown and she felt his cock pulse, grow and harden slightly beneath the adoring attention her mouth was providing for it.

She felt the first squirt or rope as some women describe it, of his warm, thick, salty semen hit the roof of her mouth. She immediately rubbed the tip of her tongue along the roof of her mouth to capture the succulent morsel on her tongue to better taste and play with it. She arched the back of her tongue up with the tip down so the next strong shot hit on her tongue to join the first. The continuing weakening squirts landed on her tongue as well.

She kept the jism in her mouth as she turned her attention from it back to Jimmy's waning cock bathing it with a combination of his cum and her saliva as she slowly pulled her head back and off of it leaving it clean and shiny. She opened her mouth widely displaying her mouth load of warm white wetness and swirled it around in her mouth with her tongue bathing her teeth and gums in the warm thick mixture. With her eyes locked on Jimmy's intent eyes, she swallowed the entire load in one gulp opening her mouth for him to see its emptiness.

She moved sideways to settle in front of Billy and examined his cock. It was slightly shorter but wider than Jimmy's had been and it had a delicious upward curve to it that she knew would increase her pleasure as he fucked her pussy in the missionary position. This curve, she remembered from her college days, did absolutely nothing for her in the doggie style position.

Again, she tasted his pre-cum and slipped her lips to the rim of his crown.

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