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In Bombay, older servant taught him lessons of life.

She must have seen it...she was looking at you...I was looking at you...I didn't know what to think or say.

I knew in my mind you had always wanted a threesome and with the amount of alcohol and we had and the obvious possibility of the situation presenting itself I wasn't saying a word one way or another.

No words were spoken at all, and time seemed to move in slow motion she moved forward and toward you...I have to admit my heart instantly had a stab...I wasn't sure I could do this...after all I really care about you.

I had thought about this long and hard before and I had always thought I couldn't do it because I would worry if the person I was with would like the other person better. But just as she moved to kiss you, she moved her hand toward my wet pussy and I couldn't move I had wondered what it would feel like to be touched by a woman.

The thought of it sent shivers down my spine and my clit was instantly on fire. I thought oh damn don't let me cum so quick now...not right now...if I'm going to really do this let me enjoy it completely!

After all my clit had just been assaulted by my own fingers that still were somewhat wet with my own cum on them, my clit was being fingered right now by this woman and it felt incredible.

As she kissed you and had her fingers in my warm inviting pussy a moan escaped my lips involuntarily. I think about my wet fingers and I lift them to their lips as they she fingers my clit...their attention diverted to my fingers she begins to lick them and clean them off.

I can see that your cock is already hard...raging hard...this is SOON? WOW! But I can't say I am complaining...I've never complained!

With her licking my fingers...I started touching your cock...she stopped and started sliding her pants down.

I knew at this point there was no turning back. I could tell she was wet. I wanted to feel and lick her...I wanted her to lick me.

With your cock hard and your voice heavy I could hear your urgency when you said "Why don't you lay back on the bed."

I stepped out of my pants and panties...and for good measure as I turned around I felt you unsnap my bra...I smiled...I was hoping my tits got some attention.

As I slowly lay back on the bed they both started to climb on the bed...she crawled up between my legs...the shiver I felt; there were no words for.

Your cock was as hard as I had ever seen it and all I could think of was getting it in my mouth..."Let me have that cock in my mouth" I said.

You said "Oh no baby this isn't the time for that," as you lay beside me and started to lick my nipples.

Just as I could feel a finger enter me...damn I almost forgot she was there with the sight of your hard cock.

I guess the surprise sent a spasm through me and my back arched just as her mouth and lips came down hard over my clit. With fingers on my clit and a tongue inside my pussy lips probing I was unsure I would be able to hold on for a long time.

"Oh god I'm not sure I'm going to last if you fuck me with your mouth that good, I've dreamt about this for so damn long!"

"Oh god I hear you say...I've always wondered that...if you would like a woman's lips in your pussy, and to hear you say it...fuck, Oh fuck Angie."

I feel your lips crushing on mine in one of the most passionate kisses we have ever shared...that combined with the fingers in my pussy that is molten lava...and the lips soft on my clit. I'm dying but in heaven all at the same time.

You feel my nipples harden and you know me well enough to know that the harder they get the harder I like them played with so you pull away from the kiss knowing I will not want you to.

One your pinching the other your teasing with light bites then you suck it harder and harder...I'm moaning and I cant stop now.

I can feel my pussy wetter than I think it has ever been knowing this woman; I cant even remember her name, is sucking it and quite literally sucking cum out of me...not only my cum but my boyfriends cum as well.

The thought of that must quite literally d

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