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Angel gets punished.

She didn't rush into it, however. No, she moved with patience, but she also moved with determination as scooted just a little closer to Ashlee as softly guided her friend to face her. Naiya then began to lean into Ashlee as she softly urged Ashlee do to the same. Ashlee obliged gladly if with a tinge of fear until their lips met and slowly they both began to ease their way back to their previous fervor.

Progress was again slow, but this merely added to the whole experience for both of them. Ashlee may have been a virgin who had known that boys held no interest for her, but she'd made out with her fair share of boys. This was nothing like the rushed, awkward pawing she'd experienced each and every time she'd experienced when she'd bothered to give a boy a chance. This kiss was soft, slow and sensuous and not a mere means to an end. If Naiya had been a boy her hand would've made a beeline straight to her breasts mere moments after they kissed, but she didn't. Naiya's hand remained on Ashlee's cheek gently holding her and stroking Ashlee's soft skin as they breathed into each other and enjoyed the simple pleasure of their kiss.

Time seemed suddenly so irrelevant as they sat there just enjoying their intimate contact, but soon they again began to crave more than just the feel of each other's lips. Ashlee's hands, which had rested passively on Naiya's hips up to that point, began to become braver and Naiya's did as well. Their tongues as well began to become restless once more and soon they were reaching out to find each other as both girls began to seek out bare flesh to touch and caress.

At first, the touching from both girls was somewhat innocent. Just whatever was already exposed or whatever happened to become exposed as they continued to explore each other. Soon, however, that changed and their hands began to find their way up the backs of each other shirts and done past the elastic of their panties to feel the smooth flesh of their backsides. Neither lingered too long, but instead they tried to touch as much of the other as they could without pushing it too far or fast.

When Naiya's hands found their way under the front of Ashlee's shirt and touched Ashlee's soft, full breasts and cautiously caressed the already hard, sensitive nipples that rested there things began to heat up at a much faster rate. Still not anything close to hurried the kiss simply became more passionate, needier. Clothes began to be pushed out of the way and Ashlee found herself feeling a little braver as she softly moaned into Naiya's mouth to express the pleasure she was feeling at her friends touch.

Ashley found her hands enjoyed the feel of Naiya's soft ass even more when she squeezed and kneaded those two cheeks, but was quickly becoming frustrated by her inability to caress their totality. She'd been caressing them both for quite awhile and occasionally tracing Naiya's crack with her fingers, but when Naiya began feeling up her breasts she felt the need to do more. She'd of course never told Naiya, but she'd always secretly admired her friends behind and had often found herself staring at it on the rare occasion she saw it exposed fully. She simply found it beautiful. She couldn't help it and she didn't really want to.

As Naiya's soft kneading and occasional nipple caress gave way to more deliberate teasing of Ashlee's sensitive nipples Ashley found herself drawn to using her grip on Naiya's bottom to pull her friend tighter to her as she began to thrust against ever so slightly. She was just lightly rolling her hips and shifting herself until she found purchase for her already throbbing clit. It was frustrating until she somewhat reluctantly pulled her hand from the back of Naiya's panties to wrap her arm around Naiya's back. Ashley then pulled herself onto Naiya's lap with a sudden urgent burst of strength that momentarily pinned Naiya's hands between them. This action broke the kiss, but left Ashlee in the perfect position to grind herself against Naiya's soft lower belly.

For a moment Naiya was confused

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