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The Case Files of Cindy Masters, Dyke Detective

On opening the door, everyone in the office turned to face me. The bottle of liquor was empty on the desk, beside a radio which one of the officers was attempting to tune up. Several green faced officers and a warden sat in chairs around the room, one of which had his shaking hands welded over his eyes in terror. It was a troubling sight to see everyone looking so rigid and strained. Several torches illuminated the room from other shelter wardens who looked grim themselves. Hans approached me and patted my shoulder carefully.

"We've been trying to get in contact with the other shelters around here Kristin. We had a signal and made contact for ten minutes after the bombing really started to pick up, but then we lost it. It just cut out so quickly," he looked exhausted already, his shadowed face as dark as ever.

"The wardens are saying we can head out soon," I replied, not sure what he would make of their suggestion. "Yes, we've been thinking about beginning to leave soon as well. I hope the building above us hasn't collapsed, we can clear it though if we need to," Hans remained resolute in mindset at least, I noted, thankful for his inner strength. I on the other hand had realized I was internally paralysed with horror as my mouth went dry at the thought of discovering what was outside.

One of the wardens entered the office, gaining our attention as he began to speak. "It's time to start moving out," he said, straightening himself in the presence of officers. "What if they come back?" someone asked. "This was a heavy bombing, they've most likely taken leave and won't return for some time," the warden replied, and his words seemed to make sense.

"How would you know what heavy is?" Someone questioned doubtfully. "Because I've been near factories further north which were bombed, and even those bombings weren't so concentrated. No one can say for sure that they won't return, but we need to get out of here while the skies are clearer," explained the warden, sounding almost offended by the faltering confidence floating around the room.

"Alright, alright, it's settled then," Wilhelm's voice boomed out from where he sat at the desk, his confidence and cold fury a mighty display. He stood up from his seat, knocking his seat aside in his fervour to stand steadfastly among his comrades. "Let's get out of here and start patching this city up and helping anyone we can, now is not the time for if or when thoughts. Now is the time to move!"

"I second that," came someone's voice from across the office, then there was a rousing bout of supportive comments as everyone made their way out of the office, bracing themselves for the return to higher ground. As everyone cleared the room, I tapped Hans on the shoulder and he turned to face me in the dimness of the receding torch lights.

"What do we do next, Hans?" I asked, not sure what his intentions were, although I definitely had only one goal. "Well... We need to find Adler. It's crucial that she and the other SS delegates are able to get somewhere more secure to continue their progress," he was straight to the point, and I wasn't sure what meaning he placed on my sigh of relief.

"Okay. I'm just hoping she's... Well, you know, not far from here," that wasn't entirely what I wanted to say, but I was determined to not let negativity take over. A part of me knew that she would have had plenty of help making it to another shelter not too far from the hotel. I was at least relieved that finding Erika was the first thing Hans would aim to do, as for me it was the first thought burning in my mind since the beginning of this nightmarish event.

"Don't you have family you're worried about?" I asked, wondering what else he had on his mind. "They're not in Cologne, they're in a small town not too far from Munich. They're safe there," he added, and I wondered if he really believed they were out of harm's way. I suppose it was his optimism and concern for them that mattered.

He turned and walked out of the office and I followed behin

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