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Powerful warrior turns tables on wealthy matron.

I had no idea what might happen next. I struggled a bit, and the men holding my wrists and ankles tightened their hold even more. The talking man came back into sight and was holding a dildo in his hand. He stepped in between my legs and with one thrust, he shoved it right in my pussy.

"Use it," he said. I looked at him questioningly and he yelled, "NOW!"

The men holding me down released there grasp and I grabbed the dildo. I closed my eyes and started to fuck myself with it. My pussy was already getting wet when the talking man told me I had to keep my eyes open. I opened my eyes and the twelve men all came in closer. My body was betraying me. I convulsed as the first tingles of orgasm shook my body. As I came, laying there on the dirty mattress in front of all these men, nothing could be heard but my own muffled sounds of ecstasy. I looked around at the men and they stared back at me. My face burnt with embarrassment. Just as I came the talking man stripped the dildo out of my hand.

A large man immediately jumped on top of me and shoved his cock in deep. I tried to push him off but he was too heavy to budge.

"Stop fighting, slut," he said and started pounding into me. He leaned up on his knees for leverage, wrapped his large hands around my hips and thrust his cock into my pussy harder and harder. My pussy ached, but again I was aroused. Just before I was about to cum for a second time the man pulled his dick out, and shot his load onto something that looked like a metal pie tin sitting on the floor beside the mattress.

That moment, another man stepped up, grabbed my wrist and flipped me over on my stomach. He pulled my ass up in the air and shoved his hard cock into my already throbbing pussy. I came instantly. Some of the men chuckled, and the man in me quickened his pace, fucking me silly. Again, just before he came, he pulled out and nutted in the same pie tin.

Again and again the men took me. All their cocks pounding my pussy, I thought I might never recover. I lost count of the men after 6, but they continued. I wasn't sure, but it seemed some of the men took me more than once. My tender ass glowed red from the constant slapping. My hair was pulled so much that my scalp hurt, and all of the men, just before they came pulled out and shot into the pie tin.

When the last man finished this ritual, they all stood there staring at me as I lay on the dirty mattress. I couldn't move. Every muscle ached, and everything hurt. The talking man again came into view.

"On your knees, Sarah." I looked up at him with disbelief that there could possibly be any more. I slowly struggled up to my knees, my legs shaking beneath me. As I sat back on my feet, I jumped, my burning ass too painful to sit down on. He picked up the cum filled pie tin and set it in front of me.

"You are going to clean this plate on your hands and knees. Every drop. I don't suggest you waste time. While you are lapping up all that cum, your ass will be getting punished. I suggest you go about it quickly, when you're done, this session is done." He reached down and ripped the duct tape from my mouth.

One of the men had already stepped up behind me. I turned around looking at him, and he smiled back at me. My mouth hurt from where the tape was ripped off, but I caught the seriousness of the situation, and suck my head down to the plate. I lapped up the cum quickly, trying to take as much on my tongue as I could.

The man behind me shoved his cock in my asshole balls deep. I screamed and some of the cum ran down my chin. He fucked my ass hard, and with every thrust my face would get pushed into the cum I was trying to finish up. The man behind me pushed in hard one last time and I felt his hot cum shoot deep in my ass.

I continued lapping up the cum, It was already more than half finished when the second man started fucking me in the ass.

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