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Can a Christmas gift really help Adam fix his frigid wife?

She wriggles, moves closer to him, murmuring in her sleep. Intrigued by both his actions and her reactions, he traces tiny light circles over her belly. Her deep moan stirs him and he lets his hand wander higher, cupping that perfect round breast, rubbing his thumb over her bra covered nipple. Her lips part, moans tumbling out, her back arching, feeding her breast to his hand.

Downing the last of his third glass of wine, the fire heating his face, the wine heating his belly and her moans heating the rest of him. He leans down to kiss her sleeping lips, and is surprised when she kisses him back. He is sure she is still asleep, his free hand dipping lower to rub her crotch through her jeans.

Slowly pulling back his hand, holding still, not even breathing, he listens for telltale signs, and at long last he lets his breath out slowly. He stands up and pads softly to the fireplace, adding another log, then turns and watches her. He does not want to wake her just yet so he grabs the flashlight to go do a bit of exploring.

He prowls almost silently, room to room, taking in the essence of her in the subtle colours, the soft curves of furniture and finally finds himself in her bedroom. He pauses on the threshold, not sure if this is too much of an intrusion, but wanting to know more about her. Glancing over his shoulder to make sure that she did not awaken and follow him, he then takes that first step into her bedroom. He is startled by its small size, just room for the bed a nightstand and her dresser.

The bed is simple, white duvet tossed over its queen sized mattress, dark elegant dresser matches the head and foot boards and a simple stand with clock and a book placed in the centre. Odd, she seems more complicated than this. His flashlight glares back at him from the full length mirror mounted on the closet door and he steps forward, hand twisting the knob, the light shining down on the floor. Smiling he plays the light over the clothes hanging neatly on the single rod. Colour coordinated, shirts, skirts, pants, jackets and a row of shoes underneath. He turns to go when something catches his eye. Curiosity getting the better of him he steps into the closet and touches the edges of what appear to be ... a door?

A closet in a closet...most bizarre.

He pushes and pulls, fumbling in the near dark until with a soft click, the door falls open a crack, so he pushes and is amazed to find a whole room inside the tiny closet. He steps in, shines the flashlight all around. The room is about 20 X 20 feet. Much bigger than her bedroom and furnished with the most interesting pieces he has ever seen.

A large bed, decked out in brilliant red satin sheets, with high posts at all four corners. He moves in for a closer look and sees the strategically places hooks. He raises an eyebrow, definitely delighted to have found her secret room. A low padded bench, perfect for a submissive to bend over for a well deserved spanking. A set of stocks, he can just imagine her full bottom on display as she is held captive in the wooden holes. One wall is mirrored from floor to ceiling giving a reflective light, seemingly glowing.
Hanging on the opposite wall is quite the collection of toys. Some of them he can't even imagine their use, but he is hoping that before the snow is cleared and the power reinstated that he will learn to use each of them in extremely intimate ways. He plays the flashlight over the ceiling, seeing hooks, chains, pulleys...a person can be restrained in infinite ways in this little closet of pleasure.

He is most anxious to see this room in full light, but for the moment he will have to suffice with the torches placed every few feet along three walls. He finds the matches and lights the room up...awed by how much light they give off. It may be a little cool in here now, but he is confident that it will warm up quite quickly.

He chooses a few items from the wall and finds his way back to

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