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The epic climax. Ulric and Vivian share a bed again.

I felt her hand on the back of my neck. She pulled me to her, holding me against her. I sucked harder, using my tongue to play with her steel nipple stud. She must have liked this as I heard her moan in delight. I felt her slide her hand between our bodies to her pussy. She was masturbating while I suckled her nipple. Her other hand still pulled me to her by the back of my neck. She guided me to her other nipple, and I suckled, licked and tongued her nipple. Her breathing was getting harder and soon she was moaning continuously.

"Mmmm yesssssss," she hissed. She arched her body, and pulled my face harder into her breast. Her body shook and vibrated as her orgasm took her. I kept sucking hard on her nipple. Her orgasm seemed to last for minutes before she finally released her grip on my head. She pushed me back, and looked at me with a self-satisfied look on her face. Her chest was flush with the afterglow of sexual orgasm. Her breathing was hard, but she regained control quickly.
"Pet, you did well. If you behave, you may earn more rewards. She reached to my cock. I looked down and saw that I was drooling precum from my still rigid cock. She used her finger to wipe my precum from my cock, then reached to my mouth. "Here pet, another treat for you." I opened my mouth, beguiled by her confidence and directness. I tasted my precum on her finger. It was strangely sweet and salty.

"Tomorrow, my pet, you will wear these panties to school. I hope you do learn to control yourself, because I may have a lot of questions tomorrow since we have not had time to study tonight. Keep my things here in this bag, we will surely need them again." With that, she stood, walked behind me and released my arms, took her top, and just had the last button fasten as she walked out of the apartment.


I looked myself over in the mirror, turning this way then that way. I had never before considered "panty lines" but suddenly they were the most important thing in the world to me. Fortunately, you really couldn't see any panty lines through my pants. Beneath my pants, I was wearing the red satin panties that Mistress Tish had ordered me to wear to work today. Panties are not cut like mens briefs. The waist line is lower, and the cut on my back side provided less coverage. All good when it came to admiring them on a woman, but right now, it made me feel exposed even if you couldn't see them. The way the fabric of my pants moved against the panties was different. The panties were thinner, and the satin fabric was smooth and provided little to no friction.

I had purposely angled my cock down, and tried trap my shaft with the panties so that I would not be able to get hard. I didn't know if this was going to work, because doing this just made me think more about my cock being encased in silky smooth red satin. I took a deep breath, and decided there was little more I could do. I gathered my things, and left my apartment for school.

Classes were normal, and once I got going, I hardly noticed the panties. I had practically forgotten about them until I saw one young girl bend over to pick up her books, sticking her ass into the air, and I saw her panty lines clearly outlining her panties through her skirt. I looked away quickly, so I would not be noticed looking at her ass, but the sight reminded me of my panties. I felt myself becoming aroused, and I quickly retreated to the relative safety of my lectern. The next class was now filing into the room. It was Math for Dummies, and even if I had not been reminded of my predicament, Tish's arrival would have. Today she was wearing a long black lace skirt. So long, that I could only just see the tips of her boots as she walked to her new seat in the front of the room. Her mid-drift was exposed just a little, and her top was a tight fitting spaghetti strap tank top.

She looked up at me, and she winked.

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