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Sometimes the best sex is with strangers.

Meat stepped up in front of her; presented his mammoth specimen to her face; so she stuck out her tongue and began to lick the underside of his throbbing organ. Someone, she thought it was Screwdriver, was behind her wrapping her blond tresses around his cock, while he jerked himself off. Big Bopper had set up a video camera in the corner of the room, and was making sure everything was in focus. Cabbageman and Deliveryman were sitting on the edge of the sofa watching the show; which was also being broadcast on the huge TV; patiently awaiting their turns.

Meat slowly pushed about half his cock into her throat, as she sucked and tongued the massive tool. She had trouble concentrating on jerking the two cocks in her hands, with the obstruction in her mouth threatening to choke her. She remembered reading that it was impossible for the human brain to truly do two tasks at one time; so she just tried to work up a steady rhythm with her hands, while she directed her immediate attention to the cock in her mouth. Subway and Fireplug had began to fondle and massage her beautiful tits as she squeezed their meat; and she could feel the fire in her groin growing. It didn't take Meat that long to reach his limits..the sight of this gorgeous blond, with her cherry-red lips milking his cock was overwhelming, as he began to spurt his cum directly down her throat. Debra managed to swallow every drop; and licked him clean as he withdrew from her mouth. Not wanting to "waste" his ejaculation on a mere hand-job; Subway quickly took Meat's place in front of Debra; and watched her lips wrap around his"foot-long." Big Bopper laid his swelled cock in her hand, replacing Subway.

She felt someone rubbing her round ass cheeks, so she raised up on her knees a little; and was surprised when Cabbageman's head appeared between her legs, from behind.

He was lying on his back on the floor, behind her; with his head between her legs; looking up at her angelic face. Sitting on her knees, her slit was already partially open; and he took this as an invitation, as he shoved his tongue straight up into her wet pussy. She couldn't help herself, as her body convulsed; she bit down on Subway; strangled the cock's of Fireplug and Big Bopper; sat hard on Cabbageman's face; and flooded it with her cum. Feeling her teeth sink into his tool; Subway began to pump his seed into Debra's inviting mouth, as Cabbageman literally drank the fluid dripping from her cunt. Fireplug disengaged from her grip; and presented his stump to her red lips. Deliveryman folded her fingers around his cock, as they all watched her try to open her mouth wide enough to encompass Fireplug.
It was impossible, even with her lips fully extended, to get Fireplug's fat cock into her mouth; so she fastened her lips around the tip and sucked hard, while running her tongue around the edge. This seemed to satisfy him, as he placed his hands on the back of her head to hold her in place. Big Bopper suddenly erupted in her hand, shooting his considerable load all over the side of her left breast; then reached over and rubbed the sticky fluid into her skin. Debra had read somewhere that the protein in male seminal fluid was actually beneficial for skin texture; so she didn't mind. She would never admit it to anyone; but she had recently had a dream about taking a bath in a tub filled with men's cum.

Cabbageman slid out from under her, and replaced Big Bopper in her left hand; while she continued to jerk Deacon (Deliveryman).

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