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Talla's first upgrade.

" She recounted.

"You are so beautiful, I love the dress, he said. He offered me the glass of wine and asked me to sit down. Then he told me that he and his wife used to go out dancing all the time. They would dance all night and she would flirt with other men unmercifully, but she only went home with him. Then he asked me to dance with him. I said I would enjoy that, so he put on some nice big band music and we danced for a long time. He was really very good and I did enjoy myself." My wife continued.

I could see in her eyes that she was telling the truth; she really did enjoy dancing with Ed. I wasn't surprised she loved to dance, but I wasn't very good. I vaguely felt a little jealous that there was something that another man could give her that I couldn't. I know this seems strange, because I didn't feel that way about sex, but that's the truth.

"Suddenly he let me go and sat down. I thought maybe he was having a heart attack or something, but when I went to him and asked him if he was OK he just pushed me away and put his head into his hands."

"You are so sweet, I just can't do this anymore. I'll destroy the pictures, just go home. He told me. His voice was sad and anguished. I asked him why, which seemed to surprise him. Because I can't continue to force you to cheat on your husband, he said. Then, almost like he read my mind he said, I know you aren't completely faithful to your husband, but I can't be part of such a deception."

"Is it still cheating if he knows, I asked. He looked confused so I explained the situation and how you already knew about all my 'dalliances' including with him. He didn't understand how such a relationship could possibly work, but I convinced him that we loved each other and we were going to make it work no matter what. He told me that you, my husband, was a very lucky man. He asked me why I was interested in a man old enough to be my grandfather. I said that I didn't know why, but that I felt so submissive around him and that I couldn't refuse him any wish." Jolene said breathlessly.

"You will do anything I say, he asked. Yes, I said. You must trust me completely, he said. Yes, I said again. Then he told me to take off my dress, and I took it off just like I did for you a few minutes ago. He told me again how beautiful I was and told me to get down onto my knees and take his cock out of his pants. When I had it in my hands again I marveled at how wonderful it felt and I told him that he had the most magnificent cock I'd ever seen. He said I really was a slut and it sent shivers down my spine. He asked me if I liked being called a slut and I told him it excited me." She said with mounting excitement.

I slipped a finger into her well-used pussy and reveled in the heat and wetness I found there. I wanted to mount her and fuck her right then, but I held back. I wanted to hear the end of her story even more.

"Oh, Peter, he fucked me with that beautiful cock of his in just about every room of his house. After he came the first time we took a break to drink some more wine and eat some cheese. Then I sucked on him until he was hard again and we fucked even more. I just couldn't seem to get enough of him. He made me cum so many times that I lost track. Finally he just got too tired and lost his erection, but by then I think I would have passed out if I had cum one more time anyway. I laid with him on his bed for a few minutes until he drifted of to sleep and then I came right back here."

I couldn't wait any longer and mounted my wife, pushing my hard rod into her well used hole in one stroke.

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