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James and Louisa visit a nude beach.

Jenny had left the bathroom light on and the door slightly ajar, so there was a bit of light. Theoretically there might have been room for Shane in the middle of the bed, but there were a lot more considerations than just elbow room. She opened the door to the closet where all their suitcases were stored, and found a spare blanket and pillow on the top shelf. She spread the blanket on the couch opposite the foot of the bed, slipped off her shirt and pants, laid down on the blanket and wrapped herself in it, and soon drifted into a troubled sleep.

In the morning Carmen was the first one up. She tip-toed quietly past Shane to get to the bathroom to take a shower. When she came out she found Jenny sitting up on the side of the bed waiting her turn, and they agreed in whispers to go to find Alice and Dana and go to breakfast. There wasn't going to be any fucking, not with Shane in the stateroom. Jenny was naked when she came out of the bathroom, and Carmen watched her put on a peasant blouse and a long, flowing Gypsy skirt, with no underwear. Jenny often went commando around the house, but Carmen hadn't known her to dress this way in public. It was just one more sign of Jenny acting strangely. Carmen didn't say anything, and they quietly left the stateroom to go to breakfast.

After they ate they had forty-five minutes to kill before their first seminar, so they decided to visit the silent auction to see what was being offered. The auction was set up along a corridor near the spa and swimming pool area, a high-traffic area chosen to draw the maximum amount of bidding. The auction featured items varying from autographed copies of The Well of Loneliness and The Feminine Mystique to lobby posters of the movies Reform School Girl ("A Shocking True Story of Delinquent Girls!") and Bound; posters such as Negative Image of Woman in Underwear Looking Out Bedroom Window, Rear View, by Ilona Wellmann, and the famous, iconic The Kiss by Tanya Chaiken; Catherine De Souza's In Bed, Ronda Matte's High Street Honeys; a refrigerator magnet with the message "Yes, we're lesbians; no, you can't watch" on it; reproductions of two 19th century Gustave Courbet oil paintings, Le Sommeil, showing two naked women in bed, and the rather incredible nude study, The Origin of the World, which showed a naked woman from the breasts to the thighs only, but featuring a very hairy pubic area. When Carmen first saw it she gasped, since it reminded her of the photo of Maria on Picassa's ceiling, only the pubic bush in that photo had been closely trimmed.

"Oh, I gotta bid on this," Carmen said, "but I know I'm gonna get way out-bid on it." The bidding opened at $25 on the reprint, and the had already gone to $40. Carmen bid $45, the next allowable increment, but knew before the bidding closed the Courbet would probably go for a couple hundred bucks. The money went to a worthy lesbian charity, but even so ... .


Dana and Alice decided to skip the second afternoon session and spend quality time out by the swimming pool, taking in some sun, mingling with hundreds of other women on the St. Tropez Deck, and not coincidentally finding a steward with a tray of fruity drinks with little paper umbrellas in them. The music on the St. Tropez Deck was pleasantly loud. There were women all over the place in T-shirts, shorts, bathuing suits, bikinis, sun dresses, whatever, and the smell of cocoa butter was nearly overwhelming. Dana and Alice were themselves wearing swim suits with cover-ups over top, and Dana hide under a huge floppy hat and behind a pair of sunglasses. Alice saw a steward with a tray of drinks and grabbed Dana's arm.

"Oh, I want one of those," she said. Just then Dana's disguise broke down as a handful of fans recognized her.

"Dana Fairbanks? Oh, my God.

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