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Not sexual, sensual was what she wanted. Looking down into white blue orbs, being turned, and then watched by bright green lasers.

I have to admit that Missy's been in the driver's seat. I thought that first day, because I was the man. I would have to be the solid one, the one in charge. But Missy's been driving and I couldn't have done as good. Missy's got the connection; between Janey and herself, between me and her. I can see that most of the things she's been orchestrating have been to bring Janey and me closer. Or to show me their life, both past and present.

Watching them and knowing what I know now, of their trauma at such a young age. I can still see that they are lovers. Its emotional lovers, dependent, invested lovers. It's just been denied, physical expression. This hair ritual is the first thing I've seen, where Missy's allowed emotional touching. And it is, Missy making love to Janey, just expressing it through her hair.



Janey's hair just shines like liquid gold. I've got it fluffed up full, smooth, and just glowing. I'm done for now, for this time. Janey's perched on the edge of the bed. She's sitting upright and tight, like she's uncomfortable. I'm wondering about that. We're all nude, but we were last night too. And just now in the shower. We all slept in the same bed, so I don't know why she's uncomfortable now. My doing her hair in front of Mark shouldn't have bothered her. But she won't look at us!

Then I realize it's her...then us, Mark and I. She's starting to pull away. It takes me a little to understand. That first day, when Janey was going to leave, then she collapsed. She thought we didn't want her, that she wasn't worthy. Now today she's had a mental meltdown, freaked out. She called herself a nut case.

I'd bet she's unsure of her place, thinks we couldn't possibly want her. I know Janey's kind of an in your face slut, flashy show off, somewhat of an exhibitionist. But at the core, she's insecure, somewhat lacking in confidence. And when I think about that, I realize I might be the cause, of some of that. It had to hurt her confidence and self respect, my denial of her love. Now with her freak out today, she's really insecure.

I go and put all my hair care stuff away. Then slide in the opposite side of the bed from Janey, leaving Mark in the middle.

"Come to bed Janey." Instead she stands up, to the side.

"Come to bed, please Janey." As I reach my hand out to her.

"I don't think I should, I'm just hurting everyone. Being a pain in the ass."

"Missy I don't feel like I belong, I cause problems and butt in." In a really small soft voice.

"I don't deserve to be here."

"Yes, Janey you belong here with me and Mark. I said that I would never let you go again."

"That was before I freaked out. Before we remembered my mom was the one who hurt us."

She whispered, "It's all my fault."

Mark's voice comes out strong and sure. "Janey we said we're altogether now, the three of us. We said it's a lifetime choice. We're not backing out now." He rolls over to face her. "I said you're always welcome in my arms."

Then the power and order comes over his voice. "Come to bed."

And she slides into his arms. He turns her over to spoon against her back, wraps her in his arms. Then pulls her in tight. I slide up against Mark, reach over to caress Janey where I can touch, arms, hip, her hair. I can touch her cheek, so I do. I spoon up tight against Mark's back. He's so big it's like a wall between Janey and I. But he's so warm, so this little bit cuddles in as tight as I can.

I'm been relaxing for just a bit, when I feel this vibration in Mark's chest. A soft hum sounds up from him; he's humming a little lullaby to Janey. This big tall stud, powerful basketball player, hard driving CEO, is humming Janey a lullaby! I burrow tighter into his back and enjoy the feeling, the vibrations, and the little tune. I don't recognize it, but it might be something his mother did when he was young.

Janey must have been pretty wiped out, it doe

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