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Dawn takes Cynthia's hymen.

Shenla liked them that way, apparently.

Further back, Maloth's legion of Dark Elves waited with bows in hand, along with a full company of Wardens and their Risen dead minions, just in case things went sour. The Wardens had been busy in recent weeks, raiding poorly defended villages and outposts to further bolster their army of the dead, which now numbered over three thousand. The legion of Risen -- most of them dressed scantily or not at all, in the fashion of Angavar -- stretched back into the night in several deep columns of grey-skinned, white-eyed bodies, the black-robed Wardens scattered among the ranks.

Kreya herself had picked up three more Risen; pretty young Human women that currently occupied one of the columns. They were the most attractive spoils of the last raid, and Maloth had seen that Kreya chose only women, as one could never have too many pleasing females around. He had decided not to change Kreya's new Risen into Morgai as yet, though Baelor and Shaelor certainly seemed to have no problem with obedience, despite their arrogant attitudes.

A distant rumble reached Maloth's ears, and soon his eyes picked up a swarming mass rolling across the plain toward them. Lightning illuminated the grassland fitfully, revealing several thousand Orcs, their skin tones ranging from a deep brown to a pale green, loping in two wide columns, spears in hand and varying weapons strapped to their backs. They wore little; the men wearing only a cloth to cover their nethers, while the women wore the same, as well as a band of cloth around their chests to hold their prodigious breasts in place.

"Nothing quite like being charged at by all that Orc cock," Shenla murmured from beside Maloth, her eyes glued to the impressive force that approached.

"Indeed," Maloth said wryly, his own eyes taking in the attractive physiques of the Orc women. They were a little shorter than the men, standing at roughly seven feet, and their bodies were a pleasing blend of muscle and curves. Where the men were all rippling and bulging with their brawn, the she-Orcs were more rounded; softer, yet giving no appearance of weakness. The males bore tusks that jutted from their square lower jaws up to their cheeks, level with their broad noses, while the females' tusks were smaller, more petite, only just visible above their lower lips. The facial features were far different between the two sexes, with the males bearing wide noses and mouths, while the females bore softer characteristics; defined cheekbones, slim jawlines and narrower noses.

Maloth found several of them rather pleasing, and he noted that he had not yet acquired an Orc pet.

Leading the columns were two Orcs; a male and a female, both of them garbed in the same manner as their army. Chief Beshok and his mate, Morana, no doubt. Deep-olive of complexion, Beshok was shorter than almost any other Orc in sight, and lean, though the way he ran spoke of grace and agility rare for his kind. The appendage banging around in his loincloth, however, seemed disproportionate to his small stature. Morana was a true beauty; a lighter shade of green than her mate, and tall and well-curved, with an ample rump and a bosom to match. Her thick thighs rippled with power as she ran, and her black eyes were fixed on Maloth.

The wave of Orcs surged forward and began to climb the rise as if it intended to sweep through all before it, and Maloth sensed nervous shifting from the ranks behind. He sat Shadow calmly, and the stallion twitched not a muscle at the advancing tide. Three hundred paces away, the Orcs were, and still closing. Two hundred... Surely Beshok was not foolish enough to try and wipe Maloth out in one charge?

Raising a crimson hand, Maloth prepared to give the order for the Dark Elf archers to begin cutting the Orcs to shreds with arrows. Stupid Orcs! They would ruin months of careful planning!

At the last moment, right before Maloth's hand began its descent, Beshok slowed to an easy trot, the re

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