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Poirot and Hastings investigate.

I thought, how much better could it get! I once again started rubbing my throbbing, swollen penis and got into the same rhythm she was in. She soon began to arch her back off the bed and started moaning. Then she did the unexpected. She dropped the phone, grabbed her left breast and pressed it to her lips and as she sucked her nipple into her mouth she crammed several fingers into her cunt and began to scream as her reached a huge orgasm.

I caught myself breathing so hard I almost passed out. She picked the phone back up and said goodnight to whom ever was on the other end. As she turned back the bed sheets and turned out the light I realized I was still standing there holding my deflated cum covered penis. I had cum all over my shirt, arm and my hand was covered. I became so weak I didn't know how much longer my knees would allow me to stand there.

My plan was to wait for her to go to sleep then make my move. Luckily, after her huge orgasm she went straight to sleep. I waited another hour and then at last made my move. I was thinking, I should just leave. I wasn't sure I could have a more stimulating experience than I had just received.

However, as I slowly slipped past her bed, the glowing beauty of her face seemed to pierce the darkness and I decided I just had to have her. I slowly reached under the bed and got the ropes and scarves that had been placed there, what now seemed like days ago. Placed one hand over her mouth and quickly grabbed her arms.

She was so shocked at first she just lay there and tried to see who the intruder was. I rolled her over and whispered in her ear, don't move and don't scream and I wouldn't hurt her. She began to say in a low soft voice, "I have no money, just take what you want, please don't hurt me!"

I almost began to laugh. I told her, I didn't want her money and that I had every intention of taking what I wanted. I was careful to alter my voice so that she wouldn't recognize me. I put a blindfold over her eyes and tied her arms and legs so that she would be helpless. Then I rolled her back over and sat her up in the bed.

When I turned the light on I couldn't help but just sit there and gaze upon her wonderful firm body. I told her to relax, I assured her that I had no intention of hurting her. I told her that I was going to make love to her. If she fought me then I would just fuck her and that she could decide how much pain she wanted. She decided to just lay there and make it as unpleasant as possible.

She wouldn't react to my kisses, caressing her breast or legs. So, I began to lick her breast and slowly moved down to her pussy that was still wet from her phone call. As I stuck my tongue into her pussy, a huge glob of her cum rolled out and on to my tongue. I sucked it into my mouth and climbed up to her blindfolded face and gave her a French kiss.

Once she realized what I had just deposited into her mouth she began to gag. Enough was enough, I had to have her! I told her that I wanted her to wash down her own cum with a mouth full of mine.

She began to beg me to not to cum in her mouth. The more she pleaded and begged, the more I began to visualize my cum filling her mouth and seeping down her chin. I tried at first to just put a couple of inched in Ann's mouth afraid that I might cum and she would swallow it robbing me of the thrill of watching it run down her chin and dripping on her firm tits.

However, the more she gagged and made some frothing sounds I began forcing it down her throat. I glanced across the room and caught a glimpse of us in the mirror. The angle was just right to watch Ann's bound, nude body sitting helpless as her face was distorted and crammed full of hard cock.

It was just as I had dreamed. Without notice, I snapped out of the dream as my cock began to explode in Ann's face. I grabbed her by her hair and forced as much cum to shoot straight down her throat as I could. When I pulled my still rock hard cock from her mouth I shot one last blast of cum on her lips and fulfilled one of my dreams.

Ann was starting t

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