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What would you do if it was your job to reproduce?

Her fingers over the lace material, she felt herself through the fabric. She was very hot and very wet already. She felt her moisture seep through to her fingers immediately.

She thought about how much he loved to feel and touch and taste her wetness and quickly she slipped aside the panties, two fingers slid inside her instantly. She moaned softly and pushed those fingers as deep as she could while thinking of him filling her and how badly she did want him inside her right now. Her fingertips slipped and pressed. She felt her wetness between them, a few drops already making their way closer to the palm of her hand as she twisted and turned them.

She turned her hand and drew back her fingers. They went to her mouth. Again she moaned as she tasted herself. Her lips sucked one finger all the way down. She moaned a second time, this time to feel the vibrations on her finger. She thought about how much she enjoyed tasting herself like this on his smooth slippery hard shaft. His own pleasure as she licked and sucked him truly thrilled her. His reaction when she moaned on him was so perfect she thought. She moaned and sucked her finger clean. Her tongue already licking the drops of her from her palm her hips lifted a bit from the mattress.

Having expected this moment when he left she rolled only a bit to the retrieve what she had ready next to the pillows. Her fingers found her favorite toy. Her hips lifted and her other hand slid her panties down. A quick rub of her swelling and wet clit then she brought the toy to her. She pressed the soft tip to her entrance and thought of him there. She thought of the look in his eyes when held still in that spot. She thought about the spark they shared when he pushed into her. She drew the soft purple shaft into her slowly just as he liked to do. She pressed it deeper. It was larger than he was but it lacked 'his' touch to her. Her mind flooded with thoughts and images of him, of her, and of them. She knew she was already close and felt the familiar and tremendous wave building already. She didn't slow her pace. Instead she quickened her movements, plunging the toy into herself. Plunging him into her. Just a moment more and she crested her first wave. The rush overtook her and she gave herself to it fully. The flood around the toy to her fingers was warm and very very wet.

The toy paused for a moment inside of her. She loved how she felt when she flowed around its length. She left it there while she again brought her fingers to her lips. She licked at the few drops of her cum on her fingertips. Again thoughts of him replacing her fingers danced and played. Still with a fingertip between her lips her other hand took the toy beginning again.

She was savoring the slide in and out of her slowly. Her head pressed back to the pillow and she moaned again, low still but longer this time. The tantalizing feeling of again moving toward another orgasm with him delighted her. She slowed and wanted to enjoy every moment. She rolled a bit on the bed, her head turning to see his laptop on a nearby table. A thought occurred to her. She set aside her toy and rolled over and took the laptop. It was already on she knew where she wanted to go. Together they had found a few websites they enjoyed. In a second she was there. In another second she had her toy again....

He walked up the steps and smiled to himself. He thought about her and how much he loved how turned on she would get with him. He knew there were very few things that made him happier. He stopped at the top of the stairs when he heard a sound from the bedroom. Standing still he heard a moan and was about to move again when he heard another and then another, at least one of the sounds he knew wasn't her. A puzzled moment flashed through his mind and he took the few remaining steps to the doorway. As he neared the doorway he recognized the sounds as coming from his computer.

He stood outside the doorway and looked into the room.

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