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Cesar paused to let her think but when no reply came either way he smiled. "It's a lot to ask so I will trust you to make the right decision. When my men drop you home think about what I've said. I do not expect you to be at court tomorrow."

Veronika just wanted to get out the of claustrophobic atmosphere but gave a grunt of surprise as the Hawaiian man tugged her jacket down from her shoulders forcing her shirt to thrust out buttons about to pop, breasts wanting to escape their wet imprisonment

"Uh what, I" She looked at Cesar. "I thought you said..."

The man was looking in a mirror over a basin admiring his full but receding hair line.

"Negotiations are indeed over," he said turning his hand caressing his hairy balls and expanding cock." Now you must repay me for your arrogance at taking the job in the first place."

"Now its time to fuck."

Veronika gave a silent gasp of disbelief. No he couldn't; not here! The two men at the wall had jumped into action as the Hawaiian man pulled her suit blazer off making her shirt tear open wet tits pressing on white fabric. She screamed as she was bit by bit undressed her clothes falling in a heap on the wet tiled floor.

"get off meee you uggh, filthy bast..."

As she cussed, strong hangs on her cute wrists Cesar spoke calmly in a charming polite way.

"There, there Veronika. It is Veronika isn't it? Don't be afraid."

Her blouse came away her bra heaving with sweaty boulders.

"You are very sexy. Too sexy for these pigs." He laughed at his grinning friends.

"Only I will savour your body tonight."

Her black skirt was pulled down over her rump, thong knickers looking ridiculously tiny in such a predicament. Male hands took the opportunity to squeeze her perfect rear.

"My men are not animals, they obey my every command."

She gasped and gave a timid mew as her bra strap was snapped her wet 40 inch tits springing out the nipples like bolts on some medieval armour.

"Tie her hands to a shower head," he ordered his cock now rampant his hand pulling back his clean foreskin.

"For Gods shake," Veronika screamed aware that authority figures were so close by patrolling the cell corridors. "You can't do this!"

The cord wound her hands in a binding grip.

The men stood back to admire their efforts. Veronica was now naked stood with her back to them, legs tight together high black heels giving her erect posture the shape of some goddess statue outside the city hall. Her hands were up above her head tied to a dirty shower nozzle, her slightly bent position letting her fantastic tits hang down the firmness of them defying gravity.

Oh she was wet; her body looking as if the shower head was streaming a constant cascade over her. Sweaty rivulets ran down her back into her ass crack, her cleavage also a valley of torrentional perspiration.

She looked over her shoulder, dark brunette hair framing her slightly freckled face; big dark pool eyes and ruby red kissable lips giving her a porn actress appeal.

"Don Mendez," she gasped in a little girl voice, "please I am only doing my job."

The man waved her pleas aside nodding in understanding but not changing his intent.

Veronika gave a law court barrage. "This isn't right, you cannot just do this!"

Mendez shook his head. "Be quite you silly girl; enough of your protesting. Your cute smart tongue won't get you out of this. You made a mistake you know that now. I'm sure it will be your only mistake, but you must be punished. I have a reputation to keep up."

Veronica wailed at his perverse reasoning, her body trying to break free.

"Oh Jesus," she cried tugging on her binds.

Mendez moved near her his fat hand trailing down her back over a firm buoyant ass. His hand squeezed her flesh then he gave her a massive palmed slap on the ass and she yelped. "Ooooooooooooooooo!" He looked to his men.

"Compadre, get my souvenir."

Veronika watched confused as one of his cell mates smiled at Mendez's request and then moved to collect something from a corner of the room.

"Oh no you.

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