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All these things zapped through my mind as Darren took my hand and led me along the corridor to a door which he opened and stood alongside, inviting me in.

'Go now' a voice inside my head said 'you know you shouldn't be doing this, you've only just met him' but instead I walked into the empty apartment.

It was pretty small and obviously occupied by lads as empty cans of beer and worn clothes lay around everywhere. Darren put his hand on my shoulder and I turned and we kissed again. This time though we were alone and he was more urgent now, his hands drifting down my back to my bottom then bringing one up along the side of me until it cupped my breast.

No one had ever touched my boobs before and I wondered for a moment whether he'd recoil at the big bosoms that I tried so hard to hide away. I knew that everyone said boys like big boobs but I still secretly thought they were off putting. I needn't have worried as he began to squeeze my left breast through my dress.

I was now pushed against the wall, kissing him back frantically and getting more and more turned on. He broke away and, taking my hand, took me into his bedroom. Two single beds greeted us. He sat down on one, taking me with him and then we both lay down, kissing as we went. He began to squeeze my boobs again murmuring 'fantastic tits' before pulling down the straps of my dress and then my bra. He pulled them from their bra cups, looking at them before lowering his head to kiss and suck my nipples.

No one had even seen my boobs before and again I panicked to what he might be thinking. I have large pink areola, which stand out against my pale skin, but only tiny nipples. Sometimes I would look at them and compare them to the topless girls in the newspapers and think they weren't quite right. Would Darren feel the same?

He muttered "oh yeah" as he switched from one boob to the other and I thought 'wow, he must like them' ("God, how innocent I was then?).

After a few minutes of doing this, he stood up, pulled off his shirt and began to unbuckle his belt -- a really sexy sight. I lay back breathing heavily, my boobs exposed with him unable to take his eyes off them. I realised I should be getting undressed too and wriggled out of my dress and shoes. Lying there, just in my white panties, I looked up at Darren stepping out of his trousers. Beneath them he was wearing a pair of white trunks with a very noticeable bulge in them.

He lay back down alongside me and we began to kiss again with his hands returning to my boobs. He pinched my nipples between his finger and thumbs, lightly at first and then more roughly. This was really doing it for me and I could feel myself redden all over. It was at this point I realised how moist my pussy had become and that I'd been squeezing my legs together in my excitement.

My heart was pounding, I could feel waves of heat rolling off my skin and now, not content with kissing and sucking my nipples, Darren was kissing his way down my chest to my belly button. His hands brushed over my panties onto the top of my thighs before he continued kissing his way down to my, by now, damp panties.

He placed his mouth over them and I could feel his hot breath through the fabric onto my slit. 'Should I stop him?' flashed a thought.

'If I ask him to stop then I'll still be a virgin and then I can still be a virgin when I get married.'

I remember thinking that while I lay there in my panties while this handsome young man gently pushed my legs apart with his hands and lowered his face down between my legs.

I didn't stop him.

"That's it baby" he said as I lifted my bottom off the bed.

He hooked his thumbs around my panties, pulled them down my legs and threw them aside.

"There" I thought "I'm naked now, nothing to protect me."

He lowered his head between my legs and I raised mine a little to see what he was about to do. I couldn't see anything but felt contact with my pussy.

'Is he kissing me?' Oh God he's using his tongue I

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