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A butch dyke targets a married businessowman.

They try to match their schedules and have been dropping by for several months now."

"You don't mind if they just come in like that?"

"Surely, Denise, you are not asking a male if he minds looking at gorgeous naked young women."

They worked hard to discretely regain their composure and giggled quietly to themselves. I added, "Neither of you, seemed to mind looking at them either."

They looked like deer in headlights. Caught. Before they left, I offered, "You can come use the pool anytime you want."

Janet teased, "I love to swim. Do we have to swim nude?"

Denise held her breath. She couldn't believe her mother said, 'we'?

"I would love that, but, no, clothing is optional. However, you know I will fantasize about what is covered up."

They had not learned to play verbally with me. Again they were shocked.

Janet and I finally got our train ride scheduled. She warned me that she had to be home by nine. Some friends were dropping off two cats for her to care for while they went on a cruise. She invited me for breakfast at her house on the day of our outing. Denise seemed worried and distant. I waited for her to leave the room, "What is wrong with the daughter, today?"

Janet held her finger to her mouth and just pointed to a folded letter in the napkin rack on the table. I opened and read. Her law school was informing her that her last year had to be full time and that she had to agree to counseling to improve her interpersonal skills. Additionally, she had to bring her account current before she could enroll.

While the train rattled and puffed along the narrow gage track, Janet filled in more details. "Denise's classmates do not like to work with her on required joint projects; she is too opinionated and rigid. She has gone to law school part-time and worked full time for three years since graduating college. She is eight thousand dollars in debt and figures it will cost her forty thousand to quit work and go to school full-time until she finishes. It is another one of life's realities that she has to face."

"Let's enjoy our day. Tell me more about Denise later."

We walked, shopped and flirted all day - up the mountain and in the little town where the train turned around to come back down. We made out in a little park and were watched intently by a nine-year old girl. I think she was revolted by grown-ups kissing. When the last train was about to leave for the day, Janet had to run to the bathroom. I held on to her hand for a moment.

"Be naughty for me. Drive me crazy."


"When you go, take your panties off and bring them to me."

"I can't do that. I've worn them all day."

"I know that."

She pulled away. I had no idea what she would do. Maybe she was offended. Not everyone was as oral and turned on by taste and smell as I am.

She almost jogged back to me, using long strides. Her skirt flowed behind her. Her smile was wild and her eyes twinkled. When she hooked her arm in mine, I felt a tug at my windbreaker's pocket. There were dozens of people around us. I stopped and pulled out the warm, soft, damp, silky blue panties that she had been so careful to hide. She was frozen in front of me. No one else knew what I was doing. But she did. She quit breathing or blinking. Her panties were concealed in my cupped hands but to her they were waving to get the attention of everyone. I brought them to my face. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply. Slowly, I put them back into my pocket.

I was not lying, "Janet, help me onto the train. I feel dizzy."

The train was too full. We had to double up. I got the single seat in the back of the third car. Janet had to sit on my lap. The train jerked, rocked and rolled away from the station.

She leaned close and whispered, "Why did you do that with my panties?"

I whispered back, assuring my breath would tease around her ear.

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