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Delia's challenge has unexpected consequences.

Every fourth or fifth thrust into her groaning mouth, he'd pull all the way out and let her gulp down a few precious breaths of air. Then he would push her face down harshly onto his jutting cock for more fucking. Her saliva was now running in rivulets down his shaft, coating his balls, and dripping from his sack to the floor in long strands. The wet slurping and gurgling coming from my wife's mouth and throat was giving me chills. "God I love this mouth, guys. She's got a hot little mouth."

Michael stood and unbuckled his trousers without a word. He pushed his pants and boxers down to his knees. I rubbed my swollen cock through my own trousers. I was incredibly aroused as the scene before me. Michael's cock jutted out in front of him. I was ashamedly relieved to notice that neither Rich's nor Michael's cock was nearly as long or as thick as my own. There was nothing inadequate about either one, but the competitive Inner Child in me was thankful that my bulging package was still number one in the room. Michael moved up behind Andrea and placed one hand on her smooth and white lower back. With the other hand, he guided the tip of his cock up and down my wife's spit-soaked ass crack, and juicy slit. He rubbed the entire length of his shaft along her swollen clit, causing her to whimper and moan, her legs shuddering at the intense sensation that it must have shot through her. My wife's clit gets very sensitive and engorged when she's highly aroused. Finally, he pushed the tip in between her hot pink labia and shoved his cock all the way inside her with one thrust. Then began a thorough pounding to my wife's pussy. Michaels balls were slapping into her swollen clit. About that time, Rich had pulled her mouth off his cock to let her breathe.

"Oh! Fuck! Unh, unh, unh! Oooohhhhhhhh, shiiiiiiiit!" she cried out, between panting breaths. "Fuck me, Michael, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeee! Brian! Oh, Brian, he's got his cock inside me. He's fucking my pussy, Brian! Oooohhhh!!"

Michael turned and said to me, "Shit, man, this is one tight pussy. Do you like watching me fuck your wife's tight cunt, Brian? Check this out." With that he reached down and grabbed Andrea's left leg on the back of her inner thigh just above the knee. He pulled it up, spreading my wife's legs apart, the one closest to me high in the air, the other one still locked at the knee standing on the floor. From where I was on the couch, this gave me a full on frontal view of Michael's cock sliding in and out of my wife's cunt, his ball sack swinging and slapping against her plump pussy and protruding clit. Her blond pubes were trimmed very closely above her cunt, and the mounds of flesh adjacent to her pussy lips were smooth. With each outward thrust of Michael's cock, her dark pink inner pussy lips pushed out, then back in on the inward thrust. Seeing my wife's pussy being hammered from this viewpoint was incredibly arousing. Rivulets of her juices were now beginning to run down her inner thigh. She's always been very wet when about to cum really hard, sometimes squirting a stream of semi-thick clear liquid into the air upon climax. I knew that tonight she was going to be gushing.

Rich said, as he resumed pushing his cock deep into my wife's throat, "Brian, are you watching me fuck your wife's face? I'm about to blow a huge load of cum into her mouth. Wanna watch me cum all over her pretty face, Brian?" I could only nod. "Good, because I'm going to blow pretty soon. Are you ready, Andrea? Are you ready to take my load in your mouth?"

"Mmmm-hmmm, mmmmm-hmmmm" she mumbled her assent.

There was a knock at the door. I forgot about Alex! I looked at Rich with what must have been a panicked look on my face. "Open the door, Brian. It's cool. Like you said, the more the merrier."

I got up and moved to the door, painfully aware at the tent

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