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My wife punishes me with a shopping trip.

At the perfect moment, she stopped her tongue lashing, locked her lips and hummed as she pistoned the pussy like a rocket.
Sarah went wild.

Michael could not believe it when the girl thrashed about, her body arching so that only her head, shoulders and heels touched the bed. Jennifer was lifted with Sarah's hips, but didn't lose her hold as she continued to stir the honey pot until it turned molten.

The blonde went stiff and juddered and, as she did so, Jen homed her fingertips in on the girl's g-spot with explosive results.

"YYYYeeeeeesssss! YYYeeeesss! YesYesYesYes, YES!" Sarah wailed.

She started humping her hips into Jenny's mouth. The rough pounding smeared her glistening juice all over her lover's face, but neither girl cared.

"Fucking hell!" Mike whispered.

Sarah let out a long, almost painful groan and sagged limply back to the bed. It left Jennifer hovering over her, grinning broadly down. "Show off. That was a good one, huh?"

"D-Does she always cum like that?" Michael asked.

Jen shook her head. "Hardly ever." She then laughed. "When she does cum hard though, it's like a train wreck." Tenderly, she caressed Sarah's sweat-soaked forehead. "Gotta keep my girl happy. That way she forgives me when I get on her tits." She cocked her head to one side thoughtfully and smiled, "Not literally. You got that, right?"

He laughed. "Yeah, Jen, got it loud and clear."

"Good," she grinned, turning to peer down into Sarah's eyes. "You okay, Babe?"

Blowing a jet of hair to dislodge a sweat-soaked lock of hair, Sarah answered with a faint voice. "Gimme a minute to get my breath back, then I'm going to rock your world, red."

Coquettishly, Jennifer twirled a lock of her auburn hair. "Are you going to make me tingle?"

Sarah giggled and playfully swatted her lover's thigh. "Girl, I'm going to make you melt."

Wrinkling her nose in an affectionate manner, Jenny slid down the bed until she was sat on its bottom edge, facing Mike. "Enjoying the show so far?"

"Loving it," he answered, his voice thick with lust.

"Don't peak too soon," she said with a smile, "we've not even started the bit you want yet." She glanced down at the fat bulge along his upper thigh. "And try not to blow your load, Michael. Save that for inside my ass, okay?"

There was a tormented hitch in his voice when he replied. "I'll try, just don't talk like that, huh."

"Oh, Mikey, I'm going to be talking a lot dirtier than that in a minute. So will Sar."

Sarah sat up and slowly slid down the bed to sit beside her girlfriend. The room was so small that their legs nearly knocked with Michael's; there was only a couple of feet between the bottom of the bed and the sofa. Sarah kissed Jennifer's cheek and patted her thigh gently. "Ready Jen. Assume the position."

"Yes, Ma'am."

Smiling, the redhead stood up, twisted around to bend over the bottom of the bed and placed her hands upon the sheets. It presented Mike with a close view of her lovely ass.

Crack! Sarah spanked Jenny's left buttock and grinned at Michael. "Hasn't she got a wonderful ass? It's so round and smooth, pert. I just love it." Crack! She spanked it again, leaving a red handprint to blossom as Jennifer gave a little wriggle. "It was made to be spanked," Sarah continued. "But it was also made to be kissed."

Ducking forward, she lightly placed her lips into the centre of the rosy flush and kissed it. Pulling back about an inch, she looked at the smooth skin and then gave it another kiss.

"Mmmm," she murmured, lifting a hand to caress the backs of Jenny's thighs. "Her skin tastes so sweet."

Mike's eyes followed her hand as it drifted in circles, gradually moving from the slim thigh onto the curve of Jennifer's right buttock. Her hand clasped the flesh and gave it a squeeze, then pushed the globe away. It made the crease in Jen's ass widen, revealing the furrow to the man's gaze.

Hidden in it was the pale pink puckered ring of Jennifer's asshole.

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