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Was he flirting?

"Thanks..." I awkwardly mumbled.

"Come here, you have fuzz in your hair..."

He stopped me. I tried to comb through my hair with my fingers, but he stepped forward deftly plucking a tiny wad of dust from the archive room from my hair.

Toe to toe we stood for a second. Those eyes. Mesmerizing.

My heart beat skipped and then double timed as I stared up. I couldn't help it. Those eyes. He leaned forward. Was this. Is this? The kiss was warm and passionate, and utterly surprising. I leaned into it, taking his soft lips over and into mine. Sharing tongues and probing. After a few seconds I pulled away.

"I'm a..student?" I wasn't sure which way was up or down.

"I know...we must keep this quiet. I saw you staring at me when I went to help you. And I couldn't help myself. Is this too fast? Too much?" His brow furrowed in concern

"No...not too fast...we just...shouldn' work here." My voice trailed as I thought about the professor student affair at a local college earlier that year.

People were fired. The student was expelled. All terrible things that I didn't want to happen. He paused, taking in the concerned look on my face.

"Just once here, okay? Then we can try seeing each other elsewhere?" His eyes pleaded. Those eyes. No one can say no.

Truthfully, I was exhausted, and needed a break. He grabbed my hand and pulled me further into the archives.

"Are you sure, no cameras?" Nervously, I scanned the ceiling.

"None here...nope." He tugged my hand, and I stepped closer.

His breath was minty. I wish I had been chewing gum. Self consciously I looked down at my old leggings and oversized sweater. Student attire. The teal in his tie shone under the dim lights.

Hand under my chin he lifted my face up towards his, and tenderly kissed my mouth.

"You are really quite pretty..." His compliment whispered through the musty silence.

"No...I'm just...I work out and stuff." And stuff? Really? My IQ started to drop every time.

His hands circled my waist and felt my firm ass. Not my best asset to be certain, but running had certainly toned it.

He hummed approvingly in my ear.

My hands found his shoulder blades. Either intentionally or not, he flexed, but the movement sent ripples all down his back causing me to gasp and sigh simultaneously. So muscular under such a professional outfit.

I went to run my fingers through his dark hair, but I bumped something.

"Oh, my glasses...haha. I am a librarian I guess." He pulled thick rimmed glasses down over his head.

Instantly I swooned. Nothing better than an intelligent looking guy with muscles. I leaned forward.

"Perhaps you will need to help me more often," I teasingly mumbled into his chest.

Definitively he lifted my sweater over my head exposing the true laziness of my outfit. No bra. My large breasts were hidden by the sweater. He instinctively reached forward, taking one and cupping it. Thumb on my nipple, swirling it around.

"'s 11:30, I need to clock out in 20 minutes...shit shit shit."

I looked up at him. He seemed annoyed with himself.

"Think I can make you happy in 20?" I nodded. Even if he didn't I wanted him to try.

He gently turned me around and sucked on my neck lightly. His hands found the elastic on my leggings. Yet another lazy day surprise.

"Do you often go commando...." He asked with a slight grin.

"Only when I'm here late at night." There was truth in that answer, but he found it arousing.

The metal of his belt pushed against my back, but the bulge below it was unmistakably his erection.

I leaned forward, bracing myself as I felt him whip his belt off with one solid motion. Time was ticking, and we both needed a release. My pussy was soaking wet. The tip of his cock met briefly with my lips as he slid it in easily.

"'re so....turned on." He was breathing hard in my ear already.

I slid my feet backwards as I leaned on the shelf in front of me. Wall Street Journal Archives.

He thrust his cock deeper into me, and reached around.

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