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The neighbour calls for coffee.

d, slave?"

Lydia was simultaneously terrified and too enthralled to speak. She had had many things inserted into her anally, and just the day before Adam had fucked her in the ass. His cock was sizeable, but it was no 12-incher, and she was unsure of how her body would react. But her most important impulse was to please her master. His training regimen had turned her into a mindless devotee, unwilling to do anything contrary to his desires. She genuinely needed his approval and satisfaction with her, and she would subject herself to unspeakable degradation at his hands just to earn it.

But it was all worth it. In the end she felt whole, and that was all that mattered.

"Y-yes sir." she stammered nervously. "I... That sounds wonderful, sir. May we please begin? I can't wait."

Adam stepped forward and grabbed the massive dong before circling back to his workbench. She heard a plastic bottle cap pop open and the sound of lubricant being applied to her new rubber friend. Adam moved behind her and placed his right hand on her right ass cheek. There were striations and bruises from the paddle and whip, and her pussy was incredibly moist and swollen. She had managed to keep herself from leaking onto the bench, but it wouldn't take long for things to begin flowing again.

Adam reached into her ass with two fingers and a thumb and extricated the plug that was already there. He did so very quickly, without hesitation, and Lydia's ass hole was left stretched out and slowly contracting and expanding with every breath she took. She could feel one swift slap as the new device came down between her ass cheeks. Adam rubbed it up and down on top of the hole before repositioning it for insertion.

Her ass hole puckered as the tip of the dildo came into contact with it. She felt Adam slowly rotating it and working it in until just the tip, with its pronounced ridge, made its way fully into her hole and her anus wrapped tightly around the shaft below. Adam, for his part, relished this about anal insertion so much: the moment right before the true test began, when an expectant slave isn't sure they'll be able to take the pain, the thoughts of what fresh punishment he could conjure up if the safe word had to be used and the dildo was removed.

Lydia was a good girl, however, and he had no doubt that she could take it all in without any problems.

And so, he began to push. He was a reasonable man, and did it slowly enough, but not so slowly that it wasn't incredibly painful for his submitted girlfriend. She began to mutter something under her breath, repeating it and gaining volume until she was screaming at the top of her lungs, "Yes! Yes, sir, yes! Yes, please, sir , oh my god yes, yes, fuck yes!" Each inch that was inserted brought her wailing to a higher pitch, and by the time the whole thing was inside her she was screaming bloody murder. She had never felt anything like this: her ass was completely filled up, she felt as though the dildo was inside her stomach. If she had enough range of movement she would have been bucking and cumming all over herself, but her restraints kept her firmly in place and her ironclad reserve kept her cum from bursting forth.

"Jesus Christ," exclaimed Adam, trying to be heard over Lydia's furious hollering. "Will you shut the fuck up, woman?" He walked around her bent over figure, reached down to her mouth and reinserted the ball gag between her teeth. She continued screaming, but the gag prevented it from reaching as much volume as before. Eventually she calmed down and the screams turned to moans and then into heavy panting and whining. "Much better," he said. "Now, it's time for your lashes."

He walked back behind her and positioned himself to dole out the lashes.

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