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Will Rachel discover why the island was calling to her?

Together, we lean inward, our lips ever so softly touching. A soft peck, lingering. Another. The cannon that is my heart feels like a 21 gun salute. Our tongues mingle together in an unhurried dance. Our bodies move closer together. My hand slips from your grasp and slides itself behind your back.

And with a snap of the fingers, I'm hard.

We both step back from the kiss slowly. You look down at my erection, and then back up, into my eyes.

I have no embarrassment. I have no shame. I make no attempt to hide my growing cock. Here, with you, it feels as though this is exactly how things are supposed to be. The two of us kissing, a growing bulge in my pants...

All was right with the world.

I feel your thumb softly stroking my arm.

I turn and lead you to the car.

As we reach the door I firmly take your arms and spin you around to face me. Our lips meet once again as you throw your arms around my neck. My hands slide down and grasp your midsection. We kiss as though it had been several days since our last, rather than the 10 feet from where we had just been standing. I press my body against yours, pressing you against the car, my plainly obvious erection presses against you.

I break the kiss, fearing that to not do so would lead to me ripping your clothes off right there in the park for everyone to see.

Our eyes meet for a long moment.

I open the door and allow you in, our eyes never breaking their lock until I walk around to the driver's side.

Neither of us speak much on the way to my house. I take a moment though, to describe the extent of my movie collection and you quickly agree - there's not much point in getting a rental. I've probably got something we'll both want to watch at home.

When we arrive at my house my erection has subsided, but my heart is still pounding with adrenaline. I wait for you to round the car, your Victoria's Secret bag in hand, and take your free hand in mine, leading you into the house. As most of my movies are in my room sitting next to my PC, I lead the way to the back of the house.

As we enter my bedroom you notice that two pieces of furniture fill the room. One is my computer desk. Why it's in the bed room rather than some other part of the house you can't fathom. But, the other item is my king size bed which takes up half the room.

I sit you down in front of my collection as your jaw drops. A 6 foot tall book shelf is covered top to bottom with DVD's. I pull out two CD binders – each holding at least 100 – both full of movies.

After flipping through page after page you finally sigh softly and surrender, hopelessly over whelmed by sheer numbers.

Looking up at me you whimper, "umm, why don't you just pick something you think I'll like?"

"You up for a comedy," I ask.


I ponder a moment before reaching for the shelf. As I pull "Tommy Boy" from the shelf, you walk from behind the desk and sit on the foot of the bed. Immediately you begin to sink into the foam mattress, feeling like your sitting on a large marshmallow.

"Yeah," I say, "I should have warned you.. no one can sit on that bed and not fall over asleep soon after."

"But, I thought you were an insomniac?"

"Yeah," I reply, "But I've long since become immune to that beds effects."

"How long have you had it?"

"Er.. 8 years? Yeah."

"Wow! And it's still this comfortable," you say as you lie back on the bed, stretching your arms above your head.

"Wanna watch the movie in here," I ask, trying to ignore the heavenly shape of your curves lying on my bed.


I pull up a few pillows and we sit against the head board of the bed as the movie starts. You cuddle close and I wrap my arm around you as we watch it. Your perfume catches my attention and before long I'm deep in thought about all the things I'd love to be doing with you.

After a while you glance up at me, as if in disbelief.

"Are you gonna be ok," you smile at me.

"What do you mean," I ask, hoping your not referring to my growing erection.

"I mean that

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