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Others take notice when a devoted bachelor extends a helping.

I pulled up the sleeves and pulled down the hood before heading out the bedroom and through the hallway. There was a backdoor just past the bedroom that led to a small wooden porch. A hammock tied to two of its beams swung ever so slightly in the breeze of twilight.

I walked down the two stairs, listening to the sounds of my footsteps on the wood before they became the gentle crush of grass. The land of my family stretched out before me. Not too far off was a path between the trees that went to the lake and boathouse.

The path was covered with crunching gravel. Whoever my mother was using to maintain the grounds really took pride in their job. There wasn't a blade of grass growing between rocks. It was the same gravel that decorated the shore.

As I walked closer, I could see the overturned paddle boats, kayaks, and canoes, waiting in silence for the next wave of grandkids and great grandkids of Odette to float across the waters bought for her by Victor.

I shoved my hands into pockets of his hoodie and walked across the shore to the pier, walking down to the dock and boathouse. My mother was never one for boating but my great uncle loved it and made us all do the same. I came up to the door of the boathouse. It was painted a stark white to the soft seafoam green of the rest of the structure, only the window frames matched it. There was a small keypad beside the knob and I put in Odette and Victor's wedding date and listened to the door unlock.

There was a small kitchenette, freezer and fridge inside. It was perfect for cleaning and storing fish after some time on the water. There was also a nice leather bench beside the boat. I stretched out on it and looked up at the ceiling and the hanging lights. The soft sounds of the water lapping in the hull softened the silence of the room.

I let my mind wander as I laid there. I was getting married in two weeks to an amazing man whose real name I still didn't know but my mother was overjoyed. The Russian mafia could have found out already that I was involved. I mean, it was suspicious enough. They had to be coming here if he was that big of a priority. I'd endangered my mother and any member of my family who came for this sham wedding.

Groaning, I covered my eyes and sighed. I heard the faint beeping of the keypad and wondered why my mother was showing him the boathouse already. Instead I only heard his long whistle. "Not rich... right...."

I rolled my eyes and sighed. "Mama gave you the code?"

"Nope, I just pay attention." I could hear him coming closer to me.

"You tracked me?" I pulled one hand from my face to look at him.

"From the second you left the bathroom." He stood over me.

"I thought you were hanging with Mama." I raised an eyebrow at him

"She had bridge." He chuckled as if that thought was hilarious. I bit my lip but his laughter was so infectious I burst into giggles.

"It's not that uncommon...." I shivered as his hand ran across the bottom of the hoodie.

"No sex right?" He kneeled next to me as he pulled up the hem. I gasped as his tongue ran across the bared skin.

"Until tomorrow..." My voice sounded disappointed even to me.

"There's other things we can do..." His tongue dipped into my navel and I writhed.

It amazed me how little things mattered when he touched me. He put me in a haze that distracted me beyond thinking and reason. He unbuttoned my jeans and growled against my skin as their tightness kept his hand from slipping in.

He gripped the waistband and yanked them down. I flustered at the wet spot on my panties. He used his thumb to press the fabric between my lips and grinned as I groaned. I trembled as he began to work my clit in slow circles.

"I like you in this." He reached up to massage my breast through his hoodie. "I like you in my things."

"You like your thing in me." I corrected until he shamelessly added his index finger to trap my clit in a tight pinch causing me to howl.

"I'm being sincere." He watched my hips bounce and caught my hands when I tried to ease his away


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