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Time has let Cathy grow bigger, maybe nicer, so I’m for it.

Sonia's huge tit hung down against Marcus's ribs. The golden brown of her tit against Marcus's chocolate brown torso was delicious. Patty stroked the underside of Sonia's tit and pulled lightly on her swollen nipple. Sonia looked at Patty and smiled happily back at her. After another quick kiss, Patty crawled back over to me and snuggled into my arms. She handed me my drink and she picked up hers.

I was thirsty and the drink tasted good. Patty's free hand was roaming over my body and it felt great. Sonia and Marcus were now sitting up on the couch and Marcus had his arm around Sonia with his hand resting on her gigantic torpedo tit. Marcus looked at us and said, "You're both sure are right. Sonia's tits are magnificent. I love them."

Sonia gave him quick jab in the ribs and we all started laughing. I chimed in, "I knew you'd love 'em. I know I can't get enough of them."

Patty looked at me, then her husband and said, "I know what you mean. I can't get enough of playing with them either."

Marcus and I looked at each other and raised our eye brows. Obviously, we were behind the fun curve versus the ladies. Sonia was smiling and said, "Hey, who wants to try out the hot tub. Patty and I will make drinks and we'll meet you at the tub."

Sonia got up and grabbed Patty's hand and pulled her up. The two girls left the den with their arms around each other's waist. Sonia's tits bounced wildly as the girls skipped out of the room.

I motioned for Marcus to follow me. As we got up, I noticed that Marcus was a really a well built guy and looked good being naked. He had very little hair on his body and a completely shaved pubic area. His big thick cock hung well below his balls and swung heavily side to side. In fact, I wished I was endowed with his physical prowess.

It was a little nippy outside, so I got a robe for each of us. I knew that Sonia would get one for her and Patty for going outside. The hot tub is located in an intimate setting and doesn't have a roof of any kind. It's very romantic being able to gaze directly up at the heavens. The landscape lighting was designed so there was just enough light to see your way to the hot tub, but once your eyes adjusted to the low lighting there is enough light to see anything that goes on.

We met the girls half way to the tub. Sonia handed me a fresh drink and Patty gave Marcus his. The ladies walked in front of us and Sonia got there first. She hung her robe on a hook and sensuously lowered her naked body into the hot steamy water. Patty was right behind her and giggled as she sunk into the water. Marcus took off his robe and started to get in. Sonia stopped him before he could get under the water. She reached out and grabbed his heavy flaccid member and lifted it as if she was weighing it. She looked toward Patty and said, "I know why you love this man. I can't get enough of this cock."

She sucked the tip of Marcus's cock for a moment and then released his hardening cock. Ii made a solid slapping sound as it landed against his thigh. He smiled at the ladies and then sunk into the water between them. I grabbed my drink and lowered myself into the tub next to Patty. Everybody was talking and enjoying the hot bubbling water. There was lots of touching going on and places were changed frequently so that everyone could enjoy someone else. Patty kept sliding next to Sonia so she could play with her gigantic titties. She enjoyed every minute of it.

Sonia stood up and said that she was hot and was going to sit on the side of the tub for a minute. She raised herself out of the water and perched herself on the side of the tub spreading her legs just a bit. Her huge tits hung down against her chest as the water ran from her body. Patty and Marcus couldn't take their eyes from Sonia's massive tits. The sag and wiggle was just right and her nipples are almost constantly hard. The cool evening breeze seemed to make them even bigger and harder.

Patty was the first one to say anything about Sonia's clit ring.

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