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He had really wanted to keep an eye on Aizen and make sure to spoil his plans from the inside. Being the only one who was not affected by Aizen's zanpakuto, he had early on decided that he would have to sacrifice his life as a last resort in case Soul Society hadn't pulled through. After a few nights spent explaining his elaborate plan, Tosen finally managed to get Komamura to stop shouting at him.

Tetsuzaemon Iba, the 7th Division's lieutenant had, during the battle in Karakura Town, developed a stomach ulcer that has recently worsened. Unohana calmly muttered something about worms eating him from the inside out in a voice that any normal person would have used to describe how beautiful the sky looked like. Iba had then fled the relief station and hidden himself as far as possible in the 11th Division barracks from the supposed mild captain. I can't say that I blame him.

Shunsui Kyoraku, my dearest friend, is now courting his lovely Nanao Ise. Somewhere along the line, I once commented that "if only Shunsui could settle down, I'm sure his flirting tendencies would come to a halt." The usually stoic woman had actually blushed and said something about talking to him about it. Not realizing how much of an impact that sentence had made, I was rudely awakened one morning by a screaming Shunsui who was loudly singing off-tune about "him and Nanao-chan" making babies. I highly doubt that will really happen anytime soon, but it is glad to see my good friend happy. I hear that his parents were not that happy with his choice, but after seeing the control Ise had on him, they were begging her to marry him soon. She said something about taking it slow. Oh, well. Patience is a virtue.

The captain of the 9th Division, Kaname Tosen, has been reinstated to his position. After several days of examining him and deciding his explanation was true, he was severely scolded by Yamamoto-Genryusai for not mentioning it to him. His lieutenant, Shuhei Hisagi, is happy the dark-skinned man is back. Now he can relax from the mountains of paperwork.

The 10th Division office has been surprisingly busy. My fellow Shiro-chan has recently being dealing with his friend's obsession with Aizen. Though Kira obviously has a crush on Hinamori, Hitsugaya has officially expressed some sort of sentiment to her in the form of love. At least that's what I believe. I must remember to give him some of the candy from my secret stash.

Not only does Hitsugaya have to deal with Hinamori, but also Matsumoto. The jovial lieutenant that taunted Soul Society with her ample breast, not that it really turns me on, has now been reduced to a tired woman. She is seen sitting by Ichimaru's beside, a permanent figure in the 4th Division room. During one of my check-ups, I overheard Ichimaru ask the woman if she would marry him. I found it hard not to cry when before she could reply, the grinning captain had said he had just been kidding, because he could never deserve her love after his betrayal. I've decided that women really are the stronger sex. If it had been me in her place, well I really shouldn't be thinking about that.

Kenpachi Zaraki, the feared captain of the 11th Division, is now searching for a mother for his lieutenant, Yachiru Kusajishi. I really pity the woman he picks. Rumor has it that his list of candidates does in fact include a certain Retsu Unohana. But then again, most rumors are just lies. I pray that this one is, at least for the lives of whatever poor soul decided that it would be funny.

Kusajishi recently was reprimanded when she had gotten Zaraki lost on his way to a captain's meeting.

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