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"Everything," she said sternly. She spoke with authority, even though she was half my age and a good foot shorter than me. I took a deep breath and dropped my briefs, bare to her eyes with nowhere to hide.

She looked at my dick, staring at it as if her gaze would somehow make it spring to life. I was still too scared, though, to be aroused by this hot young thing. She walked closer to me and extended her arm out, grasping my cock in her petite hand. I gasped sharply, not sure of what to do from here. She began slowly pumping it in her hand, my cock getting stiffer the longer she did it.

"And what did you do with my videos after you went home? Jack off to them?" Her eyes looked like she wanted to kill me, but her lips and what her hand was doing said something quite different.

"Actually, my wife and I would watch them together and fuck like crazy afterwards." She seemed taken back that my wife not only knew of what I was doing but was actively involved in the operation, enjoying the spoils of my ventures as much as I.

My cock was now fully erect in her hand, her fingers struggling to close the circle around my thick girth. She examined it, felt it, looked at it. Wheels were turning in her head, I just know it. I could hear the clicking of cogs in the mind of this seductive young nymph but as lewd and as deprave as my actions were, I love my wife too much to take any action with any girl anywhere, no matter what my own personal feelings on the matter were.

She bent over with an open mouth, and was completely shocked when I stood back, denying her a taste of my hot rod. She still had my cock in her hand and she tried to pull me back into line, and I almost ripped my cock off trying to stand my ground.

"Get your ass over here and fuck my mouth." Her eyes shot bloody daggers at me, figuratively pinning me to the wall behind me. I shook my head, scared as fuck as to how she was going to react to my defiance.

"You have a young teenage slut who you've been peeping at for the last few months ordering you to face-fuck her, and you're saying no?!"

"I love videoing young girls naked but I'm only ever going to fuck my wife."

That did not go down well.

She screamed a loud blood-curdling cry, and I leapt at her, putting my hand over her mouth and waiting for someone to come banging on the door asking if she was alright. Minutes passed and no one visited. I slowly took my hand away.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?!" I whisper-yelled at her.

"You do what I say or the police and your girls both know what you've been doing, and I may even add that you broke into my house and tried to rape me. Your fingerprints are in a few spots around here so they wouldn't need much convincing." Her voice was completely devoid of hesitation or reluctance; she was serious.

Fuck, I thought to myself. Rape was definitely going to happen, but I won't be the perpetrator, I'll be the victim. Seldom do you hear of young hot teenage girls raping peeping toms like me. If I was anyone else, I'd jump at the opportunity of filling this hot young whore's mouth with my cock and shooting my cum deep into her stomach, but I didn't want to betray my marriage vows or the woman to whom I made them. As perverse as I am, I take my vows seriously and I would never commit adultery. Not willingly, anyway.

I realised that I only had one choice and that's to do what I swore I wouldn't do, to cheat on my wife. Neither her nor I nor our children would want me to go to prison for voyeurism so I resigned myself to my fate and moved closer to her.

She smiled, knowing she checkmated me. She knelt down, her mouth only inches away from my cock. I had had a few sexual partners in my life but I have never been forced to have a girl suck me off before; it was a strange feeling, being pleasured against my will. She skirt rose as her knee bent, her white lace panties exposed to my view. I couldn't see them very well but what I saw was hot as fuck. I could see down her top, her perfect tits begging to be touched.


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