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One woman's last night of pleasure.

Feeling the softness of her hips I pressed my open palms down over them, my eyes set on the spot of her arousal. She was so wet for me it looked like she might have peed herself, but the stain was centered clearly over her hidden treasure and the scent was of arousal, not at all an accident.

As I felt her flaring hips, moving my hands down past her mid section and towards her rear, my mind again raced. How did I find myself here, the seducer and the seduced? And why had this been so easy for me? Upon previous first encounters the tension was so thick I could barely function. But here I was cupping her fleshy perfect ass in my hands and seeing the first wisps of her hair covered puss. The scent of her arousal was overwhelming. The scientific debate over human pheromones settled decisively in my mind at that point. I continued to push, gently and slowly exposing her opulent, pleasantly flawed skin to my gaze. I could feel a trickle of saliva escape my open mouth, as her swollen lips came into view.

"I take it, you like what you see," she said calling my uncooperative salivary glands out. "Good, I knew you would be different." She used the index finger of her right hand to collect the little pearl of spittle fro the corner of my mouth. Sexily, without hesitation she accepted me and sucked my juices between her lips.

Dropping her sweats, now freed from the hold of her thighs, she kicked them off her feet. My hands traveled down her legs, her thighs then circled her knees tickling her just enough to cause a slight reaction. With the backside of my hands I gently spread her form her inner thighs, her wetness was smeared on the inside of her legs, thick, viscous and fresh. The first touch of my hands on her soft lips caused a moan that sounded like chorale music to me. As I pushed my hands into a tight vee against the sides of her pussy she opened up to me, thick fluid forming wet bridges between her parting lips. Her vocalizations and slight movements ushering me on, I gently pressed at the apex of her opening. As if on cue her clit appeared, hard and slimy like a little snail, I could swear it winked at me.

Now it was my turn to taste her. With no great speed, yet no hesitation, I pulled my hands from her now pouting opening. Fluid trailing behind them, I wiped her along the front of her legs folded my hands almost into fists and reached around to take two handfuls of flesh in my hands. Gently I pulled her to me, smiling at her one last time before extending the flat of my tongue just above the snail. Her arousal was evident in the extreme; her slime ran from the edge of her navel to about where her knees began. I was thankful she was so wet for me, thankful that she found me as imperfectly perfect as I did her.

Licking the arousal from her hair, I was surprised at the taste. She literally tasted like a light wildflower honey. The female tang was there, but she was sweeter than any woman I had tasted before, and it all came from her. Moving my tongue downward with the grain of her soft down, I swallowed any evidence of her I could catch. As I reached the small peak of her button I backed off slightly, cupping my tongue just out of reach of her bud. My head abuzz with the sensory input of the taste sight and smell of her, I slowly went in for the little death. I rested my forehead on her slightly protruding belly and pressed my nose to her pubic bone, inhaling her glorious scent, then, extending my cupped tongue I had my first taste of her from the source of her fountain.

I could feel her sigh as no sound was able to penetrate the buzzing in my head.

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