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Being caught naked lead to public exhibitionism.

As soon as I let go of her and withdrew my fingers, she turned on her side and curled into a ball. I worried that I had pushed her too far and moved up behind her, pressing my chest to her back, as she struggled to recover.

"Savy... are you okay?"

I watched her delicate hands, clenching into fists.

After a few minutes, she turned and faced me. She reached behind my head and pulled me to her until her tongue parted my lips and thrust against my own.

When she finally broke away from our kiss, her eyes locked onto mine and the corners of her mouth turned slightly up.

"You will do that to me again."

"Oh really?" I teased her.

"Yes. I demand it. But now, I need something different..."

Her voice trailed off and I watched her body as she rose to her hands and knees. I expected her to move over me to her favorite position, but she didn't, she stayed beside me. I took my eyes off of her body just long enough to see her smile devilishly at me. She wiggled her hips, shaking her rear.

I needed no second invitation.

I pushed myself up and crawled behind her. Her butt formed a perfectly shaped heart from her narrow waist around to where her labia was swollen and glistening. I kissed the small of her back, then back and forth I kissed down each of cheeks until my nose was pressed against her wet opening again. I took one last long taste of her wonderful juices, eliciting a low moan from her.

I couldn't wait any longer, though, and positioned myself behind her. I took my member, hard as titanium, in my hand and touched the tip against her lips. She was so wet and ready for me, that without any pressure at all, the head slipped inside. She pushed her hips back before I could even react and half of my shaft was inside her, too.

With one thrust, I was completely enveloped by her. My hips were pressed against her rear and I could feel pressure on the head of my penis as I bottomed out inside her. I had to squeeze around the base of my shaft just to keep from finishing right there.

I took a moment to let my eyes drift along her body. Her long hair hung to either side of her head, leaving her flawless back completely bare. Her skin was an incredible honeyed tan and I could make out just the hint of her breasts peeking out from either side. My hands instinctively went to her svelte waist, pressing my palms against her supple skin and grasping her firmly with my fingers.

I slowly withdrew until I was completely out of her. My erection stuck straight out in front of me and needed no guidance to press against her again. I easily slid back inside, eliciting a groan of approval from both of us as her wetness and tightness encompassed me.

I began rhythmically withdrawing and thrusting back into her, watching myself disappear inside of my Savy. Each time I entered her, she thrust her hips back against me until the flesh of her rear and my hips slapped together.

I wanted her to have her pleasure though. I let go of her hip and reached around her, between her legs, until my finger found her hard little clit. After sliding down to wet my finger on the mixture of her juices and my pre-cum, I pressed my fingertip against her clit.

"Yesssss..." she hissed at me.

I slid my other hand up from her hip and cupped her breast, pressing my palm against her firm nipple, and pulled her up to me until her back was pressed against my chest. Her hair slithered between us and with one shake of her head, much of it flew over my shoulders and cascaded down my back, introducing a new sensation to our lovemaking.

Because of our height difference, I had to move my legs closer together and sit back on my haunches, while she kept her legs outside of mine and rested her rear on my thighs. I hadn't planned it that way, but she suddenly found herself in control again as my thrusting ability was limited in that position. She used her thighs to lift herself up and then drop herself back down onto me.

I locked my lips onto her neck, sucking and gently nibbling.

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