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She does what she must to help pay man's debt.

Alluna could feel his cock tracing the seam of her ass, her own honey trickled down her quivering thighs, her pussy swollen with lust.


Zak wiggled his toes within his black boots, the snug feel of the leather comforting. He still couldn't believe he'd almost killed Seth, had almost shifted into...

He shuddered and cursed his disease. Next to him, Remi snorted.

"It's not a fucking disease."

"My parents were human," Zak snapped. "I was born in southern California on Earth. I'm not supposed to be this. I'm a fucking freak of nature."

"Yeah, I know, Zak-o," Remi sighed as if bored. "You were some fancy-pants rich kid. An only child."

Zak shook his head, taking a deep breath to calm himself. "My father hated me because of..." he glanced down at his hands, remembering how they'd looked scaly and clawed. "My parents were both blond, blue-eyed. They were tall, willowy people. The whole family was. Even before I started working out, I was..." he trailed off, flexing his pectorals as he gazed down at all his muscles.

"Built like a star freighter?" Remi supplied for him.

"Yeah. Even as a kid, I was head and shoulders above all the other kids around my age. My mother was ecstatic over me, but my dad...he hated me." Zak's memories flashed in his mind.

So many times, he tried to make his father proud. He'd taken up playing instruments, the piano, violin, cello and guitar. When that hadn't worked, he'd taken up fencing and would have tried to join the polo team, but the horses were terrified of him. He felt like a freak of nature.

Most boys his age hated him because all the females were drawn like a magnet to him. His first female was turned on by being submissive and Zak discovered the dominant side of his nature.

"Heather was a senator's daughter. She was a spoiled little thing and I fucking got her pregnant. She told me she wanted to run away with me, and I'll admit, I wanted more than anything to just go off with her, far from my father's disapproval and hers."

"Her dad hated you too?"

Zak nodded remembering the looks of cold disdain the silver haired male would cast him when he came to pick Heather up.

"Well, you can't blame the dude. He must've known you were bangin' his little girl," Remi chuckled.

Zak sneered. "His little girl was a little slut. She'd banged half the state, trust me. I'd forgotten how much she liked rape play. I couldn't stomach it, can't even pretend to take a female against their will, so I guess she found someone else to act out her darkest fantasies with. We went to the academy fair together one night. Our school always held this annual fair to raise funds for charity. My band was playing that night. I was on stage when I heard her screams. I took off, running off stage. The little slut was out in the parking lot, in a Sliver Comet transport, her clothes ripped, legs around this asshole jerk who was fucking her like a mad dog." Zak clenched his fists, remembering the smell of aroused pussy and male...of sex.

"You lost it then," Remi said in a low voice next to him. "Your mind saw another man fucking your female and it flipped your switch."

Zak nodded. "Her face was all full of his hand prints. He'd slapped her black and blue, bitten her breasts, but she was loving every minute of it."

"You shifted."

Zak shuddered, remembering the killing rage that had overtaken him back then. "I lost touch with my humanity. There was fire, and I would have crushed the Silver Comet beneath me, but I remember batting it with a...claw. I just started crushing transports beneath my claws, throwing them with my tail, spitting fire on everything. Everyone was running and screaming and then Devon and Anniel were there. I don't remember how, but I was kneeling before Devon, crying. He was holding me, telling me everything was going to be alright and then we were in his Viper"

"He told me the Edenian government wanted you executed."

Zak nodded.

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