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In a remote cabin, Virginia finds she's not alone.

It reminded me of Bambi.

I knocked and entered the Secretarial Suite, my dick pointing nearly straight up.

The room looked like a typical successful businessman's office. Candy Apple was straightening a small stack of papers on a desk, facing away from me.

"Oh, hello, Mr. Ironwood," she said, turning to face me.

She had a perfect fuck-doll's face: simply gorgeous! and black thick-rimmed glasses. Her hair was nearly waist length, straight, and platinum blonde with bangs, its style not unlike the pissing beauty's outside the door. Her smile was intoxicating and she had perfect teeth. Her delicious, sweet, cheap perfume was so a propos that it made me want to fuck, and nut up her immediately and without preamble.

Her body looked like that of a perfect fuck-doll, too. And how enticing it was! wrapped in a pink shimmering material business lady's suit with an obscenely short micro-skirt and thigh-high black fishnets. On her feet were shiny black 6-inch stilettos.

"May I?" I asked, approaching her, my breathing becoming heavy.

"Certainly," she replied, eyeing my hard, yearning, twelve-inch cock with a smile.

I held her slowly against me, her huge breasts pressing into my chest through her starched white shirt. My right hand slid behind her, straight down her skirt and cupped her right buttock, my little finger sliding directly onto her asshole next to her skimpy thong. Exquisite!

"Oh yes," she breathed , as her fingers found my cock and began caressing its hard length. I fed my right hand some KY from a jar on the desk with my left underneath her skirt and applied it to her asshole. She gasped gently as I shoved my second and third fingers immediately deep up her bum.

Her glossy pink lips locked onto mine in a passionate kiss as I fucked her tight butt with the fingers of my right hand.

Presently, I removed my fingers from her ass and turned her around so she was facing away from me. I gave my fingers from up her ass a quick sniff; I could have nutted right then and there just from the sexy subtle aroma, not quite gone though her asshole had been thoroughly cleaned, and the delicious, tight promises of unspeakable pleasure that it held.

"Put your hands on the desk now, please, Miss Apple," I ordered the whore gently. "That's it. Now if you would arch your back as deeply as you can..."

"Please, Mr. Ironwood, call me Candy," she said arching her back, pressing her belly down low, the small of her back creating a shelf, her shapely ass and willing cock-holes pointing up towards me invitingly, her breathing becoming hard.

I thrust my face beneath her micro-skirt, pulled her ass-cheeks wide apart and her skimpy neon-yellow thong to one side, and licked her firmly from cunt to arsehole repeatedly. The juice from her pussy tasted delicious, and was scooped up to her shit-hole by my tongue, lubing her up. I pressed my face hard into her soft, delicious bum, the tip of my nose literally sliding slightly up her asshole. I took a deep breath, held it, and shoved my nose as far up her shit-hole as I could (which was further than you might expect) and nose-fucked the gorgeous girl's gorgeous asshole, meanwhile licking out her dripping cunt. I gripped her plump ass in both my hands and ate her out with fervor.

Then I stood up, applied a big fresh handful of KY onto her asshole and prepared myself for heaven. I pulled her micro-skirt down, revealing the top half of her ass-crack and sexy neon-yellow thong. I placed the two-inch-wide head of my hard dick in the lubed-up crack of her ass, just above her miniskirt, and pushed it in and down, until I could feel the hot, intimate place of the opening of her tight little shit-hole.

"Shove it up my ass!" Candy urged, sounding genuinely horny as hell.

And I pushed forwards.

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