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His first time with another man.

"Hmmm, what?" Carrie asked, as she gazed out the window, eager to get home.

"Nancy Owens," Karen said again. "She needs some sisterly support."

"Why? I don't understand," Carrie replied. "Is something wrong?"

"Wrong? Nooo, not exactly," Karen answered, waggling her hand and giving a rueful smile. "But she is the only female Junior Executive. She is also young and pretty and at the constant beck and call of over a dozen horny Senior Executives and members of the Board of Directors while at work."
Carrie looked at her friend, frowning. "That sounds ... difficult."

"Oh, I think it is, but it's not the sex ... well that is part of it, of course ... it's the fact that her work is just as important and valuable to the company as Sam and Gary's work is. No different than the work of the other male Junior Executives. She really is extremely competent, smart, tough and hard-working, but she has many more side duties to attend to than do our husbands and the other Junior Executives with whom she is competing for promotion."

"That doesn't seem fair," Carrie said, warming to Nancy's defense.

"It's not," Karen replied. "And it's not like the Senior Executives do not enjoy the occasional blowjob from one of their male subordinates but those times are generally not terribly often. It's generally to make a point or because he missed a sales quota m or something. Nancy, on the other hand, every day at work is in at least one executive office on her knees or bent over a desk. I'm not generally interested in doing something that would harm my husband's career, none of us ladies are, but at the same time we want to support Nancy even though she can be a bit of a bitch sometimes."

Carrie frowned as she tried to follow along.

Karen could remember her ride back home after he first working weekend with Gary and she recalled all the thoughts and emotions that had been swirling around in her mind. She could see that Carrie was distracted and only partially paying attention.

"I am sorry, we do not have to talk about this now, Carrie," Karen apologized, patting the younger woman's knee. "You need to concentrate on Sam tonight. Gary had a difficult time with The Arrangement at first. I should have paid more attention to him after the first few times I was called out and it caused us some distress."

Carrie looked at her friend, her brow furrowed with concern about Sam.

"I know that you had a good time this weekend. Girl to girl, I can tell when one of the wives is faking it, and you were NOT faking anything. You are wonderful to work with," Karen said to Carrie with a warm smile. "Just make sure that you and Sam talk, and make sure that he is completely confident that he still has your heart and your love."

"Oh, definitely he does," Carrie said automatically.

"Well, I know that, but men are ... sometimes more delicate than they like to admit," Karen said and Carrie gave a rueful laugh in agreement.

"How did you and Gary work things out ... was there a problem?" Carrie asked. "I don't want to pry, but ... you know, I would appreciate any advice you can share."

"Well, his first experience - similar to Sam - involved some male on male activity. You heard Mr. Parsons brag about it last night," Karen replied. "I think a part of him enjoyed it, and it bothered him quite a lot. It was important for us to talk through that and for me to remind him that he was quite heterosexual - and that I still loved him to the ends of the earth."

Karen tucked one elegant leg under the other and smoothed the skirt on her thighs. Her expression was pensive. "I should have done more to make him understand that he was the number one man in my life and always will be, even though he now had to share my body with his bosses and a few select clients."

Carrie nodded thoughtfully.

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