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CeCe learns from sexy step-dad just what she likes.

"Good," he said as a smile crossed his face. He unzipped his tight pants and started them over his hips. "Undress me slave."

"Yes sir." My fingers trembled as I pulled his pants and underwear down his strong muscular legs. My hands grazed his taught skin and goose bumps covered my body. I may have been new to besexuality but my body was all in and my mind was close behind.

Dan stepped out of his pants and waited for me to stand up. I pulled his shirt over his head and looked at his naked body. I had never looked at another man sexually before. I had always considered the male form as unattractive but as my eyes soaked in his body I realized that a man's body, while different and less sensuous than a woman's, was not unappealing. "You may explore my pet," he said softly. "Get comfortable with my body because tonight you will experience all that it has to offer."

I reached out and touched his smooth chest. It was clear that he worked out a lot and his entire body was shaved smooth. I was thankful that he was hairless as the feel of his skin was more erotic than I could have imagined. My fingers caressed his chest and touched his small nipples making his breathing quicken. My cock grew hard inside the lose confines of my boxers as I explored a man's body for the first time in my life.

Dan stood silent as I got accustomed to touching him. He was much more gentle than I had imagined he would be and I was greatful for his calm easy manner. His eyes drew my attention to his hard cock and I knew immediately what he wanted. My fingers slithered down his taught body and touched his cock.

I had never given a thought to touching another man's cock and I was surprised at how different it was than touching my own. It was long but not especially thick and the skin was impossibly soft despite its granite core. I squeezed it tight and Dan moaned softly.

His reaction to my touch gave me the confidence and encouragement to proceed. I touched his heavy balls with my left hand as my right started to stroke his long shaft.

"On your knees slave," he said firmly.

I sank to my knees without hesitation as I continued to stroke his big cock. I looked up into his soft brown eyes with a pleading expression. I had never sucked cock but I wanted his as badly as I had ever wanted any woman.

Dan nodded.

My lips approached his cock with surprising enthusiasm. I saw a small pearl of precum on the tip of his dick and l licked it off tasting his essence. I moaned softly as the salty flavor filled my mouth. It was not what I had expected. It was better. It was delicious and I wanted more. I opened my mouth wide and wrapped my lips around his long cock.

Dan grabbed my head firmly and started to move his hips slowly forward and back. I knew my initiation period was coming to an end and soon he was pushing his hard cock down my throat.

I felt his head touch the back of my throat and I relaxed letting the entire length of his long rod disappear inside me.

He fucked my mouth with smooth steady strokes as tears streamed down my face. His pelvis bounced off my nose with each powerful thrust and I felt oddly wanton and empowered.

"That's a good slut," he said sternly as he fucked my mouth hard and fast. "You love cock don't you bitch?"

I moaned loudly around his shaft letting him know that I adored his big dick. My jaw ached and my lips were numb when he pulled his dripping rod from my well fucked mouth.

"Get on the bed slut and put your ass in the air," Dan ordered as he grabbed a small tube of lube from a table beside the bed. He climbed onto the bed behind me and poured lube over my exposed asshole.

My body shuddered in anticipation of what was to come. I had never dreamed I would let a man fuck me never mind that I would be hard with excitement at the prospect but I was. I moaned softly as he penetrated my ass with a finger. He fucked my ass slowly with a single digit and the sensation was incredible.

"You like that don't you slut?" Dan teased as he fingered my ass.

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