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Sheri takes on a new slave.

"I'm OK, too!" she would yell. Though she knew her own words were somewhat mangled by the trauma her tongue had experienced and the weight of the chain attaching her new piercing to the thick leather hood. "Keep your strength, Piper! Don't worry about me!"

Her handlers never did anything to prevent her from these communications, but as soon as they were done spritzing her mouth and, perhaps, toweling Maisie's bald head and the sweaty interior of the leather hood, they would efficiently repackage Maisie as she had been before and swing her cage back out into the void.

After the first "watering", as Maisie now thought of it, she noticed, through squinted eyes, that her Dirt Room handlers had sound reducing ear muffs strategically mounted on their heads. As soon as Piper's humming song went unanswered, Maisie could hear Piper become angry and the tones would grow until they reached an inhumanly loud scream - shrill and jagged. Maisie's own hood had ear cups that protected her from Piper's vocal attack, and she would shake with laughter, proud of the strength of her lover's spirit.

Now, though, Maisie had simply been chained to a padded seat in the small gym. Not only was the climbing machine in the room, but also the moving floor thing on which they made her run, a massage table, and other strange and torturous looking machines with handles and pedals to pull and push. One wall was covered in mirrors allowing Maisie to see her head for the first time since her hair had been taken. An even sheen of stubble already covered her head. Her face was splotchy from being squeezed in the hood and her naked body was smudged with dirt and streaks of sweat. She could use a shower. On the other hand, she looked kind of bad-ass!

One of the Dirt Room girls sat down in front of her and held out a nozzle for Maisie to suck on. She was not particularly happy to be fed in this manner, but she was completely starving after such an interminable time trapped in the small cage and brain-baked in the suffocating leather hood. She eagerly wrapped her lips around the nozzle and the Dirt Room girl squeezed some kind of mush into her mouth. It was thick and mostly tasteless, but supposedly, it would fill her up and give her energy.

"You must eat it," the Dirt Room girl said as Maisie began to get full. She did not fight when more was squeezed into her mouth across her swollen tongue.

"I didn't even realize you could talk," Maisie said after quickly swallowing. "I thought maybe you all had your brain cells beaten out of you. Read any good books lately?"

The Dirt Room girl said, "I have not read." Her head flinched briefly and then she resumed feeding Maisie.

"Well, I recommend reading, if you have the chance. You could learn about all the better things in life than torturing innocent women in the darkness of an underground dungeon."

"You have it easy," the Dirt Room girl said.

Shortly after the food was gone, a second Dirt Room girl arrived and set a chair behind Maisie. She had brought in a tray with shaving equipment. Maisie tested the security of her wrist cuff as she looked longingly at the straight razor.

"Maybe you could clip this stupid chain off this tongue ring," Maisie said as the woman behind her began to lather up her head with shaving cream. "It's causing me to drool a lot and it's really bringing down my new look."

"Chains are your friend," Dirt Room girl number one said.

"Ha. Funny. Chains are my friends?" Maisie said.

"Restriction over amputation."

"Oh." Maisie decided she had no more to say.

After they had finished shaving her head, they rubbed an ointment into her scalp and used a towel to polish her head until it was almost shiney. When Maisie looked in the mirror at her hairless appearance, she felt more alien than bad-ass.

The two Dirt Room girls unlocked Maisie from the chair and moved her to the massage table, where they spent time strapping her down securely.

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