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His life in the world of fetish.

You laugh under your breath and kiss my neck, and in response I relax a little because I think this means you will continue.

"All you had to do was ask, and you couldn't even do that" you tell me "I would have given it to you too; made you cum with my fingers, or however you wanted, and probably more then once. But now you don't really have that option"

I don't fully understand what you mean, but I can suddenly feel your muscles tighten as you move into action.

Your hand moves away from my throbbing pussy and down, cupping my thigh. You swiftly scoop me into your arms, pulling me out of the chair, and awkwardly pinning me against your chest.

"What?" I try to ask, but you're not even listening anymore. You start walking out of the room and down the hall.

"Let me down!" I demand, trying to disentangle myself from your arms

You step into our bedroom, and dump me unceremoniously onto the bed.

"God. What's wrong with you?!" I demand, yet you refuse to even answer me

You quickly drop your self down on top of me, pinning me to the bed with your weight. When I reach up to push you off of me, you roughly grab my wrists, your fingers biting into the skin. You push my arms above me, pulling them straight and stretching me out beneath you. Switching my wrists into one hand, your other one pulls my legs apart, and you position yourself between them. I struggle to free my hands from you but can't, and the fitful sounds I'm making only make you squeeze my wrists tighter. Your free hand is working at your belt and pants, roughly tearing at the buckle and zipper. You even pop a button in your haste, but don't seem to notice in the rush of the moment. You finally get your pants undone, pushing them down to your knees. Your cock is now free of the tick material and you sigh under your breath as you feel that relief.

Between the frustration of last night and the thoughts that came with it, and the feeling of my wet pussy in the other room, your cock is nearly hard. But it's the smell of my pussy in the air and the feeling of me pinned beneath you which bring you to a full erection. You hold yourself in your free hand while you use your legs to spread mine further apart.

Switching to using your fingers to spread my pussy, the head of your cock easily slips inside my moist hole. With just the tip of you inside me, you revel in the feeling of how hot and wet I am. You can feel me wrap around you and notice how tight I am, and how you can just make out my heart beat through the walls of my pussy. They're coming on quickly. Your free hand now moves to my leg and pulls one up. Grabbing and holding my knee painfully in your hand, you spreading my legs roughly apart, giving you better access to my pussy. You lean forward, pressing your chest against mine. Lying directly on top of me, you use your full weight to hold me down. My wrists are burning under the pressure of your fingers, and my pussy is burning around the width of your cock. You still only have the tip of your cock inside me, and you slowly trust it in and out of my wet pussy.

"God, you feel good" You tell me "You're SO wet, so I know you want it. Just tell me and I'll give it to you."

You receive no response, but the throbbing in your cock has increased as you tease yourself in my pussy, slowly thrusting the tip of you in and out of me.

As you lie on top of me, you can feel my hard nipples through the thin robe, and you ache to hold one in your mouth.

Letting go of my one leg, you pull your chest off of me and reach for the belt of my robe.

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