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Bobby tells Lisa about him and Buddy.

Not wanting to look weak i carry them and place them at the side of the bench, place my towel down and straddle the bench, i reach for my dumbells, lie down and begin my work out every time i take a breath out take a slow glance over Andrews way to see if he checks me out, at least this way i would know if he's interested once and for all.

As i peered over to him i was left stunned and mesmerised as he turns round and starts running his fingers through his hair, i was jealous of his fingers at that point and felt myself starting to get aroused, as he reaches down his back he pulls on his T-shirt lifting it up revealing his ripped body and perfect chest with a tattoo on one of his pecs.

Wow, I like him even more now I've seen this on him, he tucks his T-shirt into his shorts, adjusting the band which appears to be his jock strap then turns around and stands there flexing his muscles checking him self out, tensing his biceps, tensing his abdominal muscles.

Ok this was getting too much, i need to stop being distracted by this guy i continue my work out...

After a hour and a half of various work outs i get up, pick up my towel and proceed to the changing rooms leaving Andrew behind to continue his work out!

As I start to undo my shoe laces I hear the door to the changing room go and someone exhale, I don't look up and continue what I was doing, I slip off my shoe, remove my shorts and tank top and put them into my locker and throw my towel around my waist and head towards the showers.

I begin to turn on the shower letting it get all steamy, I bend over, reach under my towel and slowly take off my jockstrap , as I start to stand up there in front of me was stood Andrew, he was completely naked from head to toe with only a towel and shower gel in his hands.

His cock was just staring me in the face and he began to speak, "Hi I'm Andrew, I've seen you in here quite a bit and just wanted to tell you that you have an amazing body, you must really yourself hard to look as good as you do"

I stand up straight and just look at him smiling at me, I can't help but go red with embarrassment, as I tried to talk I just stand there scoffing, the words not coming out, "thank you, you too! Sorry hi I'm Kris."

As I start to turn away from him to head in the shower he says in such a sultry tone "hi Kris, can I join you?"

WHAT?! I hear my subconscious scream at me.

With that he placed his hand firmly against my chest and forced me into the shower cubicle, he eyes staring into mine making me compelled to do as he so desired, he forces me down onto my knees, the water pouring over his head down his stomach and onto my face, I'm now eye level with his cock and without hesitation I take it in my mouth and begin to suck him hard, I didn't care if this was a one off or the beginning of something new but I was going to suck him until he cum in my mouth and until his balls were dry.

His cock was big and long and he made me gag as he thrust his meat into my mouth, I felt like I had been let loose in a sweet shop and his was the best candy if ever eaten, I sucked on it like it was an everlasting gobstopper.

He tilted his head back with enjoyment the water running through his hair and down his back, his arms out showing off his built torso and defined abs, I grab hold of his bum and start to massage his cheeks getting barely a hand full of his rock hard buns in my palm, god these were some buns of steel.

I start to lick his balls putting them into my mouth and sucking on them nibbling on the skin that protects them before putting them in my mouth for a suck, I stand up licking his body as I go along the side of his ribs and up towards his armpit, I take a smell and inhale his musky, manly sweaty aroma. The scent of him was intoxicating, it was driving me wild.

I reach for his mouth, biting his bottom lip a few times as my fingers run through his golden hair and down his face stroking the stubble, with that he pushes me

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