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Wife continues work at open-minded clinic.

Take some of the butter and lube up my dick." She dipped her fingers in the melted butter and smeared it all over the fabulous cock until it glistened in the candlelight. "Now put it inside you. I want you to put it all the way in and sit on it while you eat the lobster. I want to fill you up while we dine."

She shifted slightly in her seat, slipped the soaked panties to the side again, and inserted the dildo deep inside her. "Oh that feels good!" she thought. She moved the panties back into position to keep the cock inside her, feeling its fullness and hardness fill her hot channel.

As she ate her lobster, she could feel his cock inside her. Every time she moved to reach for the butter, or to crack a part of the shell, or to pull the meat out, she felt her wet pussy sliding around on his buttered pole. It was, needless to say, the best lobster she had ever had.
Finally, the waiter came back and brought dessert, and another note. She looked at the dessert, a rich creamy cheesecake in a puddle of chocolate sauce. It looked sinfully delicious. She opened the latest note. "It's time for you to eat your dessert. If I were there, I'd eat YOU for dessert. But I also want you to participate in our fantasy, not just let it happen to you. So as you eat your dessert, imagine I am there and what you would do to me."

She thought about it for a minute, then knew exactly what she'd do. She pulled her panties aside again, pulled out his fake cock, and set it on the booth seat next to her. She imagined him sitting there, and she had just reached below the table, unzipped his pants, and released the real thing, which sprung from his pants ready for action. She would reach up to her dessert and scoop up some chocolate sauce and smear it all over his cock. Then, while she calmly ate her dessert with her left hand, she would jerk him off with her right. As she pumped his turgid tool, she would feel the chocolate sliding up and down as a lubricant, coating his cock and dripping onto his balls.

As she pumped, she would watch his face, telling him that HE would have to keep a straight face this time. As his own orgasm approached, she would feel his balls tighten and his cock harden even further.

As he came, she would squeeze him just enough to keep the white, hot, sticky cum from spurting everywhere. As the salty fluid erupted, it flowed down across her hand and mixed with the chocolate as she continued to stroke him. As his orgasm subsided, she would look him straight in the eyes, bring her chocolate and cum coated hand up and lick it clean. To cool him off a little, she would take a napkin, dip it in her glass of ice water, and clean up his subsiding erection. When he was all clean, she would tuck him back in his pants, zip him up, and smile. "How was that?" she would say.

As she played this scenario in her mind, she acted it out on his dildo. The only thing wrong was it didn't come, or get soft. But she did clean it up and put it back in its package, along with the notes she had received.

The waiter came back a last time. "Did you enjoy your meal, madame?"

"Very much so, thank you."

"The check was already taken care of, so you are requested to meet your limousine out front."

"Thank you."

She got up and went to the ladies room, where she peed and wiped away some of the juices that had been freely flowing from her pussy all evening. She adjusted her panties, cinched up her coat, and went outside to meet the limo.

The driver was waiting for her and tipped his hat as he opened the door for her to get in. On the seat was another note. As the limo drove away, she began to read this one.

"I hope you enjoyed our dinner. I wish I could have been there. I know you've had a long week, so now we'll go home and relax a little."

The limo pulled up to her house, and the chauffeur pulled her bags out of the trunk, along with the bags of gifts from the "toy" store and whatever he got on the second stop. He brought the bags in and placed them in the foyer.

"Ma'am, my job is done.

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