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She finds new ways to satisfy her desperate needs.

Holding firmly onto the shorts he tugged them down, smiling as her pert little bottom popped out of them. Pushing the shorts down to her knees his hands travelled back up to her panties, tracing her slit through the lacy covering, lightly scratching her lips.

Susan found Tom was deliberately teasing her pussy, lightly goading it, encouraging it to awaken and prepare itself for what was to come. She groaned quietly to herself as she found her body responding despite her personal preferences. Those tantalising touches were already making her wet and she could feel the heat rising within her.

Leaving her pussy for a while, Tom moved his hands up under Susan's shirt, feeling for and finding her bra. Deft fingers unsnapped the hook, releasing her breasts from confinement and letting Tom have free access, which he was quick to follow up.

Cupping Susan's breasts and squeezing them while his thumbs rolled lightly over her nipples, Tom pulled Susan slightly towards him so that she could feel his erection pressing through his shorts and against her bottom.

An insistent pressure against her buttocks informed Susan that Tom was fully erect and eager for battle. He was holding her firmly against his erection, letting her feel the size and power of it, causing her lips to swell as her pussy reacted in anticipation. Then he was sliding his hands back down from her breasts, hooking onto her panties and drawing them down, leaving her fully exposed to him.

Tom now started playing with Susan's naked pussy in earnest, stoking and squeezing, moving his finger in between her lips and teasing her inside, trailing a finger along inside her until it reached her clitoris. Susan shuddered as Tom rubbed his finger against her clitoris, hating the way her body burst into clamorous life at that touch, but unable to deny the pleasure it gave her. Then his fingers drifted back out but not leaving her completely. They stayed just at the edge of her lips, holding them slightly apart.

Dropping his own trousers now, Tom was finally satisfied that Susan was in the right condition to accept him. Moving forward he placed the head of his cock against her swollen lips and started pushing. He could hear Susan protesting the invasion of her body, but that was irrelevant to him. Steadily pushing he plunged his cock deeper and deeper into Susan slippery tube, feeling it swell and stretch to take him.

Feeling Tom now fully invading her body, Susan tried one last protest, asking him to stop but being ignored as she had expected. Resigned all she could do was let him enter, feeling herself adjust internally to meet this massive invader. "If," she fumed, "I'm going to be raped, why can't it be by someone with a small prick? This thing feels a foot long and four inches wide." An exaggeration, she knew, but she was used to her boyfriend's cock, not this one.

Happy that he was entering Susan easily and fully, Tom settled down to take his pleasure. "First things, first," he thought, and pushed Susan's shirt and bra up as far as he could. He enjoyed watching a girls breasts sway as he pounded her from behind. Now that he was set he placed a hand either side of Susan's hips to help hold her steady and started to move within her.

Susan felt Tom clamp his hands upon her hips, holding her steady while he slowly withdrew until the head of his cock was barely within her, before surging firmly home again. He wasn't trying to hurt her with hard and heavy strokes she realised, but just enjoying himself with nice firm strokes that rasped against her all the way in and then slowly dragged against her on the way out. Despite herself, she couldn't stop her body reacting to the pleasurable pounding, feeling her bottom rise slightly to facilitate access on the way in, feeling it drop and hold to retard his exit.

Enjoying the feeling of his mating with this woman, Tom was taking his time.

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