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' I guess that I like the tentacle-type images because I am completely unable to even attempt all this simultaneously Myself without the use of various tools or toys or implements. Then there are those images where the tentacles or tentacle-like things spew an inhuman semen, which certainly must be a major humiliation for the girls in the images. Does that help you to understand, little one?"

"A little, Master." she kissed My cheek briefly. "Thank You, Master."

As I lay in bed that night, watching as she undressed in the moonlight filtering through the window, I thought again of the tentacle-sex conversation at the aquarium. It set some ideas rolling in My mind, which were still fighting for My attention when my beautiful loving slave slid down upon Me and then lay upon My chest, keeping Me buried within her wonderful wet warmth.

W/we kissed, long and slow, as she gently squeezed her muscles around My shaft. When the kiss finally ended, she buried her face in My neck, sighing contentedly as I stroked her back and squeezed her ass.

"If I were to suddenly grow dozens of tentacles," I asked, "what would you want Me to do with you?"

she did not even hesitate. "Ravish me, Master." her kiss to My neck accentuated her brief response.

In My mind's eye, I imagined a dozen tentacles emerging from each arm and leg, slowly growing and softly caressing her nude skin. she at first did not seem to notice anything unusual at the countless touches upon her backside as My hands wrapped around her waist. she squeezed her muscles around My hardness once again, another soft sigh escaping her lips.

With a gasp, she suddenly realized that something was very, very, VERY amiss. she quickly rose to her knees, straddling Me and looked down to see all the tentacles reaching for her.

she froze, remaining rigid as I impaled her. her trembling was almost imperceptible, but I could feel it nonetheless, primarily as she trembled around My erection. Yet the tentacles continued to grow, wrapping around her body. Even in the near-darkness, the black of the thin, powerful tentacles made a stark contrast with her near-albino skin.

"Master?" her voice was shaky, unsure, yet the trust was still unmistakable to My ears. "Is this really happening, Master?"

"Yes, little one, it is." One of My tentacles briefly touched her tightest opening, eliciting a loud gasp of surprise. "It definitely is."

The many tentacles surrounding her torso tightened and squeezed, forcing the breath from her lungs. Other tentacles secured her limbs and together worked to lift her into the air, looking down at Me, her hair falling down around her face like a curtain. The expression of surprise was unmistakable, an instant classic. I could feel her chest fighting to expand, to draw in additional air despite the tightness of the tentacles around her. Panic suddenly took hold of her mind, and she began to struggle, fighting to reach her chest to yank away the confining tentacles.

"Good," I half-whispered up to her. "Struggle for Me. Fight Me."

I watched My slave squirm as best as she could, her breathing becoming louder and more labored. I specifically loosened the tentacles around her chest, allowing her breasts to sway unfettered and enjoying their mesmerizing motion. Yet the tentacles securing her arms and her legs remained rigid, refusing to allow her more than a few scant inches of motion.

"So beautiful," I half-whispered again. "So vulnerable."

"Please, Master..." her pleading was a minor surprise, but I was unsure if she was pleading for release or for release.

With purposeful brutality, a thin tentacle forced its way between her legs, eliciting a loud scream of surprise and pain.

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