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Ruth took Bert to her room. As soon as he saw the pink walls, the lacy bedspread, and all of the stuffed animals on her dresser, he started laughing. She poked him in the side. "Stop."

Bert grinned. "I'm sorry, but I wasn't expecting a little girl's room."

Ruth took Bert's head in her hands and kissed him. "I'm not a little girl anymore."

Bert put his hand on Ruth's blouse and squeezed. "So I've noticed."

Ruth grinned and playfully slapped Bert's hand away. "You're bad."

Bert sat down on the bed and pulled Ruth down with him. "I've always wanted to kiss a little girl." He kisses her, and she playfully struggles. Soon, they're lying on the bed next to each other, kissing.

Diane came into her sister's room. "Oops. I didn't mean to interrupt, but lunch is ready."

Ruth threw a pillow at her sister. "Tell mom we'll be there in a minute."

Diane grinned and pulled the door shut behind her.

Bert sat up on the bed. "Before we eat, I'd like to ask you something."

Ruth sat up next to Bert. "What is it?"

Bert knelt down on the floor in front of the bed and looked up into Ruth's lovely face. "Ruth, will you marry me?"

Ruth sat silently for a while before she whispered, "Do I have to answer now?"

Bert hung his head. "No, but I was hoping you'd say yes."

Ruth pulled Bert up and kissed him. "Bert, I love you. I just need to think about it, ok."

Before Bert could answer, they heard Diane shouting, "Mom, Dad, Bert just asked Ruth to marry him!"

Ruth's face turned scarlet.

Bert laughed.

Ruth punched Bert in the chest, hard. "Why are you laughing? I've never been so embarrassed."

Bert laughed harder. "I know. I've never seen your face so red."

Ruth pushed Bert out of the way and went to the bathroom to compose herself. By the time Bert got up and made his way to the dining room, George, Karen, and Diane were already seated. He sat down, and Ruth joined them a few minutes later. No one said a word through the meal, although Diane grinned from ear to ear while she ate.

After lunch, Karen, Ruth, and Diane cleared the table.

George and Bert went into the living room. "I'm sorry about Diane. I'm sure Ruth wanted to tell us the good news. Ruth talks about you all the time, and I can see what a fine young man you are. Welcome to the family." George put his hand out.

Bert's face reddened as he shook George's hand. "Thank you George, but um, Ruth hasn't said yes yet."

George hugged Bert and slapped his back. "Don't worry, I know my little girl. She'll say yes, and I know you'll make her happy."

In the kitchen, Karen hugged Ruth as soon as she put the dishes on the counter. "Congratulations. He seems like a nice young man."

Diane grinned. "Way to go, sis."

Ruth trembled.

Karen felt Ruth shaking. "What's wrong, honey?"

Ruth put her head on her mom's shoulder and cried.

Karen rubbed Ruth's back. Diane came over and hugged her sister with her mom until she stopped crying

Ruth looked up at her mom. "I don't know if I want to marry him."

Diane rubbed Ruth's back with their hands while Karen held her.

Diane whispered, "Ruth, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to listen, and I was so happy for you when I heard Bert propose. Don't take it out on him."

Karen stared at her daughter. "Diane, this isn't about you and what you did, bad as it was." She kissed Ruth on the forehead. "Honey, it's your decision."

Ruth smiled. "Thanks mom. I knew you'd understand."

Karen hugged Ruth and they put the dishes in the dishwasher.

Ruth turned to her mom. "Mom, can I, um, sleep with Bert tonight?"

Diane snickered.

Karen turned and glared at Diane. "Go wipe the dining room table, now!"

Diane giggled as she picked up a cloth and left the kitchen.

Karen hugged Ruth. "I understand what you're asking, honey. Yes, you can sleep in the guestroom with Bert while he's here. I'm sure you have a lot to talk about."

Ruth hugged her mom. "Thanks mom. You're the best."

Ruth went into the living room and kissed Bert. "I hope daddy hasn't hurt you too much."

Bert grinned. "No, we've been talking about geophysics."

Ruth frowned.

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