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Her father was younger than most of her friend's by about 5 years and he still swam and played soccer regularly which meant that he was in quite good shape. Some of her friends had even commented on how good looking he was, much to her disgust at the time. But looking at him objectively now, she could see what they meant as she took in his rugged face and well-built chest. As her eyes traveled further down his body, they widened in surprise when she saw the size of his penis clasped within his hand. It was quite thick and long and she hadn't seen one like it before.

The last cock she had seen was Pete's the day she had given him a blow job. But she hadn't seen him much at all lately, since Cindy and Megan had turned her on in new ways.

But now, looking at her father's engorged organ as he pumped his hand up and down it, she realised that although she was having an awesome time with the girls, there was still room for the attraction of a nice cock.

She watched mesmerized as her father's hand moved up and down the length of his shaft, wanking himself off. The light from the window glistened off a drop of pre-cum formed at the tip of his penis and Vanessa fondly remembered licking just such a drop from the end of Pete's cock. Her hand found its way down to her pussy and she rubbed gently at it as she continued to watch the action unfolding before her.

She saw her father's other hand rubbing his tummy and noticed him hunching over slightly, tensing for the moment of release. Vanessa rubbed at her clitoris as she saw her father quickly grab a handful of tissues and hold them before him as he climaxed, grunting with the release. She realised that she'd been holding her breath and released it slowly, disappointed that she hadn't managed to see the cum spurt from the end of her father's cock.

Phil deposited the tissues in the bin in the corner of the room, flipped the magazine back into the drawer and put his pants back on before heading to the bathroom to wash his hands. Having cleaned up, he made his way back out side to return to work.

As the car pulled out of the drive way, Vanessa heard Megan call out to ask where she was.

"In Mum and Dad's room!" she yelled back, moving over to her father's table to check out the magazine that he'd been looking at.

"What happened? And what's that?" Megan asked in quick succession upon entering the room. Vanessa showed her sister the magazine that she was flicking through. It seemed to have a theme running through it. Young looking girls dressed up in fake school uniforms which quickly disappeared to reveal naked girls. Whilst they flicked through the pages, admiring the bodies, commenting on what they did and didn't like, Vanessa told Megan about where she had hidden and what she had seen.

Megan was grossed out when she started telling about seeing their dad taking his pants off, but as Vanessa had become fascinated, so Megan became with her recounting of the story. Particularly as she could see the sparkle in Vanessa's eye that told how much she had enjoyed the sight.

As they finished looking at the magazine, Megan reached down to fondle Vanessa's breasts, telling her that they really hadn't finished what they had started.

"Well then, I guess I should resume the position," replied Vanessa, rolling over on the bed to get up on her hands and knees and waggling her arse at Megan.

Megan giggled at the sight of her little sister waiting in such a position and slapped her arse as she ran from the room to get the things that she'd removed the first time, telling her "not to move a muscle!"

Megan commenced re-tying Vanessa to the bed as she had started to previously. First she tied each hand to a bed post, just enough so that she couldn't bring them together, but close enough that she could use them to support her weight if she desired.

She then took a stocking and tied it around Vanessa's left leg at the bottom of her thigh, just above the knee.

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