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Trish and Rob's wedding day - and night.

She struggled against Rosie's grip, but her strength was gone again, before too long. She felt the cold metal of some handcuffs clicking shut around her wrists, and looked down for a moment to see that Christine had cuffed them to the base of the machine, reducing her ability to use them.

Now unable to escape, Willow's eyes began to fill with tears as she was once again forced through another, even more intense orgasm - one that caused her to pass out for a few seconds.

Carefully, Rosie and Christine helped her off the Sybian and onto the nearby couch. Christine sat next to her and tenderly stroked her hair, while Rosie packed away the Sybian.

"You did well there, Willow," Christine whispered to her. "You see? Just a little more effort, and you can achieve even greater pleasure."

Willow was too tired and broken to answer.

The rest of the night was fairly quiet. The girls ordered their pizzas and, once they arrived, sat down to watch a movie together. Willow didn't really focus on what was going on, and just ate her pizza in silence. The movie was a cheap comedy movie, but it had Christine and Rosie laughing hysterically. They barely acknowledged the girl on the couch, crying silently into a pillow.

Eventually, though, the movie ended, and the girls all stood up and stretched.

"Time for an early night, I think!" Rosie suggested. "Lots to do tomorrow!"

"Agreed," Christine responded. She took Willow by the hand and led her to her room, while Rosie began to turn the lights off and lock up. To her relief, she wasn't tied to the bed, but instead given a warm hug and a big kiss on the lips by her former friend.

"Goodnight, lovely!" she cooed, closing the door and locking it.

It was a few hours before Willow felt it was safe to retrieve her phone. She turned out the lights in her room, in the hopes that the girls would think she had gone straight to sleep, and at the same time allowing her to keep an eye out for when the hall light was off. She listened for the footsteps of the girls as they showered, nattered and tidied up. Eventually, the light went out, and she heard the sounds of the doors opening and closing, giving her an assurance that they were in their rooms and would not be coming to check on her.

As quiet as a mouse, Willow climbed out of bed, crept over to the corner where she had left her shoes and rummaged for them. She found the heavier one, and fumbled for the compartment in the dark. Finally, she got it open, slid her phone out and carried it back to the bed.

Hiding the phone under the covers in case someone walked in, she turned it on.

Once it was on, Willow could see the time: 23:19. She opened Safari and searched through her History until she found the link she was looking for. Opening it, she was redirected to a chat. She began to type a message:

"I'm here."

After a few minutes, the person on the other side wrote a response.

"Thank God. I thought you'd been tied up again."

"No. Luckily it was my former friend who put me to bed this time."

"You all right?"

Willow's fingers were shaking so much as she typed the next response.


"What did they do?"

"Ignored my limits again. And forced me to take a cold bath."



This was one of many conversations that Willow had had with this person over the last few months.

Shortly after her subjugation, she had learned about the Dark Net - the terrifying crawl space of the internet where buying drugs was probably the tamest thing you could find. To many people who have ever been introduced to it, most of the stories that people tell about the Dark Net would have them running from their computer without even downloading the required browser.

But not Willow.

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