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Oh a Night to remember.

There's something so "out there" about a cock. It's insistent, demanding. It makes its presence known -- sometimes, according to the men I've known, at the most inopportune times. Still, I've wondered. Not wished, not wanted, not in the Freudian sense of envying a man his appendage, no... But I have wondered.

I recently had a dream that went a long way toward easing that curiosity...

I was making out with Cordelia. You Buffy fans will know who I'm talking about immediately. For those of you who aren't, Cordelia's real name is Charisma Carpenter. She's incredibly, stunningly beautiful. (Google is your friend!)

We were on a train, I think, something that rocked back and forth as we kissed on a mattress on the floor. At first, I was licking her through her panties (did you know Cordy's smooth? It was a wonderful discovery...) but she kept begging me to fuck her.

I thought she meant with my fingers, so I shoved her panties aside and began to finger her as I tongued her pussy. She moaned and thrust back, but she continued to beg, "God, please! Fuck me! I need your cock!"



I actually looked down in my dream to check... and to my surprise, I had one! It wasn't real (at least, not at first.) It was a black dildo in a leather harness. Who was I to say no to Cordy?

She sat up to tug her panties off, and she hungrily grabbed hold of my cock. (My cock?! It still felt strange to me...) I've never understood the point of watching a woman suck on a dildo. I imagine for men, it's the power of suggestion, but as a woman, it just does nothing for me.

This, however, was different. Watching her tongue the head, seeing it disappearing between her stretched lips, her eyes big and hungry as she looked up at me... oh. my. God. Suddenly, I understood on a visceral level what men love about blowjobs. And my "cock" didn't even have any nerve endings!

I felt like a God... as if she was worshipping at some altar, and I was her God. It turned me hungry, animal. I wanted her. I wanted to take her. This was a new feeling altogether, and it was overwhelming. All-consuming. She lapped at the cock between my legs, almost purring, like a cat, and I could barely contain the visions I was having of fucking her until she screamed.

"Fuck me!" She wasn't demanding, she was asking, begging, pleading. She turned around and turned her ass up to me, and that was all it took. The sight of her pussy, swollen and pink, was like some magnet drawing at the throbbing cock between my legs. And it was throbbing. I felt it, actually felt it sliding inside her.

I've asked men before, "What does that moment feel like?" Some have attempted to describe it. All of them have failed. Most of them say, "It's indescribable." And they're right. There are no words for that first moment of sliding inside, of being taken in, of taking. There are no words.

And there were none, between the fucking and the climax. Just low, guttural noises denoting pure, raw, animal pleasure. She came twice. I remember her coming twice, warning me, shuddering as I pounded her with the thick cock between my thighs, the flutter and twitch of her around me a delightful surprise.

There's only one other moment you just can't describe with words, and that's the moment of orgasm. Physiologically, we've been told it's a similar experience for men and women, and while this is true, if my dream is any indication, it's similar and yet... different. There was a great deal of force behind my climax, and Cordy wasn't going to waste a moment of it.

She turned around and grabbed for my cock, slick with her juiced, and swallowed my length with her mouth. Oh my god, the difference in sensation, the way her hand jerked and tugged, as if she could pull my orgasm out of me, and that's just what she did, urging me to come in her mouth.

I exploded -- I saw stars, everything went black for a moment as I pumped my hips and emptied my cock into her throat.

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