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"I can't believe I haven't met you before, Tommy."

I told her I would have come to more of these reunions if I had known she was going to be here. That got a big smile from Kelly. I thought she was feeling the same way I was, but there was no way to find out unless I acted. I moved in close to Kelly and I put my arms around her body. I just had to kiss and touch her and that is what I did.

Thankfully, Kelly didn't try to pull away or say we shouldn't be doing this. In seconds we had our mouths open and our hands were wandering over the others body. It didn't take much to feel my cock stirring in my pants. I think Kelly felt my bulge pressing against her body. I took action and I pulled up on Kelly's shirt. I pulled it up over her head and I was staring at her bra. Kelly saved me the trouble and she undid the bra.

God, her tits were big and firm. I lowered my face and I took a nipple into my mouth. Kelly began to make noises as I sucked and chewed on each pink nipple. I soon had each nipple wet and hard. I was like an animal who had to mate with his female. I broke away and stripped out of all my clothes. Kelly followed suit and there we were naked in the woods. I gathered up our clothes and spread them across the grass. I got Kelly to lie back and I knelt down over her.

I was straddling her face and Kelly knew what to do. She reached out with her hands and grabbed at my cock. Kelly drew me closer to her face and I felt her lips wrapping around my prick. I was fucking Kelly's face and Kelly inhaled every inch of me. I could barely believe I was naked with a cousin of mine and she was working her mouth all over my thick cock.

A few minutes of that and I couldn't wait any longer. I pulled away and then I spread Kelly's thighs apart. I know how crazy it all sounds. I was going to fuck a relative of my mine and I was going to take her with my bare cock. I never thought I would need a rubber at a family reunion. Kelly didn't tell me to stop so I pressed on. I rubbed the flat part of my cock across her damp pussy. I must have been making Kelly crazy with lust. She took hold of my shaft and brought my rod right to her opening.

We just looked at each other's face for a moment and then I entered my cousin. I have to say her pussy was damn tight. I used my prick to circle around and I tried to loosen her up. Kelly's pussy was gripping me hard. I didn't want to waste anymore time. I plunged in the whole way and held my dick in place. I could feel Kelly's muscles going into a contortion. It was like a small fist squeezing and releasing my cock.

It was a hot day and my sweat was dripping down onto Kelly's body. I wanted to possess her. What else can I say? I wanted her all for myself. I started to pull out, just leaving the head of my rod inside Kelly.

God Tommy, don't torture me like that!" She cried out.

I drove my love piston in the whole way and I gave Kelly what she desired. Kelly soon wrapped her legs around my back. She was making it hard for me to breathe. I didn't let up, however. We were fucking like two people who hadn't had sex in ages. Kelly's tits were jiggling all over her chest. I lowered my mouth and worked on each nipple. I could tell that Kelly loved to have her tits played with. I even made Kelly squirt that first time in the woods.

She let out this scream and I felt Kelly's juices spewing out. Every time I would drive my prick into Kelly's body I would get showered with her hot spray. Kelly' face said it all. She looked wiped out from all that fucking and releasing of her sticky fluids. I couldn't tell you how long we did it out there in the woods. It seemed like we had fucked for an hour or more.I got to the point where I was close to letting go.

"Kelly, I am so close to cumming," I told her.

"Don't pull out, I want to feel you cum inside me," she said.

There it was, right or wrong I couldn't hold out any longer.

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