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The beginning of something special...

She slipped inside his room and quietly leaned against the door at the foot of his bed watching him.

Her eyes traveled down the big meaty fuck-stick admiring it's impressive length. It looked so young and powerful. Jacob's big hairless balls bounced as his fist flew up and down his teenaged dong.

Michelle's knees quivered at the thought of having such a big strong boner inside of her. Jacob's eyes suddenly flew open and his hand stopped at he stared at his mom.

"Holy shit, mom. You scared me." He said.

"It's a little past your bedtime there horn-dog." She smiled.

"Sorry, I was practicing something." He said.

"Yeah, I can see that." Michelle smiled.

"I read in a magazine how a guy can go longer without coming." He said.

"Really?" Michelle said with interest.

She came over and sat at the foot of the bed.

"Show me." She said.

Jacob's cock was still glistening with pre-cum. He grabbed it and started stroking forcefully again.

"They said if you think about something else while your doing it you can go longer." He said.

"Yeah right. Sweetie when you look up and see tits swinging above your face you won't be thinking about something me." She said.

Michelle reached over and grabbed the lotion Jacob had sitting by his side. She squirted some onto her hand.

"How 'bout I teach you a better way?" She said.

"Okay." He said.

"I want you to pin your balls back against your ass so the skin on your penis gets nice and tight." She said.

Jacob slid his fist down and squashed his scrotum against his ass. His cock was now a perfect fuck-stick jutting straight upward, capped by a bulging pink helmet.

Michelle's tiny hand clasped its meaty target. She gently began to stroke up and down its length.

"There are two things you need to remember when having sex. You fuck until you get close. You grind until it subsides. Simple as pie." She said.

"What do you mean by grind?" Jacob asked.

"When your penis gets close to orgasm you go as far inside the vagina as you can, hold it there and do a little grinding motion back and forth. If a woman's on top she'll usually do the grinding for you." Michelle said.

Jacob watched his mom's hand, like the hand of a seasoned professional working her magic on his cock. Michelle was a lefty and Jacob chuckled to himself as he watched his mom's shiny silver wedding ring glide up and down. She squeezed hard on his cock being cautious not to jab him with her long painted nails.

Jacob was already beginning to feel his balls boil.

"Oh wow, I feeling good already." He announced.

"Fuck my hand as long as you can, sweetheart." She said.

After a half-dozen dick-milking strokes, Michelle felt Jacob's cock flex.

"Okay, I'm really close." He said.

"Grind." Michelle said, sliding her hand to the base of her son's cock.

His hips rose from the mattress a little as he felt his mother's grasp holding back the torrent.

"With your length you'll probably be able to plow the head of a woman's cervix. It'll feel a little like this." Michelle said, lowering her lips to Jacob's cock. Michelle kept her lips tightly closed and pressed them against the tip of her son's cock-head. She rubbed his helmet back and forth across the split of her lips. Pre-cum drooled from his piss-hole as it drug across her teeth.

"Better?" She asked.

"Yeah." He answered.

Michelle sat back up and began stroking again.

"Okay, start fucking again." She said.

"Come on, sweetie bounce your hips. You should be meeting my hand stroke for stroke." She instructed sternly.

Jacob's ass began bouncing on the mattress as he fucked his cock up into his mom's fist.

"That's it handsome. Good. Show your momma what a stud you are." She said.

Jacob fucked his mom's tiny hand for a full two minutes before he felt that familiar orgasmic sensation.

"Oh God." Was all he had to say.

"Grind." Michelle said, her lips lowering to his tool.

As Michelle knelt with her fist around the root of her son's cock and her lips against his bulb, her robe had parted enough for Jacob to peer down and see her big pendulous breasts.


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