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My roommate's girlfriend interrupts my shower.

Not wanting to be the third wheel on a bicycle I told her I would stay at the bar. She could catch up to me after the break.

Any woman sitting alone at a bar sooner or later is going to get some attention especially when she is showing a little skin. After a few moments a guy approached me and started to strike up a conversation. "Hi I'm Al, can I buy you a drink" he asked.

"I'm ok" I answered confidently. Not trying to be rude.

We started to chat about the club and all the different things everyone was wearing. It was kind of interesting. We laughed about how many fat girls there were showing off their cleavage and how many men were standing around clueless what to do next.

We danced a song, maybe two before returning to the bar. OK it wasn't the band but really, know one seemed to care. Rosie was still away, it was a long break. I wondered where the hell she was. Al asked again if I he could buy me a drink. Hot from dancing I reluctantly agreed knowing it was my third and I usually am out of control if I reach four. But I was only half way there, not haven put that one away.

We talked for a while until Rosie re-appeared. The band started to play again and the three of us danced together. This time Rosie bought a round and I was on my fourth - Danger-Zone. I returned and again fought for my seat. Al disappeared to the washroom and returned a few minutes later, me sipping the last of the fourth martini. We danced again before returning to the bar. Somehow my martini glass was full again and I drank it slowly. After another dance I returned to another filled glass. Meanwhile Rosie told me "last break, I going for some fresh air" with her drummer friend.

Al and I had gotten a lot friendlier. He didn't hesitate to place his hand on my knee when we talked to get my attention. I was dizzy, very dizzy from the five or whatever number of Martinis. I said to Al "I need some fresh air". We headed outside. Behind the building I found Rosie, two other girls and the band together cooling off and having fun.

I said to Rosie "I had way too much. I need to get out of here. My head is spinning." But she wasn't ready to leave the party.

Al jumped in "Well I can give you a ride if it isn't too far?"

Not sure of my head except the spinning I looked at Rosie. It was clear she wanted to stay. I looked at her and whispered "Al volunteered, to drive me home. Enjoy Rosie, bye."

I looked back at her as we walked to the parking lot. "Bye Rosie" I yelled. "Bye" she yelled back as she waived and smiled innocently.

Al steadied me helping me into the passenger side of his pick-up truck as I giggled in embarrassment stumbling in through the door. Moments later we drove off.

I had no idea where we were going. I thought he was taking me home. The problem was that the blond dye had sunken down through my roots into my brain. This of course was helped greatly by five strong martinis.

We ended up in the beach parking lot. It was dark and secluded. Al had his hand on my knee and my legs were not resisting the touch as they parted ever so slightly. He tried to kiss me but I avoided this. Before I knew what was happening his hand was working up my leg and getting quite close to his target. I stopped him and somehow opened the door and slid out of the vehicle. Within seconds Al was with me again and we talked while leaning against the hood. We could hear the rythmetic ocean against the Florida beach.

We were face to face and Al tried to kiss me. I couldn't stop him as his body pinned me against the vehicle. I was naughty and allowed him to penetrate my mouth with his tongue. As we kissed I could feel his leg wedge in between mine, with my leg between his. I could sense the growing urge in his pants.

I ignored my skirt rising up from his leg between mine as I struggled from him stroking my tits through my blouse as we kissed.

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