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My dominant man lets me be his cum slut in the morning.

Her afterglow warmed the room for about fifteen minutes.

Then she leaned over and said: "Thank you both. That was - it was - absolutely fantastic. I need to relax a little in the shower after that."

"Want company?", said Patti.

Janie looked at my very hard cock - which felt like it was an inch longer and an inch bigger around than normal. Janie whispered in my ear "I know you're horny. It's ok if you and Patti fool around."

Then she looked at Patti, and said: "Would you mind waiting here with John?"

I felt a cool hand grasp my cock and caress it. "I'd be happy to if it's ok with you" said Patti.

"It's fine with me - enjoy."

I was glad we had her blessing, because both Patti and I qwew very horny after what we had just been part of. Janie got up, her thighs glistening from her wetness. I slapped her butt as she walked by - she gave a little jiggle and a smile....and wiggled off to the bathroom. As she did I held a hand out to Patti. She smiled, and slid closer to me. I took Patti in my arms, and stared deeply into her eyes. My right hand brushed up and down her belly...and she reached back, took my hard cock in her hand and slowly stroked it, smiling the whole time.

I leaned in and kissed her, tasting Janie on her lips, and we laid back on the bed in each other's arms, just kissing deeply. Our tongues explored each other, and I reached down and started to glide my hand over her trimmed pussy. As we fondled each other out lips continued to explore.

Patti started to speak. "Janie was really hot." I put my finger to her lips and stopped her. "Some time for us now.", I said.

I pulled at her lips with mine, and then kissed her neck and pulled at her skin with my lips. She moaned and shuddered and leaned into me, and her responsiveness made me all the harder. She slid closer and kissed my neck as I slid down and kissed one of her breasts. We were both very turned on by the other's kisses. I caressed her pussy gently, feeling it wet my hand.

She rolled onto her back and spread her legs, and pulled my cock toward her pussy. I slid between her legs and she smiled and kissed me again, as she took the tip of my cock and started rubbing it on her clit. She moaned, and I could feel her wetness on my cock head. She kept sliding it back and forth, up and down her slit. When it would get to her opening, she'd pause, and wiggle a little - letting it into her just a little, but teasing me again and again. Then she'd slide away a little and rub my cock on her clit some more.

We kissed, and she moved her hand so that it was between my cock and my body - and she used her hand to position my cock along the length of her slit. I understood, and started sliding up and down - a sort of "wet dry hump" that was enticing and making both of us moan. It made a tingling sensation in my ass, and by Patti's wiggling, it was having quite the effect on her as well.

She wiggled again, and the tip of my cock was at the entrance of her wet pussy once again. We looked at each other; she closed her eyes and pushed gently against me.


"mmmm" she said...

"Patti, I want you to look at me."

She opened her eyes and looked.

"Don't close your eyes." I said.

I took each of her hands in mine, and held them to the bed over her head, my elbows on ether side of her head.

I paused. I looked deeply into her eyes. And then I pressed against her. I could feel her wetness on the tip of my cock. I wiggled a little, and pressed. It slid in a little more.

I pushed more and went in deeper. She gasped. Her eyes grew hungrier, I could see her need.

I pulled back, drawing her wetness with me, and then I pushed back in. I pressed more, and as I did she lifted her hips to meet me, and then wrapped her legs around me, so that we pussy widened for me, and I would slide in further. The whole time we gazed into each others eyes, until I had pressed my pubic bone against hers, and could go no deeper.

She looked at me, and leaned in, her lips coming close to mine, our eyes still locked in a gaze.

"This is powerful.", she said.

"Yes" and I kissed her

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