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Husband gets some but loses own wife in the process.

He could still see the tan line of wearing a ring for many years but the ring itself was gone. And he sat by the pool alone only because he had no-one else to sit there with.

It was lonely being at the top.

Not that he had a lot of time to worry about that...

As he starts to relax next to the pool, the silhouette of the house maid catches his eye. Her tight little skirt is highlighted by the afternoon sun.

"Hello," she greets him.


An awkward silence drifts over them.

"The garden looks good," she compliments him.

"Does it?" he questions.

"Um... yes. You don't think so?"

Phillip looks around the garden - the beautiful hedges, the beautiful rows of flowers and the stunningly perfect green grass.

"I suppose it does."

"You suppose?"

"Yes. I haven't really had much time to look at it."

"You should always make time to smell the roses," she smiles.

"That's quite sage advice," Phillip is drawn in by her eyes.

"Opportunities don't come around very often, you have to take every opportunity available," she continues.

Phillip acknowledges her advice with a smirk and a shrug of the shoulders.

"I just need to clean under this chair," she continues.

The maid bends from the hips in-front of Phillip, pointing her pert bottom to his view.

Phillip can't help but watch. His eyes are drawn to her behind and the maid catches Phillip staring,

"Do you like what you see?"

Phillip nods, "I just couldn't see a knickers line in your skirt."

"That's because I'm not wearing any," she smiles.

"Well...." Phillip is lost for words.

The maid bends down again and runs her hand up her left leg until it reaches the top of her thigh. Phillip sits up, paying full attention.

She can tell he wants her.

She moves towards Phillip and rests her hand on his strong chest. Her gentle push forces him to lie down on the pool chair.

His eyes are attached to her movements. She lifts one leg over his crotch and straddles him, running her hands over her white blouse. Phillip reaches up and begins to unbutton her shirt, exposing a perky pair of breasts. She throws her blouse to the side of the pool chair and quickly undoes her bra. Phillip's hands clutch at her perkiness, his hands rubbing all over breasts. His eyes do not move from her breasts.

She begins to feel the pulsating manhood between her legs. She can feel it become harder and harder the longer he plays with her breasts.

Biting her bottom lip, she reaches down and undoes his belt, running her hand down his pants. Phillip is lost for words.

She pulls out his member and moves down to his legs, holding his hard member in her right hand. She gently runs her hand up and down the member, looking up as Phillip moans in pleasure. She moves back up and places her tongue around the tip of his manliness. Running her tongue around his hardness, he groans in pleasure.

She suddenly swallows him whole and he groans in his deep voice. The maid continues to rub his hard, big cock as she holds him in her mouth.

He is so big. So manly.

Her hand stretches around his shaft, gripping it tightly.

She stands up, hitches her skirt and straddles her pussy over his hard cock. Her wetness touches his cock, tempting him. He wants her. He wants to be inside her.

She sits on him whole. Phillip groans loudly in pleasure.

The maid rests her hands on his strong chest, rotating her hips on his manhood. His hands play with her perky breasts again as she moves her hips in a circle motion. The maid runs her fingers into his mouth and he bites on them with pleasure. She thrusts her hips back and forth on his cock as he begins to push upwards into her.

But she stops.

She stands, and bends over the pool chair next to them, pointing her pussy to him, "Fuck me hard, big boy."

He obliges, standing and entering his large cock into her wet pussy, pushing himself deep inside her. She yelps, as he is touching her in all the right places.

His large hands hold her behind and he begins to slowly enter in and out of he

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