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His best friend's daughter is his fantasy come true.

How long ago' She couldn't tell; since then she'd lain on his bed, pussy exposed by her spread legs, helpless to relieve the ache that grew there with every tick of his clock.

She hears him moving; hears footsteps. Now he's standing in the door, looking at her.

'That's a nice, wet, pussy,' he says. 'Look at yourself in the mirror.' She'd been avoiding that, but now she does; the doors of his closet are mirrors, right at the foot of the bed. She can see how he sees her; feet wide, bare hairless cunt shiny with moisture. Labia swollen, red, so tumescent she swears she can see them pulsating.

'Wouldn't you like to touch yourself' But you can't, can you?' He moves closer.

'Maybe I'll touch you. Let's see, where shall I start?' His hand hovers over her, closer and closer but still not in contact. An inch away from her clit; half-an-inch from a nipple. He leans in and breathes on her nipples, his lips so close she can almost feel them'but not quite. 'Those are luscious. I'll bet you'd like me to lick them, nibble them, bite them, wouldn't you?'

Her cunt twitches; she moans, a sound far back in her throat.

'Maybe you'd like to lick me?' he says, and opens his pants to bring out his hard cock, swollen as she is, red tip engorged with blood. He touches her lips with it; her tongue darts out, catches the drops of slick liquid on its tip and traces the seam of the head before he pulls away.

'No, not yet. I'm not ready yet.' He turns away, walks into the bathroom. She hears the shower begin to run.

Her pussy would moan, if it could speak; it's convulsing, trying to come around nothing, groaning for penetration. Her fingers twitch; if she had one hand free, she would masturbate, and come to orgasm within seconds. She's just on the verge, and needing it badly. She licks her lips; they're so dry because she can't stop breathing through her mouth, panting.

The shower stops; water dripping, footsteps on the tile floor. Silence for a minute, then the blowdryer comes on. Shuts off. He emerges from the bathroom, dressed and groomed.

And holding a new toy; a twitchy-looking thing, solid handle wrapped with braided leather, tail made of soft black rubber fringe, thick as a horses' tail. He swishes it in the air. Pulling his other hand from behind his back, he shows her a blindfold; sets down the twitch, ties the blindfold around her head.

The loss of sight heightens her other senses. She can hear his breathing; regular, calm, as if he were sitting at his computer reading news headlines. Hear the swish of the new toy as he twirls it above her nude body; feel the movement of the air between its fringe and her skin. He's twitching it close to her nipples, now dragging it across them, and the slight sensation makes her gasp. There's a pause; no sound, then a slap of the twitch across her abdomen, no pain but the surprise makes her jump. And makes her pussy clench, grow wetter, labia gripping pulsing looking for something to hold onto.

The feeling; again, the soft stretchy threads dragged across her, tickling the insides of her thighs this time, dipping between them to brush her labia, softly stroke her clit'for a second'then gone. Then a slap; harder this time, on her thighs. Still no pain; in fact, the pleasure has her lifting her ass, offering herself higher.

Silence. Sounds of clothing, of walking. Then the sound of a small chain; tinkling, like jewelry. His wet fingertips on her nipples stroke, pinch, squeeze; his lips, his teeth make them harder, make her nipples ache. Then a tighter pinch, the sound of that chain again, and another pinch'and she feels him tug on the light connection between her breasts, the small clamps pinching her nipples, but still no pain. Only incredible, exquisite, extreme pleasure'jolts of it, straight into her clit.

'Oh, God. Please. Fuck me, please. With anything'a toy, your hand, a tree branch'please?'

But that doesn't happen.

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