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A young man finds a soulmate; his Master.


They held each other and talked, followed by some heavy petting and kissing. She did let him play with her boobs and nibble at her nipples, but they were back to square one in their relationship though. He reminded himself, at least she was interested in pursuing a relationship.


He awoke with the sun high in the sky, immediately noticing Melody's weight resting on him. The clock said 10:48. He looked down at the topless girl sleeping with her head pillowed on his chest. The curls she had spent hours to create in her hair so she could look her best for him were long gone. One of her arms was hooked around his waist, one leg was tangled in his leg. She was holding on tightly like he might try to escape while she slept. He thought, 'The way I had treated her in the past it was no wonder.' Her face was peaceful and innocent. She looked small and fragile, not her normal larger than life presence that filled any room.

He had broken up with her before leaving for college because he thought it was the right thing to do. He was more confused than ever. It had seemed like a good time for both of them to move on with their lives. He thought back to how he had coerced her into a physical relationship with him their senior year of high school. She had had no interest in him, in fact she had disliked him in the beginning. He just wanted the hot girl at school and they seemed to have a natural psychic link, so he exploited the situation. Even after succumbing to his insistent pursuit, she had refused to be seen with him publicly. She was the hottest girl in school and he was a tall lanky outcast. He thought to himself he was a jerk for everything he had done and thinking about it made him feel guilty. That's really why he broke things off with her. Now that she was back, he was beginning to hate himself again. 'What kind of asshole forces himself on a girl just because he can?' He thought.

Melody punched him in the ribs hard enough to cause real pain, "Knock that off." She spat at him.

"Knock what off?" He rubbed the sore spot on his side.

"I am here because I want to be. Stop trying to save me from you."

"You knew what I was thinking?" He wondered how much psychic ability she had developed. When he left her, she had none other than the ability to feel the emotions he would force on her.

"I always know what you're thinking. You are a very simple creature."

He teased her, "Oh yeah? What am I thinking now?" He imagined her taking him in her mouth.

"That you want to feed me breakfast. I'm starving."


The laughter that danced in her eyes made him wonder if she had seen his thoughts.


He took her to the dining commons because she wanted to see where he normally ate. Dave saw them and came over to sit with them, he seemed to be oddly enamored with Melody.

As they ate Melody inquired, "So, was the blond as good as me?"

"What are you talking about?" DC asked.

"That blond over there who is trying to kill me with stink eye." She nodded her head towards Anne across the room. "Is she as good in the sack as I am?" Melody shot an egregiously happy, glowing smiling over to Anne. Anne volleyed back a deathly sneer.

Dave choked on his orange juice in shock while DC wondered at the fact that out of a room with perhaps 200 people she had managed to identify the one person he had hooked up with.

"No one is as good as you." He wanted to make things right with Melody. Her knowing about his brief encounter with Anne would not help things.

"You slept with Anne?" Dave gasped incredulously.

"No, we just made out." DC clarified. He decided to downplay the orgasm he had fingered out of her and the hand job he received in return.

"But you were going to try to get lucky with her this weekend.

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