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Hollywood meets Aussie beauty Maria.

"Here ya go."

"Thank you.",she said. Sarah seemed a little flushed, and George could see her nipples had hardened up again. She took a big gulp as soon as she had it in her hands. Then over the next fifteen minutes she finished it off.

George sat at one end of the couch nursing his fifth glass of wine, while Sarah sat almost at the other. He glanced at his watch when she had finished her glass, 9:47. Then he glanced over at her. She was sitting with her legs folded up underneath her to the side, causing her PJ shorts to ride up her toned legs. And she had traded the beige tank top for a thin cotton sleeveless undershirt, which still showed off considerable cleavage, especially since she was leaning slightly towards George. He also thought he could make out the dark circles of her aeroles, but he couldn't be sure.

At a little after 10 pm she started yawning, which was followed by a big stretch. The slasher movie was at its requisite sex scene, and the girl on tv had just removed her clothes and climbed on top of the guy who was about to be killed. Sarah yawned again, and then asked," Do you mind if I stretch out a bit?"

George pulled his eyes away from the bouncing beauty on the screen and locked eyes with the one on the couch. After a moment, his eyes wandered down to her chest, before locking back in on her eyes. "Sure that's not a problem."

"Oh, good." she said with a smile as she proceeded to stretch out on the couch. She ended up laying with her head resting on his right leg. He was very aware of how close her head was to his cock, and how her hand rested on his thigh. After a moment, she half sat up and twisted towards him, optimizing her cleavage display.

"You don't mind me resting my head on you, right?" she asked.

"Yeah, its no problem" George responded. Suddenly aware that her hand had slid up his thigh within a half inch of his cock, and of how he could almost see her entire breast. He tore his eyes away and went back to watching the movie. She left her hand where it had ended up, and lay her head back down. He couldn't figure out what to do with his right hand, for a while he rested it on the back of the couch. But that made his arm grow tired, so he ended up letting his arm slide down the couch and end up resting on her side, right where her ribs met her stomach.

He strained to hear her breathing above the tv, but was able to feel she had fallen into the melodic rhythm of sleep. He cautiously started rubbing her back through her shirt, and put more energy and emphasis on it after a few soft groans and mews from his lap. After about five minutes of rubbing, he snaked his hand under her shirt and continued his massage. By the time ten minutes had elapsed her shirt had ridden up, just hinting at the underside of her breasts, giving him access from her neck to her waistband, which he now dove under squeezing her ass as he continued his cautious assault.

His watch said it was 10:30, he hit mute on the tv to see if there would be a reaction. With none forth coming from his step-daughter, he finished one final squeeze of each cheek before pulling up her shorts and down her shirt. George took a swig of wine and then cleared his throat. "Hey Sarah, why don't you turn over and I can keep rubbing your back easier?" he said with a nudge to her side.

"wha huhn wi sh fulln." she stated dreamily.

"Sarah?", he said shaking her a little. "I asked you to roll over on your other side.", with those last words he pushed on her shoulder to start her rolling.

"Oh OK. If that's all you need, just ask next time." she said as she rolled over, never once opening her eyes. She ended up with her head three quarters of the way up his thigh, and her back facing well away from George.

'At this rate the only thing I'm going to be able to rub is your breasts and pussy.' George thought to himself. He put his hand under her shirt, ran his hand along her side up to her shoulder, and pulled her more onto her side. He continued to rub her back until her breathing leveled out.

He switched over to t

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