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Using sex to avert a financial crisis was only the start.

Tucking it and the boots away I prepared for Masters arrival. A side benefit of the ballet boots was that my normal 5-inch heels no longer gave me any trouble. Master noticed this and rewarded me with an hour of TV. Friday I tried the latex suit on all but the helmet the suit was red and the black ballet boots contrasted nicely with it. By Friday I was wearing the ballet boots all day was almost pain-free and when I put my normal heels on, I felt short.

I was thinking about how I wanted to present myself to Master then remembered a small section the latex website about people who shipped themselves in crates. How was I going to get a crate and pack myself in it and ship it to Master at work? Thinking of Master close friend a Dom who lived close by I placed a quick phone call and she agrees to help me. We planned to meet Monday once Master left for work she had connections that could make the crate to ship me in. I was having a hard time containing my excitement over what Master would think when he opened the crate in his office and found his own personal latex fuck doll wearing ballet boots.

The Dom showed up first thing Monday morning and helped me into the latex suit including the helmet and ballet boots sitting me on the floor had me hug my knees to my chest and measured how big to have the crate made. She told me, she would make sure Master was in his office alone on Friday to receive and up pack me. I wore the boots all day that last week knowing I would most likely be wearing them the rest of my days. The Dom called on Thursday and said she had the crate and made all the arrangements to have it delivered to Masters office and would be over Friday morning at 9 am to help me into the crate. Thursday evening was tough as I had to keep reminding myself not to act too excited.

Master finally left for work, and I powdered my body, and the inside of the suit put my long hair in a braid. Then wiggled into the suit attaching Masters favorite nipple clamps before pulling it over my large tits lacing up the ballet boots and laying out the straps the Dom would use to strap me into a tight package. She knocked on the door just as I had it all laid out. She had two large men with her they carried the wood crate into the house. They removed the lid and the large bag of packing peanuts. She then helped me get the helmet on and had me sit down and hug my legs to my chest putting a strap at my ankles and around my back and pulling it tight and second one at my knees and around my shoulders the cuffing my hands to the strap at my ankles. She had the men pick me up and lower me into the small padded box dumping the packing peanut in covering me completely. The men the screwed the lid on and carried the box containing me out to the truck. I knew it was a 30-minute ride to Masters office.

I was so excited I had to force myself to breathe normally and not hyperventilate. The ride seemed to take forever when I felt the truck stop and the crate being picked up and put down then felt the rolling along. I Knew I was at Masters office. I noticed before I the helmet was sealed over my head that written on the box was Happy Birthday. The cart stopped twice, and I felt the elevator rise and then rolling down the hallway. Forcing myself to breathe normal knowing Master would be opening me up soon. The crate was picked up and placed on the floor. I could faintly make out voices and the lid being taken off. I felt hand removing the peanuts then the crate being tipped over and I was dumped on the floor.

I could hear Master say well what have we here as he rolled me to sitting position. I tried to say surprise Master, but it came out grabbled because of the ring gag holding my teeth wide apart.

"Slave is that you?"

I nodded my head, and a few seconds later his hard cock slid into my mouth.

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