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They save their marriage.

Her orgasm was rising, and she bent her head beside his, her curly hair falling onto his face as she slammed her ass down on him as fast as she could. The room was filled with the sounds of her moans, the bed squeeking, and their bodies slapping as their lovemaking reached a crescendo. "UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH!... OHHHHHHHHHGOD! MMMMM... OHHHHHHH!" she cried out, cumming. He continued to ram his body upwards as her body shook above him. Stacey's hands were squeezing the blankets beside his head as he pistoned in and out of her convulsing pussy.

"Ohhh God Danny" she moaned, "I love you!" Her words set him off, he knew that he could not hold out much longer.

"I'm gonna cum. " he whispered to her as he kissed just beside her ear.

"Ohhh yes, Danny!" she breathed, smiling, "Cum inside me, hunny! I need you to cum in my pussy! I love you so much, I want to have your baby!" They were slapping hard against each other, and her words set him off like a lit fuse.

"Oh my God!" he groaned through clenched teeth. He held her ass down on him, and she grinded her pussy as hard as she could on his lap. Danny's penis spasmed inside Stacey's hungry vagina, and another thick load of his cum shot violently inside her. She pressed her mouth upon his, unable to kiss him, but just wanting their lips to touch as he ejaculated inside her. Over and over again, more of his seed shot into her fertile womb. Their naked bodies were covered in sweat, neither could catch their breath as the intensity of his orgasm finally died down, and his juices slowed to a trickle out of his semi hard penis. She kissed all over his face, over and over.

"Danny, that was so amazing!" she said. They continued kissing over and over, his hands caressing up and down her back and ass. After a few minutes, she rolled off of him, his dick slipping out of her. He put his arm around her, just under her breasts, and kissed her again. They had finally caught their breath.

"I've never had so much sex in my life!" she exclaimed, smiling as he kissed her. "I've had such a fantastic night. "

"I love you. " he said as he kissed her cheek.

"Oh God Danny I love you too. " she breathed. Her whole body felt hot, flushed, and tingly.

"I just constantly want you inside me!" she went on, "I've never felt like this before. " Her words turned him on, and she felt movement against her leg. "I know we've done it a lot tonight, but do you think you could make love to me again?" she asked, "Even if you don't cum. Just to be inside me for awhile?" He was hard as a rock, by now.

"Just try and stop me. " he said, rolling on top of her and squeezing in between her legs. As if with a mind of its own, Danny's penis slipped into Stacey's willing vagina. They made love for forty minutes. He did manage to to cum again, inside her, to her delight.

* * * * *

Danny had other commitments the next day, but while they were making love Stacey made him promise to come back and see her before he headed home. The next morning, he was up at 8 to the alarm. She had gone back to sleep when he hit it off, and he watched her.

She was incredibly beautiful, she was above the cover and so he was able to take in her entire beauty. Her brown curly hair, her pretty face, her smooth, tanned skin. Her large breasts were perfect in every way, her sexy belly. She had a treasure trail of fur leading down to her beautiful pussy. Her lovely thighs, her long, gorgeous legs, down to her pretty feet. He could not stop his hand from reaching out and softly stroking the side of her body. Up the outside of her thighs, her belly, her arm.

Stacey smiled, and stretched, eyes still closed. He loved how she jutted out her tits as she stretched, and he kissed her mouth lightly as his hand caressed her breast, feeling the nipple harden.

"Good morning.

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