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A Penny Dreadful fanfiction.

I imagined her bare breasts and hot young pussy as I stroked myself naked on my bed, shooting my load all over myself...pretending it was her that was being spattered with it.

She'd mentioned the possibility of sunbathing nude. I was beside myself with excitement all day at the prospect and hoped that she would. Although of course, I wouldn't push her to least not too much.

At long last, I pulled into the small parking lot of Sloan's Lake at just before one. It was empty, save for a small, blue car, from which Angel emerged.

"Rick!" she waved at me as my jaw loosened two notches.

She was wearing a simple red thong that disappeared behind her, leaving her butt cheeks totally bare. In the front it was nothing more than a string that didn't exactly completely cover the outer edges of her vaginal lips.

Her top was a slim strip of cloth, strapless, that ran across her nipples, exposing the rounded edges of pink aureole.

That was it.

She grinned sweetly at me, causing my cock to thicken quickly in my shorts at her state of near nakedness.

" bikini?"

Angel's voice reached my ears, breaking my reverie. I'd been staring hard at her.

"Uh, what?" I stumbled...again.

Noting my condition, she giggled.

"I said, do you like my bikini? I bought it yesterday."

Indeed I did. But I wouldn't really have described it as a bikini exactly. Bikinis generally cover much more.

"It's a wicked weasel."

"I love it!" I grinned.

If it hadn't been for the lower edge of my collared shirt hanging over the front of my shorts, I'm sure she would have gotten a glimpse of just how much I meant that.

Following her along the water's edge in the sand, I watched her totally bare of the honorable appearance of a single thin, string which disappeared into it...move as she walked.

My erection throbbed with every step...and I had to constantly adjust myself.

Finally, we reached a secluded spot surrounded by brush. She laid out the single towel she'd brought and plopped down on I realized I'd forgotten to bring one.

Sitting cross legged, she grinned at me.

"No towel?"

"I forgot it," I said, sitting next to her in the sand, cross-legged as well.

The lake was deserted.

With her hand shielding her beautiful eyes from the sun, she scanned it.

"There's no one around" she said.

Once more, her statement hung in the air, unchallenged. It was thick between us.

I noticed her tan lines again and swallowed hard.

She caught me looking and smiled.

"So," she said, grinning, "should we do it?"

As usual she caught me off guard.

"Do it? I" my tongue twisted over itself. I blushed, feeling my face heat up.

She giggled again. "You're cute when you're nervous Rick. I mean should we sunbathe nude," she said, coming to my rescue.

I noticed her nipples had hardened under her top. My hands trembled slightly and my erection felt like hot glass.


She smiled at me, waiting.

"I guess, if I mean, if you want to..." I got it out at last.

Dropping her head, her dark bangs fell across her face as she seemed to study her breasts for a moment.

Then, glancing upwards at me, she cocked her head to the side and smiled. It was the hottest thing I'd ever seen.

"Wanna go first?" she said, almost teasing.

I felt my face flush again.

My cock stood rigid against the front of my shorts.

"I...I uhm...well...I.." I wondered if I would ever be able to speak correctly.

Finally, steeling myself, I spoke.

"You see Angel," I said still feeling embarrassed but gaining confidence. "I sorta have a...well...I guess, a problem."

"A problem?" she smiled sweetly leaning in.

"Do tell," she sounded fascinated.

I was silent.

"Don't be shy," she said, revealing a perfect, beautiful set of white teeth.

Seeing now other way out, I decided to just tell her.

"I have an erection." I blurted.

"Really? Did I do that?" she giggled.

Sweating bullets, not just from the heat, I fell silent again, not knowing what to say.

"It's okay Rick," she came to my rescue again.

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