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Some wine, some pot, and this threesome gets stinking nasty.

He yelped at her brazen approach and then said, "Er, er, yes, er we have to be discreet," he mumbled.

"Don't worry about that Michael, now I'll wait outside and let that erection of yours subside before we head up to my van." she said and got up to leave.

When she had gone Michael began to apologise

for Fiona's behaviour, I had to laugh, "Don't worry she's been like it all week," I laughed.

"Ok," he said, he was definitely wondering whether to ask me if I'd been with her too but he was too nervous and embarrassed for that. We sat in silence for another five minutes then he got up now that he wasn't going to poke someones eye out.

"Bye," he said.

"Don't worry Michael you'll have a great time," I laughed.

When I stepped out the steam room some ten minutes later Alice had returned and was on the lounger, the three lads had gone.

"Well whore, are you full of come?" I asked.

"Yes owner, he came in my pussy and I pulled my bottoms back on like you asked," she said.

"I assume you saw old whore to pass the key over?"

"Yes we passed on the way back," she said.

We spent the next hour swimming in the pool and throwing a ball about whilst we waited for Fiona to get back, we actually had a really good time.

Fiona came back in alone just over an hour later, she joined us on the loungers and I asked her the same question.

"Yes he came in my pussy and It's still inside," she said.

"Good, now we can move on to task two," I said.

"It's twenty past four now whores and we've got until the bars close tonight at twelve to have at least bagged task four so this task is in your hands how you play it. Your are both to pull in the bar area, take him back and fuck not once but twice, again now showering or cleaning away come," I said.

"So do you stay to pull now then when we come out your on task three or do you go back to change then come out and begin task two?" I asked them.

They looked at each other for a second.

"Bare this in mind, task three is a team task so think about delays," I said as I scooped up my things and headed out the pool area with my whores in tow.

We had to almost pass the bar area on our way to the reception and exit so on our way past I stuck my head in the door. It was pretty busy, plenty of blokes of various ages watching what looked like old re-runs of a football match played at the weekend.

"Plenty of cock in there whores," I said closing the door and looking at them for a decision.

Fiona looked at her daughter and said, "shall we go now, we don't know what task three will involve," she said.

"Ok we'll go now," Alice replied.

"Fantastic, it's so nice to see mother and daughter working in harmony.

It made me smile when i thought about conversations they would of had a a couple of years ago before i enslaved Fiona. I suppose they spoke about normal mother and daughter stuff.

Now they were agreeing on whether it was better to go and whore themselves now or later as they didn't know what team task I'd be setting them. How relationships change I thought as Fiona followed by Alice entered the bar.

When I ventured in a minute or two later most people were now paying more attention to the two bikini clad females ordering drinks than the old football match. I ordered a drink at the opposite end of the bar and then pulled up a seat towards the back.

I had the caravan key again so whatever happened they would have to come over here in front of all these people and ask for the key. I'm sure that all the blokes will think that it is embarrassing for me, but if they only knew hey!

I was actually pretty amazed at how quickly things progressed in the bar area when there wasn't any other woman around, wives or girlfriends.

I noticed a few blokes from earlier and around the site that most definitely had partners and children.

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