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Kim make plans for the future with Sharon and Jim.

Carol hunched her hips against it, demanding its entrance without using words.

April looked up at her mother and smiled. Carol's eyes were scrunched tightly closed, and pleasure was written all over her face, in the way she sucked in her breath, and how she bit her bottom lip. April was doing this for her mother, and was receiving her own pleasure in that knowledge. "I love you, mom," she said while releasing the tit and moving her hips forward.

The phallus slid in easily, and April enjoyed watching Carol's eyes roll back in her head as she mewled in pleasure. April kept moving forward, until their hips met, then stopped.

Carol's eyes flew open as she looked up at her daughter. April felt hands grab each of her butt cheeks, and try to pull her in further. April pulled back however, only to be forced back by Carol's demanding hands. Their hips met with a slap, and both women moaned as their respective phalluses moved inside them.

April moved back again, only to once again be brought down into her mother. They started up a rhythm of this, both building up a sweat, until April heard something she didn't expect.

"Gawd, why can't this be as big as Adam's cock?"

April understood immediately what she meant. Adam's penis was bigger than this toy, which is why Minnie and her hadn't been using it. Carol must have realized what she'd said, as her eyes grew large, and filled with fear.

"That's not what I meant," she tried to protest. "I-- I--" April cut her off with a kiss, and began to thrust her hips as hard as she could into her mother. So she was fucking him too, huh? April wondered how many other women her brother was fucking.

April reached down, and filled each of her hands with her mother's ass, as she kept up her onslaught. She was getting close, more from the friction on her own clit, than the pinky sized rubber inside her, and knew that Carol was too.

Carol came first, and not for the first time April wondered what it would be like to have a real cock and feel a woman cum on it. She followed soon after, as she bent over and kissed her beautiful mother.


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Miss Shelly had been frantic all day. She had failed to catch Adam at home yesterday to tell him the good news, and hadn't yet seen him in the hallways either. She hoped that he was alright, and nothing bad had happened to him. If any of her students had noticed her behavior, they had been wise enough to keep it to themselves.

Her final class couldn't come quick enough. She had found herself snapping at some students for no reason, only to completely lose track of what another was saying, because she was lost in thoughts and worries over her beloved Adam.

When sixth period had finally ended, Shelly had to seat herself at her desk, in order to wait for him. She wanted to wait out in the hallway, and run to him when she saw him. She wanted to wrap her arms around him, and kiss him fervently. She knew that none of this could happen till after he graduated next week. She needed to keep her job.

She couldn't stop a small sigh of relief from escaping her when he finally walked in. All her fears were suddenly calmed, as he looked at her and gave her that special smile that she knew was just for her.

A new worry popped into her head though. How would he take her news? He was young, and still had so much of his life ahead of him. Would he welcome their unborn child, or curse her for it? She had thought she had been careful, always taking her birth control pills, but somehow his sperm had still reached her egg.

The bell rang, and the class immediately went silent.

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