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Daddy takes his foster daughter on a BDSM journey.

I realized I was thirsty, then remembered the bottle of water sitting on the seat back at the car.

"Not doing well." I thought to myself. I thought of going back, just then a car was coming.

It went past, the brake lights came on. It backed up. Two men were in the front seat of the older Chevy.

"Trouble, Lady?" The driver asked.

"Yes, my car stopped."

"Well, hop in, we will drive you to the gas station."

I went around, the man on the passenger side opened the back door for me. I got in, the floorboards of the car were covered in trash.

The driver took off, the man on the passenger side turned and leered at me. I was suddenly nervous.

"Can we just go jumpstart my car?" I asked.

"No, let's go this way."

I sat quiet, nervous.

"Nice outfit, lady." The man on the passenger side said.

I didn't answer.

"Yea, see through!" the driver laughed.

"Yea, pull them little things out, bitch!" the other man snarled. I knew I was in real trouble now.

I felt some bumps from a rough road, realized we had turned off the highway. I looked around for something I could use as a weapon, nothing but trash.

The car came to a stop. I opened the door and ran, I didn't get very far before I felt hands grabbing at me. I struggled, too strong.

I smelled the breath, stale alcohol, he had me in a bear hug, the stink of his breath right in my face.

Then I was down in the dirt, they were on top of me. I was trying to fight, to no avail. I felt my blouse tearing, hands on me. I heard a voice screaming, realized it was mine.

Then the weight was off me, and a voice was yelling. It was Tom, pistol in hand. One of the men was unconscious, the other with his hands up. He handcuffed both men, put them in the back of the cruiser as I sat there and sobbed.

Tom placed a blanket over my torn garments, got some cool water and washed my face. He was on his radio, soon a van arrived and took the men away.

"I saw your car with the hood up when I came back by."

"How did you find me?" I stammered.

"I knew you had to be this direction, since I only saw one car. I leaned on it and saw the dust where they pulled off."

Tom drove me back to the Corvette, jump started it. "Are you all right to drive?"


"I will follow you home."

We pulled into my yard about 45 minutes later, I parked the Corvette in the garage.

"Can you come in, Tom?"

"Yes, I am off duty now."

Tom followed me into the house. "There is some cold juice in the fridge, help yourself."

I was holding the remains of my blouse together. I went into the bathroom and quickly washed up, slipping on a fresh blouse and some slacks.

Tom was sitting at the counter when I came out. I reached for the glass of punch he had poured for me.

"Thank you, Tom."

"Just my job. Oh give me that ticket."

I handed it to him, he wrote something on it, then wrote some more in his notebook.

"All handled." he said with a grin.

Feeling much better now, Tom and I talked for a long time. He explained that I would need to testify against the two men. I told him that I would. They had found drugs, guns in the trunk. He asked me for the blouse I had been wearing, I retrieved it and he put it in a plastic bag.

He asked me if I would be all right, I told him I was fine. Then he excused himself and left. I sat for a long time thinking. Tom is a fine looking man, younger than me but not much.

Jon came home early that evening, apparently Tom had called and explained. He was concerned of course. He made no effort to touch me, make love to me.

I explained about the car, he told me he would have someone take care of it.

My life returned to normal.

It was at least a week before I saw Tom again, he was at the station as some lawyers asked me questions, I answered as best I could.

Then they had me look at some men in a lineup, they all looked the same to me. No matter, they were caught cold, they said.

They both pled guilty so I didn't have to testify. I was upset when I saw the one charge was assault, not attempted rape.

"The system.

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