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But with the assets they're packing, they probably wouldn't need fake ids.

They arrived at Brittany's house, all excited about going to their first strip club. All the girls but Brittany wanted to wear something that would catch the strippers' eyes. Brittany however, has never worn anything that reveals her enormous breasts to anyone. She would always try and hide them but they could easily tell by the outlines of her clothes that she was heavy breasted.

"Brittany. You have to wear something revealing just this once. Imagine all the hot and hunky strippers that well be all over you and them prize winning milk jugs," Trishelle said, copping a feel of Brittany's covered left ample tit.

"You guys know how I feel about my big boobs and revealing them," Brittany argued.

"We know Britt but at least wear something sexy. A tight little shirt with no bra at least. Or you could barrow my tube top Britt. You'll look totally sexy in it and its not revealing except you chest but your boobies would be well covered and it stretches so you don't have to worry about any skin poking out," said Kristen, holding the pink tube top.

"All right then. Just this once," Brittany agreed. The girls all took showers, did their hair and make up and it was time to get dress.

Kristen threw on a black belly shirt, which made her D cups stick out far from her chest and an orange vest. A black skirt that stopped just a little bit above the knees and black silk socks to go along with her black platform shoes. An orange thong and black bra.

The twins threw on a matching set of white spaghetti straps tank tops and white mini skirts. They wore open toe sandals, a black thong, no bra so their massive melons can jiggle freely under their tops and Brittany wore black tight dress jeans to show off her huge ass and the pink tube top and strapless bra, to hold her ample tits in place.

"Very sexy stomach Brittany," said Trishelle bending over and kissing her stomach.

"Thank you," Brittany giggled and blushed.

"Let's go girls. The boys are calling our names," Danielle said. As the girls were leaving, Brittany was the last to almost exit when her online buddy, ChubbyCheckers, send her a message. She went over to it and read it.

"Dear Britt. Have lots of fun tonight with whatever it is you and your friends are going to be doing. I can't wait to talk to you. If you could, log on around 2 in the afternoon. I have other plans that I really must attend to later on in the evening. Catch you later."

With that, Brittany turns her computer off and headed out the door to join the others in her truck and they headed off to Gino's. Uncle Keith saw them take off and headed to a back storage area, to develop the pictures of the girls while they were getting dressed. Keith couldn't help it but to continue his dreams, of getting his niece and her friends in the sack all at once.

They arrived in the parking lot across the street from Gino's Strip Palace. They had out their fake ids and joined the line of girls and gay guys, wanting to get into the most famous strip club in San Antonio. The girls saw two bouncers carrying a very young girl who looks like she is 16, out of the line after she presented a fake id.

"Oh shit you guys," said Brittany worried.

"Relax Brit. We have something she doesn't have. Big tits. Use them if they want to get rid of us," said Trishelle. "Right," replied Brittany.

As the girls were getting closer and closer to the front of the line, Brittany was more and more nervous. Finally, the foursome made it to the front and Danielle was the first to present her id. They let her through. Kristen was next and it took sometime before they believed that she was 24 and had dyed her hair and eyes and had a nose job. Trishelle was next and she flirted with the head bouncer to automatically move forward. Brittany was the last in line.

"ID please," asked the head bouncer.

The girls were mentioning for Brittany to show her tits.

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