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What do you do when the wife says no?

He spent the rest of the day in a daze, unable to relax or put his mind to anything, finally admitting to himself he was waiting for the sound of the door handle and her customary "Hello the house!", and yet dreading it as well.

Uppermost in his mind was the fear that she didn't feel the same way, that she was just being friendly and kind, and that he'd misread her entirely. It was with a mixture of trepidation and anticipation that he heard the front door open and Luna's light tread in the hall.

"Joey, hello?" she called out, but her voice seemed different, almost hesitant, apprehensive, even.

"In here, Luna," he called back from the kitchen, waiting for her to poke her head inside and give him her bright smile.

Their evening was the same as many other evenings: a shared pizza, followed by TV and maybe a couple of beers or sodas as they relaxed on the couch, but this time there was an undercurrent, a definite sense of things unsaid between the two of them. Joey finally got up the courage to say what he'd been feeling all evening.

"Luna, I think we need to talk...about last night"

Luna dipped her head down, then looked back up at him, a slow flush spreading across her pale skin.

"About...y'know...?" she ventured, and Joey grinned, nodding slightly.

"I'm sorry Joey, I didn't mean to step over the line or anything, it was just..."

Joey cut her off.

"Is that what you think this is about? Luna, you didn't offend me or anything; I...liked it, it was nice, and...I didn't...I mean I wasn't...! Oh Jeez!"

"What are you trying to say, Joey?" she asked softly, and watched as Joey in turn flushed.

"I guess I was trying to say was nice, it was very nice, and I wanted...I wanted to do it again! I'm sorry if you're offended, I know you didn't mean anything by it, I...!"

Luna grinned at him.

"Listen to us, like a pair of kids on a first date! Joey, I don't know why I kissed you, or why it took me so long. I only know I wanted to, and it was nice for me, too. I'll understand if it's too soon for you, but when you're ready, I'll be waiting!"

Joey was flabbergasted; he'd expected a lingering awkwardness after he apologized, and maybe a few days break from each other, not this; she'd liked it, she liked him, oh boy...

Luna stared speculatively at him for a second, her eyebrow slightly raised, an expression Joey found attractive and still hauntingly familiar. She suddenly reached over and took his hand, Joey not resisting, thinking distractedly how vividly grass-green her eyes looked as she searched his face. Luna smiled and dipped her head down, and when she looked back up into his eyes, her gaze frank and unafraid, her eyes were their original lambent emerald again.

"Joey, come here; I think I want to kiss you again, and I want to do it properly. Are you gonna let me?"

Joey grinned at the absurdity of the question, as if a normal guy ever needed to be dragged into kissing a lovely girl! The challenge in her voice also struck a chord deep inside him, and with that came his emotional response; of course he was going to kiss her back, they'd come this far, what kind of a fool would he be to shy away now?

Moving closer together, each seeing the other's need in their eyes, their lips met, slowly, tentatively. Joey wanted to hold her closer, to press his lips harder to hers, to probe her mouth with his tongue, but held back, not sure if she was ready for that. He was caught unawares when her tongue darted between his lips and brushed against his. Their kiss intensified as they tasted each other, their tongues gently fencing as they kissed deeply, finally realizing where their friendship had been leading them.

Joey broke their kiss first, pulling away to look keenly into her eyes. Luna looked back steadily, a flush slowly creeping up into her cheeks.

"Wow, that was...incredible!" breathed Joey, "I've never been kissed like that before!"

Luna grinned at the compliment, even though she was feeling exactly the same thing; kissing him

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