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Husband has a surprise honeymoon present for his Japanese wife.

Again she bent at the knees and she was face to "face" with my lady parts. The evil sponge was then upon me, gently moving over the front of my pussy and also up in between my legs. I let out a little moan of ecstasy as my hips slightly bucked towards the sponge.

"Miss, you must really try to control yourself. You know the rules."

"Yes I do Alexandra, but if you keep hitting my clit that way it won't be much longer before I'm screaming like banshee."

"Nevertheless Miss. I have my instructions, and for right now you must allow me to bathe you and please do what you can to maintain control."

"Ok Alexandra. I don't want you to get in trouble or me get kicked out so I will try to be compliant." But if she didn't move on to other areas soon we were all going to be failures. Through superhuman effort I held off an orgasm (or two) and she helped me out to the tub. Out came a fluffy white towel and I just prayed to God that this would be quick. But it wasn't and I ended up even more aroused. Alexandra even noticed the issue and brought it to my attention. "Miss, I've dried your vagina three times now and it just keeps getting wet. Is there a problem?" "Hell yes there's a problem you stupid bitch of a tormentor" I thought to myself, "You are a stunningly hot babe that keeps rubbing my hot zones and all I want to do is fuck your brains out. So fuck yes, there's a fucking problem!" But instead of telling her the truth I just made some lame excuse about trapped water. Man I wanted to bury my mouth in her pussy and make her as wet as she'd made me.

18 June


The late morning sun warmed my skin as I laid by the pool, setting out the next part of the plan for Angel. Roxie, my German Shepherd, had found the shade of a tree to lay under, but it seemed she always had one eye open keeping vigilant guard over me. She had been my assigned military working dog and I was her handler, although it often seemed to be the other way around. I still vividly remember the time we got ambushed and I had to forcibly keep her from leaping out into the fire zone. She had gone into wild protection/attack mode and as enemy fire inched closer I had to push her into a shallow depression and lay on top to keep her from getting hit. That broke all sorts of regulations since we were told to always protect ourselves first but whoever put that regulation out was never a military dog handler. Idiot! I was very happy to have been able to adopt her after her retirement from the military. To say that I love her would be a huge understatement.

The nearby beeping of a truck backing up returned me from my mental remembrance of that deployment. Ah yes, Angel. I guess it was a day for daydreaming because I drifted back to the Club when I first saw her walk in my door. Funny how things imprint on your memory. I recalled the scent of the flowers mixed with hers, and the way her brunette hair bounced in time with her breasts as she crossed the room. The rhythmic flexing of her toned legs as they easily balanced on those tall stiletto heels, topped off by an ass that was truly mesmerizing.

For some reason I began to feel uncomfortable until I realized that I had a raging hard on. And when I say raging, I mean the kind that almost hurt and the rigidity that most women wished their men had. Reaching down towards my skyward pointing member, I momentarily considered taking matters into my own hand. Okay, sorry for the bad joke, but if I hadn't said it someone else would have.

My thoughts continued to dwell on Angel and I decided that I wanted to keep the arousal because it was the result of her image, perhaps in a strange way to be close to her.

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