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Kaylee visits a friend from the net.

My hand involuntarily moved to my crotch as I saw the actors on the video before me fucking with abandon.

"I see it's getting you a little excited too," he said. "Are you getting as hard as I am?" he asked. With that, he slowly pulled out his cock. I had seen it limp from outside, but now it was semi-erect, and far bigger than I could have imagined. He had to be about nine inches in length, and incredibly thick. Even the well-built actor on screen had nothing on Lloyd's massive tool. It was uncircumcised, with thick, loose foreskin that hung off the end of its mushroom-shaped head. Thinned-out grey wisps of pubic hair were scattered around the base of it. I was completely in awe of it. He stroked it gently as I stared. As his hand traveled down toward the base, the length of it flopped back and forth. I felt completely insignificant compared to it.

"The girls used to love this thing. Now I can't get anyone with it. I've even thought about letting another guy touch it sometime. Have you ever done that?" he asked.

The question jarred my back into reality. "No, I'm not interested in that," I said. Still, I couldn't tear my eyes away from his incredible penis.

"Well," he said, "you seem pretty interested in it. Why don't you touch it?"

Suddenly, I felt like I should leave, so I got up and said, "You know, I've got to check in with my job...I just remembered. I'll talk to you later, Lloyd." He started to speak, but I was already at the door and on the way to my own place. I was definitely freaked out and started questioning myself. Why was I so enraptured over seeing his cock in front of me? I definitely wanted to touch it, but was afraid to. This was something I needed to work out with myself.

I didn't see Lloyd for a couple of days. He was probably shocked at my reaction, too. I didn't want him to feel bad, but I needed to feel myself out. Finally, he came by on the third day in the morning, when I was off from work.

"I wanted to apologize about the other day," he said. "I don't know what came over me. It's been so long since I've had any company like that."

"It's ok. I just got a little freaked out, I think. Don't worry about it. I've never done that before," I said.

"Neither have I," he said. "I just got caught up in the moment. Listen, I'm having a problem with my power. Is your power on?" he asked.

"Yeah, my power is fine. Is yours out?" I asked.

"Yes, I don't know what happened. Would you mind taking a look at it for me?" he asked.

I agreed, and throwing on a pair of shorts and some flip flops, I went over to his place again. Upon entering, he gave me a small glass of juice. I started to turn him down, but he insisted, "Please, you're helping me out. Have a drink." So I sipped on it, but he insisted I drink the whole thing down, so I shot down the rest of it. It seemed a little odd, but I didn't want to offend. It took a few minutes, but it looked like a fuse had burnt out. It took a little while, but he was able to locate some fuses, and I replaced it.

By this time, I started to feel a little more tired than usual and fuzzy-headed. Thinking it might just be a little headrush from standing up too fast, I tried to collect myself. I swooned a little. Lloyd said, "You alright? Here, set down here for a moment," and led me to the couch before the TV.

I said, "I'm ok, I think. Just a little woozy." The room spun a little.

He said, "It's alright.

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