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When the opportunity came up to go to Amsterdam...


"And finally, " Somehow she was now even closer to me, and her hand was now farther up on my thigh, the fingers spread, one finger just an inch or so from my balls. She was very gently moving her fingers in little circles. This was too much and my robust friend was rapidly rising. "Tonight I confess, I couldn't sleep so I went out and sat on a stump and watched the stars and I heard more sounds of love from the cabin, but it sounded like Millie this time. So it seemed like you were unselfishly spreading your love amongst the various girls women of the camp and ... "

"So...," she looked me in the eyes. She was even closer now and one of her breasts was now pressed against my arm and my cock was now fully at attention. " I saw you come down here and strip and come out to the raft. And I thought to myself 'Lisa, nothing ventured, nothing gained. So, um..." and now it was apparently her turn to be embarrassed. "I wondered if you might be interested in spreading your net as far as me?"

Her face was now only inches from mine and as she looked in my eyes I saw the moon sparkling, I could feel the raft very gently rocking in the current. Then she leaned forward and kissed me gently on the lips. Her lips were cool and soft. Our lips parted for a moment, as we regarded one another. I felt like I was falling in a river and being swept away. The last few days had been so beyond my ken I felt like I had no control over what was going on. A small, remote part of me wanted to stop and go back, but the rest of me was caught up in this incredible sexual roller coaster. And the roller coaster still had me - I leaned forward and kissed her softly. We kissed softly for a minute, a soft, exploratory kiss, then our lips parted and our tongues were touching, tips only, in a gentle dance. I felt her fingers slide up my thigh, lightly onto my balls and wrap themselves around my cock. We both sighed with pleasure at the contact. I brought my hand up and stroked her cheek as we continued to kiss. I let my hand stroke down along the side of her neck, barely touching the skin. She shivered slightly as my fingers traced along he top of her breast and then gently down around the curve of her breast until they reached the nipple.

Our tongues increased the tempo of their dance as my fingers gently curled around her stiff nipple, gently stroking and caressing it. Her fingers were also ever so gently stroking my cock, tracing the shape of the cap, teasing the very tip, running back and forth across the tip of my cock head. Her fingers felt cool yet fiery. Then she slid closer to me and into my arms, her body warm and firm against me. I relaxed back onto the raft as she lay half on top of me, our kiss continuing, pausing beginning again as her hand slowly stroked my balls and cock. I kissed the her throat and down into the hollow of her shoulder - soft warm kisses as my hand cupped her breast and then stroked down along the curve of her belly, tracing around her navel and then lower, into that lush, lovely country between her legs. I used my lips to kiss down onto her breast as she rolled her head back and as my lips found her nipple she moaned deep in the throat. I kissed one breast and then the other as she stroked my hair. My other hand slid between her legs and found her warm, moist pussy. My fingers gently traced the line of her pussy-lips and she thrust her pelvis forward, begging my fingers to enter. They did and she let out another low moan as my fingers began sliding in and out of her pussy in a slow rhythm.
Lisa then bent forward and took my cock in both hands and caressed it.

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