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The city, the park and the shower.

"You've been looking at me, let me look at you!" Terri said. He decided to oblige the lady and got out of his dress shirt. There was this lewd grin that came over Terri's face, at nearly 37, he had kept in good shape, used the company gym a few times a week and played a lot of tennis. Gerry was no jock, but he did believe in physical fitness and Misty had teased him that it helped in the sack too. He kicked off his pants and was naked, Gerry liked to go "commando" and he didn't wear much underwear. Terri licked her lips, the lady liked what she saw a great deal.

She moved around the room, sexy, like a stripper on the runway. The pink PVC halter came off, revealing those great tits Gerry had been thinking of, desiring, aching to touch and fondle. They were gorgeous, with big, fat nipples and devoid of tan lines. Terri grinned and turned around, slid the shorts down, down, down, showing off a great ass and a tiny matching pink thong. Other than that, she was nude. She walked over to Gerry, hot, desirable, wanton and all of her was Gerry's for the taking.

"I am going to suck your cock!" Terri said, looking at him and going down on her knees. She looked up at Gerry with those great green eyes and began blowing him. Oh shit, what a great cocksucker, his mind raced. She was so good, she could have been a high-class call girl. The lady loved a man's dick, she went up and down, taking him in fully, tip to balls. Her mouth was great, Gerry nearly came when she started, and she had this trick of using her nails on the inside of his thighs that drove him insane while she was trying to get Gerry to shoot his nuts off.

"Mmm, stud, you taste good!" she purred, looking up at him.

"Jesus woman, you're fucking incredible!" Gerry told her.

"Thanks. I love sucking cock." Terri went back to her task, laving every inch of his meat with her talented tongue. That's when the coupling duo heard the yells "Mom!!?"

Gerry panicked, but Terri kept her cool. The pretty blonde must have had ice in her veins, Gerry thought. "Up here, baby!" Gerry thought Terri was out of her mind, what the fuck was going on? He was out of my mind with panic. He wasn't afraid of what Nick would say or do, but he didn't want his one indiscretion getting back to Misty. Nor did he want Terri's daughter to cause her any problems.

Gerry considered getting off the bed and hiding, but in through the door walked Terry, Terri's daughter. He was caught with his pants down, literally and figuratively.

They had met a few times before, Terry was a slender, leggy brunette with long, curly hair that went down to her ass. She looked a lot like her Mom, not quite as curvy, but with the same sexy face and great eyes & lips. If one saw the two of them together, there was no mistaking their relationship.

"Hi Mom. Looks like you're having fun. Hi Mr. Ferguson." Geez, Gerry thought, I must be twenty-one shades of red. He meekly waved at her.

"We were just getting started, darling" Terri said, laughing at Terry. "I think you've scared the poor man, look, he's losing his hard-on!" Gerry was feeling the urge to go and hide under the bed, anywhere, to get away from this embarrassment.

"I guess I'll have to give you a hand getting it back, Mom!" Terry winked, with that, she began stripping. Gerry was totally dumbfounded as he watched this pretty 19-year old get naked, throwing her clothing every which-way.

She was dressed in a skimpy white blouse and denim shorts, when she got naked, she revealed a similar lack of tan lines, and unlike her mom, a shaved pussy. She walked over to the couple on the bed, long slim legs and sexy curls, a college stud's wet dream. Climbing on the bed, she kissed Gerry softly and he enjoyed the kiss -- rather obviously at that. His cock began to twitch once more.

To Gerry's shock, Terry leaned in and kissed her mother.

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