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Elena didn't want to attract sex partners, so she was in tight skinny black jeans, a blazer and high heels. Her hair was done up in a high and haughty pony tail.

The night started out well enough. A few Pink Pussy shots later, and they were ready to go upstairs. It was there that she saw Alex. He didn't see her at first. He was at a table with three women and two men. A petite brown haired girl was bent over in front of him. He was banging her from behind.

Elena stood in a state of shock. The woman was not his wife. She didn't see his wife anywhere. He was naked. He was actually a very attractive man, although she never gave much thought to that, given his personality. He worked out regularly and had abdominal muscles. His penis was long, and although she never saw it come out of the girl completely, she estimated about 9 inches. Elena was tall, 5'10" and used to looking down on men, especially when she wore high heels, but this man was above her at 6'4".

She pulled out her phone and snapped a picture. He must have felt her eyes on him because he looked over at her. A dumbfounded expression crossed his face, and he looked at the phone in her hands. Elena ran down the stairs, ignoring the inquiring protests from Jennifer and Amy. Elena made it about halfway down when she felt a strong hand grab her arm. She turned to face Alex. He was sweaty from sex. His shirt was off and he had only just managed to pull on a pair of jeans. He still had an erection.

Elena was speechless at the sight of him. Her mind was adjusting to the fact that he could be a person outside of work, much less a naked, sweaty person in a swinger's club.

"Are you going to tell anyone?" Alex asked.

Elena felt an angry spark inside of her. "Where is your wife?" She demanded. "Is she here?"

He shook his head no.

She took a step up close to him. His body language reaction was to move back, bending to her force.

"If you don't want this to get out, you are going to do everything that I say. You are going to pay for me and my friend's tab. You don't screw anyone I don't let you, and you do everything I tell you, no matter how degrading."

He looked at her for a moment, and then he turned. She followed him upstairs. For emphasis, she gave him a hard slap on his behind. He kept walking. She had no idea where this was going, but she was thrilled at the sudden rush of power and dominance she was experiencing.

He went back to explain to the female he was with that he was with Elena now. Elena didn't care how that abrupt stop to their activity was going to go over. She went to Jen and Amy to see if they could brainstorm ways to abuse their new whipping boy.

Elena explained the situation to them. Jen and Amy were tickled at what had happened. Elena knew that they had kinky things up their sleeves. A whole host of ideas were coming to them, involving scenarios at work, but for now they were just going to enjoy the night by dominating him.

He joined them. "Alex, we'll take three shots of pink pussy. None for you." He went obediently. When he returned, they claimed a table.

"Alex, take off your clothes. I want you to go down on my friend Jen. I want you to give her the best lick ever."

He did as she commanded. The petite brunette at the other table stared at him. She was beginning to become irate.

"Alex, wave goodbye to your friend. Don't move your face." To Elena's amusement, he did as she asked. The petite brunette stormed out of the club.

Her friend's juices were clearly running over his chin. Jen was thoroughly enjoying herself. He moved his hands up to her pussy.

"No fingers," Elena said. He removed his hands.

"Lick my ass," Jen moaned. Elena felt her work satisfaction raise again watching this man, who had been a thorn in her side for weeks, lick her friend's asshole.

"You call that a lick? I need to see more enthusiasm." Elena chided. Amy laughed. He started licking her ass more energetically.

"Lick my pussy," Jennifer said after a few minutes of anal pleasure.

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