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One produced money and stuck his cock in the other man's mouth. After he came and the other man swallowed, he took a small package out of his pocket and gave it to the other. Suddenly Damian realized he just saw drugs being sold. With his flash light he took a few notes, and remembered to make a note of the prostitute.

Damian watched the man who bought the drugs. The man put a little bit in his palm and then sniffed it up his nose, licking the residue off his hand. At this time a man had walked in the next stall and pulled down his pants. He stuck his cock though a hole into the other stall where the drug sniffing man started to lick on the cock. Soon he pulled the balls through while still sucking. He massaged the balls while sucking and reached further back feeling the man's ass cheeks, and then obviously fingered the asshole. The finger worked in past the second knuckle Damian guessed and was fondling balls while finger fucking and sucking. Soon the man came hard and seemed to fill the mouth of the drug user, and Damian could see him swallow.

After getting home Damian would replay the sucking and cum swallowing in his dreams, sometimes licking his lips.

Before dawn, Roy came back around and opened the door so Damian could slip into the truck. Roy locked back up and they went back to the office for a debriefing, and so Damian could go home for the day.

Damian woke up with the alarm and the most enormous hard on he could remember. He had been dreaming of the events he had seen. His dreams were very creative and he had placed himself in the position of a cocksucker, and upon awakening he could almost taste cum in his mouth with satisfaction. He had to do something with the hard-on so while still laying there he jacked off in his hand. Now, he thought what should he do with that. Hesitantly at first he touched his tongue to it. A strand stuck to his tongue and tasted salty, but it was good, so he broadly licked it onto his tongue so he could taste it and feel it on his tongue. He savored the taste for a minute and experimented with the feel of it in his mouth, then quickly swallowed. But it didn't all go down on the first swallow because it had coated his tongue and throat. Damian was fascinated but now somewhat embarrassed at what he just did. After several more swallows, he had gotten most of the slippery feel down his throat. Damian now had a secret passion. He got the last drops from his cock head, and licked them up. Then he got up to get ready for work.
That afternoon when he got to work Roy and Wade had a plan ready. They taught Damian how to talk like a queer, and a little bit of the body language.

Wade said, "Damian, you did an excellent job last night, now we want you to interact with these people, you know, role play, and see what you can find out. Here is a disguise we want you to try on." Wade produced a very small pair of stretch shorts, and a crop top shirt. "You need to have an effeminate queer look."

Roy said, "Go ahead and try them on here."

Damian took off his shoes, pants, and shirt.

Roy said, "Take your underwear off too, you won't need them."

Very puzzled, Damian said, "Ok." Damian stood there in the office completely naked. He watched as Wade scooped up his clothes and put them in a drawer, complete with his ID and keys.

Damian's eyes rested on Wade's crotch for a minute and he remembered holding that cock and this made him start to get hard. Damian hoped to god he wouldn't get a full hard on standing there naked. He could feel it getting heavy.

Roy said, "For your safety and for the record, we need to get some pictures of your body for the purpose of any insurance claims or investigations. Stand over there by the wall."

Damian stood by the wall while they took frontal pictures of him, then side view pictures, and then a few pictures from behind.

"Now lay back on this table and pull your knees to your chest, spread your knees a little.

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