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Ada is kept on edge by a machine.

I found out later, that she told one of the nurses that she thought I was a very nice man. I also sat down with the doctors to discuss her future. They gave me some recommendations. If after a few days at home, there was no improvement, I should seek the help of a hypnotist. They said he or she, may be able to hypnotize her into remembering her past.

Well, the next few days weren't any better. She slept in our bed, but I slept in the guest room, as she still felt a little uncomfortable. The future was looking bleak. I had no idea how to find a hypnotist, so I called the hospital for ideas. They told me they had quite a few possibilities, as they use them for weekly seminars to stop smoking, and to lose weight. The lady rattled off several names and numbers, which I quickly jotted down. Most of them were busy with shows and seminars, but one gave me a number of a young man, who was new in town, and was looking for work. I called him, and he seemed eager to help. He also wanted to meet with me first and discuss things, before seeing my wife. I told him Monday would be great as she would be at the hospital most all day. She needed to be checked out, and to start physical therapy.

I dropped her off at the hospital, and headed home.

* * *

I was there for about an hour, when he arrived. I invited him in, thinking he looked awfully young. I guess he knew what I was thinking as he began to speak. "Yes, I'm kinda young. I'll be 22 this October." We sat in the living room, where he continued, "My name is Joel. I found I had the gift at the age of eleven, and I have worked hard to develop it."

Not knowing exactly what to say, I started asking questions. "So, are you married?

"Unfortunately, when girls found out about my gift, they completely avoided me. I guess they thought I would make them do bad things." He was looking down at his feet, I could tell the idea had crossed his mind before. "So not dating has given me lots of time to concentrate on my abilities."

"You mean you've never had a date?"

"Er, no."


"Tell me about it." His eyes now left his feet, and wandered about the room. He was feeling a bit more comfortable. His eyes stopped when he noticed the pictures above the fireplace.

"Wow, is that your wife?" He was obviously impressed. "She's beautiful. Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean..." His face started to blush.

"That's OK, yes she is beautiful. Thank you for noticing." We talked about all kinds of things, his abilities, and experience. As he asked different questions about her, and her past, I volunteered more and more information. Soon he knew her well.

The question was an innocent one, but when he asked it, the wheels suddenly started turning.

"What exactly do you wish to gain from her once I have her hypnotized?" It was almost as if I was the one in a trance, as I pondered the possibilities.

"I don't know if that would be professional or moral." was his reply.

"How many gigs have you had so far?"

"Well, none, yet."

"Then you're not a professional, yet, and I've been to some of those shows. And I've seen some of their 'morals'. Besides, this is just between us. If your not satisfied with the results, you can always change her back. You CAN change her back can't you?"

"Well, I maybe..."

"Are you saying your not good enough? Should I find someone else?"

"No, OK, I'll try." I don't know who was more nervous, me or him. We decided to give my wife a day of rest before the hypnotic session, and agreed on Wednesday.

I went back to the hospital, and picked up my wife. There was still no recognition, and she was beginning to worry. I told her about the hypnotist, and how he might be able to help. She was actually excited about it. She wanted her life to be normal again.

Wednesday morning she showered as best she could with the cast on her left forearm, and got dressed by herself.

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