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Brittany & her busty friends on the town.

Her dick was magnificent, completely shaved, cut, with a slight upward curve. I stared intently as she stroked her cock in front of my face, pre-cum forming on her mushroom head. Unprompted, I stuck out my tongue and probed her cock slit, tasting her for the first time, taking her pre-cum into my mouth. She was delicious, and at that moment, I knew I wanted more.

I looked up at Lenoir from my knees, lust filling her hypnotic green eyes, as she bit down on her bottom lip, instructing me without saying a word, telling me to suck her cock. She was rubbing her tip on my lips, teasing me, as I opened my mouth and took her length into my throat.

"Agghhhhhhhhh," I heard her moan as I began to suck on her dick.

I relaxed my throat and began bobbing up and down on her shaft, licking the underside with my tongue on each pass. I flicked my tongue on her head, teasing her tip, massaging her slit, as I stroked her cock with my hand, hoping to please her. I licked down her shaft to her smooth, hairless balls, and sucked them into my mouth, gently kneading them, rolling them over my tongue, hoping to convince them to empty their contents into my eager mouth as I stroked her erection. I moved my mouth back onto her cock, now massaging her balls with my hand, and began working in earnest, wanting her to cum, wanting her to give me her nectar. I could hear her breathing quicken, and, knowing she was close, I plunged her dick down my throat, as far as I could without gagging, and held her there. She started rocking her hips, popping her head into my windpipe, as I deepthroated her, taking all of her cock.

"Oh fuck," I heard her cry out, "I'm gonna cum!!"

I felt her cock spasm in my throat and then fire its first shot straight into my stomach. I pulled back, popping her out of my throat, so that just her head was in my mouth, as she continued to ejaculate, filling my mouth with her sperm, unloading her balls. She continued to cum, rope after rope, into my mouth as I eagerly swallowed, gulp after gulp of her seed, stroking her cock, milking her dry. I took all she had, until her balls were drained, and her cock started to deflate as it slid from my mouth, a single string of cum running from my lips to the tip of her cock. She looked down at me, approvingly, as I swallowed her delicious load. She reached her index finger down and rubbed the tip of her cock, taking the last remnants of her jizz and bringing it to her mouth before sucking it clean.

"Get up on the bed," she instructed, motioning behind me. I climbed up on the bed in a seated position, Lenoir standing between my legs, my thighs straddled around her waist, my cock impossibly hard. She leaned down and licked my cock from the base to the tip, sending shivers of pleasure up my spine, before taking me in her mouth. She bobbed up and down a few times, teasing me, riling me up before standing back up in front of me, her cock starting to harden once again.

"Masturbate for me," she instructed, "I want to see you cum, I want you to cum on my cock."

I started stroking my dick, slowly, wanting to savor this moment. I was watching Lenoir, her beautiful breasts, her gorgeous eyes, and her magnificent cock, standing before me, wanting me to cum for her. She was stroking her cock too, bringing it back to life, it hardening in her hand as she watched me, licking her lips. She started massaging my balls, rolling them around in her hand as I masturbated, stroking my cock for her. I felt her slide her index finger down under my balls and find my asshole, gently probing it, teasing me. With that same wicked smile, she slid her finger into my ass, up to her knuckle, sending a jolt through my cock, electrifying my body. I was furiously stroking my cock now, right on the verge of cumming, while she fingered my asshole.

"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!!!" I cried out, as I felt my cock spasm in my hand and explode, blasting my first shot out and onto Lenoir's tits.

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