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My girlfriend models for my photo class.

She was anxious to see if she was as deliciously impassioned and wildly orgasmic as the photographer had described.

Lisa had seen snippets of Penny's videos in the mist of her orgasmic overload in front of the cameras yesterday and she wanted to see the real thing. She turned to a control panel near the door and flipped a switch turning on the video recorders. Next she held a toggle switch in the up position and watched the spreader bar lift towards the ceiling with Penny stretching higher until her toes barely touched the floor. Only then did Lisa stop her rise by releasing the toggle switch.

Lisa leaned against the wall watching as Candice latched onto Penny's left nipple with her mouth. Lisa felt her hunger increase as she looked at the delectable morsel being buffeted by her minions. The stretch had forced gravity to elongate her already athletic body, leaving her abs thin and muscular. Penny's breasts were lifted high on her chest with her ribs popping against her skin. Lisa thought she was beautiful before, but now she was sizzlingly erotic and she felt a yearning to ravish her. She held her passion in check and watched Penny writhe before the hungry mouths and fingers of her underlings.

As the two people entered the room Penny felt the same excitement she had yesterday when she discovered she was being broadcast via webcam. When their ravenous eyes raked her skin, Penny's breath locked in her chest as their hunger merged with hers into a greedy torturous need. She saw their appetite showing in their eyes and being bound she couldn't stop them. The smoldering fire in her loins flared into an inferno and once again being bound released her from her upbringing. She felt gluttonous desire griping her body and she knew she wanted to be their play thing as much as they did.

Penny swiveled her eyes to Lisa just as she gave consent for Fitz and Candice to have some fun. Before Lisa had stopped nodding she felt four hands and two mouths ravishing her heated flesh. Candice's mouth and lips were mauling her breasts while her hands roamed freely over her belly and hips. Fitz was digging through her hair as he kissed down her back and his hands were already caressing his ultimate goal, her succulent ass.

Penny had difficulty breathing as the white-hot erotic fire flowed through her. She gasp and mewled as several hands, fingers, mouths and lips seemingly bombarded her every part of her sensitive skin. She started to shake with unrequited passion and then she felt her body elongate as she was pulled off of her feet. As Lisa held the switch, Penny's body was overextended with her toes barley touching the ground. This gave the amorous duo more overwrought and erogenous skin to devour.

Somehow hanging helplessly in the air made Penny feel more vulnerable and heightened her intoxicating ecstasy. Penny couldn't close her eyes willing herself to watch Candice and Fitz ravage her in the mirrors. However, they both had other thoughts as Candice began stroking her clit and Fitz her brown star. No one had ever touched her asshole before and she hadn't even thought of that being an erotic part of her body.

Penny felt like a marionette with both of them stroking her erotic holes and she had no control as they tugged on her erotic strings. Penny's eyes popped open as a jolt of electrical passion flashed through her body pushing her towards her orgasmic abyss. Her hair swirled in a golden cloud around her as she shook her head with the mind-altering lust taking control of her.

When Candice slid two fingers through her womanly lips and began thrusting inside her, Penny felt like she was on the crest of a tidal wave rushing towards an explosive void.

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