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"Now We can Really Fuck".

Jenny, feeling a distinct need to cum herself, quickly got to work on Sofia. This time she fingered her with one then slowly inserting the second finger all while keeping her mouth over her pussy to let it and her tongue pleasure Sofia. Sofia released Jenny's other hand which quickly went back to her pussy, but clearly was just there to provide a bit of pleasure never truly trying to achieve an orgasm, just like she was told.

"Put three fingers in my pretty little pussy, and fuck me like I know Kevin never fucks you" Sofia demanded of Jenny, insulting her husband and degrading her further. Jenny hearing the whole sentence but only acting on the request adds a third finger and starts to fuck her more and more roughly with them all while licking her pussy and sucking on her clit, this time really starting to enjoy pleasing another woman.

"Mmmmm you are a good little lesbian slut, aren't you Jenny?" Sofia moans to Jenny, and Jenny replies with a nod of her head never leaving her work.

Sofia was now full on fucking Jenny's head with her hip movements and Jenny was responding perfectly with the timing of her sucking and finger fucking of Sofia's pussy.

Sofia was noticing an orgasm was approaching much quicker than the first. Even though this felt amazing she wanted to keep this going for as long as possible so she decided to make Jenny slow down.

"Slow down slut I want you to earn this orgasm, and look at me while you licking my pussy bitch" Sofia panted at Jenny.

Jenny immediately slowed down, pulling out all but one of her fingers and tried to maintain eye contact as much as possible as she slowly ate Sofia out and fingered her.

"Tell me my pussy is the best bitch" Sofia demanded of Jenny. She replied, or as best she could with a mouth full of pussy, "Your pussy is the best". "Tell me how it tastes" Sofia now asked. This time the response so garbled she couldn't hear what she said. "Say it louder bitch" Sofia demands eliciting a moan from Jenny. "It tastes soooo good Sofia" Jenny replies as she briefly backs her head off of the pussy in front of her, all looking up at Sofia the whole time.

Sofia, who had stopped fucking her with her hips after Jenny slowed down, started to slowly gyrate them back and forth into Jenny again. "You like when I fuck your face, don't you Jenny" Sofia asked. "Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck my face" Jenny muttered through Sofia's pussy. She was at this point willing to do anything to get an orgasm of her own, and didn't care how much she embarrassed herself.

"I want you to show me those gringo tits now slut, both of them. And pull your hand out of your pants and start playing with your breasts." Sofia demanded of the kneeling Jenny.

In defeat Jenny gingerly takes her hand out of her panties already missing the touch of anything bringer her closer to a climax. With her now free hand she pulls down the straps of her dress.

It falls to rest at her waist, only being held up by her slightly wide kneeling stance. She slowly unhooks her bra, and looks up to Sofia to question where to put it. Sofia took her hand off Jenny's head and grabbed the panties, then proceeded to throw them in the trash.

"You won't be needing that for the rest of the night, nor those panties" Sofia pointing at Jenny's frankly unflattering almost granny panties. "If someone with such beautiful breasts as these" as she cups and fondles her breasts with both hands. "And such a beautiful pussy as this one" as she motions to her own pussy. "Doesn't need underwear, why does yours? Do you think yours is better than mine puta?" Sofia demands of Jenny.


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