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Professor teaches Tiffany what he has while another watches.

I wanted more than anything to taste his load. But a knock at the door snapped me back to reality. Maybe this wasn't a good idea. I mean, I didn't know anything about this guy except from what I've seen from afar. And fantasy and reality are not the same thing. Now there was someone at my door, which I don't think I locked after letting Ryan in. I tried to get free, but Ryan held me down and continued to fuck my throat. A second knock at the door, and to my horror, Ryan responded: "Come in, Sam!"

The door opened, and in walked Sam, Ryan's roommate and frat buddy. What the hell was happening here? I may have been hot and horny to suck off Ryan, but I was definitely not into having an audience. The two guys exchanged smiles, while Ryan continued to hold ram his cock down my throat.

"I think he wants to say something," Sam replied. Ryan pulled out of my mouth.

"Is that right, faggot? Do you want to say something?"

"Damn right," I replied. "What the fuck do you guys think you're doing. I want you to let me go, and to get out of my house. I did not agree to any of this, and I'm definitely not going to suck you off while your friend watches."

"Haha, you got it all wrong there bro. Sam isn't here to watch. Isn't that right, Sam?"

"That's right, Ryan. Why would I just stand here and watch-I came here to play too. Now shut him up so we can have some fun." With that, Sam opened his gym bag and pulled out a huge dildo.

"Now wai..." Before I could protest, Ryan shoved his cock back into mouth and continued his violent face fucking. I felt Sam begin to unbutton my jeans. Now, I couldn't move my upper body due to Ryan's weight on my arms, but I would be damned if I would allow this guy to undress me like that. I started to kick and flail my legs as hard as I could. My protests were ended quite abruptly with Ryan's hand started crushing my throat.

"Now look. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. But let's get something straight right now. We are in control here. And you're going to do what we say. Because if you don't, you're going to get hurt. I can make this easy on you, or I can make it so you are in so much pain, you'll be crying like the little bitch you are. So, here's what's going to happen. You're going to calm done and continue sucking my dick like you were before, while Sam here takes off your pants. Then you're going to do whatever it is that he asks you, got that?"

Tears already stung my eyes from my crushed larynx, and I was barely able to utter a sound, so all I did was nod my head. Ryan's grip around my throat relaxed, and he brought his cock back to my lips. Sam continued the process of removing my jeans. Next, he removed my underwear. I was completely exposed now from the waist down. The hardness that was there a little while before was now gone from the fear that filled me.

Sam spread my legs a bit and began fingering my hole. First one finger, then two. I grunted at the dull pain in my ass, as he didn't use any lube. The pressure stopped for a moment. I was so focused on trying to see what Sam was doing that I didn't even realize that Ryan was no longer fucking my throat. He had his hands on his own ass cheeks, spreading them open, and was hovering just above my face. "I want you eat my hole now faggot." With that, he all but sat on my face, completely blocking my view of Sam down toward my feet. I obeyed and stuck out my tongue. I could taste the sweat from his work out mixed with his ass. At the same time, I could feel something large being pressed against my own ass. Holy shit, Sam was going to fuck me with that giant dildo I saw earlier, and I could feel that he was still not using any lube. I could feel him pushing the rubber against my hole, the dryness pulling on the hairs around.

"Hey Ryan man, I can't get it in. He's too tight. We need some lube."

"Give it to me. Ok Mike, we need you to get this dildo nice and wet for Sam. Open your mouth."

Just the thought of putting something into my mouth that was around my own asshole made my

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