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Key free agent is battled over by dueling games.

Her waist is small, her ass is so round and thick, and her boobs are so big. She smells like soap, and a little bit like my cum, if you smell her breath.

"I really don't know. I mean captain Blue really needs me to feed him, and I was really looking forward to cooking pasta today for dinner." I was only serious about the fish thing, but my voice still oozed of sarcasm.

"Awesome, so I'll pick you up at your house at two thirty, don't forget to feed captain. Then we can go to the beach." as she says this, I pull my arm and her body in closer.

"I would like that," I said quietly in a happy tone, that I still was not entirely use to using yet.

She then stops walking and stands on the tips of her toes, and hugs me to whisper into my ear "We might be able to continue what we started in class." I freeze unsure of exactly what to say as a response, feeling even more excited. Candice begins to slowly walk away leaving me in awe; I think her next class was in the opposite direction, but I honestly don't know.

I stop in the middle of the hallway to watch as her as she walks away. There I stood, thoughtless in awe of her. People circled around me in the center of the crowded hallway, every step she took, the crowded hallway swallowed her more and more. Till there was nothing left of her that I could see, just a mess of faces and bodies.

I began my walk into class, still looking over my shoulder hoping for her to come back. I walked into class then I took my seat next to George. "Dude you will never guess what just happened to me last class." I said to George as he directed his blank stare to me for a moment.

Class was over so damn fast, George and I talked in the back of class for the most of it. Then George and I walked over to the cafeteria. I pulled my wrapped up sandwich out of my backpack, while George pulled out his phone. I hear fast approaching footsteps.

I turn around to see Dan walking towards us with his friend Anthony. Anthony sits next to me, and Dan takes his seat next to George. Anthony was an annoying shit he said some of the dumbest things I think I've ever heard in my entire life. We awkwardly laughed at the stuff he said out of fear of him repeating whatever shit joke he had just said.

I can honestly say I don't think Anthony has anything funny just offensive; however, Dan seemed to like hanging out with him. I didn't mind Anthony too much, but George hated him. "Bruce did you get her to give you that Handy Jay? " Asked Dan as he pulled food out of his bag, I paused, George looked up at me.

"No, Dan. I did not ask Candice to play with my dick during chemistry." I said out of annoyance, and not wanting to spread rumors. Anthony and Dan laugh a little. The rest of lunch was usual, only this time Anthony and his unfunny jokes were there.

The guys he brought over to us were so fucking dumb. Anthony was maybe the only one I thought was ok at best. As far as Dan's friends go that is. Fuck all this anyway. Still I constantly looked over my shoulder for Candice. Where does she go?

More importantly why doesn't she take me with her? I mean I'm not some crazy fuck that needs to know where she is at all times, but I can't get her out of my mind. I look outside the window again, towards the hideously orange sign. This time a black van was parked in front of the sign; from my angle I couldn't see the sign anymore.

The final bell rang, and I almost ran out of class. I had to feed my trusty captain blue. Not only that, but I nervously trim and shaved pretty much the entire section of my body where my dick is. I wasn't an overly hairy ape-like man or anything; nevertheless, I needed this to boast my confidence.

It was also a good chance to touch myself for a little while before Candice showed up. If i have to spend time with her on the beach, I know for sure I am gonna have an awkward time trying to hide how turned on I am by seeing her bounce around in a bikini. An erect penis while wearing thin shorts at the beach will be the death of me.

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