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Jeanne goes undercover to investigate a fetish club.

" I didn't 100% trust her that she'd drop it. The way she had explained things, she had put a lot of time and effort into this corruption process in order to make me into the ideal vessel, an avatar of lust, as it were. Still, I suppose it couldn't hurt to see how she would try to convince me. Sure enough, it didn't hurt at all, except in some good ways.

After I gave an accepting nod at her offer, Vivika slid off my lap and carried herself over to her mother and two friends, all of whom had made quite a sticky mess on the floor beneath them. She was able to get their attention with a simple tap to their shoulders. Without a word, they knew they had been asked to convince me of Vivika's plan. Vivika stayed with Nessa and Val, who seductively began to work her clothes off her body, kissing wherever new flesh was bared. Cross, however, left the three teenage goths and sauntered over to me, making exaggerated sways of her hips to show off how wide they were and how narrow her waist was. She pointed a finger at my crotch, and after a small purple flame appeared on the tip of her finger, a similar ember appeared at my zipper. Though startled at first, I saw she was not trying to immolate me. Her finger traced down in the air, and with it the zipper began to be pulled down. The same was done to my belt buckle and top button. With a flick, all flames vanished and the rest would be done manually.

Cross descended gracefully to her knees, keeping her back straight the whole time and never once letting her pure purple eyes leave my intrigued stare. I could feel how pleasurably warm her fingers were when they grazed my skin, hooking into my pants and yanking both it and my boxers down to the floor. "I simply must return the tender attention you gave to me in my office," she cooed. Her voice had become as different as her body - different, but still similar in all the right ways. It was otherworldly, darker and came with a whispering echo behind each syllable that escaped her black, shiny, lips. A sound underlain her words, something between a growl and a purr, but definitely bestial. Though much of her body had changed colors, I saw that her red-pink tongue remained the same as it was dragged up the side of my cock, flicking at my head before retreating behind plump tiers. Soon to disappear like her tongue was the head of my shaft, reappearing with a pop from her puckered lips.

The inside of her mouth was as warm, wet, soft, and inviting as any of the three girl's pussies - and Cross's mouth had the added benefit of her flexible and attentive tongue. "Mmm, Mr. Harper," she moaned against my cock, "You taste so good. I can't imagine how good it'll taste when you accept this wonderful gift we're offering you," she added while nuzzling the side of my dick against her warm cheek.

"If," I corrected her. "If I accept."

"That's right, if," she agreed after sliding half of my dick out her mouth. "Though, I'm sure by the end of this, you'll be asking when," Cross confidently purred before engulfing even more of my cock, without a single sign of resistance due to its size. A perk of being a sex demon, I was sure. I groaned deep when she went deep enough to press her nose against the groomed patch of hair above the base of my shaft. When I opened my eyes, I could see Vivika had become completely disrobed, though remained standing with her two partners in crime. The three of them traded kisses and shared gropes, their eager bodies grinding against each other's legs, causes breasts to press into each other.

The succubus, meanwhile, had started to work her hands into the equation.

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