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We all have our reasons to do this.

You grab a condom out of your bag and slide it onto my hard cock. You slip your panties off and come over to straddle me in the driver's seat. I move my chair back as you settle and slide down onto my big dick. Your wet pussy stretches as you slide down onto all of me. We kiss as you start to grind in my lap. My hands are on your back. I am pulling you into me as we kiss and fuck passionately. Every now and then we are lit up by headlights and we get a glimpse of the ecstasy in each other's eyes. You bounce up and down on my cock harder.

"You're so big baby, it feels so goooood!" you cry.

You work your hips on my crotch, grinding your way to orgasm again. Then you bounce up and down working my cock just right so I will explode.

"OH FUCK!" I cry, as my cum spurts out and fills the condom.

You slide back over into your seat panting and tired.

"That was awesome," you say.

"I agree," I reply as I take the condom off and fling it into the woods.

"Let's get to the hotel so we can do same more of that," I say as I pull back on the road to finish our journey.

We finish our drive to the hotel, holding hands, rubbing legs, talking, smiling. We booked a room at a really nice place. We walk into the room, excited about how nice it is.

"Look at the shower," you say, "we will make good use of that."

"I can think of a couple uses for this thing at the end of the bed," I say, looking at a long cushioned bench the width of the bed.

You smile and come up to me. We embrace and kiss. Our mouths pressed together, our tongues playing with one another's. My hands on your back pulling you into me. I pull your dress up over your head, leaving you in your bra and panties. I turn you around and run my hands softly up and down your body. You skin so soft under my finger tips as I graze them up your thighs, past your panties, up your sides and down your arms. My right hand moves to your belly holding you to me as my left hand pulls back the hair on your right side and I lean in and kiss your neck softly.

"Your skin is so soft," I whisper into your ear.

I move my lips down your neck to your shoulder, kissing your soft skin down slowly. I take my right hand and slip your bra strap down your shoulder as my lips reach it. My left hand is on your belly, I move it down slowly to your panties. I move my fingers along the top, teasing you.

"It feels so right to be in your strong arms," you say as your soft fingers glide against my arm.

I undo your bra and slip my left hand up under it, cupping your delectable breast. Your bra falls to the floor as I squeeze your right breast in my left hand, then I add my right hand to your left breast. I hold you tight, squeezing your tits as I kiss your neck. You turn your head and meet my lips. I pinch your nipples as we kiss. You turn around fully and lift off my shirt. We make out some more as our naked chest press against one another's. I pull back and kiss down your chest. You bend your head back as I reach the valley between your tits. I run my tongue to the left nipple and glide it in circles around your areola, then pressing my lips to your skin I kiss it, sucking on your nipple, getting it real hard.

"Oh God I love that," you purr.

I move to the right breast, do the same, this one I bite on a little. My tongue sticks out and circles it slowly, flicking it between rotations.

I move my lips to your ear and whisper, "Why don't you kneel on that bench and bend over on the bed?"

You smile and concur. You walk over and kneel on the bench, your hands on the bed. I take off my pants and boxers, my hard manhood sticking out straight.

You look back at me grinning, "What are you gonna do with that?"

"You're about to find out," I say smiling as I walk over to you.

I slip your panties down and off.

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