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Win or lose, it is a time for consequences.

Harriet exited the locker room and strode down the steps near the basketball court and to the door marked 'Coach John Hardwood' and softly rapped on it right before smoothing her sweaty hair into place and making sure her tank top and shorts were not too wrinkled and disheveled. When the door swung open and Coach Hardwood peeked around the corner of it, Harriet nearly lost her breath.

"C-C-Coach Hardwood," she stammered, always a little intimidated by him outside the setting of a game.

"Harriet!" Coach John Hardwood exclaimed, beaming as he saw his favorite player at the door. "It's my MVP! Come on in!"

"You are about the 50th person to call me that today," Harriet said, blushing and taking a seat as she looked the coach over. "I'm going to start getting a big head if you guys keep on."

Coach Hardwood was changed out of the suit he always wore when he was coaching a game and now had on a polo shirt and a pair of khaki shorts. Harriet thought that he looked very casual, almost too casual.

"Well, a lot of women say that I have a big head too," Hardwood said slyly as he gave her a coy wink and his blue eyes gave her the once over, surveying every inch of her.

Harriet was surprised by the comment, but was sure she knew what he meant by it. Her coach pulled a rolling chair out from behind his desk and slid it up next to hers before he sat down and leaned toward her to talk.

"Missy said that you wanted to see me," Harriet spoke in a slow voice as she checked out her coach from a closer perspective and read the smug look that was almost slathered sneakily across his visage. "What did you want to see me about?"

"I wanted to congratulate you again, Harriet," Hardwood replied, answering her almost mechanically as his right hand brushed against her shoulder. "Oh, yes, and I also wanted to talk to you some more about playing basketball, cause it seems that nobody personifies basketballs, er I mean, basketball, like you do. Know what I mean, Harriet.....hump, hump, Humper?"

Harriet thought that the coach was acting awfully strange and she was beginning to like it. She beamed and looked deep into his watery blue eyes that by this point were boring a hole through her as they dropped below her shoulders.

"You are saying that you want me to brush up on the fundamentals of the game? Is that what you are saying to me? Is that what you are trying to tell me, Coach?"

"Something like that," John said, almost wickedly as his hand went to her bare knee. "I thought maybe we could play a little basketball together. What do you think, sweetie?"

"Gee whiz!" Harriet gave him her phony valley girl persona that she always pulled out of her bag of tricks first. "Sure, Coach! Let's do that!"

Coach John Hardwood reached behind her and locked the door to his office with a resounding click that sent a wave of hope to the depth of the young Humper's cunny as she felt her clit get erect and the rest of her femininity tingle with the hope that she always knew sprang eternal every once in a while. As her mother had instructed her as a young girl with sage-like words of wisdom as she paraphrased one of the great songs that Dean Martin had made famous, "Every wee wee needs some cunny sometimes." It was, like most of what momma had taught her, absolutely true.

"You ready to play?" Hardwood asked her, more of a suggestion than a question as he sat down and put his hands on her shoulders. "I figured if I were going to play basketball, then you had the best basketballs I have ever seen. Don't you think so, little lady? Don't you like to get with a man and bounce those babies around?"

Coach Hardwood dispensed with the euphemisms and reaching down with a maniacal grin, he placed his hands on the twin swells of Harriet's giant, mountainous jugs.

"Oh, Coach! What are you doing?" Harriet squealed with a smile as he squeezed her bosom very forcefully. "Oh, I know what you are doing!"

"And let me help you! Tee hee!"

Grabbing her jersey with a giggle, Harriet yanked it over her head in one slick, fluid motion and pulled it away from her, tossing

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