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Husband invites brother to share his adventurous wife.

I could mount Katy from behind while the pump drained her breasts. She loved being fucked from behind, and she said that being milked and fucked at the same time was simply incredible.

Katy's breasts were always central to her sexual identity. She started out with pretty impressive breasts, 34E's, which grew into 34G's thanks to her milk. She was always pretty proud of her breasts, never hesitating to leverage them back when she worked low paying jobs in which deep cleavage could earn great tips. As such, they always got a lot of attention during sex. Unfortunately, her favorite sex position made manipulating her breasts difficult, so having the pumps pull at her tits while we fucked was a godsend.

I decided to push Katy a little bit. After stripping her when we got home, I would take her by the hand and gently guide her to the ground and tell her not to stand up until I helped her. Every now and then she would forget and stand up to get something, but I'd gently correct her and tell her I'd take care of it for her. I started having her walk on her hands and knees for short intervals, increasing the time until she spent the entire evening on all fours.

When Katy asked what I was doing to her, I realized that I wasn't quite sure. I knew what I wanted, sort of. I told her I wanted her to be my cow, my Katy-Cow, but I wasn't sure what that meant or what it would involve. Basically, I was playing it by ear.

I decided to try a little word play, renaming a couple of Katy's body parts to fit the cow motif. I called her breasts her udders, her nipples her teats, and her ass her rump. She went along with that, even slipping in a conversation with a girlfriend of hers, referring to her udders when discussing bathing suits.

Since I wasn't letting her stand up anymore, I decided she shouldn't sit on the furniture normally either. I still let her lay her head in my lap, but I wanted to continue reinforcing her submissive role. A disadvantage of this was that I could no longer nurse in her lap, but I would lie underneath while she stood on the floor, latching on to her teat while her udders were suspended above me.

We continued doing the usual couple things, watching television, reading, eating, etc. Katy was pissed the first time I put her food in bowls on the floor, but I stood my ground, telling her that this is how cowgirls ate. It took a while for her to get used to eating off the ground, especially when I told her she couldn't use her hands, but she stopped resenting it once she got used to it.

Every now and then I would ask Katy if she was okay with what I was doing her, just a check to make sure she knew I still loved and respected her, and that I wanted her to be happy. She said she liked being a cowgirl in general, and that even though she questioned some of the things I did, she trusted my judgment.

I put a mattress on the back porch so she can sleep outside if she likes, and she usually does when it's warm enough. In addition, I keep a thin mattress on the floor of our bedroom, which conveniently slides under the bed when it's not in use. I never really saw the point in sharing a bed anyway. I toss and turn quite a bit, and it was a relief for both of use when I told Katy she would be sleeping on the floor.

Another challenge that came with walking on all fours all the time was using the toilet. She would just break character in order to do her business and I wouldn't correct her. One day she told me she needed to pee. I told her I didn't mind her using the toilet, but she refused, saying the cowgirls aren't supposed to stand up like people. She suggested going in the yard, which threw me for a loop. Clearly I had underestimated Katy-Cow's commitment.

It wasn't unusual for Katy to go outside naked.

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